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Ren has no chill. Ren stopped thinking at “accident”.
Inks and colours by me, editing @kromitar (they made this look so good)!

Coffee shop AU


“And Cygnus is right… there!”

“…That’s literally just five stars in a t-shape; how the fuck am I supposed to see a swan out of that?”

i need you guys attention for this

I’m making this post to call out @pyomb, one of the admins of @femaleidol and his racist ass. English is not my first language so I’m sorry for any mistakes. My friend translated his tweets and asked me to do this post since she doesn’t have tumblr anymore. I hope you guys help us to report him, because he said terrible and RACIST things about Miss Japan Ariana Miyamoto for her mixed-race, because she “doesn’t look japanese”. Also he is a Truedy stan, so we all know what that means. These are his tweets:

P.S: he literally said that everyone would be “shitting” to her if she wasn’t black

He said a lot of offensive stuff, he said he was hoping to a terrorist attack on that event, he mocked that girl’s race and that’s a serious thing. Also, there’s a tweet where he picked an korean female idol (I think it was an After School member, I’m not sure) picture and said “that’s what asians should look.” I hope you guys help me to get what he deserves because that’s not a joke AT ALL. Plus, I want you to remind that @femaleidol has nothing to do with it, he’s just one of its admins, I just wanted to point someone who stand for girls but doesn’t stand for mixed-race girls.

Jessie Mueller & Kelli O'Hara (aka Francesca Johnson) - Halloween 2015.

I just realized that we know from Agents of SHIELD that fully functional ocular prosthesis exist in the MCU, and yet Nick Fury still chose to keep his injured eye and wear a fucking eyepatch over it instead because he probably thought it looked badass as fuck and he’s like the physical embodiment of overly dramatic


So I finally did the art vs. artist meme! It was so hard to do because I hate taking photos of myself. This is the first photo of myself in probably 4 years….but I really really wanted to do this meme. I’m the least photogenic person I know so I took like 20 photos and picked this one….still not so happy about it but I like it cause you can see some Magi posters on my wall. Well, I like the filter I picked for the photo too, I can relate to the feel of it (?).
My art is so damn colorful yet I’m totally the opposite hehe….
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