don't make fun of me you know he was hot when he was younger

Why I don't ship Valduggery:

Please don’t shout at me or anything….

-I find it hard to believe Skulduggery, someone who was married and had a child, would be okay with dating someone he has known since she was 12.

-I mean, Skulduggery wouldn’t have been okay with someone 300+ years older going out with his kid????

-Yeah, Val is technically and adult now, but she’s going to look 18 for the next 50 years.

-And although that doesn’t effect her maturity, people have issues with some relationships in real life that use the excuse, “yeah she look young but she ACTS older”.

-And though she is an adult she has known Skul since she was 12, and if they dated I wouldn’t be able to re-read the books without the thought in my head that Skul was “waiting” for her to grow up.

-That idea freaks me out because it makes the happy, goofy, friendship they had seem almost creepy?? And IT SHOULDN’T ITS WONDERFUL.

-I want to be able to re-read the phrase “his arm encircled her waist” during the time Val was 15/16 without cringing or wrinkling my nose.

-Literally 20000% of Val and Skul’s ‘gang’ wouldn’t be okay with it????

-China? Hate it. Would take it personally. Tanith? Probably pissed off. Ghastly? Would probably not talk to Skul anymore. Gordon? Very, very, angry. Val’s parents? RUN. The remaining Dead Men? They had issues with Skulduggery taking 12 year old Val along as a PARTNER.

-I could just see Skul and Val losing all of their allies and friends because of their romance.

-Valkyrie had a problem with Caelan’s age. The difference between Skul and Val is significantly higher than the Caelan-Val age gap.

-Imagine being young again and not knowing what shipping is. Imagine your 12 year old self finding out Valduggery is canon, and being entirely freaked out about it, because to you, dating someone you know now but will be old enough to date in a decade or so is just…repulsive???

-Imagine 12 year old Valkyrie knowing what was going to happen.

-BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN PLATONIC PARTNERSHIPS SHOULD NOT BE THROWN AWAY WILLY NILLY. Where else have you seen an interesting, different gender, huge age gap, long lasting since childhood, platonic relationship in fiction? Where have you seen it so healthy and based upon mutual respect? WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO GET RID OF SOMETHING SO RARE AND TURN IT INTO SOMETHING SEEN EVERYWHERE??

-Valkyrie’s “I love you.” was SO MUCH MORE than a romantic confession! It was years of built up friendship and trust and dependency, whilst annoying each other, laughing at each other, making sure the other one was okay.

-Platonic I love you’s are SO IMPORTANT! So goddamn important! And should be represented without people talking it as a sign.

-If Alice grew up and was 18 Valkyrie would NOT let her little sister date someone that much older than her. Just saying.

-I just can’t get over the thought of my view on Skulduggery being turned on its head because I feel like he’s been waiting for this 12 year old to grow up. I’d be shocked, I’d be sad, I’d be MAD.

-And yeah Skul may just realise he “likes” Val in “that way” now that she’s older, BUT I like to think he has a stronger moral principle than that. He’s a logical, reasonable, and should be able to put any feelings like that aside in order to protect what him and Val have.

-Not even Vincent Foe, the murderous Nihilist, could justify dating Valkyrie when she was 16 (ish) in The End of the World: “She’s a fine looking girl. If I was a few hundred years younger, I’d be in there like a shot, believe you me.”

-Yeah Val was underage at the time but it still shows how sorcerers treat the significant age gap thing.

-I just don’t know. It would ruin the friendship for me and make me sad.

-The reason why I love SP is because it doesn’t revolve around romance. The romance in SP is like whipped cream on a hot chocolate; not necessary but you’re going to devour it anyway. The romance in SP is complimentary, and was never meant to be the theme the books revolve around. Even Tanith and Ghastly…they had moments, they had seconds…their romance never had a book or chapter purely upon them. And neither should Val and Skul. But its inevitable if they do become canon because the books always revolve around the partnership. But instead partnership would be romance.


The Sweetest Thing

This is for you, @victorsporosya! Just something small as an attempt to cheer you up!


“Don’t worry, Yuuri, I’m much better at baking than I’m at cooking.” Viktor chirpes happily while cracking an egg into the bowl and nonchalantly fishing a piece of the shell out afterwards. “If you ask Yura, he will tell you how delicious my cakes are.”

Yuuri has never seen Viktor baking. Frankly, Yuuri has never seen Viktor touch anything in the kitchen without ruining it, coffee machine excluded. So he severely doubts that Viktor will not set their oven on fire. He also doubts that Yuri would ever say anything nice about Viktor’s baking but he keeps these thoughts to himself while watching his fiancé weight the butter with a face of utter concentration.

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When You Come Home (Lafayette x Reader)

Word Count: 1516

Request/Summary: “Hey my dude can you do a Lafayette x reader where the reader is being bothered by men in the street, harassed and such. He defends her as they actually start to physically assault her and it cuts to them actually getting married? :)”-Anon

Pairing: Lafayette x Reader

AU: Modern

Warnings: Attempted sexual assault, sexual harrassment

A/N- There is a line between the icky stuff and the fluffy stuff, so if you just want to skip down past the icky stuff it’s easy to do.

