don't look at the door


Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD: ‘Farewell, Cruel World!’

Was looking at houses to get an idea of what’s available in the area and had to share this gem

pretty nice exterior note the double garage

woah, some interesting interior decorating but nice room, looks spacious

is the kitchen carpeted? I’ve looked at this a lot and honestly can’t tell

pretty chill as far as bedrooms go and by far the most normal room in the house

bathroom looks ok

I know this has been super normal outside the 1960s/70s interior design but stick with me

big long room with glaring pink carpet. that’s not a mirror on the “back wall” like I thought at first, this room just goes. where one the house is this, I thought to myself

my lord, that’s a garage door. they converted their garage and remodeled but KEPT THE DOOR to open to the outside from their sitting/entertainment room


that’s not all, let’s check out the basement

good lord. just take a moment to take it all in. decor again not updated since 1970 (this house was originally built in 1969). the teddy bears on the couch. that weird game in the foreground which I’ve never seen before. sombreros on the walls the FULLY stocked bar. like so fully stocked…

and just to top it all off, the room that utterly horrified me,


StartUp// Phil Rask people Opening up the to him//opening his door
It’s interesting watching him go from the Top where you first see his wife opening the door to him and he’s all confident and the last shot of the door being opened to him and he looks desperate//miserable

  • Hoseok: Jimin you messed up the moves!
  • Jimin: Oh, I'm sorry Hyung! It won't happen again!
  • Hoseok: Alright, again. 1-2-3-Yah you messed up again!
  • Jimin:
  • Jimin: *eyes get a little teary* I'm sorry...
  • Hoseok: Oh no... wait Jimin don't-
  • V.kook: *burst through the door looking to fight*
  • Taehyung: My 'sad Jimin' senses are tingling!
  • Jungkook: *rips off his shirt and pounds his chest* Who that fuck made my Jimin Hyung sad!?
  • Hoseok:
  • Jimin:
  • Hoseok: Let's take a five minute break....


TF2 Go character selection screen.

No one ever picks Bidwell

re: grandpafucking

jellyjamjelly: god bless. victuuri dying the best possible death. yuri still a petulant child at the age of 85. tempted to write shitty discourse comments just so you can write more out of spite.

i honestly can’t imagine them going out any other way. when i posted the draft someone said something along the lines of “ok but are they actually still alive in the vacuum of space because robot parts, fucking away” and my answer is yes. thank you jellybean!!  



cafecliche: I N C R E D I B L E. What kind of life goals honestly. Maybe we all one day be Otayuri grandpas on Mars.

look, i had a dream that inspired this fic, and it was about me being 80 on mars riding dune buggies, because in my dream that was the only kind of vehicle that worked on mars.  everyone was old, everyone was riding dune buggies.  the mountains were pink with white caps and we lived in a giant dome.  in this universe, otabek was briefly mayor of mars-almaty.  (thank u bby!!)

mountliang: every dick is a viktor dick I LAUGHED MY WAY THROUGH THIS ENTIRE FIC (to ignore the fact that i had Emotions abt them being old)

i’m so glad this made you laugh.  that’s what i wanted the story to do. well, i wanted it to do a lot of things.  and i was worried it was going to read like a bad series of dad jokes. love u, ro.  



door: holy shit

i know.  i know.  

lavenderprose: I like that we had the same idea re: the discourse…also, I just shrieked “GRANDPAFUCKING” and my sister purposefully emerged from the living room to stare at me judgmentally at me from the doorway

THE MENTAL IMAGE.  and yeah, i just read a lot of discourse from this blog that went out of their way to attack me, and so much of it was sincerely ridiculous that the most serious direction i could deal with the cuckoo bananapants nonsense i was reading was “what if otabek and yuri were in their eighties and fucking on mars.” thank u for this, and also for surviving the not-grandpafucking

bigbigtruck: The Viktor dick, the endnote… I’m laughing and maybe crying a little bit. (How did you know elderly folks still in love is one of my weak points!!)

thank you!! elderly folks in love is my number one forever jam, probably tied with tender bathing as far as “things that make me weak in the knees and cry forever” go.  the first time i saw the movie Up, i cried for 45 straight minutes.  like, i ugly cried.  i sniffled through the rest.  elderly people in love is my one true weakness.  i’m trusting you with this vulnerable information, pls don’t hurt me.

What if...
  • Lance: Keith, what will you do if I got a boyfriend?
  • Keith: *choke from drinking* What?! A boyfriend? I thought you were straight!
  • Lance: I never say I was straight. I am bisexual.
  • Keith: *rethink about his life*
  • Lance: So what if I got a boyfriend... What will you do?
  • Keith: If you got a boyfriend, I am going to kill that boyfriend of yours
  • Lance: Whaaaa... Why?
  • Keith: *grab Lance by the collar and kiss him* Because you are mine.
  • Lance: *smirk* So are you saying you will kill yourself if you are my boyfriend?
  • Keith: Yes... What? Me, your boyfriend?! You got to be kidding me! As if I would want to be boyfriend with you!
  • Lance: So why did you kiss me?
  • Keith: I-I... I don't freaking know, butI will admit I will be jealous if you got a boyfriend. And that doesn't mean I like you! And-
  • Lance: *Kiss Keith from finishing his talking/blah* So what if... I told you, I am in love with you...
  • Keith: I'm going to go kill myself *left the room quickly while turning red*
  • Lance: *cant stop himself from laughing*
  • Pidge: *walk into the room after overhearing their talking* You do know he is going to kill himself, right?
  • Lance: Yeah.....OH SHIT!!!!!*Quickly left the room and went after Keith to stop him from killing himself or worse*
  • Shiro: *Just walk into the room* Pidge, do you know why Lance is running around the castle, scream Keith not to kill himself?
  • Pidge: *smile innocently* Nope, not a clue.
  • ~~~While with Keith and Lance~~~
  • Lance: Keith, you better not be doing what I think you are doing!!! *banging his hand onto door to Keith room*
  • Keith: Shut up! As if you know better!
  • Lance: Oh I know I am in love with you and you are in love with me too.
  • Keith: Am not!
  • Lance: Are too!
  • Keith Am not!
  • Lance: Are too!
  • Keith: Am not!
  • Lance: *sigh* Keith if you don't open this door then it look like I will be going out with Lotor, the Prince of Galra.
  • Keith: WHAT!!!
  • Lance: You heard me. I will be dating a Galra who doesn't try to kill himself and let their boyfriend into their room to see them.
  • Keith: .....
  • Lance: .....
  • Keith: What if...
  • Lance: What if what, Keith?
  • Keith: What if I told you, I am gay.
  • Lance: Ah shit *regretting his words as Keith open his door and pull Lance into in room*
  • Keith: What if I told you... I am willing to give up everything just for you... What will you do then?
  • Lance: What if I told you, falling in love with you was just a joke? *smile nervous was Keith pin Lance onto the bed*
  • Keith: Too late to go back on your words now *Keith lick his lip and lean down to kiss Lance*
  • *For nearly five hours, Keith and Lance were not seen anywhere in the castle. Shiro was worry Keith actually kill himself while Hunk and Coran own Pidge some money for a bet they lost after Keith and Lance came out from Keith's room. Lance was totally cover in kiss mark and Keith just stick his tongue out to Shiro when Shiro realized what happen for the last five hours..... And Lance... well he learn from that mistaken... To Never Play The "What If" game with Keith anymore. He suck at it. And-
  • Lance: Keith, stop looking at my @55!!!
  • *Let just say, the two of them live happily ever after... Well at least for one of them, it is...

or basically “i trust you.”