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He thinks about Kit, some kind of warped, ruined saint with all her broken morals and shades of grey, surrounded by all of her foolish righteous holier-than-thou comrades, whiter than white, and he swallows heavily, because finally he understands what she meant. He doesn’t understand you like I do though, does he? he thinks, but she turns her back before he gets the chance to say it out loud.


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Disgusting stanchez headcanon: after every flesh curtains concert stan would always crack Rick’s back and his joints to relieve the pressure/stiffness. It carried into their old age so now whenever Rick hasn’t been looked after by Stan, he is in a grumpy/bitchy mood. Everyone sends him to Stan straight away like ‘he is your responsibility now’. The minute stan pops all the kinks and aches in his back, Rick is instantly cuddly and 'appreciative’ ;)

          It was easy to have the Reaper sit and wait. To have his eyes travel along the surrounding [ taking in each and every happening along the way ], as he’s like a mist sitting high and on top of building’s roof, hard to grasp, and even harder to realise if that vision of a pale ghost, was even truthfully there, or just an imagination of minds, drawn by war and fight to exhaustion. He’s easy placed up there [ to be of call, if someone were to approach or need help ] to watch and consider and follow those flickers of life below. Those that saved and brought home all that was lost to this world.

          “Is it time to switch out the person on watch?” 

          He’s speaking to, apparently, no one in particular, with that far-away voice, with those eyes that would not tear themselves from those very few he was ordered to look after. Not a man that would speak out personally against ideas. Not a man that disobeys said ‘orders’ made by that leader of theirs [ but they all knew, Arima was to disagree in private with Kaneki, making him listen ] and so he tamely keeps in place. Until that man behind him was meant to take over the position for the nightfall“I can still keep in place for quite a while longer, they should be nearly through with their scouting mission.”          // @lacrimoso

GUYS LOOK I MADE A HUNTERS OF ARTEMIS SHIRT * incoherent fangirl blabbering*

I screen printed it from this, (I’m on mobile rn sorry). 

One of my friends and I actually made a bunch of these and we gave them out to our friends as Christmas presents. So now we can go out in a group and confuse tf out of people who don’t know about greek mythology!

 @lazyleezard Thank you for sharing the pattern (and y’know, for being the most amazing artist in existence). 

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hi. due to to some issues with security and logging in, i will eventually get locked out of this blog and so i have made the decision to abandon it. i haven’t been active on this blog for a while now because of this reason. however, i thought that i should make one last post before i go. this blog will no longer be active and if you would still like to follow me, i have made a new blog. you can now find me on @youngjpeg. i will miss this blog. i have had this blog for many years. i never expected to make so many friends and gain so many followers. it is unfortunate that i have to leave all of this. before i go, i just want to say thank you to everyone that has followed me, everyone that has talked to me and everyone that has liked my original content. it was fun while it lasted. i also just want to say sorry to all those who consider me as their friends or those that i was once friends with, i am such a bad friend and i am always so slow to reply so i am sorry and i am also thankful that you even talked to me in the first place. thank you for reading. i hope you are having a nice day. take care. good luck. bye!



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FitzSimmons Winter (Re)Watch: One song per episode
             Making Friends and Influencing People: “Weapon” by Matthew Good (x)