When You Come Home by Paradise Fears

The vows that come from the reader, I didn’t write that myself, those words belong mostly to Crystal Holland. Idk, I found it online. I did write Laf’s vows though. 

A wolf whistle next to you penetrated your thoughts and made you twitch with annoyance. You clenched your fists and ignored the group of men next to you.

“Aww. You’re just gonna ignore us?” One of them complained, setting off to follow you. You kept your head down and increased your pace.

“C’Mon have a little fun sometimes.” Another one jeered. You pulled your phone out of your back pocket and pulled up the Emergency Call… `just in case. Three men. You tried to come up with a physical description for each one but your mind was racing, jumping from every possible way this could go down. Relax. You told yourself, It’s just a few catcallers, they’re not even gonna touch you.

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I'm so much happier 😊😊😊 now that I'm dead😵💀. Technically 🤔missing🕵. Soon to be presumed dead😵💀. Gone👋🏻. And my lazy 💤 lying 😈 shitting 💩 oblivious 🙄husband 💑 will go to prison 🚓 for my murder 🔪🔪🔪. Nick Dunne took my pride and my dignity and my hope and my money💰. He took and took from me until I no longer existed. That's murder🔪🔪🔪. Let the punishment fit the crime. To fake a convincing murder 🔪🔪🔪 you have to have discipline💪. You befriend a local idiot💁. Harvest the details 👀📝 of her hundrum life and cram her with stories 📚 about your husband's 💑 violent temper 😡😡😡. Secretly create some money 💰 troubles: credit cards 💳, perhaps online gambling💻♠️♣️♥️♦️. With the help of the unwitting👱🏻, bump up⬆️⬆️ your life insurance💵. Purchase getaway car🚘. Craigslist. Generic. Cheap. Pay cash💵. You need to package 🎁 yourself so that people will truly mourn 😭😭😭 your loss. And America 🇺🇸 loves ♥️ pregnant 👶women 🚺. As if it's so hard to spread your legs. You know what's hard? Faking a pregnancy 👶. First, drain your toilet🚽. Invite pregnant 👶 idiot 💁 into your home 🏠 and ply her with lemonade 🍋🍋🍋. Steal 🤗 pregnant 👶 idiot's 💁 urine 🚽. Voilà! 🎉 A pregnany is now part of your legal medical record 🗃. Happy Aniversary💑🎉. Wait for your clueless ❔ husband 💑 to start his day 📆. Off he goes... 👋🏻 and the clock is ticking ⏱. Meticulously stage 🎭 your crime scene 🕵 with just enough mistakes to raise the specter of doubt 🤔. You need to bleed 💉. A lot💉💉. A lot, a lot💉💉💉💉💉. The head wound 🤕 kind of bleed 💉. A crime scene 🕵 kind of bleed 💉. You need to clean; poorly👎, like he 💑 would. Clean and bleed 💉, bleed 💉 and clean. And leave a Little something behind: a fire 🔥in July📆? And because you're you👸🏼, you don't 🚫 stop there. You need a diary 📒. Minimum three hundred 3️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ entries 📝 on the Nick and Amy 💑 story 💭. Start with the fairy-tale early days: those are true, and they're crucial. You want Nick and Amy to be likable💖. After that, you invent. The spending💸, the abuse👊🏻💥, the fear😱, the threat of violence🔪. And Nick thought he was the writer📝... burn it🔥, just the right amount. Make sure the cops 👮 will find it 🕵. Finally, honor tradition with a very special treasure 💎 hunt. And if I get everything right ➡️, the world 🌎🌍🌏 will hate 😡 Nick for killing 🔪🔪🔪 his beautiful 😇, pregnant 👶 wife 💑. And after all the outrage 😡😡😡, when I'm ready, I'll go out on the water 🌊 with a handful ✋🏻 of pills 💊💊💊 and a pocket full of stones. And when they find my body 💆🏼, they'll know: Nick Dunne 👱🏻 dumped his beloved 💑 like garbage 🚮, and she floated past all the other abused, unwanted, inconvenient women 🚺🚺🚺. Then Nick 👱🏻 will die 😵💀 too. Nick 👱🏻 and Amy 👸🏼 will be gone 👋🏻, but then we never really existed. Nick 👱🏻 loved a girl 🚺 I was pretending to be. "Cool 😎 girl 🚺". Men 🚹 always use that, don't they? As their defining compliment: "She's a cool 😎 girl 🚺". Cool 😎 girl 🚺 is hot 🔥. Cool 😎 girl 🚺 is game 🎲🎮. Cool 😎 girl 🚺 is fun 🎉. Cool 😎 girl 🚺 never 🚫🚫🚫 gets angry 😡 at her man 🚹. She only smiles ☺️ in a chagrined, loving 💕 manner. And then presents her mouth 👄 for fucking 👉👌. She likes 👍 what he likes 👍, so evidently he's a vinyl hipster 👨👓 who loves ❤️ fetish Manga 📚. If he likes girls gone wild 👙, she's a mall 🛍 babe who talks football 🏈 and endures buffalo wings 🍗 at Hooters 🍈🍈. When I met Nick Dunne 👱🏻 I knew he wanted "Cool 😎 girl 🚺". And for him, I'll admit: I was willing to try. I wax🕯-stripped my pussy 😽 raw. I drank canned beer 🍺 watching Adam Sandler 💩 movies 📼. I ate cold ❄️ pizza 🍕 and remained a size 👗 two 2️⃣. I blew him 🍆👄, semi-regularly. I lived in the moment. I was fucking game 🎲🎮. I can't say I didn't enjoy some of it. Nick 👱🏻 teased out in me things I didn't know existed. A lightness ☀️, a humor😂, an ease. But I made him smarter 🤓. Sharper. I inspired him to rise ⬆️ to my level. I forged the man 🚹 of my dreams 💭. We were happy 😊 pretending to be other people. We were the happiest 😊😊😊 couple 👫 we knew. And what's the point of being together if you're not 🚫🚫🚫 the happiest 😊😊😊😊? But Nick 👱🏻 got lazy 💤. He became someone I did not 🚫🚫🚫 agree to marry 👰🏼. He actually expected me to love ❤️ him unconditionally. Then he dragged me, penniless 💵🚫, to the navel of this great country 🇺🇸 and found himself a newer, younger 👧🏼, bouncier cool 😎 girl 🚺. You think I'd let him destroy 👎👎👎 me and end up happier 😊😊😊 than ever? No 🚫🚫🚫🚫fucking way. He doesn't ❌ get to win 🏆. My cute ☺️, charming 😉, salt-of-the-earth Missouri guy. He needed to learn 📝📚. Grown-ups 👱👴 work 💪 for things. Grown-ups 👱👴 pay 💵💵💵. Grown-ups 👱👴 suffer consequences 😖.

