don't make someone else your world

letters to a friend
  • aries: i'm sorry that we fought during our last year together. i miss you so much, and will always cherish our drunk days together.
  • taurus: god, you are absolutely gorgeous. your voice makes me melt. why do you always fight, even if you know you are wrong?
  • gemini: why do you keep me at arms length? why don't you let yourself really, fully connect with anyone? i understand adaptation, but sometimes it really is too much.
  • cancer: do you understand that i am not trying to hurt you? please stop fighting me when i try to see past your protective shell. i simply want to care for you.
  • leo: you even look like the sun; you radiate like nothing else. i know you love with every fiber of your being, but that is no reason to let someone take advantage of you.
  • virgo: sometimes criticism is good, but don't you think you push it? please do not try to fix me; i am not broken. i miss you.
  • libra: you push away people that actually care about you, and for what? for a sign that represents a scale, you really do not understand balance. let yourself be cared for.
  • scorpio: you do not let anyone really understand your mind and heart as a whole, and shatter yourself like glass to protect who you are. don't you think this is counterproductive? please try to keep yourself whole.
  • sagittarius: i understand the pursuit of knowledge, but sometimes you take the way you feel as a fact. you know that not everything you say is based upon factual evidence, and somehow you convince everyone that your way is the right way. why don't you try letting someone else convince you for a change?
  • capricorn: you do not let your emotions influence anything you do, which is admirable, but sometimes you need to listen to them. the world is made up of facts, but feelings make the world go 'round.
  • aquarius: why do you treat your lovers like friends? you are afraid of losing your individuality in another person, and detach yourself instead. please let yourself love.
  • pisces: you see the face of everyone who has ever hurt you on someone who really actually cares for you. i understand a victim complex, but you're not just hurting yourself by thinking this way.
  • Aries: Stop pushing people out of their comfort zones. Not everyone is up to do things like you do.
  • Taurus: Stop being so damn selfish. Don't low-key hug the spotlight, think of others too.
  • Gemini: Stop being such a show-off. We've really heard enough of your accomplishments.
  • Cancer: Stop escaping and being such a lazy person. You gotta end your procrastination.
  • Leo: Stop making people do things for you. If you can do it, don't pass it to someone else.
  • Virgo: Stop being too hard and too harsh on yourself. Nothing and nobody is perfect.
  • Libra: Stop mendling on other people's business. You'll only make everything worse.
  • Scorpio: Stop pushing other's life methods away. Your wisdom isnt the only effective one.
  • Sagittarius: Stop being so overreacting. Know your emotions and keep them under control.
  • Capricorn: Stop looking down on others. You have ambitions but that doesnt make you superior.
  • Aquarius: Stop making quick decisions. Think through it if you dont want to get in trouble.
  • Pisces: Stop the self-victimization. The world doesn't hate you so stop sulking and the pity-game.
if you really like someone

and it doesn’t work out how you wanted it to..its ok, its not the end of the world

..It is the beginning of it

Because youre going to find someone else so much better for you

Do whatever makes you feel comfortable, but if you have to go outside of your comfort zone be careful and don’t over do it. Forcing yourself into something or doing something to make someone else happy, and then having a breakdown isn’t the greatest thing in the world. Your mental and physical health is just as important.

