don't look at me i'm bored

SO I GOT SO MANY REQUESTS TO DRAW TIMOTHY LAWRENCE (like.. everywhere. pm, message, twitter… -sweats-) he technically looks like jack but just.. timid.. 

i’m too tired to draw a comic and for some unknown reason i couldn’t draw rhys for the life of me.. so have some solemn looking Tim! that’s sort of boring but like.. -shrug- -bounces-

THANK YOU FOR THE LOVELY PEOPLE WHO CAME TO THE STREAM! you know who you are! -blows kisses at you guys- ;-;

Timothy Lawrence©Borderlands The Presequel
-still cannot spell pre-sequel-©me

ya’ll know the drill, comments stay on this like super glue

*googles why the internet’s not working*

Guys lets play a game ok

we’re gonna design a character. I made a base but we can change anything you guys want and any color anything honestly 

right now, its a red panda base but we can change the specie too

so do you guys wanna play?? 

So I just found this butterfly clip that was given to me when I was four years old by the first boy I ever had a crush on. It’s funny to think back that far. I still remember what his name was, what he looked like, how shy I was to talk to him (mind you I was only 4) and it just made me smile, having this piece of jewellery after all these years. It’s so strange that I’m now 21 and soon I’ll be 22 in a few months. Like where the heck does all that time go, it’s crazy. Anyway don’t even know why I’m writing this, just thought I’d share.

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Relationship status: I’m single but I’m not really looking for anyone rn man I don’t have time for a relationship tbh I’m out here trying to get a research position at my school (and to hopefully get published! I worked as a research assistant over the summer and things are looking up for me to get an abstract published with me as a secondary author which I’m very excited about) also I’ve seen so many people in dysfunctional relationships just to be in a relationship… like tbh whenever I get senti I just rub one out and call it a day #selflove (not to knock on anyone in fulfilling relationships ofc)

Pets: My mom is allergic to basically everything so growing up I never did but I live in a region where volunteers can raise national service dogs for Canada so you never know… I might have to train some puppies soon (it’s especially encouraged for students going to universities to raise them bc taking them to classes trains them to focus in places with large groups of people like on campus you see a lot of dogs with “service dog in training” vests on and s’cute) 

Last song I listened to: All of the Lights by K*nye W*st man I’ve been listening to it ever since I saw this gatorade commercial (it’s a goodie and also features Serena Williams so)

Favourite TV show: It’s hard to say because I haven’t been watching much I’m too busy watching hockey and football like the only shows I truly try to keep up with are Pitch, Letterkenny, and HTGAWM so probably those

First Fandom: Definitely Harry Potter man (I don’t know I used to run a “relatable humor” blog on tumblr which got deleted bc I posted copyrighted music but I guess that doesn’t count as fandom? I’m not too sure but I’m still salty like I had 50,000 followers yikes anyways I’ve moved on)

Hobbies: watching live sports (specifically hockey yikes), working out/lifting, playing rugby and struggling with coursework man I’m not very interesting (I guess reading questionable fanfic is one too) 

I tag anyone that wants to do this and uh @waynesimmmonds @petrrmrazek @hockeydilf @goneyfinha @jodrouin @raregoose @pointguardnaruto if you want 


OTP Chibis #01 [YuKisa - Flowers]

What to do when you’re bored and you want to draw something, but you don’t know what to draw? Draw your OTP as cute chibis, of course (*´▽`*)

So yeah, this is what I’m going to do from now on everytime when I’m bored and want to draw something simple and cute. And I’m going to do chibis of all my OTPs, not only YuKisa (even thought they are my ultimate OTP). So yeah, there’s going to be a lot of these.

probably someday in the future i’ll make charms of these and sell them, who knows (~˘▾˘)~