don't make me regret you


“Don’t trap me inside walls
Where I can’t see, no
If you won’t have me, then let me go”


The Magicians + text posts (3/?)



anonymous asked:

I saw your post about Stan and Ford and the scenarios and I loved it! You got any other scenarios or headcanons?

Thank you! *rubs hands together* Glad you asked!

Might put this under a read more if it gets too long, which is more than likely. XD EDIT: I was right.

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Send me your ships! 💙

Send me some of your favorite character ships and I’ll respond with a song that I think goes with it (it can be any type of ship, whether fluff or angst or good ol’ fashion OTP)

(shuffle&write) - 02 - DiaMari

02 •• Meteor shower, Owl City

Pairing → DiaMari
Plot → Mari left during their first year, and it’d secretly destroyed Dia. Takes place right after episode 3.

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She came back.

Dia thought she was dreaming when she stepped in the principal’s office, ready to greet the new headmaster and introduce herself as the current Student Council President. She froze right away, not because the three annoying second years led by Takami Chika were here, but because she heard a voice she hadn’t heard for almost two years.

Her voice.

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Tommy Theory REDUX

Crazy theory time!

I posted the below spec originally back in early Season 3. Today, I feel it’s less crazy and more incredibly probable. Even the idea that Darkh was involved still seems probable as his trainer/mentor at some point. So, @scu11y22 , here’s some spec! I’m so jazzed about the potential of this maybe maybe maybe happening.

Whoever Prometheus is, he wants to PLAY with Oliver/Green Arrow. He doesn’t just what him gone, or he wouldn’t have warned Church. This speaks of grand planning. I also think there miiiight be a fake out season 1 throwback character we are supposed to think is Prometheus at some point. Someone who could fit the vendetta against Green Arrow bill. He dropped so many bodies back then, the field is scarce. I’ve seen spec that it could be the son of the factory-worker-turned-thief. I can see him as potential red herring.

My main reason for sticking with Tommy as The Big Bad as opposed to other season 1 characters is Prometheus wants “Green Arrow.” He doesn’t want “Arrow” and that’s who a season one character would blame. Arrow is supposedly dead and Green Arrow a different guy. But Tommy would know from Malcolm (or Damien) that they are both Oliver Queen.

(Of course, yes, any character could be written to have figured it out. I just like this theory because it makes the knowledge passed on between characters rather than a convenient “figuring it out” line from another character.)

Here’s the original theory in full:

Throughout season 3, Malcolm Merlyn was present & the majority of problems everyone encountered stemmed from his actions. The others constantly reminded him that he was to blame for Sara’s death & the victimization of Thea. The mass murder in the Glades/super villain status was brought up a few times as well.

But Tommy never was.

Tommy is CONSPICUOUSLY absent.

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some things that you can really honestly believe at the same time, i promise
  • the DNC should not have said those things, in private or otherwise, about a democratic candidate. they should not have been planning in the middle of the primary season how to make their favored candidate win, and they most certainly should not have brought sanders’ religion into this what the hell
  • whether or not russia is responsible for the leaks, and whether or not trump and putin are collaborating in some way (this should freak people out btw!!!! this is a seriously scary proposal!!), the release of the emails was timed to take advantage of the post-RNC popularity bump trump is enjoying, to put clinton in the hole, and to sow dissension prior to the DNC

additionally: i have already seen trump supporters saying, based on the last few days of polling, that clinton doesn’t have a chance to win in november and that sanders supporters should vote for trump. the combination of the RNC and the leaks has created this perception! all candidates get a post-convention polling bump. if you look at pre-convention polling, clinton is reliably ahead, and that’s not even mentioning that ideologically, sanders has far more in common with clinton than trump

tl;dr dnc members should not have sent those emails, the leak is absolutely being used by the trump campaign to its own advantage, and trump has personally engaged in far worse mudslinging during his primary campaign

As a bruins fan, i love the habs

NOW DON’T GET TOO CRAZY, i don’t love them in the sense that i would ever touch a jersey of theirs. I don’t love them in the way that would stop me from chirping habs fans. I don’t love them enought o drop my new england stubbornness and ever root for them against anyone. And if a player i liked went to their team, well i wouldn’t like that player much anymore.

but as a bruins fan, i do love the habs.

I love the habs because there’s something extremely special about the bruins/habs rivalry that is unmatched by other teams. These two teams have such a past and a history together that you could completely change the rosters TOMORROW and still have one of the best rivalries in all of sports.

I love the habs because when i turn on that TV knowing the bruins will be playing the habs that night I feel an extra something in side, something more than excitement. I love the habs because when we win against them I feel like i’m top of a fucking mountain but when we lose to them (even if it was deserved) i get to bitch and moan about it and no one expects anything different. 

I love the habs, because as a bruins fan i couldn’t imagine hockey without them. I love the habs because they give hockey that extra something, that extra kick, that keeps me coming back for more.