advice for the signs
  • aries: take a deep breath and count to ten. the world isn't going to end. take care of yourself first and foremost.
  • taurus: let them go. if that song reminds you of someone you used to love, start hitting the skip button.
  • gemini: those who say that you speak too much don't pay attention to what you're saying. don't stop.
  • cancer: stop playing the victim. people will take advantage of you for as long as you let them.
  • leo: don't let them get to you. surround yourself with caring people and let them think what they want.
  • virgo: sometimes you need to own up to your mistakes. if they don't forgive you, all you can do is move on.
  • libra: flip a coin already. making a bad decision is better than making none at all.
  • scorpio: let someone else share the load every once in a while. they're not all out to get you.
  • sagittarius: perfection doesn't exist, just be the best you can. the world can slow down without stopping.
  • capricorn: it's ok if you need to force a smile. go out on the town every now and then, it'll do you good.
  • aquarius: stop beating around the bush. tell someone how you feel before you run out of last chances.
  • pisces: you're stronger than you think. your demons are strong, but you're indestructable. fight back.
Sonic Boom Episodes 1-39
  • told by someone who is really sleepy at the moment.
  • The Sidekick: Knuckles Jr.!
  • Can An Evil Genius...: Eggman is a horrible roommate and nobody likes him.
  • Translate This: TAKE IT EASY WHACK-JOB
  • Buster: Sticks gets a dog who barfs slime all over creation. Also Knuckles makes the best "WTF" face ever.
  • My Fair Sticksy: Red Crudicio Spread
  • Fortress of Squalitude: Knuckles uses uncooked poultry as puppets (which looks hilariously inappropriate due to where he's sticking his hands xP). Also he eats a napkin
  • Double Doomsday: "Who puts an off-switch on a doomsday device?" Eggman, Tails, meet Heinz Doofenshmirtz.
  • Eggheads: Sonic didn't get invited to MustacheCon. Also I'M AN EVIL MASTERMIND OF AVERAGE INTELLIGENCE!
  • Guilt Tripping: The frick is a Gogoba
  • Dude Where's My Eggman: That subtle Beatles reference tho
  • Cowbot: Sonic and Knuckles beat Sonic & Knuckles
  • Circus of Plunders: Amy is a sad clown
  • Unlucky Knuckles: Knuckles attempts to reset the balance of the universe by killing himself several times. Oh and Tails dies at the end
  • The Meteor: Probably the most well executed body-swap episode in cartoon history (the voice acting alone is fricking amazing)
  • Aim Low: RIP Knuckles' birdhouse ;_;
  • How To Succeed in Evil: Tails destroys everything and gets invited to an evil potluck. Also pizza (and pizzazz)
  • Don't Judge Me: Ace Attorney & Knuckles
  • Dr Eggman's Tomato Sauce: The love story of Tails and his plane
  • Sole Power: I can't do 6 'o clock, I have tickets to the opera! Oh wait no that's someone else
  • Hedgehog Day: Knuckles keeps the world trapped in a time loop so he won't have to go to the dentist
  • Sleeping Giant: Apparently the only way to make a rock giant go to sleep is to sing REALLY BADLY. Also Sonic makes a Princess Bride reference
  • Curse of the Buddy Buddy Temple: I'M NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR BOSOM, BUDDY!
  • Let's Play Musical Friends: Rock, Donut, Thursday--the game that will make your head explode. Literally.
  • Late Fees: "Did I ever tell you about the time--" "*internal screaming*"
  • Into the Wilderness: Sonic and Knuckles go into the wilderness and come out of the closet
  • Eggman Unplugged: My delicious whipped cream filling will shoot out like toothpaste ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ
  • Chez Amy: I'm just convinced that Dave is stoned for the entirety of this episode
  • Blue With Envy: RADICAL SHUT YOUR PIEHOLE (please)
  • Curse of the Cross-Eyed Moose: "I think I'm allergic to fish saliva" "THEN GET OUT OF THE FISH"
  • Chili Dog Day Afternoon: Knuckles gets high on peppers and hallucinates about the rejected VeggieTales villains who make him wear a kilt
  • Closed Door Policy: Don't worry Knuckles, I didn't understand a word of that either
  • Mayor Knuckles: That stamp is like the One Ring
  • Eggman the Auteur: When I said "Sonknux" that wasn't what I meant
  • Just A Guy: Tumblr in a nutshell tbh
  • Beyond the Valley of Cubots: Sonic makes underwear jokes
  • New Years Retribution: Sonic and Eggman have a dance-off, and it's fricking awesome
  • Battle of the Boy Bands: BEST EPISODE EVER!
  • Conclusion: I fricking love this show. <3

