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Friendly reminder that Klaus’ letter was preceded by “that is the beginning of another story”, which is meant to highlight key components in the letter, such as Klaus wanting to thank Caroline in person. This suggests that they do eventually meet up, and that their meeting is not a mere fleeting chapter in their lives.

This isn’t a nod to their friendship. They’ve never been just friends. This is a promise of a romantic future. 

There is no doubt in my mind that if Caroline and Klaus were to ever reunite (and according to the finale they do) that Klaus would want something romantic from her. And if you believe otherwise, you’re kidding yourself. 

However long it takes is a throwback to a romantic scene. A romantic scene that suggests a promise of a romantic future between the characters. This isn’t mere banter between friends. Because Caroline has never been just a friend to Klaus. It’s a promise of a romantic future. 

“that is the beginning of another story”
“however long it takes” 

Eventually this story will be realized. And it isn’t a story about friendship. 

it always confuses me when superman gets drawn burlier than batman. i mean we dance around it but superman is basically super strong due to space magic. he could be a weedy lil string bean and he’d still be able to lift a bus. i’m not saying the muscles don’t help, or that he doesn’t probably have magic space muscles. i’m just saying, all of batman’s strength is muscle-dependant. he has no space magics. in my head he is the more burly of the two just out of necessity. i know he’s kind of got the gymnast thing going on but like. i imagine bruce wayne as more barrel-y and clark kent as more dorito-y. i don’t know why i’m telling you this except that i’m dealing with the realization that this is not the standard assumption.


So I got to a certain chapter in Blue Sky….

nothing is worse than making an effort to express genuine excitement for something for the first time in an extraordinarily long time, trying to share what made you excited with someone you trust, and have that someone blow you off

it’s actually insane that my brother can talk to my parents so disrespectfully to the point where it repulse’s me, yet he doesn’t get in any type of trouble

but god forbid i open my mouth ever and i get in trouble just for talking because, Apparently, it’s mean


tfw your prediction is extremely off but hey

Slytherins who know how to ingratiate themselves with almost anyone befriending socially awkward Ravenclaws who understand books better than people.

Ravenclaws making up fun and interactive ways to help ADHD Gryffindors study and holding them accountable when they don’t.

Gryffindors who don’t mind confrontation appointing themselves as overly nice and excessively shy Hufflepuffs’ personal guards.

Hufflepuffs gently reminding aggravated Slytherins that there are ways to achieve their ends within the rules. 

Slytherins teaching Gryffindors how to win at Wizard’s Chess every single time.

Gryffindors helping nervous Ravenclaws overcome their fear of heights and flying.

Ravenclaws advising distraught Hufflepuffs whose best friends are in the middle of an enormous fight.

Hufflepuffs helping impulsive, careless Gryffindors properly and much more gently hand their plants in Herbology.

Gryffindors sneaking into the kitchens and the dungeons to steal ingredients for their Slytherin friends’ “side projects.”

Slytherins giving bullied Hufflepuffs the tools they need to defend and protect themselves. 

Hufflepuffs staying up late helping their Ravenclaw friends study during exam week and making sure that they actually go to bed at some point.

Ravenclaws providing Slytherins with obscure but relevant information for their group History of Magic project while commiserating with them on the uselessness of everyone else in their group (and proof-reading when it’s done).

Hogwarts students using their strengths to help others overcome their weaknesses.

  • The most common phrase heard in the band room: "God I hate band so much. I'm gonna quit"
  • The least carried out phrase heard in the band room: "God I hate band so much. I'm gonna quit"

Author : so my story is very original and refreshing. It’s about some broken character that has to deal with a lot of awful (futuristic, supernatural, historical etc.) things. And thing is, one day this character meets someone of the opposite sex that is more broken than them, and probably has some twisted moral and together they get stronger. Also they save the world daily. Brand new story like I said/ 

Me: takes a deep inspiration before answering.

Other scenario :

Author : So I am a straight woman but I do write about GAY romance. Masculine romance of course. So you see I’m all for gay rights with my two fetishized male characters (for straight women) including one that is a gay but still abusive version of Christian Grey.

Me : *pull a sword out of nowhere*

recently i’ve been eating healthier, i’m exercising regularly and i have a good sleeping pattern and honestly i feel so much better; i actually have energy now. even though i am very happy with my appearance, i do have times where i compare my body to others or i look at myself in the mirror hoping to see something else. it doesn’t happen very often but i feel like we are constantly being subjected to a particular perception of beauty that is thrown around, and it can be difficult sometimes to remember that this is only one body type, this is only one perception. the problem with this is that your brain starts to see what is being portrayed as ‘normal’, and therefore thinks that if you don’t look like that then you must be ‘abnormal’. also the idea of perfection does change over time, so what is seen as perfect now might not be in ten years time. i know how hard it can be sometimes but please try to accept yourself for who you are; there is not one ideal appearance, and you are not in any way lesser than someone else. please treat your body with kindness and be healthy, whatever that means to you. and don’t be afraid of showing the world what you look like, because the more people of all different shapes and sizes are happy and confident in their appearance, the more other people will be too. and maybe one day there won’t be an idealistic body type and we can move away from this one image of perfection.

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if you dont mind me asking what happened between you and your bf? im sorry if this is too personal

it’s none of ur business man

Sometimes you look at yourself in the mirror and see all these flaws that others over look. Sometimes you look at the things you do and think there’s something wrong, but there isn’t. When you look at yourself things always seem bigger than they are, but it’s okay, you’re okay.