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  • Me: It's okay to be unsure of your gender/sexuality!!1! It's totally cool to be figuring yourself out!
  • Me @ me: except you bc u need to get ur stuff together and figure out what the heck u are right now immediately

i’m reading this scholarly book on lily tomlin and jane wagner and about how all of their work was explicitly queer and the only people who understood how queer it was were other lgbtq folks bc non-lgbtq people could compartmentalize and not see it for what it truly was

and i’m just thinking about how all of my straight friends who watch grace & frankie are just convinced it’s gal pals and all of my gay friends are like, nah they’re gal pals bc subtext is a thing we can see even if it’s just queerbaiting

Keith & choices

/ okay im gonna flesh this out sometime perhaps but I’m sat here kind of screaming!!! so. 

 we’ve seen that Keith will and does choose Voltron time and time again. In s1 he always sees the bigger picture and understands that there are bigger things than you own personal emotions. BoM and the knife challenges everything Keith thinks he stands he for. I don’t think Keith’s biggest fear is actually being alone or abandoned- that’s definitely a BIG part of something he fears he definitely DOES fear this and abandonment. 

But I think BoM proved that Keith fears are so deeply rooted in making the wrong choice between the greater good and his own personal feelings

For the entire trial he is putting himself first (and that’s not exactly selfish I mean - this is something deeply important to him and he is compelled to know.) but his projections and mind clearly keep showing this juxtaposition between Keith keeping the knife and finding out his past or leaving it behind and staying with team Voltron - forgetting about it. Walk away from the knife and everything he DESPERATELY wants to know, or walk away from the team and the UNIVERSE. 

And you can see that this choice is tearing him apart literally. 

Because in s1 we him many many times showing the ability to make tough calls and put his own feelings aside for the team. it will be on his hands if he’s not there to pilot red and form Voltron with the others. Keith can think objectively and rationally - like with not going after Allura. 

Then look at that moment in s1 with Pidge wanting to leave to find her family, telling her “EVERYONE in the universe has families” and by leaving to find hers she putting EVERYONE in danger and Voltron won’t be able to save people and we see HOW UPSET and angry he is about that. 


so his mind is really hammering this in: does he really believe in the greater good, can he truly follow it to the end or is he going to keep chasing this past? can he do both? should he do both? what kind of paladin is he if he’s doing this?

I think the scene in the shack is really important for this too because he sees the galra attacking and immediately he’s like “I have to go people need me red’s up there waiting people need me” and then his dad in his HEAD (important - these are all Keith’s perceptions of people and events which are SHAPED by how he sees HIMSELF rn) is like “but what about who you are don’t you want to know" 

 and Keith pauses because holy shit of course he wants to know he’s been grappling with this for so long. but he still is going to the door he can hear things being destroyed and people dying and worlds burning like he says himself he CAN’T just hang around and stand here when that’s going on and he can do something about it. 

 and then THEN Keith is given a choice. ”If you walk through that door you’ll never know who you really are“. And it’s after a moment that Keith makes the choice to leave here. 

There’s so much more to talk about here but im focusing on choices and I just…. have been thinking for so long about Keith having a difficult decision to make further down the line. i’ve bene thinking about this since s1 and s2 has kind of made it feel even more like a possibility. 

Because he did something for himself here, you can see in his mind how much he’s struggling with that decision ”you’re just thinking of yourself as usual" / “you’ve chosen to be ALONE.” - 

the whole of s2 so far Keith has been trying to suppress his own feelings (but he’s such an explosive chaotic mess my god this poor boy he is so turbulent and unstable) and keep what’s going on to himself keep it together for the team - but he’s always so concerned that he’s putting everyone in danger because of his own actions and the knife which ISN’T for anyone but himself. 

 This is Heavy Stuff. 

 Keith shows how much he would give time and time again to team Voltron, to the CAUSE and the greater good. But. But. We ….. also know there is something else that gives Keith virtually complete tunnel-vision i would go as far to say because well i mean there is plenty of evidence for this. So, there is something - more accurately someone - Keith looks out for time and time again, someone Keith would do whatever it takes to keep safe and vows to their face “nothing is going to happen to you” he’s so determined to make sure that’s the case. 


And I just am….. okay I’m writing about this more sometime but Keith could be so easily manipulated by an enemy through using shiro even in his own mind in BoM. the things Keith has done for shiro and will do are aligned with what he would do for Voltron and the greater good. But if there’s a bigger choice that has every capability of really testing keith further and tearing him apart completely, being the hardest thing he’s probably ever had to do: 

It is placing these two things against each other.  Team Voltron, the UNIVERSE or Shiro.

One person (which Keith has expressed on a handful of occasions cannot be placed above the universe or the mission you have to set it aside and move forwards get on with the task and you can’t comprise the bigger picture for yourself) set against the entire universe. 

TLDR: Keith does fear being abandoned and being alone. A big insecurity is how people see him and read his actions (but he’ll still do whatever it takes and say what needs to be said even if it means people thinking the worst of him and that insecurity being met - that’s cold even for you.) 

But Keith also fears not being able to do the greater good and being selfish. Keith fears making choices for his own reasons, making a wrong choice.

Is safeword use (not just safewords being present in the fic) a legit kink/thing for anyone or is that just me?


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Puppy AU

part i. | part ii. ( with fic) | part iii.

After persuading a stubborn Arthur to put off building his puppy kingdom, they wait for Gwaine to pick up the puppies. It turns out Arthur’s still upset that he didn’t get anywhere near Merlin’s bed back then.

legit tho, I do understand the frustration people have when their original work doesn’t get noticed.  i feel the same, despite not putting much of my original work out in the internet in the first place (I’m nervous about sharing things before they’re at a certain level but i digress)

but what annoys me is when people just…constantly complain about how no one pays attention to their original work and only looks at their fanwork?

my question is….what were you expecting?

We all know why we’re here for fanwork first.  It’s because we already have an emotional connection to those characters, and most of the time, we’re already specifically looking for content related to those characters.  It’s easy.  It’s relaxing.  We know the characters, we know the plots and settings, and it’s just a nice way to unwind with things we already know we love.  There’s less mental work that has to be done because don’t have to reintroduce ourselves to anything, it’s just…it’s a safe space.  It’s a comfort zone.

Original work?  That’s harder.  Of course it has to happen sometime before you can go looking for fanwork, of course you got into something original before you got into the fanbase, but once you find a comfort zone, it’s easy to stay there where you’re already having fun and you already know what you like.  Getting to know someone else’s original stuff when you’re already online for the fan stuff is extra work during a time where you’re really just here to relax.

So yeah, it sucks that original work doesn’t get as much attention.  But if you get into making original stuff, you have to understand that it’s an uphill battle and you have to be willing to put that effort in.  No one owes you anything, much less their attention.  Just because you make something doesn’t mean the world owes it to you to give you the attention you want.

Original work is work.  Not to say that fanwork isn’t work either, but to act like the two are interchangeable is flawed and is setting you up for disappointment.  You want your original work to be noticed?  You have to work for it, you have to work as hard as those people who made the stuff that gets fanwork already worked.  Sitting around and bitching about how no one looks at your original work is nothing more than self pity and entitlement.

You want attention?  Put your nose to the grindstone and make your thing something that people make fanwork for.  It’s not going to be easy, and if you thought it was going to be easy, you’re in the wrong line of work.

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I work in retail and all day yesterday people kept telling me "happy Mother's day!" and I just kept replying with "Thanks, but I don't have a mom" I didn't realize why people looked so upset until some woman started crying and saying "you poor thing, losing your mother so young" and I had to explain to her that I have two dads.

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