i’m going to run down why i love this line so much

  1. wilson says a lot of stupid, corny, whiny and/or juvenile stuff. he is bored and under the impression that no one can hear him. because maxwell stranded him in the woods.
  2. maxwell could hear wilson saying stupid, corny, juvenile things. all along. 
  3. maxwell DID hear wilson saying stupid, corny, juvenile things. when you clicked on that ice and wilson said ‘ice to meet you’, maxwell heard that. when you saw your first pengulls and freaked out maxwell saw that. when you thought you could get away with smacking a frog just this once and fifty more frogs were offscreen just like always, maxwell saw that (hypothetically speaking)
  4. when you clicked on a maxwell statue or a pitchfork and wilson said something passive-aggressive about maxwell, maxwell heard that
  5. maxwell memorized things. maxwell remembers the stupid things your character said and did
  6. maxwell is out in the world because someone else is in his nightmare chair with the nightmare powers. who that is may vary, but on my current playthrough its wilson. wilson is in the nightmare chair. ergo
zodiac + strokes lyrics
  • Aries: Oh the sky's not the limit and you never gonna guess what is (Red Light)
  • Taurus: That's not just friendship, that's romance too (I'll Try Anything Once)
  • Gemini: Happiness is two different has nothing to do with the other (Two Kinds of Happiness)
  • Cancer: I love you more than being seventeen (Evening Sun)
  • Leo: I know you hate to be impressed by someone else, other than yourself (Fear of Sleep)
  • Virgo: I say the right things but act the wrong way/I like it right here but I cannot stay (Hard To Explain)
  • Libra: The world is in your hand or it's at your throat (Razorblade)
  • Scorpio: I've got some secrets that'll make you stay (Barely Legal)
  • Sagittarius: Oh kids are always honest/Cause they don't think they're ever gonna die (Evening Sun)
  • Capricorn: Things they are changing such a permanent way (Alone, Together)
  • Aquarius: Just like the music was born and detached from your heart/Is your free time to free minds or for falling apart? (The Ize of the World)
  • Pisces: Your mind would wander and search for its place in the night/Your body followed this feeling like following light. (The Ize of the World)
What we all should try to learn from the signs
  • Aries: To stand up for ourselves. To address that mean comment on a reblog, to tell the teacher you weren't the one who cheated, to confront the boss when it was ridiculous to expect you to do that extra work. To believe in yourself and your right to be as happy as anyone else.
  • Taurus: To respect others. To not allow anyone to insult those who can't stand up for themselves, to accept and understand the opinions of other people, to rule our behaviours with morality and empathy. To be tenacious and unwavering, to mix stern ethics with a kind and forgiving heart.
  • Gemini: To understand what we most hold back. To know that honesty isn't always the best policy, to think before we speak, to tell little white lies when we need to. To make sure we are not tying ourselves down to the same set of beliefs: truth, faith, truth, faith, truth, faith.
  • Cancer: To retreat sometimes. To allow yourself 'me' time, to write poetry and take long baths, to cry and eat ice-cream. To allow yourself and what you feel to be valid. To take a day off work if you just can't face seeing that one person, to remember to put yourself first sometimes.
  • Leo: To show the world how we feel. To allow ourselves to breathe, to cast aside the iron restrictions of society, to cry and laugh whenever we need to. To express ourselves, to paint and draw and write and sing. To believe that the world is a good place and that we can make it even better.
  • Virgo: To work hard. To make sure we ace that test and not to slack off just because we don't think we can do it, to go over that presentation one more time before you show it, to do ten minutes of exercise every day just because it's good for you, to live up to the standards you set for yourself.
  • Libra: To make a good impression. To check your grammar, to be polite on the Internet, to make sure you put on deodorant and you're not wearing pyjamas when you answer the door to get the post. To never fight fire with fire and maintain a calm discipline even when that anon was just plain rude.
  • Scorpio: To tell it like it is. To admit to yourself that they don't like you back, to tell your friend that they really shouldn't grow their beard out, to say 'Thanks, I know' when someone tells you you're beautiful. To be brutally honest and understand that life isn't fair.
  • Sagittarius: To experience as much as possible of the world. To say yes to every opportunity, to never be unkind when you can help it, to do things just because they're random and fun and no-one else can say they've done them. To make a real effort to be happy, even when it's hard.
  • Capricorn: To project confidence. To walk like you're going to murder the next person who so much as looks as you, to case your insecurities in iron and do that death stare like you just sold the world, to maintain control over yourself even when the rest of your life is broken.
  • Aquarius: To never compromise your individuality. To wear that lipstick even though your girlfriend doesn't like it, to stand up and speak when the school makes a stupid rule, to march with everyone else at Pride. To be unafraid not to fit in. To remember to pack up and leave when you want to.
