don't listen the haters

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don't listen to the haters, twenty one pilots is sometimes alright if you ignore the pretentious lyrics and personas of the people behind it and listen just for the melody and nothing else

wow, what a good opinion! im glad some people are correct on this website and good and you also seem sexy based on your words alone thank you for your input you genius of a human

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OOOIIIIII ANIA DO YOU KNOW HAILEY_SENPAI? CUZ SHE LIKING BENDY MORE >:3 she told us not to tell you or rouge so ya have some chocolates and a hug I love your dubs and don't listen to dem haters oki bai :3

Tut tut tut~
You can’t hide from me @ihaileysenpai

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Don't listen to the haters and that dirty outback catastrophe. You are the best climatologist. You are an amazing overwatch agent. I wish only the best for you.

Thank you!!! I’ll try my best, he can just be so annoying sometimes! But your support is much appreciated! :D

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Idk if this seems extra or not . But your blog has helped me so much . For one , with my self esteem . People would always make fun of me because I'm dark skin . Your blog gives me so much confidence. And also , I've been going through so much lately , I just started going to counseling And when I'm feeling suicidal, I come to your blog and it puts the biggest smile on my face . Keep doing you , don't listen to the haters . Thankyou ❤️❤️❤️

OMG I LOVE YOU! I hope and pray that you get better and you push through what ever you’re going through! Thank you sooo sooo much!!!!!!!!! I love making you all happy! At the end of the day more people enjoy what I do than hate it, so I’m not worried about the haters. I do it for you all! <3

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Hi Victoria I just bought Kings Cage and now I'm waiting to go to the book signing event in a few hours. I can't even begin to express how excited and terrified I am to finish this book. I love you and your work so much! Don't listen to the haters and keep being awesome! Girl power!

Woooo see you soon!

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Sleepykinq you poor 15 gay man (not judging I might confess to my crush that I'm a lesbian) just cuz the idiotic hi haters didn't listen that you don't support rapists and murder doesn't mean you have to change the plot,I personally absolutely LOVED the story,had a bunch of drama and kill and stuff like that but that's part of most movies and series but did they get the creators down?I don't think so!you can do what you want to do,and I don't think it,I know it from the bottom of my heart :)

Oh nooo sweetie :( I’m changing it because the plot is bad written and generally shit, there wasn’t even a plot, just a bunch of things happening with no timing for the sake of knowing about the past of my characters
I want to make it a bit more enjoyable now because I’m some sort of perfectionist uhh
I’m trying my best but expect something lower than mediocre

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Don't listen to the haters Nagi! Alot of my favorite Tumblr pages have been getting harassed and deactivating their accounts so plz don't listen!

Don’t worry 😋 i’m not going to delete blog or something.

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I feel like my mom and Vernon's mom would get along (my moms white my dads black) she's so woke and my mom often tells me how beautiful my sky is and that in her experience Koreans like black people... I think form my personal experience that that's true... (p.s don't listen to the haters because you and the hole kmusicfam is doing nothing wrong) love you 😘

Don’t you love how chill she is? and she acknowledges Seventeen’s Black fans.

Thank you!

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Dude, don't listen to the haters. I LOVE TSC pack fluff. When I'm having a bad day I read chapters about them having dinner and playing fetch and going to the park. TSC has great, unique pack dynamics and it's awesome.

you guys are all so supportive and I love you so much <3 <3 <3

generally speaking, the comments I post here are the ones that I actually find pretty funny, and sharing them amuses me. any comment that I’m truly upset about will find me crying on my wife, not on tumblr, heh. but that happens pretty rarely. most of them are just silly trolls.

(and the fluff is some of my favorite stuff, too! I’m glad you enjoy it. ^_^)