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extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world.
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🔮🦄Straight outta Vengerberg🦄🔮 

I mean, ya gotta admit I’d make a good Yennefer for The Witcher TV series…. *hint hint* *nudge nudge* @netflix cast me!


Ren has no chill. Ren stopped thinking at “accident”.
Inks and colours by me, editing @kromitar (they made this look so good)!

Coffee shop AU


“And Cygnus is right… there!”

“…That’s literally just five stars in a t-shape; how the fuck am I supposed to see a swan out of that?”

Stained Glass Eyes

Note: I’m a new fic writer! I love writing but I’m also super busy so I’m not sure how frequently I’ll get to write but I’m doing this so hopefully more often than not. Lmao also I started writing this like 2 years ago for a completely different fandom so the first few chapters (bc there will be more than one) the writing could be a little weird, I’m editing them and such but they’ll most probably be different than later chapters bc I’d like to hope that my writing has improved since then :) This is the 1st chapter, so it’s just getting things started, let me know if a part 2 is wanted!

Pairing: Lafayette x reader

Summary: (High School! AU) Lafayette and (Y/N) are seniors, and their paths only crossed under an unfortunate (and unlikely) event.

Warnings: some swearing, semi-badly translated french

Word count: 2310

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Rami Character Challenge (1/?) now also known as, how lame and annoying can admin Kate be 

Character: Rami Malek

“Join me in the blanket fort. We play until dawn.”

You had your head popped out between two of the blankets, looking at Rami expectedly as he only stares at you with a raised eyebrow and a smile threatening to spread over his face. 

“Was that a pun?” Rami cooed, crouching down to look into the pillow covered fort, lit up only by the television screen, which was, indeed, ready and set-up to play Until Dawn, a game in which Rami himself appeared. 

“It may have been. Shut up and get in, it’s already midnight we only have, like, six hours… Until dawn,” you muse, cracking yourself up as Rami crawls inside and settles into the pillows next to you, a wide grin on his face as he rests his arm around your shoulders. 


You were hardly ten minutes into the game when you first teased Rami. 

“’Let’s party like we’re fucking porn stars’,” You echo, falling into a fit of laughter against Rami’s shoulder as he playfully pouts at you, silently admiring your loud, non-held-back laugh, and the brightness of your smile. 

“Hey, hey. I know how to hold a great party, even on the anniversary of my dead sister’s,” Rami quips, holding his hand out with a look on his face that says ‘I’m obviously superior’. 

You snort at him, whacking his chest before returning to the game… 


You try to stop your hands from shaking as hard a they are, your eyes as wide as saucers as you stare at the Hannah Wendigo as it screeches at Sam in the cabin. Suddenly, hands grasp your side, a loud scream ringing loudly in your ear. You scream, jerking away, killing Sam at the same time. 

“Holy fuckin- RAMI!” You yell as said man laughs hysterically, almost rolling in his joy. You pout angrily as he only continues to laugh in your face. As he calms down you sigh. 

“Oh well, she was stealin’ my man anyway,” You mutter, at least getting Mike and Emily out of the cabin alive as Rami snorts… 



“Oi, Josh… Rami!… Wake the fuck up”

“Don’t let your sister go what the heck”

“No Chris don’t shoot the squirrel you dumbass nerd”

“Damn Rami, you should wear beanies more often”

“Climbing class… I ship it”



“No, Jess. Put your clothes back on”

“What in the fuck was that”

“Okay, how has Sam made it that far without losing her towel? I call bullshit. Totally unrealistic. 0/10″


“Bro. I’m not your bro, bro. Brooooo”

“Michael don’t you dare shoot my mentally unstable boyfriend” 

“Making my way downtown, walking fast-” *Wendigo Screech* “SPRINTINGGGG”

“No Ashley, that’s not how the whole biting thing works you dumbass” 

“Can I make Mike shoot Ashley instead?” 

*Various screams* 

*Inhuman screech* 

Rami Character Challenge 1/?

First one done! It’s messy but I enjoyed writing it a lot. Your commentary=mine so this is a look into the mind of me, admin kate. 

Might be posting a request later ♡

Don't get me wrong,

I’m excited af that all these great YA lit novels are getting movie rights and signings,,,


is it TOO MUCH TO ASK for one to be turned into a TV show??? Or better yet–get this–AN ANIME???? Imagine that. Anime makes powers and special effect look more realistic than any YA book’s first movie budget can. And it’s a lot easier to show emotion.

Anyone else… pls

re: grandpafucking

jellyjamjelly: god bless. victuuri dying the best possible death. yuri still a petulant child at the age of 85. tempted to write shitty discourse comments just so you can write more out of spite.

i honestly can’t imagine them going out any other way. when i posted the draft someone said something along the lines of “ok but are they actually still alive in the vacuum of space because robot parts, fucking away” and my answer is yes. thank you jellybean!!  



cafecliche: I N C R E D I B L E. What kind of life goals honestly. Maybe we all one day be Otayuri grandpas on Mars.

look, i had a dream that inspired this fic, and it was about me being 80 on mars riding dune buggies, because in my dream that was the only kind of vehicle that worked on mars.  everyone was old, everyone was riding dune buggies.  the mountains were pink with white caps and we lived in a giant dome.  in this universe, otabek was briefly mayor of mars-almaty.  (thank u bby!!)

mountliang: every dick is a viktor dick I LAUGHED MY WAY THROUGH THIS ENTIRE FIC (to ignore the fact that i had Emotions abt them being old)

i’m so glad this made you laugh.  that’s what i wanted the story to do. well, i wanted it to do a lot of things.  and i was worried it was going to read like a bad series of dad jokes. love u, ro.  



