don't lose your hope

No. This is not the end.

The Final Problem broke us all. Yes, I agree. We were promised with a great finale for this season, but this wasn’t great. Yes, it was disappointing. The show was lacking its elements, which never failed to enlightened us. The contexts, the subtexts, and Johnlock.

This could not be the end.

There is something more.

 In this episode, there are scenes that are supposed to be shown to make the plot pf this show to be understandable. But there weren’t any. There were things to be explained. We weren’t explained, or not clearly explained. There were scenes that were shot. There were actors that we were supposed to see. We didn’t see them. Take a moment and look up and remember the things we found out throughout this entire show, the things we saw in the setlock, but we haven’t seen in the entire 3 episodes of this season. THINK.

  And lastly, TJLC. Even though we were denied by the antis and mocked by the casual viewers, we never stopped. We didn’t let down our hopes and expectations to confront the truth. In such short time, we had built such strong bond and belief between us. And I am so, so, so, proud of it. I am so proud of us.

 So, this is my request. Please listen. We can’t let our hope down so easily. We can’t just give up on this. We should not stop writing metas and theories about TJLC. We should not stop explain and understand the show. We should dig in deeper. We can’t let go off Johnlock this easily? Yes, the truth. The truth should must be told. Please, you should not lose your hope until the 22nd of January. There should be something. Something is coming.

 Don’t lose your hope.

Translation of “Are You Happy” jweb mail (part 2)

So @jiimama has been the fabulously powerful force of nature to be so kind to this silly alien’s request.  Thanks to her, here is that elusive second half of Japanese jweb post that English jweb and email did not provide (I just helped with some editing).

Without further ado, click here for the original japanese jweb text and please give thanks (and rainbows~) to beloved Mii for the following effort.

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My empire is in ruins. I’m a wanted man with no friends. And my mother… the one person I swore to protect is dead because of my weakness.

THIS POST HAS A PURPOSE, don’t scroll down just yet. I’ve never been good at explaining what I feel, it’s easier for me to pretend to be someone else and write about imaginary characters with nothing to lose, but here we go. This is me in the picture, I thought about putting an old picture beside so you guys can see the changes I’ve been through in the past years, but I don’t have those pictures anymore and most of you will understand why.
For all the girls and boys out there I want to say that change is possible but you don’t need it. My life did change for the better when I decided to change my body cause I stopped caring about others in the process and started loving myself BEFORE the changes. But it didn’t changed who I was and still am, and who I am gave me all the good things I had before, all the things that this change is trying to take away from me. I am still fighting to not lose who I had before, who loved me for who I am and not for my looks, who really did love me. And now that I have the attention of men and women, that the most independent girls try to pretend they don’t need but that we all like to keep around, all I can do is doubt them, all of them, cause they weren’t there before and those who were are running through my fingers.
I need you guys to know that you are beautiful no matter the shape of your body and you need to love yourself more than anything else so you can feel the love of others, cause even when you don’t love yourself there are people who do and you will love them once you realize that but it can be too late then. If you want to change just start caring about yourself and putting yourself first, the rest will come easy, take it from me. Thank you for reading this. If you like the crap I put here follow me on instagram cause I will follow everyone back here and there for the rest of the day (it’s 12:42 in my country rn). I love you guys, stay gold.