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i haven't read all of ilhti but i really don't see how it could be like.. cliche? when it comes to wlw there's literally not ENOUGH MATERIAL to create cliches.. a huge majority of wlw stuff is high schoolers or just porn? like dude show me all the stories about a black girl and an asian girl in a lesbian relationship??? i'll wait. it could literally be a coffee shop au and it's not too cliche

THANK YOU! Like yeah I wrote their backstory as Eliza running into Theo and spilling coffee on her but Theo was just like, forget my clothes holy shit I’m buying you another coffee because !!! heart eyes! And like if that’s cliche I don’t care because wtf it’s cute and I would pass out if a girl did that for me. And just…yeah. I would die for a Theoliza coffee shop AU that is actually given kudos and commented on and given attention. Give me those cliches.

    But Samee, Fullmetal Alchemist was released in 2001, of course they’re not still making Kotobukyia figure–



someone has a case of “fallen and can’t get up”


“You do something? They come after you? Just tell me. Tell me the truth. I’ll help you. I’ll help you figure it out. Just tell me the truth. Tell me for Maria. Tell me for Lisa. Tell me for Frank Jr.

What happened? Please, we’ll figure it out, but if you kill him you will never know!

Frank! Listen to me. Frank! You do this, and you are the monster that they say you are, do you hear me? You do this and I am done! That’s it. You’re dead to me, do you hear me?

“I’m already dead.”

DAREDEVIL, The Dark at the End of the Tunnel.

How the SPN Season 9 Finale should go down:

Sam, Dean, Castiel, Crowley and Abaddon finally have the epic showdown we all know is coming. Dean wielding the First Blade in a murderous rage, Castiel with his Army of angels, and Abaddon and Crowley with their own followers, mercilessly tearing each other apart for the right to the throne. 

Right at the climax of the battle, when you think you know who’s going to come out victor, the door is blasted inward off it’s hinges. 

Everyone stops when the cold, unforgiving face of Adam Milligan is brought into view as he slowly steps out of the shadows.

“You’re all wrong.”

He walks forward and his eyes change from black to red.

I'm the King of Hell.”