  • Pisces: To be kind sometimes. To give a stranger a smile or even a hug, to make little gifts for your friends for no reasons, to be sweet and soft and sensitive and take the courage to be good even if it means being weak. To compliment everyone, and that includes yourself.
cancer sun // _____ moon + a song
  • aries moon: maybe you dont know, but your mind is quick like the flash of lightning. use it at your advantage, let your presence be known. dont be afraid to fight for whats right, and dont stop having your fun // firestone - kygo
  • taurus moon: a beautiful force of nature, yet soft and and steady. creates a history like no other. you read it back over and over again, like a good book. you know your mistakes, you know your accomplishments. no one will be able to control you like the strings of a puppet ever again // stay - kygo
  • gemini moon: you are here, yet you aren't. where are you, really? nothing is quiet, nothing is unmoving for you. you want it all, and you will get it. its as if your life is too short to explore all of it. there are so many great things out there, you hope you can continue exploring it in your next lives // desire - years & years
  • cancer moon: the knight with a thousand shields, always at the ready. protecting yourself and your loved ones, even when you don't really have to. sometimes you don't need to protect, but attack. let down your guard, show who you really are. i assure you that you can do it // dancing in the moonlight - toploader
  • leo moon: the sun and the moon; the dusk setting at night. the great entertainer of the stage of the universe. no one is left out, because you know what it is like to not be included. you love, and love to be loved. dont forget that life is full of lessons you need to learn from // love me again - john newman
  • virgo moon: as the tree of life, you always seemed much older than others, even though they are the same age as you. you know yourself, you know the people around you. you provide and give care, but you dont feel like doing it for yourself. relax, give yourself the appreciation you deserve // lemon tree - fools garden
  • libra moon: you are larger than life, you are the shining stars that lighten up the gloomy universe. yet something holds you back. people will love you, people will hate you, people will be indifferent about you. just so you know that it all won't matter in the end; what matters is what you think of yourself and in how many things you are capable of // king and lionheart - of monsters and men
  • scorpio moon: the vicious bite of the snake will hurt someone almost fatally, no matter the size of the animal itself. you appear cool and collected, but we both know that you aren't always like that. you remember and know everyone, you know how to hurt them if you wanted to. but instead, you won't. because you also know how to love them, and it's more freeing that way // everybody wants to rule the world - tears for fears
  • sagittarius moon: you seek a home that doesn't exist. you could travel the many stars and planets, yet you wouldn't be satisfied. you want to go everywhere, because why the hell not? you love the feeling of it. the great memories you leave behind... that is the real definition of home // lush life - zara larsson
  • capricorn moon: the mother and the father. the bluntness, the sensitivity, the apathy, the empathy. you've got it all. it is truly amazing how you are handling it. though, it is important to acknowledge your strengths as well as your flaws. dont let past failures stop you from doing what you want // reality - lost frequencies
  • aquarius moon: change the world, or die trying. thats just how you roll. the waterbearer will show the painful and bitter world, but the crab shows the sweet and beautiful part of it. both these sides will motivate you into making the earth into a better place for others and that is something i admire about you // stranger in moscow - michael jackson
  • pisces moon: the world is much, much more beautiful in your eyes. i wish i could do that too. despite knowing about the harsh reality, you don't hide yourself; instead, you put yourself out there and play as someone else. you swim along. and sometimes, it is the best way to do it // on melancholy hill - gorillaz
  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she's thinking: If you got a tattoo in the wizarding world, would it move? It stands to reason that they could, since paintings and printed pictures do. But we don't know what goes into making them move, so is it possible to transfer that to tattoo ink? Could your tattoos visit tattoos on other peoples' bodies? What if someone else's tattoo didn't want to leave your body? What if two tattoos ended up overlapping? What would happen if you die - would your tattoos stop moving or would they live on? What if you got a portrait tattoo? Could you have conversations with your own body art like you can paintings? The newspaper pictures couldn't talk. Maybe it has to do with the amount of involvement from the subject, or maybe the amount of time put into the medium. What if you wanted to get a cover up, or get one removed? Would it feel pain? The paintings probably don't feel pain, but we know they feel emotions, as evidenced time and time again by the Fat Lady, so they might have phantom pains. So would getting a tattoo removed be like murder? Why won't JKR acknowledge that we need to know these things? Will she ever release that encyclopedia she promised us? Doesn't she realize how important it is that we know every single thing there is to know about Harry Potter? If I tweet her to ask, do you think she'd answer? How hard would it be to find her address?

