don't make em love you

1036. Lily and James' first time was in the Room of Requirement. They didn't mean to spend the night there and didn't even know the room existed until then- it just happened. When they came back to the dorm they found banners that said "it’s about bloody time" and all their friends clapping. Sirius even came and shook their hands. Lily didn't know where to bury herself but James enjoyed every second. He felt like he just won but not at Quidditch- he won something much more important, Lily.

tbh any other bill ship would be creepy, unhealthy, possessive, etc

but billcest? nah. happiest couple in the dimension. so cute and affectionate that your teeth will rot. totally and completely in love

because after all, theres nothing bill loves more than himself

Black girls loving themselves and also loving fictional representations of themselves really scare some folks shitless. Keeping on loving you and those characters that represent you in 2015 y'all.