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vincentvang0ku Exactly, I never could comprehend how people think complaining about the color of their own skin (being white) as though it’s perpetrating evil (or whatever other nonsense) is helping any cause they claim to be a part of. People need to stop preaching “social justice” if it’s not something they’re actually a part of - it just makes them look bad. If they care, they should go out an enact change, not blame their grandparents for procreating….

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where can i get the special sliders for create-a-sim?

well i found this list yesterday when i was trying to find a chin width slider. 

pretty much, i just google whatever i need and click everything until something looks okay to install. 

i search google images too because sometimes that takes me to a site that the normal google search wouldn’t through a picture. is another pretty good site for things like that, but just make sure whatever you install is good and won’t make your game crash and lag like mine was doing. 

also, if you get too many, you’ll probably need awesomemod (here’s the configuration to download a customized version of awesomemod) or the other one that first link mentions because the game by itself will only show so many sliders. 

i didn’t install enough to need either of those yet and i probably won’t need to. 

also here’s the butt slider, along with some other sliders included. it says use at your own risk because the creator hasn’t logged in for a while, but it still works.  i forgot to mention that you might need to sign up on this site in order to download things from it, but it doesn’t take too long and i have mine just always logged in so i don’t even notice. 

i am also assuming you know how to install these into the game, but if you or anyone else doesn’t, i can always help with that too. 

i am unhappy because i need to clean the kitchen, but i really feel shitty and unworthy doing so. it makes me feel so unwanted and wrong, just because i never got one nice words from my parents ever. Not even motivational, they were just rude all the time. Especially my father looking into all places as if he knew he’d find something to judge me and go on and on making me feel stressed and worthless as if i could never be perfect and enough. he’s such a mess himself and Let’s everyone clean for him, he’s really the worst at cleaning and his room is always ugly and uncomfortable, even for strangers and I can’t remember a day it looked nice. His rooms are full of rubbish like books filled with sexualized women he calls “fine art” and books i never once saw him reading because he’s always watching TV or sitting on the Computer playing some 90’s games or whatever (nothing that would inspire him to be a better human being) and his computer was filled with gross porn when i was about 10 years old, i never touched anything around his computer since then without washing the skin from my hands afterwards.
he has not one beautiful thing in his home, there is always dirt.
he even lost all his creativity to create a nice place over the years. nothing is enjoyable. And this man who is a zero in creating beautiful space, dares to judge ME.
god i just think he’s the most annoying person I’ve ever met and I really wonder what made me think that I could appreciate him in any way, because he’s just lazy and useless and has an ugly narcissist smile.
i should not call him a father - he’s really just a person i dislike