don't look directly into the screen

Table for three

Pairing: jikook/kookmin, established relationship.
Genre: fluff, very slight angst… bc i can’t write that shit to save my life
Warning: contains mpreg

A/N: This was requested by lilyrasy on AFF. You can also read it there .

“Hey Jeon! Weren’t you supposed to leave early today?”

Jungkook jumped on his seat, suddenly snapping back to reality and tearing his eyes apart from the computer screen when his cubicle mate, Kim Yungyeom, almost screamed directly on his ear.

The young man looked dumbfounded at the other for a second before looking at the watch sitting on his wrist, eyebrows creasing even more in concentration in an attempt to decipher what was the time.

“Fuck” he  muttered to himself, because he was indeed supposed to leave early today, he even asked -begged- his boss to allow him to leave ten minutes early and here he was, thirty minutes past the hour, still sitting on his uncomfortable chair working.

Jimin’s gonna kill me.

The other male laughed at Jungkook’s contorted face and clapped a hand against his shoulder.

“Don’t worry buddy, I cover you. I know how much you’ve been working your ass off these past months.”

“Thanks…” exhaled Jungkook exhausted. He quickly stood up, collecting all his things and rushed to the elevator. Once out the building he sent a quick message to Jimin to alert him he would be late, getting in response a couple of angered emojis and complains about how the dinner would be cold for when Jungkook managed to get home.

Jungkook grimaced while igniting his car, motor roaring loudly in the silence of the parking lot; He knew he would need to apologize to Jimin with tender kisses and tight hugs to compensate his husband for his late arrival when he swore to be on time. Jungkook promised Jimin he would be home tonight early so they could have dinner together after Jimin had been persisting all week with solids arguments like:

We don’t see each other much lately, you are always busy working. I miss you.

With the bonus of a big fat pout on his beautiful lips. And Jungkook couldn’t say no to those, especially not combined with sad puppy eyes; not to mention that the older was right. Jungkook had spend more time on the office the past six months than on his own home, working his ass off to make his boss notice him and finally give him the promotion he knew he deserved.

Jimin was understanding, after all, Jungkook knew the older one had been patient with him for as long as he could remember and didn’t pressure him much when Jungkook called to say he would be late home or had to cancel their weekend plans.

But the younger wasn’t stupid, he didn’t miss the sad glint on the older’s eyes, the soft smile that tried to be reassuring and understanding but that didn’t really reach those brown eyes Jungkook was so enamored with.

And somehow they had grown a bit distant, Jungkook was aware of it, and it wasn’t like he wasn’t in love with his husband anymore; after seven years of relationship and five of marriage Jungkook was proud to proclaim himself as one of those persons that was still deeply in love with the person he chose to marry, in comparision with some of his co-workers that got a divorce after two years of commitment.

Jungkook parked the car on the street to save time. Anyways he would have to leave the house early in the morning and the automatized door of the garage always made a squeaky sound that made the dogs nearby bark madly at six in the morning.

Jungkook unlocked the front door slowly, -maybe fearing to see the sadness and disappointment on Jimin’s eyes once again- and was greeted by the smell of food, homey and sweet enough to put a smile on his face.

He made his way to the dinner room, bitting his lips at the sight of the table put beautifully, with a jar full of roses - Jungkook’s favorites- sitting in the middle of a pair of lit candles. He felt  warmth spread through his body for a second before culpability hit him hard, cursing to himself for being late. Jimin probably wanted to make dinner together and set the table together, and do everything together.

“Jiminnie?” he called out with a weak voice, trying to ignore the crack that the knot in his throat provoked. He felt horrible for neglecting his husband’s attention.

Jimin stepped out the kitchen then,with a tray on his hands filled to the rim with smashed potatoes with cheese - once again, Jungkook’s favorites- and smiled softly at the younger.

“Hey, didn’t hear you arrive.” said Jimin while setting the tray on the table. Jungkook clenched his jaw in an attempt to not let his guilt consume him entirely.

He chose to lean in and peck Jimin’s lips softly before saying anything.

“I’m sorry I’m late-“

“It’s okay.” sighed Jimin, eyes understanding and Jungkook told himself he hated to make Jimin go through this so commonly. ”Go change into something more comfy and then we can start dinner, okay?”

Jungkook nodded and went to their room upstairs to change, his brain going crazy and formulating endless apologies to tell the other.

