don't lose hope for me

One by one they slowly fade away. Don’t hope. Don’t hope for a even minute that they won’t. They all do.
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In Colombia, we have a saying: “El mal presa los débiles, porque teme los fuertes

When I first saw Bo’s reaction to the term “girlfriends” I got really worried. Like I genuinely thought Bo was gonna break Tamsin’s heart by the end of the episode. But then I watched the ep again and I read an interview with Michael Grassi, and Bo’s reaction totally makes sense. Think about it, Bo is a Succubus and most people are just looking for sex. Even Bo’s relationships with Lauren and Dyson started out with just sex. And it was always Bo taking the first step into the romantic aspect of the relationship. But then Tamsin comes along and in the last ep she seduced Bo. Tamsin SEDUCED a Succubus. When has that ever happened? And then she stuck around for a much needed heart to heart. Not to mention the fact that while Tamsin is VERY open about her sexuality, she has never even mentioned a relationship. Let’s be real, Tamsin has probably never even thought about being in a relationship with anyone. That is, until she met Bo. Bo was probably shocked to hear a badass Valkyrie tell her she’s gonna draw her a bath and take care of Bo. We all know our little Tam Tam is head over heals in love with Bo but our little Bobo doesn’t. So obviously she’s gonna be surprised.

This is new territory for both of them so of course it’s gonna take some getting used to. And best believe they will both fuck up. But I honestly believe that they love each other and that that love will conquer anything and everything that is thrown their way. So, please don’t lose hope in our girls, they still have a long journey ahead of them.

I don’t know how else to say this so I’m gonna be blunt.

I’m a boy. I’ve struggled with this for years now and it feels really good to finally come to terms with it and I finally feel comfortable with who I am. Please use he/him or they/them pronouns, thank you.

Shot to the Heart


This wasn’t supposed to happen. It was all going too quickly. One minute they were walking down the street having a relatively normal conversation and the next, there was a loud bang and Thomas was on the ground with blood gushing from a bullet wound in his back that didn’t quite go straight through. “Norns… T-Thomas, no. Wh-what’s happened, what do I do?” He had no idea how to heal bullet wounds, didn’t know if they were enchanted, poisoned, or otherwise, but really he should’ve known that Midgardians wouldn’t think of such things and that it was likely just a plain piece of metal. “Please, somebody, help,” he called. This was something he didn’t know how to deal with, even though he’d been using magic all his life, he was no expert at healing like his mother was.

Naruto End Pairings and Character Agency

The common thread I see in most analyses of the end pairings is that none of the characters have any agency in their own romances. The boys don’t actively seek out the affections of the girls, and in fact don’t seem to bother with them at all, and the girls wait around for their affections to be received.

Naruto indirectly helps Hinata overcome her issues with confidence (sort of, she still seems to have zero confidence in The Last), but because his help was indirect he had no agency in his half of the romance for the entire manga. In The Last he flat out gives up on Hinata when she rejects him, and only goes to save her after a pep talk from Shikamaru. And before that it’s a genjutsu that initiates him wanting some agency in romancing Hinata. An outside force is required to give Naruto agency in his own romance. That’s just weak.

Then on Hinata’s end, while she has little agency in her romance, she at least makes attempts to have some agency. She does basically nothing in part 1. Her attempt to let Naruto cheat off her exam and her gift of the ointment could easily be taken as platonic, which Naruto does, and she never follows up on those actions with anything. In part 2 she makes her biggest attempt in getting through to Naruto when she proclaims her love in front of him before nearly dying. Yet after this she apparently doesn’t discuss her confession with him. At all. For years. So it’s basically pointless. She makes the biggest declaration of love in the series and does nothing about it. But, despite her failure to get Naruto’s attention she at least has some agency in her romance. Her biggest problem is that she never follows through on any of her attempts to get through to Naruto, never pushes him to respond to her, and therefore invalidates almost any attempt she makes to progress the romance.

Sasuke has no agency in his romance because on his end there is no romance. His romance appears out of nowhere on his end, as every instance of Sasuke’s interaction with Sakura prior to 700 is involves him flat out rejecting Sakura. So yeah, 0 agency on his end. Actually, more like negative agency in the direction of a romance.

Sakura probably has the most agency in seeking a romance, short of making a huge declaration like Hinata. She made it clear from day one that she liked Sasuke, and she never really stopped trying to get his attention. The problem lies in how she goes about seeking a romance with Sasuke. She never wants to get to know him, she just falls for his appearance and his outer demeanor of being “cool”. She only ever talks about how she feels, never about how Sasuke feels. In fact, she seems to care very little for how Sasuke feels, going so far as to disregard his feelings completely when trying to persuade him to stay in Konoha. Naruto sort of did this too, but in his attempt to get Sasuke to stay he simply didn’t think revenge would ease Sasuke’s heart and he didn’t want Sasuke to be used by Orochimaru (and possibly die giving his body to him), so his intention was at least mostly in Sasuke’s best interest. Sakura’s entire mantra was “don’t leave me” and “don’t leave and make me feel alone”. She not only disregards Sasuke’s feelings here, she also shows how little she values her family and friends, comparing her loneliness to Sasuke’s when he literally has no family. But, this all technically counts as her trying to participate in her romance. It’s shitty, but she displays some level of character agency in trying to get together with Sasuke.

So both pairings are super shitty on the guy’s end when it comes to displaying agency in favor of a romance. Sakura may display the most character agency, but Sasuke’s outright rejection of her stops her agency dead in its tracks. Hinata may show some agency and makes the biggest show of trying to get Naruto’s attention, but Naruto either doesn’t see or doesn’t care about her advances pre-The Last and requires an outside force to validate Hinata’s efforts. And in the end most of the problems concerning Hinata and Sakura’s brand of agencies likely still exist, Sakura’s disregard or ignorance of Sasuke’s feelings and Hinata’s failure to get Naruto to do anything on his end (seeing as he apparently neglects his kids).

In a romance, aren’t we looking for both parties to be involved in the courtship process? I just can’t understand why anyone would be happy with these pairings in the end. When 50% of the characters don’t work for the romances in question for the entire manga and then one of the characters only gets involved after a genjutsu guilt trips them into returning the other’s feelings, why should we as readers want to cheer them on and rejoice when they get together?

After reading some posts about what Aya Hirano said in the interview from the OVA 7 DVD I don’t think that what Mashima supposedly said (since it’s not 100% confirmed) meant that Nalu wouldn’t ever be canon. 

I read it as Nalu’s dynamics are different from Jerza, Gruvia and Gajevy, meaning that it could be hard for him a very very romantic scene between Natsu and Lucy compared to the other pairings. 

Imo it doesn’t mean that they won’t ever be canon. Natsu and Lucy have a very profound bond that have developed along the story and that’s undeniable. As there are very different characters, there are different relationships. Moreover, I don’t think that the typical romantic undertones are needed so a ship can be canon (well, I know that people won’t agree with me, but hey with these things the aromantic me resurfaces). What really matter are the feelings that unite the two characters. 

However, we don’t have an actual confirmation of all of this so… Meanwhile… Just chill, guys and don’t lose hope. :) 

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