Yeah, so, hmm, throwing this out here, it’s the beginning of an Andreil AU where Neil made the call to his uncle after his mom’s death, which means he never went to PSU. It means gangsters and all that, a bit of a dark take on the boys and all.


“And there’s all these cafés and bars just a few blocks down the street, you can get on the subway as well or take a train, it’s a great location,” Nicky chattered to a jet-lagged Andrew. “Erik and I fell in love with the place!” He motioned to the tiny room after he threw open the door. “Well, here it is, your new home!”

Andrew looked at the twin bed, the only thing which would fit into a space that one really should be calling a closet and not a guest room, then set down his suitcase. “Great, now get out.”

Nicky’s grin slipped. “All right, so it’s not much, but we were lucky to find the place, really.” He sighed when Andrew just continued to stare at him. “You know where the bathroom is, towel’s on the bed, we’ll try not to disturb you in the morning and help yourself to anything in the fridge.” He made as if to approach Andrew then thought better of it. “I’m… I’m glad you’re here, really.” He offered Andrew a nervous smile. “Things will work out, you’ll see.” Then he finally got the damn hint and left.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I want to request an exo reaction but i'm not sure you're ok with writing about that but since you've made some dom/sub stuff i'll give it a shot. Could you write one where they and their gf are into ageplay and have a daddy/little girl relationship? Not only at bed but as a lifestyle where it's not sexual for them when she is into her little headspace. I hope you don't mindo but it's ok if you don't want to write it

I”ll warn you right now that I’m not that informed about ageplay so this request might not be as good or contain content that you were expecting. If that is the case then I am greatly sorry for my mistakes.

Thank you for requesting and for being so patient to have it answered.




In bed: “baby, why don’t you come over to daddy and let him show you why it’s fun to be an adult” *OOOOOOHH Xiudaddy*

Normal lifestyle: *He’ll enjoy the parts of being protective over you like a real daddy would be and love when you get in the young, playful and clingy mood the most.* 



*Luhan would take on his role as daddy the best out of everyone, he’d know what to show his little partner and give to them in bed and in life in general at the right times. He’d love every minute of it. He’ll love the parts of ageplay where he can hand feed his child as if they’re a baby and also have a particular fondness of punishing his child when they are being bad*

In bed: “you’ve been very bad babe, spying on your daddy when he told you to stay in your room while he took care of some business. What  kind of punishment should you receive for not following orders, my little child?”

Normal lifestyle: “here y/n eat some of this. You’ll need it to help you grow bigger and stronger like your daddy and don’t drink too much hot chocolate, we don’t want you to be too hyper when it’s time to watch a movie”



In bed: *ageplay with Kris is taken most seriously in bed, he’ll expect you to play your role to the best of your ability at this time…. acting innocent and young and being submissive. Kris would love if you played role of a slightly nervous and afraid person during this time, acting like you don’t know what is happening or what to do and asking him*

y/n: “daddy, why are you in bed with me? It’s time for us to go to bed”

Kris: *hovering over you* “we are going to bed but I want to sleep with you tonight, we’re going to do something that will help you sleep and feel better”

Y/n: “what do you mean? what are we going to do daddy?”