When he went downstairs again Jimin was already sitting with both plates full of food and soft smile on his lips. Jungkook sat in front of his husband, admiring how the light of the candles made Jimin look even more beautiful than usual; it was just a reminder of how lucky he was to have Jimin all for himself.

They eat in comfortable silence, or at least Jungkook tried to convince himself it was like this, because it was unusual for the elder to be so quiet. After all, Jimin had always been outgoing and loud, conversation never faltering between them, and after so many days spent almost separated from each other, Jungkook thought Jimin would be filling him with stories he may had missed for when he was working.

“It was all delicious, Hyung.” spoke Jungkook softly, afraid to break the silence. “You got better with cooking by time.” He added a chuckle after that, trying to alleviate the tense aura that apparently only him could feel. “I remember when we started dating and you almost burnt the whole kitchen trying to cook noodles.”

Jimin laughed, really laughed, eyes sparkling and coming to life again, and Jungkook then got aware of how much he had missed those eyes, tha smile; how much he had missed Jimin himself.

Jimin muttered something along the lines of as if you were any better, and both males chuckled amused with fondness as the memories of their first years together rushed back to their brains.

But they fell silent after that, and Jungkook’s heart did a weird jump inside his chest when Jimin, suddenly, took out from somewhere a white envelope and handed it to Jungkook not really meeting his eyes.

“I’ve been wanting to tell you something for a while…” started Jimin worrying his bottom lip with his front teeth. “But you have been busy and…” Jimin shrugged, breathing heavily through his nose. He was nervous, Jungkook could tell, and that made the younger worry even more.

Jungkook just stared dumbfounded at the white envelope as blood drained from his face. The younger was feeling his world crumble upon his feet at the thought of what could that envelope contain. He knew they had grown a bit distant lately, that he had spent too many hours away from home and from the warmth of Jimin’s body, but it wasn’t enough to himself to justify this. To justify Jimin leaving him, asking for a divorce.

Jungkook had loved Jimin with all his heart and soul, he still loved him and thought Jimin was with him on this, that they were together through hard times like they had been before. He couldn’t stop the guilt to consume him this time, hating himself for hurting Jimin enough to make him run out of patience and give up on them.

“I know you’ve been working hard to give us both the best and that’s why I hesitated to tell you this before, not wanting to put any more stress on you but…You need to know after all-“

“Jimin.” cut Jungkook with a strained voice, wide eyes fixed on the thin white envelope in front of him. “I know I’ve fucked up big time, that I haven’t been home a lot lately but this…” He sighed, desperate and suddenly very exhausted, shaking hands running through his hair. “I don’t know how to apologize for abandoning you… I want to compensate you for this, really. I will try to do my best to win you over and prove to you that I still love you with all my heart, let me- I will- I…” Jungkook couldn’t finish then, knot tight in his throat. He felt his eyes stink with unreleased tears and his heart beating like crazy against his ribcage. Saying he was nervous was an understatement, he was going to make Jimin stay with him, fell in love with Jungkook all over again; There was no way Jungkook was allowing Jimin to walk away from his life without putting up a fight.

“Give me another chance, I promise I will do it good this time. I can’t sign this papers just yet, let’s try to make it work-“

“Jungkook…” interrupted Jimin, brows furrowed in a questioning form.

“Look, I admit that I hasn’t been a perfect husband like I promised to but, aren’t you giving up on us too soon?” Jungkook was so desperate that he didn’t even notice Jimin’s call of his name. His heart was pounding like crazy and there was no way he could hear anything except for the blood rushing everywhere inside his veins.

“What the-“

“In a month my boss will make official my promotion and then we will have all the time to travel or go somewhere- wherever you want, I promise, like a second honemoon-“


“-And we can go on dates to the beach, like we used to do during college. You won’t regret giving me a second chance-“

“Jungkook!” screamed Jimin, making Jungkook jump in surprise but efficiently shutting him up.

The younger looked dumbfounded at his yet husband with worried eyes, because no, they weren’t on yelling terms yet, right?

“What are you talking about?” asked Jimin when he finally got Jungkook’s attention.

“I- the divorce-”

Divorce?” Squeaked Jimin, opening and closing his mouth like an idiot for a couple of seconds before shutting it completely and give Jungkook his best questioning gaze.

