don't look it too closely

Hey my girlfriend makes me feel so safe and warm and at peace and just….happy
Like since moving to the other side of the world at 10 my life just turned upside down so much and I developed all this anxiety and depression bullshit and I just haven’t felt at home and safe and like I belong or wanted to be alive since age 10 and it’s fucked me so much but
For the first time I feel
Like I am truly content and happy and grateful to be here and alive
Like it’s not like I’m cured and never feel anxious or depressed or suicidal anymore but
All that does temporarily melt away when I’m with her and it makes every day life so much more bearable
It just feels so fucking amazing to feel happy, and to feel happy to be alive, and like I have something worth being alive for
And it’s weird and all feels fake and like it’ll stop being real any moment because I’m not used to actually feeling good but
I think my life is finally good
I just feel ok for once

✰Kokichi & KI-BO✰

Since I’ve watched Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt pretty recently, I got inspired to do this little X-Over ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I’m like around 7 years too late with this, huh ?(゜▽゜;)


They say that your life flashes before your eyes when you die. It’s true, you know? Because in that moment, the only thing I saw was her.

Video version (with TASM soundtrack music) here: youtube / tumblr

I saw @ariaricx‘s post about what if we had an Amazing Spiderman AU for ML and I just had to do this hahaha. I also used @kryallaorchid‘s idea about the clock tower being changed to the Eiffel (or should I say I-FELL) tower instead ;u;

(Bonus points if Adrien knew that Gabriel was Hawk Moth, and the reason why Gabriel got Adrien’s Miraculous was because Chat had a moment of weakness when facing HM because he couldn’t bring himself to hurt his own dad)

More from that one Fett reunion, because I keep adding more family members pffbt. Part 1 - Part 2 

Anyway so last night @ahsokaisawesome and I were talking about 99 in this AU and how obviously he’s the sweetest, wisest ol’ grandpa-figure in the Fett clan. Though he’s not actually anyone’s direct grandpa; he’s the brother of whoever it was that sired Sifo-Dyas, Alpha, etc. I just figure that that parent (and in fact most of the Fett parents of that generation) must have been fairly hardass-y for Sifo and Alph to have ended up the way they are, but I can’t see 99 as having ever been a drill-sergeant parent. So I thought, maybe 99 can’t have kids due to his birth defects, so instead he becomes the kindly uncle who tempers the effects of his siblings’ parenting styles. So technically he’s the great-uncle of all the cousins in this picture. But in spirit he’s everyone’s grandpa. uwu 

I also figure that his legal name is Niles, and over the years it slowly transformed to Nye-Nye to mirror other grandparent-level names like Nana or Pop-Pop. Then it turned into “99″ partly as a clever play on sound and partly because it was easier for the little kids to write. Though many people still say “Nye” or “Nye-Nye” aloud, instead of wasting time on all the syllables in “Ninety-Nine.” ;P