Kris: “just be a good child and let me do the work, I promise you’ll enjoy this baby”

Normal lifestyle: *age play means that their “younger” partner would initiate a lot of fun and games during the normal days since kids love to play. Kris would love playing along to a game of tag or hide and go seek (or a mix of both) with his partner*



First of all: Daddy Suho? no, more like Mommy Suho. 

(Sorry, had to do it)

In Bed: *despite Suho being patient and 100% leader material for EXO, he would actually be pretty impatient when it was time to have special Daddy/child time* “babe, all of your cute playfulness has caused a problem downstairs and you owe it to daddy to come and fix the mess that you made”

Normal lifestyle: “I decided to take today off so that I could pamper my sweet child, since you’ve been so good these past couple of days why don’t we go shopping as a reward?”



In Bed: *it won’t really matter what sort of roleplay you have going on with Lay, not when you’re in bed with him at least, because once you two are on that mattress, couch, table top, etc he’ll only care about getting to work*

Normal Lifestyle: “Babe, daddy made you some soup to eat while he’s gone at work today. If you behave we can have some dessert when I get home”



In Bed:“why doesn’t my sweet babe come over here and cool daddy off by giving me some of those sweet, sloppy kisses? If you cool me off good enough I’ll have a surprise for you that you’ll love”

Normal lifestyle: “does daddy get a kiss for being the best daddy in the world? how about a kiss for being fun? no, baby doesn’t want to kiss me? Fine, I’ll just blow you a kiss anyway because I love my sweet child”



In bed: y/n: “daddy, I’ve been very bad. Today I accidentally broke one of your favorite vases then I got mad and smashed all the pictures on the walls, please, daddy, punish me for being such a bad child”

chen: “in deed you have been bad. Very bad. Don’t worry, daddy’s going to give you a punishment that you’ll never forget”

Normal lifestyle: “man, your ageplaying really is too much sometimes” *Chen will occasionally break out of character sometimes when he sees you dressing up like a young child or young teenager or hears you speaking in a really childish voice*

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                      ###Chanyeol:###

In Bed: ”you like it when daddy dances for you huh babe?”

y/n: *shakes head eagerly*

Chanyeol: “would you like daddy to dance for you?”

y/n: *shakes head again* 

Chanyeol: “or would you like to dance with daddy?”

y/n: *gets up and walks to him, beginning to grind with him as you let out little, needy moans*

Normal lifestyle: *he enjoys the ageplay when you’re old enough to wear cute clothes but also be old enough to know…somethings…. and he’ll gladly act along, even if he is the dad of the relationship, without thinking twice*

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                    ###Kyungsoo:###

In Bed: ”You’re my special one aren’t you?”

y/n: “yes daddy”

Kyungsoo: “and what makes you so special?”

Y/n: “the way that I cry and moan and beg for my daddy to fill me up”

Kyungsoo: “that’s right and also the way that my special one rides me when I say so”

y/n: “yes daddy”

Kyungsoo: “ride me baby”

y/n: “as you wish”

Normal lifestyle: ”it’s time to wake up babe, I have to go to work soon and I’d like to play with my special youngster before I go” 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                            ###Tao:###

In Bed: *he’ll probably be the one who enjoys ageplay the most in bed while feeling less comfortable with it outside of “sexy time”. The more ageplay you act while in bed with him the more you and him will enjoy staying up through the night*

Normal lifestyle: *there’ll be days during roleplay where your ageplay will cause you to break out in tears for some unknown reason and, like a father would do with their child, he’d hug you and comfort you until you felt better or fell asleep then he’d carry you to your room and place you under the sheets before wishing you a good night and placing a kiss on your forehead*

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                            ###Kai:###

In Bed:  “baby knows how to ride this just right don’t they?”

y/n: “yes daddy”

Kai: “and you like having your daddy fill you up and pound into you rough don’t you babe?”

