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Jack comes home after midnight, but instead of the darkened apartment he is expecting, it’s warm and filled with the familiar scent of Bitty’s baking. He closes the door quietly and slowly behind him. Bitty wasn’t asleep yet, and Jack isn’t really surprised. He had just hoped he could deal with this in the morning, and use that time to collect his words and form a proper apology. He’s tired, but it’s the weight of the argument from earlier that weighs him down.

He shuffles into the kitchen, but stops in the doorway, waiting for Bitty to notice him. Bitty’s back is to him. He’s at the kitchen sink, rinsing off the dishes. When finally puts the last dish on the drying rack and shuts off the water, he turns around to look at Jack. His eyes are red, like he’d been crying recently, and Jack feels a jolt of guilt. Bitty tenses, but continues to put away the rest of the baking supplies as if Jack’s not there.

“I’m sorry,” Jack says first.

Bitty ignores him. He opens one of the drawers and puts the measuring spoons and cups back in the right order.

“I can go,” Jack tries again. “I don’t have to be here.” He thinks that Tater would be willing to let him crash on the couch. He moves to leave.

“Oh, for heaven’s sake, Jack!” Bitty snaps. “This is your place. If anyone needs to go, it should be me.” He looks upset all over again.

“No,” Jack exclaims quickly because he can’t ever imagine asking Bitty to leave.

“Do you want to go? Is that why?” Bitty is crying again, but Jack can see his effort try and control his emotions. His face has gone red from the effort.

“No,” Jack replies brokenly. “No, I don’t.”

Bitty throws down the towel he’d picked up and marches up to Jack. “I’m still mad at you,” he makes clear before throwing his arms around Jack’s neck.

Jack holds Bitty close, listening to the soft sniffling. Blond hair softly tickles the exposed skin of his neck as he rests a check on top of Bitty’s head. After a few moments, Bitty pulls away and looks up at Jack with wet eyelashes and watery, brown eyes. Jack instinctively wipes the tear tracks.

“I’m still mad at you,” he says, “but I need you to stay, okay?”

“Okay,” Jack agrees. He pulls Bitty back, his arms encircling his shoulders, and holding him tight like he was afraid of losing him. “Okay.”

Jack and Alex really love each other. Not in the “JALEX!1!!1!!” type of way, but the best friend/brotherly way. It’s really nice and makes me feel all warm inside, honestly, the way they defend each other and care about each other. Don’t ruin what they have, don’t fucking do it. don ’t do i t. dont be tha t pe rson

So the world figure skating championships are on tv atm and all I can think about is Bitty getting really into it and one of the others grabs the remote to change the channel and Bitty doesn’t even take his eyes off the screen just reaches out and says if you ever want me to make anything in the kitchen again you’ll give that back and everyone just stares at him wide eyed as the remote is slowly placed in his hand, because none of them want to risk this and man they have never heard that tone exit Bittys mouth not even when someone messed with his peach cobblers last week

The Reckless And The Brave (Acoustic and Original)
  • The Reckless And The Brave (Acoustic and Original)
  • All Time Low
  • Don't Panic

The Reckless And The Brave - Original and Acoustic put together 

lanvinlouis  asked:

I just read when Jack's parents found out and I'm soo happy. I don't mean to bother you, but do you think you could continue writing the kitten proposal fic?

I hope this is alright!

Other parts here and here.

Now that Hiccup was (technically) engaged to Jack, he felt like everything was different. When they hung out, he was hanging out with his (technical) fiancé. It just gave him a little thrill. Luckily the school hadn’t seem to have caught wind of it, but Hiccup did tell Astrid and made her swear not to tell anyone else. Jack said he told some of his friends, but knew they would keep it a secret.

Hiccup yawned as Jack held the door open for him. “Someone is tired,” he commented.

Together they wandered through the halls, not noticing that everyone was staring at them. Hiccup shifted his backpack. “I didn’t get much sleep last night. Between study for biology and keeping Toothless occupied, I couldn’t seem to catch a break.” He rubbed his eyes and Jack bit his lip at how cute the simple action was. They were still hesitant about PDA, but Jack really wanted to kiss him there. “Anyways,” Hiccup said, “how’s your class going?”