anonymous asked:

This is a downright hate page to christians all over the world and you are blatantly insulting their religion like no tomorrow. I see that you enjoy putting down someone else's religion instead of doing something productive with your life. Making all these (anti) Good Friday posts, making false accusations on how it came about overall making a big joke out of it, it really makes me wonder.. don't you have anything better to do with your life?

I have plenty to do with my life, like in my spare time I message Christian blogs and tell them how offended I am and how sad I think their lives are.

Oh no, wait…I don’t. Because I’m not a cunt.

Have a good day.

Signs as Haru and Rin quotes
  • Aries: I'll take that cool expression of yours and make it heat up.
  • Taurus: Rin...Make rainbows again, okay?
  • Gemini: Romantic, right?
  • Cancer: Now it's my turn to show you a sight you've never seen before.
  • Leo: From the moment we met, my world has kept expanding.
  • Virgo: Or would you rather we sleep in my bed together like we used to?
  • Libra: Hey, Haru - don't you ever feel like that? Like I really want to show this thing I love to someone else?
  • Scorpio: You've got it rough - Oniichan.
  • Sagittarius: I'd like the BEST smile you have.
  • Capricorn: Rin, thank you!
  • Aquarius: I've always admired you.
  • Pisces: Because it's this place, because it's you. Those feelings are sincere. In the future we'll show that with our smiles.I feel so.
This is how you keep her:
  • 1 Give her your time and attention: Girls may seem very materialistic but all they really want most is your time and attention. Yes, material things given by you do count, but they don't mean the world to her. Your time and attention do. When a girl starts nagging, that means you're already keeping yourself in your own world too much. So to appease her, spend time with her. Give her your full attention. Otherwise, she'd think that you don't miss her, you've forgotten her, or worse, you're busy with someone else.
  • 2 Text or call her everyday and every night: Girls love it when the one they love pampers them with messages or calls. They love it when you call them even if you have nothing to say or you just text them with an I love you, beautiful any time during the day. Random calls and texts can really make a girl's day and can cheer them up even if she's having a bad one. Moreover, it only shows that even if you are not with her, she still crosses your mind.
  • 3 Write her love letters: In as much as she loves jewelry, a letter is highly appreciated. Especially when she almost never receives such stuff. Girls love to treasure things which their respective partners spent effort on doing, just so you boys know. It would give her that "kilig" feeling every single time she reads it.
  • 4 Take time, patience and effort to really understand her: Girls are usually hard to understand according to boys. That's why as a partner, do try to really, really understand her. Understand why she doesn't want to talk about your exes or why she ignores you after it took you an hour to reply to her messages because you are playing computer games. A girl feels more comfortable with a guy who understands her. (Maybe this is why we fall for our guy besties.
  • 5 Listen to everything she says: Even if she's mentioned it for a thousand times already, still listen. Even if she's talking nonsense, still lend her an ear. Listen to her more when she's complaining about a bad day or when she's hurting. Listen to her stories about her past. It makes her learn to trust you completely.
  • 6 Appreciate every single thing she does for you: May it be her texting you first or all those romantic posts she tags you in facebook; or all those cheesy post it notes she places on your locker. Give her a quick peck on the cheek to show her your appreciation or go buy her favorite ice cream. Even a single thank you will do. It'd make her feel special and loved.
  • 7 Be considerate with her: Never make her feel like she's an option. Never make her feel jealous. If she is, stay away from the person concerned. Take care of her and her feelings. If she's being so out of reason, make her understand that in a way that wouldn't hurt her so much. Girls appreciate that.
  • 8 Tell her you love her and prove it to her every day: Actions without words are confusing; words without actions are empty. So do both simultaneously. Make sure your words complement your actions and vice versa. This would keep your girl happy and when she's happy, she's more inclined to stay and fight for what you both have.