Y/n: “yes”

Kai: “yes what”

y/n: “yes daddy, I like it”

Kai: “be more clear darling or you won’t get anything tonight”

y/n: “yes daddy, I love it when you shove your cock into my hole and pound into me until I lose my voice and can’t walk the next day, please daddy, fill me up right now”

Kai: “that’s better”

Normal lifestyle: *he’ll go out and buy you ice cream as your reward when you’re being a good child*

Kai: “are you enjoying your ice cream sweet one?”

y/n: *you speak very silently because you’re in public and you normally save you ageplay for home* “yes daddy, thank you”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                      ###Sehun:###

In Bed: *Sehun may be the “baby” (meaning maknae) of exo but he’d definitely love participating in an ageplay relationship. Unfortunately for his partner, if they didn’t like the ageplay in bed to always be rough then they more than likely would not enjoy ageplay with him because he’d love to hear his partner call him daddy nonstop*

Normal lifestyle: *the first time you do ageplay in a non-sexual atmosphere he’d choke on whatever he happened to be eating or drinking at the time*

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Can I request a headcanon gif for Law, Sabo, Shanks, Ace, Kid, Luffy and Mihawk favorite Chris brown song or even just like favorite song mostly pop/hip hop or even country. I don't care what you decide. I just thought the Beyoncé one was awesome! But then I couldn't decide if I want it Chris brown(love so many of his songs) or just favorite song but I think they would be up beat song but I'm also in a country mood so I'm conflicted. I hope this wasn't weird 🤗

Im doing silly or fun HC request because my mood been downs, maybe i can possible lift yours :) P.s the gifs are of them dancing to it. OH for each character, after reading it, want you to pause and just imagine that scene happening because it makes it ten times better. 


  • He listens to the song deuces when he doing work and is relaxed enough to actually listen to music. He likes the beat, and hums along with his baritone voice, which is kinda hot. (Of course he be more sly and less hype about about it, he wouldn’t even know he was humming or slightly swaying along)

Originally posted by wonderlandgirlforever


  • Likes the song she aint you, because this the song he actually hits vocals and he loves the ranges and notes he hits. But the best part is when he dances along to it, and hums along because headcanon guys Sabo can sing. (hopefully, I’m pretty sure.)

Originally posted by bacon-dragon

(lmao he does this, and its on beat to the opening of the song, which is some how cute and funny)


  • He enjoys the song Take you down and Yo excuse me miss. He likes listening to songs that tell a story, however his favorite song is Kiss Kiss, makes him younger and like a hotshot. His song to pump him out when he goes out the bar.

Originally posted by peterquilllegendaryoutlaw


  • This cutie would like the song Turn up the music, and this is party song where he dances, and pumps his fist and the air too. He always ask the Dj to play this song during one of the infamous Whiteboards parties. He drags Marco to the dance floor and gets the whole crew riled up 

Originally posted by freddylovesjason


  • Would love the song I can transform ya, even though he barely raps in it, but definitely feels like a ‘pimp’ or cool when listening to it. Especially when he last the music and attempt to rap along. He also listens to the song when he needs inspiration to create some thing new/weird.

Originally posted by unknown-paradisex


  • He likes the song Yeah x3 because Luffy likes upbeat songs and atmospheres, where he can really but out his dance moves onto the floor. Despite the fact that he can’t dance. (The gift is accurate.)

Originally posted by sanity-ytinas


  • He likes the song Yo (Excuse me miss). I don’t really see Mihawk ever listening to Chris brown, but this song at least represents Mihawk way with the ladies/men, and how he make everyones panties drop with one look. 

Originally posted by baltigo

(Lmao the look that makes the panties drop, i crack myself up)

johnnsilvers  asked:

e/R "you don't have to stay"~

Grantaire’s never been good at this part.

Sex is fun, sex is fine, sex is perfect. He knows exactly what he’s doing when it comes to sex. It’s what comes after that he has no idea what to do with, when sweat-slicked bodies rest side by their side, chests heaving in an effort to get their breaths back, mouths trying to regain the ability to form words.

It’s awkward at the best of times, and the fact that the sweat-slicked body besides his own is Enjolras’ only makes it more awkward, makes him painfully aware of the clothes scattered all over his room, of the paint drops spilled all over the floor that he never got around to cleaning.

Enjolras is quiet besides him, as unsure as to how they got here as Grantaire is. One moment everything was fine, one moment everything was normal, the two of them bickering back and forth as was their wont,  and the next Enjolras was pressing his lips to Grantaire in a searing hot kiss, curling his long fingers in Grantaire’s hair and tugging, and it’s not like Grantaire hadn’t thought about that a thousand times, but his imagination could never, ever live up to the reality of Enjolras tearing at his clothes, shedding his own, pushing Grantaire down onto his own bed,and proceeding to take him apart.

And now, here they are.

Grantaire rests on his back, keeps his eyes fixed on the ceiling even as his fingers start drumming anxiously at the sheets. Enjolras rolls onto his side, stares unblinkingly at Grantaire’s fingers on the mattress. Grantaire’s not even surprised anymore that he’s as intense after sex as he is when he’s trying to save the world.

“We should talk,” Enjolras says, his voice a whisper and his tone uncertain.

“We don’t have to.” Grantaire’s fingers pick up speed. “It’s fine. It doesn’t have to–It’s fine. You don’t have to stay.”  

“But what if I want to stay?” Enjolras’ voice is suddenly very young, very vulnerable. Younger and more vulnerable than Grantaire’s ever heard it. “What if I really, really want to stay?”

