don't look at my terrible sketches


Have some unfinished doodles of some punk kids, looks like today I have nothing better to offer m(._.)m

this sat in my folder as a wip sketch for over a month until i was finally motivated to paint it :’^)

anonymous asked:

Could we get a cute sketch of Ma Pines embarrassing Stan in front of Carla?

….I’m sorry I couldn’t think of anything other than when your parents tell your crush right in front of them that you have a crush on them. 

For my sibling @gillybean0 ! They’re going through a crappy stage at the moment, and I’m terrible at actually comforting people, so scribble instead?

Be proud of who you are, sibbin!! You are beautiful and amazing and hella rad and you need not to change!


After a few days of subjecting myself to looking at some really badly shrink-wrapped reconstructions of extinct mammals, I’ve decided to have some fun, and, All Yesterdays style, “reconstruct” extant mammals the same way. 

And now I understand that way of restoring extinct animals even less than before: every time I hid layer with the skeleton and saw the outline I couldn’t help but laugh - that’s how ridiculous they looked.

I just don’t understand how can anyone do something like that with an extinct creature and be like: “Yes, nailed it. That’s totally how it looked in life. Animals look like this all the time.” Unbelievable. I mean, just look at them!

But I must say it was fun. I haven’t sketched in a while, so used this as a practice, played with brushes I don’t normally use, and, well, the result are pretty amusing. If you want a better look, then click on the picture, because tumblr did something terrible to image quality.

These are officially the most ridiculous things I drew in my entire life.

And now I’m off to drawing something accurate.

sketch of the red-cape surcoat link (from the skyward sword prequel manga). I love the taller and more badass Link designs in the series…

zinge  asked:

hey! Can you detail or explain your process! I love how your finished products look but I rally don't understand how you get them to look that way... t looks like you do the outlines last? And it might be my autism and not being able to comprehend breaks in normal patterns but its very very confusing to me. Help? Because I JUST found your blog and I LOVE your art! (Sorry for sending on anon before)

Don’t worry, others have asked about it as well, I’m just terrible at explaining! The outlines only look like they come last, but I shape them as I am painting over the colored sketch, using the sketchlines:

I hope that’s somewhat understandable <:) And thanks!


I keep seeing people commenting about doing this so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t tear pages out of your sketchbooks because you’re unhappy with your art. I mean, if it’s part of your artistic process or whatever, knock yourself out, but if it’s just you not being satisfied with how something came out I have to tell you, that feeling NEVER goes away. It physically pains me when people tell me they do this. Your sketchbook is a place for you to practice, to experiment, to try new styles, new mediums. This is where you go to get “better”. Look, here:

This is the first page in my first sketchbook. I’d been drawing since forever, but around the age of 11 or so I started ‘formalizing’ it. I’m really glad that 11 year old Jane didn’t tear this out - because one of the awesome things about sketchbooks is you are building a visual diary of your artistic interests and progress. I now have nearly 20 years worth of sketchbooks, and I go back and can see that sketches I thought were terrible and embarrassing were just me learning. I look at other pages that I was really proud of at the time, and realize that I’m way better now. Artistic improvement is often so incremental and slow that we don’t even notice it happening, but being able to flip through months, years, decades of practice makes it easy to see improvement.

tl;dr: If you destroy all your practice work, you lose perspective on how much you’ve grown.


In case you were wondering, here are process shots of my last drawing! When I work on prints I tend to spend a fair bit longer on the details and neatness because I want it to look decent, so I thought this one would be a good opportunity to screencap! I used references from this video for the outfits. I have this thing where I get to the middle stages of the process and hate how everything looks because my knowledge of colour is really, really horrible.. anyone else get that too?