door: holy shit

i know.  i know.  

lavenderprose: I like that we had the same idea re: the discourse…also, I just shrieked “GRANDPAFUCKING” and my sister purposefully emerged from the living room to stare at me judgmentally at me from the doorway

THE MENTAL IMAGE.  and yeah, i just read a lot of discourse from this blog that went out of their way to attack me, and so much of it was sincerely ridiculous that the most serious direction i could deal with the cuckoo bananapants nonsense i was reading was “what if otabek and yuri were in their eighties and fucking on mars.” thank u for this, and also for surviving the not-grandpafucking

bigbigtruck: The Viktor dick, the endnote… I’m laughing and maybe crying a little bit. (How did you know elderly folks still in love is one of my weak points!!)

thank you!! elderly folks in love is my number one forever jam, probably tied with tender bathing as far as “things that make me weak in the knees and cry forever” go.  the first time i saw the movie Up, i cried for 45 straight minutes.  like, i ugly cried.  i sniffled through the rest.  elderly people in love is my one true weakness.  i’m trusting you with this vulnerable information, pls don’t hurt me.

yall while I love their enthusiasm and devotion and their looks im just so damn confused as to why we need kpop from non koreans like??? I cant be the only one who is slightly confused and apprehensive about the whole American kpop rage….. like just make ur music??

Miami Rick/Sugar Daddy AU - chapter 1

(read the whole outline here! as well as the shopping excerpt)

Morty exhales and watches as his breath fogs up the glass before quickly disappearing in the Florida heat. The plane ride here had given him a headache that no amount of gum chewing could fix. The leather seats felt uncomfortable against his skin and Morty squirms. He’d thought his grandfather was the one who was supposed to pick him up. Instead he got a stranger holding up a sign with his name on it.

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Unexpected Portrait of a Star”

Let’s just say photographer Miyuki was adjusting the lights and the camera before a session on a balcony and while taking an experimental shot , this kid pops in the frame by accident. at first Miyuki doesn’t think much of it but when he sees the picture…welp the kid is gone and he’s left with a perfect picture for his project but since he doesn’t have the model’s permission he can’t use it. Hence he starts the chase. although he didn’t have to look too far; apparently the kid was rising baseball star.

Sawamura Eijun I hate you because I love you. first time I try this kind of painting and it took me an awful long time since I was not happy with it but I am now and I feel proud of the result :’)

(Also: thIS WAS HELL!! I TRIED SO HARD. PRAISE MEEE _:(´□`」 ∠):_  )

tag tag game <333

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questions <3:

I choose:
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The character you´d slap:
Three favourtie characters:
A character you liked at first but not so much anymore:
A character you did not like at first, but they’ve grown on you:
3 OTPs:

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I just realized that we know from Agents of SHIELD that fully functional ocular prosthesis exist in the MCU, and yet Nick Fury still chose to keep his injured eye and wear a fucking eyepatch over it instead because he probably thought it looked badass as fuck and he’s like the physical embodiment of overly dramatic

Jessie Mueller & Kelli O'Hara (aka Francesca Johnson) - Halloween 2015.

anonymous asked:

can you kill me pls so i don't have to start college tomorrow?

lemme tell you a thing

my first few days at college were rough. my roommate was terrible, we didn’t get along despite me trying to make it work and i’m not great at making friends, even moreso back then, so altogether it was pretty lonely and frustrating, and made me feel like shit, esp since so many people around me made it look so easy. i spent most of the first few days crying when i was sure no one else was around to see. i remember calling my mom multiple times and tearfully telling her i just wanted to come home. my jolly little safety bubble of what i was used to had been violently popped, and it wasn’t an easy transition. i don’t handle extreme change very well.

but then the weeks passed, and things got better. class kept me busy enough. i eventually found some friends that i didn’t have to try so damn hard with. my shitty roommate moved out a couple months later and in moved a better one, one so awesome that she’s still one of my best friends today. going to dining halls alone sometimes turned out not to be such a big deal. i found a groove yknow? you’ll find your groove too.

i guess the thing i’m most grateful for about college is that it did pop that safety bubble. it popped the shit out of it, and i’m so so glad it did, because i wouldn’t be the person i am now if i hadn’t gotten out there and started experiencing things for myself and forming my own conclusions. going out on your own (doesn’t necessarily have to be to college, but thats what started the process for me) is kinda necessary for the best kinds of personal growth, even though it’s hard and also scary as fuck.

also college turned out to be a blast, even if i made a fuckton of mistakes and had a downward spiral towards the end there… but again, i’m glad the mistakes happened, that’s the shit that ends up shaping you you know? all the classes i took aside, that’s the shit i really ended up learning from. 

so my advice about college is be open to the changes but also don’t lose yourself, there’s no one right way to do things so just try and find some compadres and have a good time, don’t stress too hard over your major and what you wanna do with the rest of your life cos sometimes things change and minds change and life paths change and that’s okay, i’m 24 and still dont know wtf i wanna do, and for gods sake go to fucking class, you will really fuck yourself over if you don’t go to class, trust me

so no i will not kill you, but i will say good luck to you friend, hope all goes well tomorrow //thumbs up 

I did it! Companion Cube pony version 2! with shading and everything! based on the companion cube from the first Portal game. it stands closer to my heart because my computer is too weak to handle Portal 2

I didn’t even have a tablet back when I made the first one, hahahh!

thanks guys. think I’ll get back to drawing.