anonymous asked:

I have a question about fanfiction. How is it in any way satisfying to steal someone else's world and characters and just play around with some new scenes? Sure, you might write some good prose but that dosn't make you a writer. If you don't have the talent, or the energy, to involve yourself in the creative process of constructing a world and characters from scratch then sorry, all you are is walking plagerism.

well good morning to you too, satan. 

do you ever do something in your life that you kinda regret? 
like say you met a guy and you had a great time with him. he has a smile that lit up the whole world. but then you forgot to get his number. and you never saw him again. 

you go home and you just keep imagining how things could’ve been. you imagine having a life together with them and going on dates and it’s perfect. its just how you imagine it. 

but at the end of the day what really happened, happens. the story stays the same. but that doesn’t stop you fantasising about what could’ve been. 

second-to-numb  asked:

I like Bernie, but I don't like that Bernie wants to defund nuclear power. I have family working in nuclear plants, so I may be biased, but I've always learned that nuclear is superior to wind & solar. I was wondering what your opinion was on this

I don’t know enough about nuclear power to have an informed opinion on which is better, but even if I thought it was the greatest thing in the world, it wouldn’t be a big enough issue to convince me to vote for someone else. Elections and politicians are complex, the decisions voters need to make are rarely binary (or at least they shouldn’t be), and I makes my choices based on more than a single factor.

In this case, Bernie Sanders’ record on human rights, opposing wars, and fighting for middle class voters are the most important things to me.

Horoscope for April 3rd, 2016
  • Aries: You could lapse into pessimism. Suddenly, the glass appears half empty and everything looks bleak. You feel like you're going around in circles. You might ask yourself what you're doing it all for anyway. You can talk yourself out of this mood as easily as you talked yourself into it. It might not seem possible, but you must trust that it's necessary in order to see the glass as half full again.
  • Taurus: You might be much more aware of yourself than usual and hyper-alert to every move you make today, especially around others. You're feeling self-conscious about your words, and you could be constantly wondering if you're saying the right thing to the right person at the right time. Too much self-analysis could drive you completely insane if you aren't careful. Try not to take everything so seriously.
  • Gemini: Your attitude is calm and matter-of-fact when talking to others. You tell it like it is while omitting the frills and fantasies. You have no reason to hide the truth, so you're happy to disclose information to any willing listener. Be careful because you could get into someone else's private business uninvited. If you hear some secret information, you could tell it to others who definitely shouldn't hear it.
  • Cancer: You're likely to have tremendous concentration that seems to have materialized out of nowhere. Use this to your advantage because it may not last long. You're usually blown from one thing to another like a leaf in the wind, and it's hard for you to settle on one project or issue for an extended time. You may have to shut a few people out in order to finish some tasks, but that's fine. Do what you have to do.
  • Leo: Be careful about shutting yourself off from the rest of the world. You might hesitate to talk to people. You could have the feeling that they're unworthy of your time. Perhaps you feel that your problems are more important and that others are too concerned with superficial things to understand the true depth of your nature. Isolating yourself certainly isn't going to remedy the situation. You really need to communicate more.
  • Virgo: You might talk as if you possess many lifetimes of wisdom. Perhaps you do, but that doesn't mean you should be arrogant about it. Your words might have the tone of a sage schooled in every subject. As a result, you could grow frustrated with others who act immature or uneducated. It isn't your job to judge. Help others understand the bigger picture instead of assume they're unworthy or unwilling to learn.
  • Libra: Once you've made up your mind, it's doubtful that anyone can change it. You're set in your ways and your plans are set in stone. Having this solid base to stand on will let others support you effectively. You're trustworthy and predictable. Others can depend on you and know where they stand in relation to you. Don't let self-doubt slip in. This is your time to stand tall and proud.
  • Scorpio: You might be hard and cold when it comes to the facts, and you could come across as tough and rather harsh. In reality, this often just masks your sensitive interior. Perhaps you're insecure about your feelings and how you express yourself. People might never know this because you're so good at showing only the strong-willed, electric side of your personality. Be careful of being too stingy about sharing yourself with others.
  • Sagittarius: You're likely to be feeling a bit lonely, perhaps even isolated. Maybe you think no one else has your same wild thoughts running through their heads. You'd be surprised to learn how many people do. It's unlikely, however, that you'll share these thoughts with anyone, especially now. Don't feel like you have to. Just know that you aren't alone and that you have a network of support at all times.
  • Capricorn: If you have the opportunity to teach someone a lesson, feel free to do so. There's probably someone in your world who could use a bit of instruction now. You'll have the patience and clarity of words to straighten things out and make the correct path obvious. Don't be stingy with your knowledge. The situation will improve for you and everyone else when you selflessly spread your wisdom to others.
  • Aquarius: You could hesitate to take the initiative. Instead, you'd rather wait and see how things pan out before you make a major move. Your movements are hindered in some way, although you may not be sure why. It's best to go with your intuition and not question too much. Just know that you're better off taking the safer route rather than walking too far out on the thin ice.
  • Pisces: You could feel increasingly uncomfortable as the day goes on. Perhaps you're tongue-tied in conversations - quite rare for you. The problem is that you simply don't know what to say, or if you do, you don't feel comfortable saying it in front of these people. Perhaps you feel you've lost your edge. Don't despair. This is only a passing phase. You should return to your full-blown communicative self before long.

