don't look desperate

updated my rules a bit to include that this blog will often be nsfw and full of a lot of shipping? I guess like, not everyone is here to ship and that’s fine. I don’t mind that, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and it makes sense. However, personally, I really really enjoy it? I enjoy it a lot. 

I mean I’m not J U S T here for shipping as I have other priorities too, but shipping for fun is very important to me as a roleplayer and as a person. So like, yeah- you’ll get a lot of that here and if you do not like that then, really I don’t think I’m the best person to follow then ;;; I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable with that. 

and again, I’m not going to be shipping with every person who follows me, like nah nah thats too much- but I do want mercy to make a lot of important relationships over time. Including romantic. Hopefully that makes sense? 


Today was the first time I took out my spring boots, and I don’t want to take them off ehhhhh


“You do something? They come after you? Just tell me. Tell me the truth. I’ll help you. I’ll help you figure it out. Just tell me the truth. Tell me for Maria. Tell me for Lisa. Tell me for Frank Jr.

What happened? Please, we’ll figure it out, but if you kill him you will never know!

Frank! Listen to me. Frank! You do this, and you are the monster that they say you are, do you hear me? You do this and I am done! That’s it. You’re dead to me, do you hear me?

“I’m already dead.”

DAREDEVIL, The Dark at the End of the Tunnel.