“Ugh, don’t even talk to me about classes yet. The bell hasn’t rung.” He smiled and nudged Hiccup, who immediately nudged back. “So are we hanging out after school?” He lowered his voice, their eyes meeting. It felt really intimate all of sudden and Jack flushed, struggling to keep Hiccup’s gaze.

Hiccup tilted his head and laughed. “Duh, I’m supposed to help you with math, remember?” Jack snorted and Hiccup touched his arm for a split second. “Maybe I could even stay for dinner.” There was that intimate air again, the slight flutter of his eyelashes, the way his lips quirked. Jack swallowed. The smaller teen’s attention was suddenly focused on something else. “What is everyone staring at?”

Jack looked around and noticed it too. It seemed everyone around them was just staring, some blatantly, others trying to hide it. Hiccup glanced up to Jack who shrugged. “Maybe I didn’t comb my hair?” He ran his fingers through the white strands, but Hiccup shook his head. “Then I don’t know.”

There were quick steps down the hall and Hiccup turned as Rapunzel was heading straight for them. She leapt and nearly tackled them both to the ground, out of breath and panting. “I can’t believe you two are engaged!” She shouted. Everyone started murmuring and she covered her mouth. “Oops.”

“Who told you?” Hiccup flushed and looked to Jack who was an even deeper shade of red.

The green eyed girl counted off her fingers. “Well, Snotlout told Fishlegs, who told Merida, who then told Elsa, who told Anna, who then came to me and spilled everything.” Hiccup groaned. He had completely forgotten about his cousin. “Were we not supposed to find out?”

Jack managed to calm his blush. “Well, it wasn’t really a secret, but we didn’t want it going around like crazy.”

“Oops,” Rapunzel said again, a little more sincere. “Sorry guys, but it seems the whole school knows already.” She motioned around to everyone.

“I guess there’s no helping it now.” Jack shrugged. Hiccup gave a small pout and Jack patted his shoulder. “Hey, at least I get to do what I’ve always wanted to do.”

Hiccup raised an eyebrow. “What’s that?”

Jack quickly grabbed him by his waist and pulled him into a deep kiss, nearly toppling over due to their backpacks. Rapunzel gasped and tried to hold back a laugh as they separated. Hiccup looked very daze and Jack couldn’t have been more proud. “I get to kiss my fiancé in front of the whole school!” He threw his arms in the air, grinning happily through his new blush. “How awesome is that?” The bell rang.

The smaller teen grabbed Jack’s hand, getting over his initial embarrassment. “I’d say pretty awesome.”

Rapunzel rolled her eyes and began to walk away. “Yeah, well you two will be kissing in detention if you don’t get to class on time,” she sang. Jack tightened his grip on Hiccup’s hand, both of them smiling.

okay but gabe expressing his love for jack and it’s just so soft, it’s so affectionate and pure and he thinks jack is the most beautiful thing on this planet. it’s clear he just adores this man with all his heart and would go to hell and back for him, has been to hell and back. you know that every smile jack gives him is a blessing, that brightness in the golden boy’s eyes lights up his soul in a way no one else can.

and he says all of this with only a small touch and a loving smile

And like Bitty looked like he was going to tell him, he really did! But then he probably reminded himself “No- no. Jack is straight, and telling him won’t change that. Even if he wasn’t, what then? He’s leaving, and he’s not going far but it’s far enough to make a difference. And what about coming out? He can’t do that- it’d change everything for Jack, so they’d have to keep it a secret, and that’d be hard and-” and it’d all add up to one conclusion: that Bitty can’t tell him. So he backs out and stammers something about seeing him on TV even though his heart is breaking and he probably thinks it’s for the best and UGH, MY HEART IS BREAKING

okay yes i know we’re all freaking out but!

conflict sucks, but it’s what’s going to finally make jack and bitty communicate! which will only help their relationship in the long run! because if they can make it through this through open communication and being honest about their feelings, it’s such a good sign of a strong and healthy relationship! which is good! and will help them! so while this may feel bad short-term, it will lead to positive things long term!


