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I know you stan Rosvolio and love Benvolio. I too was moved by his tearful "you're all I have" plea to Rosaline. But are we going to pretend he didn't "Not all Montagues" her while showing zero compassion for her loss, and being generally self-centered when she was sharing about her life's greatest tragedy? I'm just saying... his reaction was a little fuckboi-ish for my taste.

tbh the first time i watched it, it bothered me, but having rewatched that scene several times, you have to take into consideration that rosaline is blaming him for something that is not his fault. it’s not fair for him to be reduced to the faults and mistakes of other montagues when he himself is not like that ( and proved so to her ) so yeah, he’s gonna be defensive. do i think it was the right moment for him to be so?? no, but i understand why he was. 

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• There doesn’t seem to be as much difference in the general price of things as there was when I last came to the US (2005), even though the exchange rate is practically the same. For example, petrol was much cheaper here than at home in 2005. Now it’s only slightly cheaper. Clothes don’t seem as cheap, though that’s from only a quick glance and not looking at any “brand name” stuff. More shopping to be done.

• I will never get used to driving on the right side of the road, and I’m only a passenger for this whole trip. My brain melts each time we get in the car.

• Speaking of driving, three words: four way stops. Four more words: get some fucking roundabouts. OMG.

• Alcohol is sold everywhere. At first, CVS looks like a chemist / pharmacy… until you get to the liquor aisles. I guess booze is a form of self-medication?

• I’m surprised by how many eucalyptus trees there are here in California (at least, the little patch I’ve seen between LA and SF). Some parts of the drive, aside from being on the opposite side of the road, we could’ve easily been at home.

• Thanks to tumblr-peep mentions, I have been to Whole Foods (want to move in to one) and Chipotle (twice). Yet to check out Trader Joes. Still happy to take any other recommendations.

There’ll be more to come I’m sure.

Testing out some colour pencils I got some time ago ;u; mmmn the colours are a bit limited but I like it :)

sorry for the smudge I didn’t intend to include the flowers at first, though oddly that was the part I had most fun colouring xD

Echotale Frisk belongs to @yoralim! Somehow I keep abusing your chara like this ahhh gomen ;u;


Can we please just appreciate this for a minute… This is a fantastic movie with so many hidden things that you really have to look for. This ‘joke’ was literally in the movie for less than a second. If you look closely. The 1 and 6 fall, leaving just the 0 behind.

It’s things like this that brighten my day…

It’s stupid, I know, but I really makes you wonder how you can go through life and easily miss the small things that can make you smile when your focused on the big picture.

People who say we shouldn’t call it queerbaiting when johnlock doesn’t happen, I can give you at least 50 reasons why it will turn into the single worst case of queerbaiting in the history of queerbaiting if that’s so