Grantaire’s fingers freeze in their movements against the mattress. Enjolras brushes his fingers against Grantaire’s wrist, his touch featherlight, as if afraid Grantaire is going to shove him off at any moment. “Whatever you think you’re saying,” Grantaire starts, and he can feel his heart thundering in his chest, “I need you to really say it. Because if you don’t then it’s just going to be–just. Say it. Please.”

Enjolras takes that as invitation to move closer to Grantaire, sliding their fingers together and tangling his free hand in Grantaire’s hair. “I’m exactly where I want to be,” he promises, “and you’re exactly who I want to be with. Now and tomorrow and every day after that. I’m sorry it took me so long to do this. You’re very hard to read sometimes. I couldn’t be sure–”

“People who’ve never met us could be sure of how I feel about you, Apollo,” Grantaire snorts, through his eyes finally leave the ceiling, focus on Enjolras’ face instead.

“You spend every waking moment arguing with me,” Enjolras laughs, a roll of his eyes accompanying the words.

“You like me arguing with you,” Grantaire points out, and even Enjolras has no answer to that. “You mean it, then?” he asks, daring to hope. “You’ll stay? And you’ll be here in the morning?”

“I’ll stay,” Enjolras promises, leaning forward to press his lips to Grantaire in a tender kiss. “And I’ll still be here in the morning. And in every other day you want me here.”

“You’re going to be here a very long time, then,” Grantaire warns.

Enjolras smiles. “Do you promise to spend every waking moment arguing with me?”  

“I do.” As if he even has to ask.

Enjolras moves closer, wraps himself around Grantaire, one arm wrapped around Grantaire’s chest and Enjolras’ fingers brushing against his sides as their legs tangle together. “Then I’ll be here for a very long time,” he says. “Sleep, now.” His lips twitch up. “And you’ll finally get to see how my hair really looks in the morning. Don’t think I didn’t hear you talking about that with Courfeyrac.”

Grantaire grins, and kisses him quiet.

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When I was younger some of my friends used to make fun of me for loving neville longbottom and then he got hot they were like oh I get it and i'm like no you don't he's neville, the boy who stands up when no one else will.

(cont) your harry potter posts often remind me of how much I love neville and luna

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you know I wish there were more Silver Trio posts to reblog because I really do love them more then the Golden Trio (whoops) and there is so much misinterpretations involved it makes me really upset. “The Girl Who Waited”?? “The Girl Who Believed in Anything”??? “The Boy Who Found Courage????” no, no and no. It’s like, the exact opposite of what they are!

Neville didn’t have to go look for courage because he always had it. Neville is one of the most important characters, especially for the younger audience. This is the character many of us were supposed to relate to, I know I did. Because being anxious and shy and awkward and clumsy and not conventionally attractive and scared of your teachers and having hard time making friends, not believing in yourself, well, that’s what it’s like to be a teenager! Neville did not overcome his “flaws”, he didn’t act “despite them”, his great qualities: his bravery, his kindness, his toughness, his loyalty, his strength, his moral compass didn’t not contradict his other traits. You don’t have to be the Chosen One, or the Brightest one, or whatever, to make a difference in the world.

Characters like Neville, or Donna Noble, their point is not to show us that they can become important once they meet a Hero, but to show that they always were important. Exactly, because, like you said, they stand up when no one else will. And people will tell them they can’t change the world by shouting at it, or can’t stop a whole army by refusing to go along with them, but the thing is, it doesn’t matter for them, because they’ll still try. They are not reluctant heroes forced into position of leadership, nor they are ambitious usurpers hungry for power, they are natural leaders whose unbreakable spirit, whose goodness inspires others to be stronger, to be kinder, to stand up against injustice when everyone else fell on their knees. And it doesn’t matter what talents you have and how academically successful you are or if some assholes bully you or if you drop everything you touch and always end up being the butt of “friendly” jokes.  

As for your friends, well. Neville stood up against frankly terrifying Hermione Granger at age 11, tried to took out both Crabbe and Goyle at age 12 and ended up in a hospital; didn’t lose it when a teacher showed to a class a torture spell that took his parents away from him; had to face his Boggart every day; tried to take out Bellatrix Lestrange herself at age, what, 15?; started a revolution; stabbed a motherfucking Death Eater in the eye because his wand wouldn’t work ???? I don’t know what books they were reading tbh to make fun of someone who loves Neville. Neville is the best of them all.

