don't make me go all carrie on you

I feel like the characters of The 100 should have a ball at some point in the near future to boost morale and it would be Jasper’s idea and everyone would go and get dresses and make up and suits from Mount Weather and then when Abby and Clarke made their entrance together Marcus and Bellamy would look up and their jaws would drop and they would be like “woah” because they looked so stunning and all the guys would be in suits looking dashing and Monty would spike the punch with his moonshine and everyone would get a bit too carried away and who knows what would happen… 

you know what makes me really sad? no matter who gets the serum, levi is going to feel guilty. he has to carry all that weight on his shoulders and no matter who he decides to save, it’s going to break him

so i’m honestly begging for erwin to wake up and take that decision off him, i want erwin to tell levi that he needs to let him go

just please don’t let levi make the final choice, don’t let him suffer like that