don't look desperate

Mask 11

And then they banged.

I might have to settle for sleeping together after he passes out from crying. Where she wipes his tears and gets him into something less more comfortable. Where he does some skinship clinging and wakes up several times to confirm she’s not a dream. Where he just presses his lips against her forehead or her hair to remember what being a person feels like. Where–

Gwynne, you have no time to fic. Stop it. Stop thinking about it. Stop telling yourself this is the perfect time and place for banging. STOP.

Okay, but look at our girl only taking the pieces of Eun-Ha that she needs to accomplish her goals. Ji-Seok is still winning the things she wants to win. She told us Min-Woo what she wanted by the end of this drama–a love, living with him, with no lies, forgiven and happy and normal. Seok-Hoon is firmly in her way and she’s literally using Eun-Ha against him. I can’t wait for her to break him.

I love how she is caring for the staff everyone, but particularly in the household. Mother-in-Law is right to fear her. Ji-Seok is gaining loyalty simply by being nice. Even her father-in-law thinks she’s pulling the right strings.

Ohmygosh, Mi-Yeon. Who only wants to be loved. Who is totally willing to play this weird game with her husband as long as it gets her a baby and a little bit of adoration. Sweetie, please just go pee on a stick, I wouldn’t put it past your husband to put something in your drinks to fake morning sickness. She is going to have to make a choice and I honestly don’t know which side I want her to fall on because either way will be interesting. 

Mi-Yeon is so smart. She is dangerous. I think she’s done an excellent job convincing Seok-Hoon she’s not a threat. Okay, maybe I do want her to be the one to plunge the knife into his back. I definitely don’t want her to end up dead in finale week.