don't look at me i just needed to make something

I want to be an artist.

But I worry.. I worry that while I can take pictures, or draw, or paint, or write, or create something and maybe it looks nice and can maybe make someone stop and look for a second, I worry that I’ll never bring someone to their knees. I’ll never create something that makes someone shed a tear nor crack a smile. I will go to school so they can teach me to create. They’ll show me how to create beautiful things, but they can’t teach how to have an impact. That is only through nature. I worry that what I’m doing isn’t worth doing. 

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When you get this ask, list 5 things that make you happy and pass this to the last 10 people who liked/reblogged something from your blog


1) Music

2) Hanging with my friends

3) Crafting stuff

4) Games (not even video games, just, like, games in general)

5) Funny Markiplier videos

I’m so confused.. I don’t understand anything in my life right now. A once best friend is telling me I’ve bullied her the whole time we have been friends and I have no idea how or why or what. And just writing this out makes me think that it looks like a cry for pity but it’s not. I just need to let go of stuff off my chest and tell my blog or just posting this will leave something off my chest. And to even have to explain my reasoning makes me cry. I just want to make everything better. My negativity is horrifying, I feel so alone, and I can’t do anything I have no idea what’s wrong with me.. I just want to cry and run..

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And it just goes to show you how lost he is on his own story. I don’t need to see sasuke and sakura fucking to know they’re married, just don’t give her this really sad story where it looks like she’s taking care of another’s woman child. It sucks

tbh sakura taking care of sarada doesn’t really bug me. it’s something that i find truthful to her character. what i find really ridiculous is kishimoto insisting on sasuke and sakura as a couple and, therefore, on passing on this idea of a “pretend family” as if sakura is only taking care of sarada BECAUSE of sasuke, because she is HIS child. at least to me, who was not convinced at all with how they ended up together, it’s just fucking hysterical. i laughed when i saw karin’s picture. seriously is that manga a soap opera?

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"I'm not what you need." (clutches chest dramatically)

                 [ relationship issues meme ]

“Don’t start with that. It’s just a weak way out of this and you know it.” This was how it always went though, wasn’t it? A guy comes around, treats her well and makes her feel like they could have something, and then suddenly something goes wrong. They’re not good for each other, or he’s not looking for anything serious, or she needs better. They were all excuses she’d heard before– she just expected more from him. “If you don’t want to be with me then just say so, Stefan. Don’t make it more dramatic than it needs to be.”

I think my cat is sick.  I’ve been trying to look things up on the internet but that’s just making me more anxious and worried and upset and I need to stop but I also need to know what’s wrong with my baby boy.  He’s lethargic, at least for his normal activity level, he usually loves being outside but today he went out twice, he’s barely eating, it looks like he’s lost weight on his hips.  I’m worried :(


——|     And with that he furled his now
blackened and previously elegant
                wings. Lifting his
ukulele into his arms,
                like a mother cradling her child, he gently
                strummed the strings to tune the instrument.
                Looking to Joshua he smiled slightly.

              ❝ ‘Ay, J. Ya’ wanna make like a
songbird and sing this for me- I’m
                 not really sure whether or not it’ll be
                ——good and I need to know. 
❞  |——