don't look directly into the screen


For anybody who missed this adorable NPC.

The first two screens happen sequentially, BEFORE the end of the game..

The third is from THE EPILOGUE. Don’t know if you had to have talked to the lion before that point to see this, but I assume you had to have spared mettaton  (I’m missing a screen directly before #3 where he basically just says he wrote a fan-letter to Mettaton).  Look how happy he looks!

Also, Mettaton confirmed for being as SWEET and GENEROUS as he is glamorous.  (And here I spent the whole game thinking he was just a self-obsessed egomaniac..)

anonymous asked:

My main problem when trying to write a story is that I can find an idea, a world, a cast of characters, etc. very easily, but then I don't know what to do with it no matter how hard I think about it. I can never think of an actual story to tell with those ideas and settings. Is there any way to kickstart (or help kickstart) a story or am I stuck looking at a blank screen until something clicks?

Once you have characters, think about what those characters want most in the world. Then, give them a problem that directly impacts their ability to get what they want. Voila, plot. Now all you need to do is figure out are the additional problems they face, additional motivations that they develop, and how they go about resolving these issues.

For example, you come up with a group of characters that values freedom and independence more than anything. But their kingdom goes to war and they’re forced to join the military. (Initial problem). The plot revolves around what happens as they join the king’s army and after they end up deserting on realizing that the “war” their kingdom is involved in is part of a sinister plot. So they go about attempting to put an end to this plot and rescuing their kingdom from the clutches of this evil king.