don't make someone else your world

@marceline2174 I used your art to make a lock screen for my phone and I’m swooning.

if you really like someone

and it doesn’t work out how you wanted it to..its ok, its not the end of the world

..It is the beginning of it

Because youre going to find someone else so much better for you

“Some day you’re going to make someone so happy,” she smiled.

“Some day you’re going to be the reason somebody wants to wake up and you’re going to be the one the wake up to. You’ll find someone who laughs at your jokes and your sheepish smirk. You’ll meet someone who has eyes that make you forget the world around you and you’ll wonder how you ever believed anyone else’s eyes were beautiful. You’ll find someone who loves the way your dark curls fall into your face and who can’t stop running their hands through your hair when they kiss you so hard you forget to breathe.”

“And for a while,” she says softly, finally meeting his gaze and watching his heart break in his eyes. “I thought I could be that person for you. But I can’t. So you have to let me go.”

“If you don’t, I won’t be able to walk away.”

—  Don’t ask me to stay, 27/04/2015