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(I haven’t done anything like this since 2010… )

it always confuses me when superman gets drawn burlier than batman. i mean we dance around it but superman is basically super strong due to space magic. he could be a weedy lil string bean and he’d still be able to lift a bus. i’m not saying the muscles don’t help, or that he doesn’t probably have magic space muscles. i’m just saying, all of batman’s strength is muscle-dependant. he has no space magics. in my head he is the more burly of the two just out of necessity. i know he’s kind of got the gymnast thing going on but like. i imagine bruce wayne as more barrel-y and clark kent as more dorito-y. i don’t know why i’m telling you this except that i’m dealing with the realization that this is not the standard assumption.

nothing is worse than making an effort to express genuine excitement for something for the first time in an extraordinarily long time, trying to share what made you excited with someone you trust, and have that someone blow you off


So I got to a certain chapter in Blue Sky….

it’s actually insane that my brother can talk to my parents so disrespectfully to the point where it repulse’s me, yet he doesn’t get in any type of trouble

but god forbid i open my mouth ever and i get in trouble just for talking because, Apparently, it’s mean


tfw your prediction is extremely off but hey

  • The most common phrase heard in the band room: "God I hate band so much. I'm gonna quit"
  • The least carried out phrase heard in the band room: "God I hate band so much. I'm gonna quit"



This is lazy as fuck.

Do you want him to be redeemed as a person in control of his faculties and actually deal with the grey areas of the canon/plotlines dealing with corruption on a global scale? By writing him as Not Himself, we’re sweeping the implications of his actions actually having real motivations behind them under the rug. We’re completely undermining the idea that there’s something of merit to Sombra’s conspiracy theory and writing off her entire plotline.

I’m not okay with this. I’m all for Gabe, but I’m defending him as someone who knew what he was doing and did it with full knowledge of the consequences. As a man who by all accounts saved the damn world he had to know what those consequences were and had to have a reason for accepting them. And by both his actions in the comics and his voiceline interactions in-game, he is still Gabriel Reyes.

(Besides, the idea that he isn’t in control of himself or isn’t himself and thus is able to commit atrocities is just… So insulting and damaging to people with mental illness who deal with dissociation, psychosis, and a perceived lack of control over themselves. It says that the logical conclusion to being crazy or out of control of one’s self is to be a killer, no pesky motivations needed. Don’t do this.)

(The idea of Doffy playing violin is now permanently stuck into my head and forced me into AU-hell…)

Compliments I’ve Gotten That Are Very INTP-Esque
  • “Your handwriting looks like a scientist’s writing.”
  • “I feel like I’m sitting in a lecture hall listening to the ‘really cool professor’ get off topic.” (Just after I told someone to wait while I collected my thoughts, to then continue explaining something.)
  • “How are you not a famous scientist yet.”
  • (I get a lot of scientist-related compliments)
  • “I can tell when you start thinking seriously about something; it’s like I can literally see the gears turning in your head!”
  • “I like hearing your stream of thought.”