don't look at me i'm upset


we are… right here.

Look me in the eyes and tell me that you would tell a 16 year old kid that they’re being stupid and a waste of space for not knowing how to handle the death of a loved one? You can’t, right? Nobody would say that to a 16 year old.

Now please consider: Jasper Jordan is 16. Stop shitting on a teenager for not knowing how to handle his trauma.


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Agh I made a New Year’s resolution to try and not let so much make me mad or upset all the time but already it’s becoming very difficult

Ok, so let’s do this. The last time I gave an unpopular opinion on this site, I had to deal with people telling me Jun Pyo was not that horrible. So I watched the first episode of WFKBJ because I like prety people, but overall I just didn’t care about them to continue it. It never made me angry the fact that LSK is a skinny girl, although I am pretty fat. It just didn’t make me mad or sad, or anything. But this is me, right? I get to feel the way that I feel, so why people who were upset (and they have the right to) have to deal with your bs? You like the drama? Yay, good for you. Don’t go on other’s blogs to tell them their opinion isn’t valid, that their experience isn’t valid. You think they don’t know “it had a healthy relationship”? They probably do, but it still can’t make it up for the fact that the drama couldn’t allowed a fat woman to have an awesome boyfriend. It doesn’t make it up for anything, really. I’m not mad at the show (I still have no idea why) but if I were the woman they were inspired by, I would be hella angry. And lots of people here are mad at the production team because of how disrespectful they were towards a fat woman. It is so hard to understand that? Seriously, what’s wrong with you all? 

forehead kisses bc sometimes Keith gets stressed and Lance is sappy.
((Lance may or may not be the only one that can *sometimes* get away with pushing Keith’s fringe back without getting punched))

My friend painted me this for Christmas based off of historical portraits and the first like five chapters of Revolutionary Fuckboys for MAXIMUM FOUL. It’s very upsetting and I can’t look at it directly, it’s like staring into the sun.

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Saw your posts about Poison Ivy. No offense but clearly you have no idea what the "real" Ivy is. Look up "no man's land" arc to have a glimpse of Ivy's complex persona.

No offence taken, because whether you were aware of this or not, the issue you’re referring to is a single standalone series and in no way relates to the Ivy I was actually talking about.

I’m talking about, as always, the original Ivy. BTAS Ivy. The Ivy who took no shit from anyone and loved nothing more than she loved her plants. I never once said that Ivy can’t be permitted to a deeper or more complex origin story, however her intentions and her power should always remain true to who she really is opposed to the utter bullshit version of her character provided to us by the New 52. In my book, that is the “real” Ivy. I appreciate you trying to help me out, but I don’t need you to come onto my blog and act like I’ve made a horrible mistake by stating my opinion about a character. Not a Poison Ivy expert, never have been, and have never pretended to be. Regardless, nothing you’ve said has or will change my opinions and my views on how she should be portrayed in the DCEU.

tfw a show you no longer care about puts characters you DO care about in it and somehow manages to do them so much justice??? Looking at you Once Upon A Time

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And this? Ragnar gave me this.

Thursday, January 14th, 2015, 9:03 PM.

she’s something you just don’t forget. you don’t forget about the way she ran her fingers through her hair every few minutes or the way she ran to the things she loved with nothing but I look of happiness. you don’t forget about the crack in her voice when you knew she was upset and holding it back or the way her face went blank when she heard your name after you left. you don’t forget about the way she handled heartbreak because she acted like she could, and you never forget about the way you let such an amazing person go with no hesitation. you try to forget as much as your heart will let you but her laugh repeats in your head until it’s something you’re used to and seeing her smile isn’t the same because you know she isn’t happy. you won’t forget about her because she gave you everything she had when you didn’t want it and couldn’t seem to take it all back and you left her crying for days of a broken heart, one that you wish you didn’t break. you won’t forget about her because she didn’t stop you from leaving her because she realized she wasn’t something everyone could love or for that matter, anyone at all. you won’t forget about her, and I promise you that.

—  because she has finally forgotten about you.

I still haven’t applied to any colleges even though I’m graduating in May and I think my mum has given up on me going to school and she’s looking into positions for me at barns as a working student and while I’m happy that she thinks I’m that skilled a rider, my heart is broken bc I have wanted all my life to go to college and I don’t know how that’s going to happen - and I don’t know how the hell my mentally ill, chronic pain-filled ass is going to be a working student


#for those bellarke fans who are upset #channel your passion into something positive #for instance #i’m channeling my passion into appreciating the way Clarke occasionally can’t help but look at Bellamy’s lips #and suddenly #i feel better #if that doesn’t make you feel better #well #appreciate it anyway #because this is a thing #and it is glorious #be happy

I know a lot of people are kinda getting upset about people saying Nathan Adrian and Calum look alike because they think we’re saying it in a rude culturally inappropriate way, but I really don’t think that’s the case 100% of the time. Like I know that Calum is not Asian at all and doesn’t like being called asian and Nathan is half Chinese, but those aren’t the reasons I think they look alike. I think they look alike bcuz of the way both their smiles take up their whole faces when they’re happy and how their eyes do the cute crinkly thing. And I’m sure there are some people who are basing their likeness on a perceived nationality but not everyone. And I’m not trying to undermine the seriousness of situations like this, I just think this instance has been a misunderstanding of sorts.