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As per request, this is the rebloggable version of my WIP. And it IS a WIP where a lot of stuff is only just blocked in, not really refined. I could probably work another 10 hours on this easily before I’m happy with it, but here it is! In all its unfinished glory.

Can you tell it’s not finished? XD

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(1/3) So, I am a foreigner living in the US. I am white and European looking. My name is very popular in my culture, and while my native country is by no means obscure, people don't seem to know this fact. So, in coffee shops (one example) when I get asked for my name, I often get weird looks, frowned brows, and have to spell the name out multiple times. It is fine, it is only 4 letters long. Then, people try to place my nationality and end up being spectacularly wrong.

(2/3) I just laugh and say, “If I had been born there, my name would have been [other name with similar meaning]”, and move on. But based on some people’s reaction to Harry’s interaction with Sudie last night, I should a) get offended; b) accuse the barista of ignorance AND racism; c) get on FB, twitter, and tumblr and tell about this to other people, who weren’t even there; d) expect my friedns to be offended on my behalf without even knowing how I actually feel about it;

(3/3) e) repeatedly try to convince the witnesses in the coffee shop that this is what they actually witnessed, not a joking exchange; f) browbeat them and the poor barista until they all accept my opinion and apologize. Yeah, I am not going to make many friends that way.

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Hello sorry to bother, but I saw your post on the "parallels" between rose and Clara, and I haven't watched much of the new doctor who stuff lately (been fed up with moffats shit) and am curious what exactly he did this time. I totally understand if you do not with to talk about it, or are to busy to answer or anything. Thanks so much!

It’s not so much something specific - although that “The Doctor and Clara Oswald in the TARDIS” line really grates me horribly. It’s just the fact that he’s trying so hard to make Clara into Rose, and it’s gross. He’s so unimaginative and unoriginal that he can’t even make his own companion. He has to rip off someone else’s.


worried starters (x)

There was a far off look in the young
boy’s eyes. A longing. Emptiness.He
was determined to find his brother, no
matter the cost. Even in it meant many
sleepless nights.

I will find a way to get him back…”
He hardly heard what the other said.
Al was far too gone to even hear
anything outside of his own thoughts.

          I know you will.” he has no doubt of that. Not pity or condescending thoughts of ‘poor thing poor thing’ the fact of the matter is, he genuinely believes in Al. But he’s also genuinely concerned, he knows what obsession can to do a man. A lack of caring for oneself for one. He doubts the boy has been eating properly either. 

“But do you think he would be happy knowing you’re doing this to yourself?” he inquires, pointedly, it’s a bit of a low blow to drag him into this but at this point, babying Alphonse isn’t going to do jack shit. “Let’s get you something to eat. And then maybe you can nap. Just for a little while.” how many times has Riza said the same thing to him?

Either way he doesn’t like the thousand yard stare in Al’s eyes and he knows that stare too well. 
“If you don’t want to go out and get food I’ll make you something myself. But you have to eat something.” he exhales softly, barely audible, a sigh. “And you have to rest. Your brain doesn’t work at full power unless you take care of yourself.”

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/tattle-tale/ coco mikochan said minecchi wear speedo during the match smh

sumeragimikoto…Mikocchi, in mY ROOM, NOW. We need to talk..

Update: Feeling much better today! 

Also for those who followed me on my personal account (not the new one, the old one) I just wanted to inform you that I accidentally deleted it while deleting one of my sideblogs lol.

All my graphics are still viewable on other blogs so I didn’t lose anything. In fact, that might be a positive thing since that blog was full of negativity and ship bashing and things a nineteen year old says when they spend way too much time on the internet.

To new beginnings. I hope. Cheers!

first impressions | train | d12

In the Reaping of Twelve this year there is no struggle, no screaming, no running. The tributes are neither too old nor too young. Nondescript. If first impressions are everything, we must have slipped under the radar entirely, me and the little apple girl. Rose-Remy. To hear that she has a name feels unnatural, like discovering that you had your own mother’s name wrong. I suppose she doesn’t remember me - in fact, she barely looks me in the eyes when we stand on the podium together. Final words are said. I do not look at my father. We are let off the stage, and allowed to say our goodbyes.

Again, they’re nondescript.

My mother clings to me and weeps and says she will write to the President and say that I shouldn’t be here, that half-blood relations shouldn’t count. My father doesn’t turn up. I expected that. Nobody wants to have to express gratitude to somebody they hate. To be indebted to someone you view as useless is a knock to the system. Still, a small part of me thought, perhaps, that it would be a chance for a last reconciliation. In a novel, he would have come and told me his faith was in me, even that he loved me. But the writer of my story is too dull or too lazy for that. Writing a whole lifetime of reading, eating, sleeping must do that to someone, make them tire of their protagonist, and not care about them. Maybe I am just a side character in my own story.

Nobody else sees me off, which, again, I expected. The amount of relief that washed over the square when I volunteered was tangible. It’s better if someone who contributes nothing to anybody is taken. Again, I wonder after Remy. She seemed to be looking after that kid, the one she thought I was going to poison, and she mentioned others… But I’m not supposed to care. I’m supposed to try to kill her. And I’m pretty sure that to get back to them, she won’t care a bit about trying to kill me.