TFLN Sentence Starters (Part 4)
  • [text] Do you ever get high and look at your cat and feel like you know them on an intellectual level?
  • [text] Three of my exes and one of my exes' brothers have hit me up and it's only been a week. I hate semester break.
  • [text] Remember when I got punched in the face on NYE last year? I don't
  • [text] I wasn't going to just ask my parents for a damn vibrator for christmas
  • [text] I put chex mix in your purse for when you get hungry while doing your walk of shame tomorrow!
  • [text] I snuck out three pillows from the hotel i was rolling so hard. They are like little clouds. I regret nothing.
  • [text] Went out with the family last night and some 40 yr old lady wanted to take me home. My mom was not happy with me
  • [text] If it snows I'm making an igloo and getting wasted in it
  • [text] new years resolution: more sex, less car punching, more chipotle.
  • [text] He's interpretive dancing to Crazy by Britney Spears and expressing his feelings for either me or the guy next to us
  • [text] He puked in the middle of it and I still wasn't disappointed.
  • [text] Well I've made a drinking game out of the Wiggles but I think I've got this babysitting thing down
  • [text] You are the jesus of drinking
  • [text] Never underestimate the power of loudly proclaiming you want to make out with someone
  • [text] Pretty much gone. He was in the backseat and kept whispering that his "toes felt like pigtails"
  • [text] Holy shit, add "successfully got stoned secretly at a party where a cop was" to my list of accomplishments.
  • [text] I'm smoking a bowl in my bathtub. I'm meant to be alone.
  • [text] friends are allowed to bang on New Years, I read it on the Internet somewhere.
  • [text] I hope my margaritas pass through security.
  • [text] Go have fun. I'm gonna go shower off the regret.
  • [text] Never again let me pretend to be australian for free booze.
  • [text] woke up this morning with a pool of champagne in my purse. apparently i was saving it for later.
  • [text] just had a flashback of you pouring champagne into my mouth from someones balcony..
  • [text] Unless you can cure my hangover with your penis I'm not interested.
  • [text] They tried to dine n dash at dennys and the waiter jumped on their car and broke their windshield
  • [text] The first thing I did in 2015 was suck a
  • [text] Woke up with champagne in my hair and honey mustard on my hands. Strangely, I'm okay with this
  • [text] For future reference, don't put tape on your nipples. Ouch.
  • [text] I wish I could take a screenshot of how things literally look from my eyeballs right now
  • [text] I'm gonna write a book. Almost Awesome: all the times I ALMOST got laid.
  • [text] Dude you asked your tattoo if it wanted to go swimming
  • [text] Called my dealer in tears and we talked for an hour until I felt better. That's the way it should be.
  • [text] Mmm. Champagne. Weed. 17 pounds of animal crackers.
  • [text] Just scratched my head and I basically rained glitter.
  • [text] Did the walk of shame past her kids. I'm younger than one of them.
  • [text] its not facebook stalking, its market reasearch
  • [text] I've never been so excited to have my ass in so much pain.
  • [text] Drunk me just left a note for sober me apologizing for all the fucking crumbs in our bed
  • [text] I feel like I was playing penis roulette last night nd I landed on the wrong one.
  • [text] but I'm still not sure how you became more and more fluent in Spanish the drunker you got
  • [text] The vodka told me to go iceskating on my frozen pool. I may have attempted.
  • [text] Remember the girl I had sex with in the dorm stairwell? She got married!
  • [text] I haven't had an orgasm since 2014. So you can see why I'm having a bad year.
  • [text] do you have any idea how expensive it is to have the munchies at Disneyland?
  • [text] I'm drunk in your building find me and we can have sex.
  • [text] Dude. I don't even want cuddles. I just want an acknowledgement that I just had balls in my mouth.
  • [text] I'm getting "congrats on your engagement" shots. I need to get engaged more often!
  • [text] I wanna snuggle with you as we feed each other chipotle burrito bowls and that's just where I'm at right now
  • [text] I don't know. I'm drunk and dressed as a pirate but ill do the math tomorrow morning.
  • [text] woke up to the trail of sugar cubes leading to my bed........was i that uncooperative last night
  • [text] I'm serious-it was like trying to deep-throat a minivan.
  • [text] I would say that that is the last time I ever drink a bottle of jack in two hours, but really who am I kidding?
  • [text] I'm honestly wondering if my vagina did something to offend the universe
  • [text] if becoming an adult is chugging a bottle of wine in your bed and crying about your stresses while your dog watches you, sign me up
  • [text] i cant believe we used adam and eve as a sexting theme last night
  • [text] I'm trying to be sexual and you're sending me smashmouth lyrics
  • [text] I saw your dick pic and thought there goes the last thread of my heterosexuality.
  • [text] I mixed Jack with hot chocolate. This may be the best or worst idea ever. I have yet to find that out
  • [text] Listen. I'm a changed woman. I have no problem using him for sex.
  • [text] do you think your dog feels awkward being in the background of your nudes?
  • [text] his ex girlfriend sent him a pic of her naked in the bathtub so I sent her a pic of me sucking his dick
  • [text] I knew it was time to stop when you guys were playing a drinking game called "every three steps take a drink"
  • [text] You couldve had sex with 2 drunk chicks on an alligator slide.
  • Interviewer: Iggy give us some freestyle
  • Iggy: Aight
  • Iggy: ...
  • Iggy: i am so much happier now that im dead. technically "missing", soon to be presumed dead. gone. and my lazy, lying, cheating, oblivious husband will go to prison for my murder. nick dunne took my pride and my dignity and my hope and my money. he took and took from me until i no longer existed. that's murder. let the punishment fit the crime. to fake a convincing murder, you have to have discipline. you befriend a local idiot. harvest the details of her humdrum life, and cram her with stories about your husband's violent temper. secretly create some money troubles. credit cards, perhaps online gambling. with the help of the unwitting, bump up your life insurance. purchase getaway car. craigslist. generic. cheap. pay cash. you need to package yourself so that people will truly mourn your loss. and america loves pregnant women. as if it's so hard to spread your legs. you know what's hard? faking a pregnancy. first, drain your toilet. invite pregnant idiot into your home, and ply her with lemonade. steal pregnant idiot's urine. voila. a pregnancy is now part of your legal medical record. happy anniversary. wait for your clueless husband to start his day. off her goes. and the clock is ticking. meticulously stage your crime scene, with just enough mistakes to raise the specter of doubt. you need to bleed. a lot. a lot, a lot. a head wound kind of bleed. a crime scene kind of bleed. you need to clean poorly, like he would. clean and bleed, bleed and clean. and leave a little something behind. a fire in july? and because you're you, you don't stop there. you need a diary. minimum 300 entries on the nick and amy story. start with the fairy tale early days. those are true. and they're crucial. you want nick and amy to be likable. after that, you invent. the spending. the abuse. the fear. the threat of violence. and nick thought he was the writer. burn it just the right amount. make sure the cops will find it. finally, honor tradition with a very special treasure hunt. and if i get everything right, the world will hate nick for killing his beautiful, pregnant wife. and after all the outrage, when i'm ready, i'll go out on the water with a handful of pills and a pocket of stones, and when they find my body, they'll know nick dunne dumped his beloved like garbage. and she floated down past all the other abused, unwanted, inconvenient women. then nick will die too. nick and amy will be gone. but then, we never really existed. nick loved a girl i was pretending to be. "cool girl." men always use that as their defining compliment. "she's a cool girl." cool girl is hot. cool girl is game. cool girl is fun. cool girl never gets angry at her man. she only smiles in a chagrined, loving manner, and then presents her mouth for fucking. she likes what he likes. so evidently, he's a vinyl hipster who loves fetish manga. if he likes girls gone wild, she's a mall babe who talks football and endures buffalo wings at hooters. when i met nick dunne, i knew he wanted cool girl. and for him, i'll admit, i was willing to try. i wax-stripped my pussy raw. i drank canned beer watching adam sandler movies. i ate cold pizza and remained a size two. i blew him, semi-regularly. i lived in the moment. i was fucking game. i cant say i didnt enjoy some of it. nick teased out of me things i didnt know existed. a lightness, a humor, an ease. but i made him smarter. sharper. i inspired him to rise to my level. i forged the man of my dreams. we were happy pretending to be other people. we were the happiest couple we knew. and whats the point of being together if youre not the happiest? but nick got lazy. he became someone i did not agree to marry. he actually expected me to love him unconditionally. then he dragged me, penniless, to the navel of this great country and found himself a newer, younger, bouncier cool girl. you think i'd let him destroy me and end up happier than ever? no fucking way, he doesnt get to win. my cute, charming, salt-of-the-earth missouri guy. he needed to learn. grown-ups work for things. grown-ups pay. grown-ups suffer consequences.