anonymous asked:


It’s never okay to deliberately discriminate someone because of their morals/lifestyle. Never. It’s fucking disgusting to do so. Who are you to decide who’s right and who’s wrong? Life’s too fucking short to waste your time making someone else feel like shit. Focus on your own opinions and don’t take out your petty frustrations on other people just because they lead their life in a slightly different way.
Diversity in lifestyle and morals is what makes this world so goddamn interesting to be a part of. Granted, some people take their beliefs too far, but most of the time people are just trying to find their way in the world and discover what they believe.
Hate is unnecessary, cowardly and emotionally damaging. Don’t be an asshole.

🐌 ✉️ 🐢
  • Maya: not enough courage perhaps? I think maybe I've associated the whole concept with pain. Every time i was interested in someone or I showed the slightest inclination of affection something always swooped in and made her disappear. Whether it was my mother or something else. I'm very afraid of ever allowing myself to become so involved that my world stops if they go away or something happens. I don't exactly know.. I guess HOW to love someone either. Which just makes me more avoiding.
  • Maya: I don't know.. honestly.. I used to think my mother hit me because she loved me.. and I only realized that maybe that wasn't true when I got with you and you didn't touch me like that so.. I don't know. I just followed your lead. You didn't hit me so I didn't hit you and I tried to learn how to be gentle with you the best way I knew how.. just observation. Like I learn how to mimic other people in social situations -- it's easy after awhile.
  • Maya: and I don't believe it. Even after all these years.. when I'm told initially there's this sense of pure awe and surprise and I just.. I can't believe that. The first time you ever told me you loved me.. that was the first time that I ever heard those words in my life. And I didn't believe you. Why would I? I mean.. I knew you wouldn't lie but the idea of it was just so foreign that I didn't really.. know what to do with it
  • Zosia: i understand that feeling. i used to believe the same thing, and it showed. earlier,though. before i met you i wasn't always gentle. i didn't have much use for kindness. i was used to hitting + being on either side of the equation because it meant feeling something and i was forced to be in present moment rather than losing myself in the maze of escapism i lived in.
  • Zosia: i guess i had a weird complex too... i mean, having temporary wounds seemed like the very least of a trade off for a day's worth of ruining others' lives entirely. but after the situation with matthew, the wind was knocked out of me. i realized the actions, good or bad, were consequential. death was always around the corner. i had thought somehow that being on the receiving end of harshness would somehow erase the harshness i distributed myself. maybe two wrongs would cancel each other out and we'd fall invisibly under the radar and suffer in silence. even that was too peaceful of an idea, i guess. it was like I had spent years asleep and unconscious, and was suddenly jolted awake when he took his last breath. i was at the end of something, on multiple levels, and the move to paris was a new beginning. at that point i was so exhausted of being so goddamn hard all the time. i never wanted to be vulnerable like that again, but i was forced to soften. i believed i didn't have it in me to go through such a traumatic thing again, so all of a sudden i was at a crossroads - a) i wouldn't allow anyone to get close like that ever again, or b) I could let someone get even closer and do the right thing this time. love them before i lost them. i think it's obvious what i tried to choose.