The train is beautiful, but I’m not as awed as others must be. My family has money and connections, so I have seen beauty outside of the grey dust wasteland that is most of Twelve. I must admit that this outdoes our house though. It’s so clean that as soon as I step onto the train I feel as though I’ve dirtied it. I’m about to head off to my room, but Remy walks past me and heads in that direction, and I assume she’s in no mood for conversation. Instead, I follow the soft sound of voices, growing louder as I approach, and walk into the lounge area of the train.

There stand my mentor and my Escort, and I pause in the doorway, thinking perhaps that I should have braved the spitfire instead. Strangers are awkward at the best of times, but it’s just my luck to be stuck on a train filled with absolutely beautiful women, a type of human being I don’t have much practice at dealing with. Oh, well. If I embarrass myself, I’m gonna die soon, anyway. Steeling myself, I step in, avoiding any eye contact with either of them, and attempt a smile, sticking my arm out for a handshake.

Bad move. Your palms are gonna be clammy as hell. 

Still, I hold my hand out. It’s the proper thing to do, I think. And if I want to make a good first impression, eye contact is probably polite as well.

I take a deep breath, and look up.


     “…??” He wasn’t even exactly sure what to say about this, these creatures did not look like something he’s ever made. Not like anything he’s ever seen any god or devil make, in fact. It looked like Vicers was trying to start a staring contest with them, his mind had many thoughts as to how they got here, where they came from, or why they approached him specifically. “I’ll be damned if that prick did this… can… can you talk?” He felt kinda stupid for trying to speak with an animal.

10 facts about me!

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1. Favorite Movie: Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind by: Studio Ghibli

2. Favorite Video Game: Presentible Liberty

3. Favorite Book: Looking for Alaska by: John Green

4. Favorite TV Show: Doctor Who

5. Favorite Song: Fix You by: Coldplay 

6. I am 16 years old almost 17 in September

7. My name is Isaac

8. I don’t know

9. Just need one more

10. all done, couldn’t think of anything else

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  • Me:Looking at my work schedule for the next several weeks, and the classes that I’m taking during the semester, and how generally fucked up my brain is, it is not just plausible but in fact likely that I am going to burn out horribly before fall semester is over and make everything far, far worse than it already is
  • Me:I should probably do something about that
  • Me:lol naw

I have to say, I like how…Realistically the end of the Metafalica chapter is written? As in Infel isn’t suddenly fine since Metafalica was successful, sure she thinks it’s impressive and tells Frelia to take care of the world, but at the same time she looks lonely and flat out says how she wishes Nenesha could see it. And she keeps her grudge against the people too (as she should!!)
It doesn’t try and hide the fact they didn’t get their happy life together, that dream they wanted more than anything……….

❝ Her royal highness wishes to speak with princessandreaofnaos 

The princess looked absolutely S T U N N I N G, in her pristine white wedding dress. The people around rushing around her to get her prepared for the big event - a royal wedding in Misthaven for the first in twenty years ! - all had a radiant smile adorned on their faces.

Irina matched the enthusiasm of the ones around her and had a decorous smile on during the hectic process, but the fact that this was an arranged marriage dampened her moods a tad bit.  ❛ For Misthaven. ❜ She softly reminded herself whenever she caught herself dreading the oncoming ceremony. Although the idea of getting married to someone that she hardly knew wasn’t anything like she planned, for it was for the benefit of her kingdom, Irina accepted the offer, and here she is today, decorated in crown jewels in her room.

After minutes which felt like hours, the maids put their final touches on Irina. In slow steps, Irina laced her gloved fingers around her mothers and walked down to the stairs to the Great Hall, where the wedding ceremony was taking place. 

❝ For Misthaven. ❞ Irina muttered under her breath and nodded, so that the guards at the gates could swing the doors open.  

I just started watching “Free! Eternal Summer” and I still don’t see what the big deal with Rin is. He’s an okay character but, he’s not my favorite Uke. He’s not my favorite anything, in fact.

So far my favorite UKES are Makoto and Momotarou. My favorite character is Makoto. So yeah, I don’t see what the big deal is with Rin.

• He’s not exactly the most favorite character material.
• He’s definitely not the cutest or best looking character.
• He’s not the type of Uke you spot right away.
• He’s not that interesting.
• He’s not the one that could be paired up with every hot Seme.

Yeah, basically Rin (to me) is just like Bella Swan from the Twilight movies. They’re not the best looking or most interesting but, they still get paired up the most.

“Real life is a funny thing, you know.
In real life, saying the right thing at the right
moment is beyond crucial. So crucial, in fact,
that most of us start to hesitant for fear of
saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.
But lately what I’ve begun to fear more than that
is letting the moment pass without saying
anything. I think you deserve to look back on
your life without this chorus of resounding voices
saying, ‘I could’ve but it’s too late now’. So
there’s a time for silence, and there’s a time for
waiting your turn. But if you know how you feel,
and you so clearly know what you need to say,
you’ll know it. I don’t think you should wait.
I think you should speak now.” - taylorswift