“Funny how new facts pop up and make you doubt that there’s any goodness in life. Everyone pretends to be normal and be your best friend, but underneath, everyone is living some other life you don’t know about, and if only we had a camera on us at all times, we could go and watch each other’s tapes and find out what each of us was really like.”

I was having feelings about a rl hockey friendship so I thought I’d just channel those into omgcp fic ideas to calm myself down.

Jack x Bitty.

This could be the largest group of reporters the Providence Falconers has ever entertained. Jack heard there were tens of other media people who couldn’t get in, or who were denied entrance, because of how big the press conference was turning out to be. This was even bigger than his first day as a Falconer, that time everyone was clamoring to hear about his first experience in the NHL.

This was much bigger. For some reason, everyone was interested in what he had to say.

“Jack nervous?” Tater looked at him with a wide grin, vaguely gesturing towards the mass of people waiting for him.

Jack shrugged. “Not really,” he answered, though he was. Just probably not because of the reason they were thinking about.

Tater looked like he was gonna chirp him about his answer but George interrupted by jogging over and pulling him by the arm. “Talk later. Interview now.”


It’s your first game against the Las Vegas Aces. How do you feel?

Jack: “It’s just like every game. We need to do our best. We’ve been winning more and I think there’s a confidence in the room for us going forward.”

Do you feel pressure knowing you might face-off against Kent Parson?

Jack: “Of course I know he’s a good player, so, um, it’s going to be a tough match up but it’s a team sport, so, uh. (shrugs) The coaches will decide on who’ll match-up against who. We’ll see what happens.”

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therealjacksepticeye is going to get nothing but socks at PAX Prime xP
I can already see the mountain of socks.

Mark jumps into them like it’s a leaf pile.
Jack starts making ‘snow angels’.
Bob just laughs the entire time.
And Wade starts stuffing them down his shirt to make sock boobs.


Finally after all those restless days and nights not knowing where Jacob was or if he was even still alive, Pearl received word that he was recovering in a nearby hospital. She knew contacting Evie in India about her brother’s disappearance was the right thing to do. If anyone would be able to find him, it would be his twin. Pearl was terrified without Jacob. The Assassin seemed invincible but still Jack had managed to take him. It was so hard for Pearl to process.

But Evie had found him. He was safe now. Pearl burst into the hospital demanding to be taken to him at once and when the nurses didn’t respond quick enough, she charged through on her own determined to find him. It wasn’t long before she found the numbered door that Evie told her he was in and she knelt down next to his bed. Jacob was sleeping and she did not want to wake him. After everything he must have been through, he surely needed sleep.


“Am I always gonna have envy of his perfect hair line and jawline and his perfect theeth? Yeah.
Does it makes me feel bad about myself? Yeah.
But do I love him anyway despite all of his flawless qualities? Yeah, I’ve learned deal with it.”

- Alexander taking about Rian in the outtakes of Straight To DVD II.

Zack | Jack

Aw Shit Jack, U Possessed (A fanfic) 1/?

So I had a really fucked up story idea. And i think it’s kinda awesome.

Jack gets shot with the black arrow and turns into dark!jack, but Plottwist! Pitch turns out to genuinely just want a family and makes Jack his son. And its totally borked. because its Pitch. 

Vignette style below, about 4k words.

Completely half (probably not even half at all) written and i don’t know when/if i’ll write more, but i’d like to! 

There may or may not be a plot involving Jack being rescued and defearlinged and he still goes back to Pitch but probably with naughtier intentions because dude….he’s 18. Pitch is hot. The guy was actually super nice like woah. and no this isn’t Stockholm! (it totally could be oh god help me) and bro needs to step up his game. who wants a son or father when they could have a lover? (Both. they want both. its fucked. have i said that yet? holy shit this is the beginning of my downward spiral isn’t it)

(Oh yeah and I wanted to contribute to blackice week, but it fell on a con date and i wanted to finish my first ever cosplay so that didn’t work out. can this still count for the freeeee daaaaay? .___.)

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