“Weren’t you talking about divorce? This…” said Jungkook in a whisper signaling with a shaking hand the white envelope still in front of him.

Silence surrounded them for two full seconds before Jimin burst out laughing.

“What? Oh my God, Jungkook did you really think- I can’t believe you thought I would ask for a divorce just like this without warning or-“ Jimin said with a high pitched voice, sounding half offended and half amused at the situation.

“What were you talking about, then?” questioned Jungkook with anger mixed on his voice because he wasn’t understanding what was going on anymore.

“Just open that, idiot.” answered cryptically Jimin, smile on his lips.

Jungkook swallowed nervously while eyeing the paper. If those weren’t the papers of divorce then he had no clue what to expect inside of it. But he had never backed away from a challenge or from something unknown, so after taking a deep breath he reached for the envelope, still with shaky fingers, and opened it.

He stared blankly at the photography that greeted him for a second and then his eyebrows furrowed trying to understand what was in front of him.


“I’m pregnant, Jungkook” said Jimin softly.

Jungkook lowered the photography and stared directly at Jimin.


Jimin laughed loudly as he stood up from his chair, circling the table until he reached Jungkook and sat on his lap, passing his arms through the younger’s shoulders.

“I’m ten weeks pregnant…” breathed out Jimin adding a breathless chuckle after, as if he himself wasn’t believing what he was saying. “I wanted to tell you before but you were so stressed because of work and the doctor said that the first weeks could be a bit dangerous for the fetus, they not always survive the first weeks. I thought it would be better to wait until the baby was safe and healthy enough to make it official…” explained Jimin slowly, as if he were talking to a little kid.

Jungkook was still in shock, trying to process the information that Jimin was pregnant.

Jimin was pregnant.

With his baby.

With their baby.

“Holy shit.” he said managing to make Jimin laugh once again. “Holy shit!” he exclaimed again, circling his arms around Jimin’s waist to press him against his body. Now the tears accumulated at the corners of his eyes where from a totally different emotion; happiness and joy was the only thing he could think of because holy shit he was going to be a dad.

They were going to be dads.

He kissed Jimin, then, allowing the tears to fall from his eyes and making sure to put into the kiss all the love and passion he felt for his husband.

Jimin whipped  away the tears from the younger’s cheeks with his fingers in a tender touch after pulling away from his lips, smiling brightly before giving another soft kiss to Jungkook’s mouth.

Jungkook lifted again the hand that was holding the first photography of his child, taking in all the details that formed the image; There was a big patch of black and a curled up form inside of it, the part that was bigger and rounder than the other was the head, and the rest the body. Jungkook smiled, his nose scrunching up and teeth showing under his stretched lips. Jimin smiled back at him, eyes sparkling beautifully, just like how Jungkook liked them the best.

“We are going to be parents…” he whispered on Jimin’s lips, who nodded as a tear rolled down his cheek. “Fuck, this is amazing.”

“You better cut the cursing for when the baby is born, young man.” laughed Jimin, fingers caressing Jungkook’s dark-brown locks.

The younger laughed too as one of his hands went to rest on Jimin’s tummy. It looked flat at first glance, but now that the he put attention to it he noticed the slight curvature of it; roundness that would grow bigger and bigger as the days would start to go.

Jimin put his hand above the younger’s and rested his forehead on Jungkook’s.

“I have an appointment with the doctor next Thursday, you coming, right?”

“Of course!” exclaimed without hesitance the younger. “I’m not gonna miss this, I promise…” he said with determination, looking straight to Jimin’s eyes to make even more real his statement.

Jimin smiled before leaning down to capture the younger’s lips into a sweet kiss.

“I know…” he breathed out on Jungkook’s mouth. “You are going to be a good dad, Kkook.”

Jungkook didn’t know he needed to hear that from Jimin until that moment. He wasn’t perfect, way far from that, but somehow the determination in which Jimin had said that made the younger gain strength and confidence in himself, dissipating suddenly any fear and hesitation that had lodged up on his brain at the worry of having a life under his responsibility.

“Thanks… I- we both will do our best, right?” Jimin nodded again, adoration and fondness dancing together in his eyes as he looked at the younger’s ones, portraying similar sparkle to them.

Jungkook was ready for this; was ready for a long life beside Jimin and a growing family.

Jungkook was ready to give his all for his most beloved ones.