don't look at me i just needed to make something

                     OUT. || I just wanted to let everyone know that I LOVE YOU. But also that I’m going to try to pump the breaks on brand new interactions until I get my SHIT UNDER CONTROL. I have people waiting a very long time for my muse to help me through so many threads, and I’m in this weird middle stage of overwhelmed by my threads, but still having inspiration for those interactions, and also panicking at the thought of dropping things and that person feeling badly about it. IT’S VERY COMPLICATED MENTALLY. But I really want to branch out and feel more accessible, too? Which I really can’t do when I already feel overwhelmed by the threads I have, which is why I go to people I already know when I want something new, which gives me more threads and makes me less accessible

see my problem? I just wanted to say that I really, REALLY want to be open and accessible to as many people as I can be, but acknowledge that I need to get on top of the things that I already owe people before I can do that. So please… just bear with me. Be patient with me while I try to set up a queue or something? Because all my favorite people talk to SO MANY PEOPLE, and run their replies on a queue, so that seems to be the answer. IT’S WORTH A SHOT. 

I don’t know what else to say? Please love me, I guess? 

I am tired of the stigma surrounding taking pills to help with your mental illness. Some people think of you differently just because you need something extra to get through day-to-day life, and it sucks. Yeah, I was diagnosed with social anxiety and depression and I take medicine to correct my brain chemistry. So what? Does that make me less of a person? No, of course not. I know that better education about this topic can help others be more understanding, but right now I’m just sick of it.

It bothers me that when I see a post about the new ghostbusters movie, people feel the need to tell the world WHY they won’t see the movie.

They haven’t seen it, yet they say it’s shitty, bad remake and that they tried too hard, as if making a joke was easy as fuck, like????? the movie it’s 1hr57min long and you know how good/bad it is just by watching a 2:30min trailer.

oh and the best one, people saying “it isn’t because they are all female leads”. Honey… If it wasn’t for that, you wouldn’t have to explain it.

anonymous asked:

Is it over? Or is Liam just doing solo stuff alongside One Direction? Help me please

Ermmmmm, it’s over for now but that doesn’t mean that 1D won’t make a comeback in the future. The boys are all working on their own projects and exploring the opportunities as individuals. They all needed to do something different, a change from the band and personally I find it really interesting to see what they’re all going to come up with, it’s new and exciting. I hope you feel the same way X