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Vmin - "are you flirting with me?"

Jimin pushed open the door of the coffee shop, his glasses fogging up as he stepped out of the cold and into the warmth of the small shop. He shook the snow out of his red hair and unwound Yoongi’s thick gray scarf from around his neck, excitement bubbling in the pit of his stomach.

“Jiminnie!” a bright voice rang out from across the room and, even though Jimin couldn’t see a thing, he’d recognize that voice anywhere.

“TaeTae!” he responded enthusiastically, stumbling his way through the haphazard array of tables and chairs that separated him from his favorite barista. Jimin was lucky he came here so often, making it easy for him to navigate the tricky terrain without knocking into anything.

Once he reached the counter, he slipped the glasses from his face and grinned brightly, “Now I can see you. And I like what I see.”

“Shut up,” Taehyung leaned across the counter and smacked Jimin on the arm, giggling at his friend. “What do you want to drink? Caramel hot chocolate?”

Jimin nodded and shot another line Taehyung’s way, “Sweet, just like you.”

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don't touch

so everyone knows about the gay chicken trope in fics right? well I happen to love it so last night when I was falling asleep watching the thanksgiving things to do I was a bit sidetracked, thinking about geoff, ray, ryan, and gavin filming themselves doing stupid shit as they do. which so happened to be gay chicken or something similar to what people do when its late at night and the sexual tension in the room is high as fuck

So this somehow ended up as a fic. There’s nsfw fun times ahead which I promised the tag so uhh.. enjoy

Also if you actually get off to this, I salute you, but I’m not writing more for now

Rated: Explicit

Ship: Raywood

WC: 2,091

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