  • Zosia: i was also pretending, a little, when it came to being around you. i wanted to be as reckless and wild and carefree as before, but this time with the intent to create something good. it was terrifying if i thought about it, so i stopped thinking. with you i just... let things unfold without expecting anything. i wasn't on the lookout for a new shot at love, just some fulfilling entertainment. but you got me, maya. you got me good.
  • Zosia: i have never been able to recognize what love is until it's too late. i knew what it felt like to be enamoured and infatuated, but love was harder to detect. it always hit me as an aftershock, when the one i loved was taken away. i made that same mistake with you. when you left is the moment i knew i loved you, and i think that realization hurt even more than your absence... because whether i liked it or not, there was a part of me in you i could no longer see the end of; lost in you for better or for worse.
  • Zosia: maybe it's twisted or narrow minded of me, or maybe i am fascinated and can empathize to your shadow so much that the truth doesn't rattle me as much as it should, but the part of your letter that surprised me the most was being your first... positive experience. i had no idea. you seemed so sure of yourself, it made me feel secure. do you think it worked so well in Paris because we were both faking it in the hope of making it? and now we're back in the real world, we're being tested to see if we find our footing again? maybe there's nothing to do when it comes to love. maybe nothing's meant to make sense.
  • Zosia: if openly accepting it and believing it is the harder option, as a fighter, let it be in your nature to dare to trust the more difficult path.
  • 💬
  • Zosia: i'm sorry for any coldness you have felt from me. it just so happens that every time i'm warm an explosion occurs soon after.
Misery Starters
  • I thought you were good... but you're not good. You're just another lying ol' dirty birdy.
  • He didn't get out of the COCKADOODIE CAR!
  • God I love you.
  • *smashes ankles with sledgehammer*
  • I'm your number one fan.
  • There's nothing to worry about.
  • You're going to be just fine.
  • I will take good care of you.
  • Eat it till ya choke, you sick, twisted fuck!
  • The, uh, profanity bothers you?
  • It has no nobility.
  • These are slum kids, I was a slum kid. Everybody talks like that.
  • God came to me last night and told me your purpose for being here.
  • I am going to help you write a new book.
  • You think I can just whip one out?
  • This whole house is going to be full of romance
  • And don't even think about anybody coming for you. Not the doctors, not your agent, not your family. 'Cause I never called them.
  • Nobody knows you're here.
  • And you better hope nothing happens to me. Because if I die... you die.
  • Anything else I can get for you while I am in town?
  • WHAT'S THE MATTER? I'll tell you "what's the matter!" I go out of my way for you! I do everything to try and make you happy. I feed you, I clean you, I dress you, and what thanks do I get?
  • Here's your pills.
  • I know you don't love me, don't say you do. You're beautiful, brilliant, a famous man/woman of the world and I'm... not a movie star type.
  • You'll never know the fear of losing someone like you if you're someone like me.
  • Why would you lose me?
  • Why would I leave? I like it here.
  • That's very kind of you, but I'll bet it's not all together true
  • I have this gun. Sometimes I think about using it. I'd better go now. I might put bullets in it.
  • She... she died! She just slipped away!
  • Now the time has come. I put two bullets in my gun. One for me, and one for you. Oh darling, it will be so beautiful.
  • I'm not stupid ya know...
  • Well, this sure is fun.
  • You know I never tasted meatloaf quite like this, what's your secret?
  • You see, it's just that kind of sarcasm that's given our marriage real spice.
  • There is a judge higher than that of man, I will be judged by Him.