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Imagine Flirting With Spider-Man During The Airport Fight

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(Final part to this and this imagine!)

“I don’t think so, Bug-Boy!” you jumped at Spider-Man with surprising agility, working to match his own. “Oh, this is nice. This’ll be fun.”

“Wow, how did you do that?” he asked, clearly caught off-guard by your newfound agility.

“Adaptive muscle memory,” you said proudly. “It’s a thing, I promise.” Sam and Bucky continued running as you and Spider-Man flipped around each other. He had the superhuman agility, but you had the ability to copy his every move. Well, almost every move; he shot a line of webbing at the top of the terminal and attempted to swing a kick at your face that you jumped out of the way from.

“Webbing, that’s cute, actually,” you grinned.

“Oh yeah? Well, you’re cute!” Spider-Man tried retaliating, “You’re also, like, pretty, kind of, and stuff, and if I could, I would try to ask you out, but I won’t, because I’m too professional for that, even though you are really cute and funny and stuff!”

“Too bad,” you kicked him hard in the face and sent him flying across the terminal. “I would have said yes.”

“Wait, really?” he asked, watching as you nimbly flipped after Bucky and Sam.

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