don't like him but figured someone out there does

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As someone who reads BNHA, I gots a question. Why does the fandom hate Mineta so much? Like, I get that the sexual perversion makes him a piece of shit, but that type of character is super common in manga, so I don't get why Mineta specifically gets targeted for his stupid shit and not just this kind of character in general.

Believe me, many people dislike that trope even before Mineta.

Idk, ask a woman and see why “sexual perversion” isn’t all that funny, doesn’t take much brain power to figure it out. The reason Mineta getting bashed so often is because BNHA is a new show that managed to gather a massive audience and fandom, so they’re gonna be loud because of easy it is to disseminate your opinions in this age and time. In fact, I’m proud that we finally got brave people addressing that issue. If women refuse to be viewed as “objects” for the sole purpose of sexual gratification in all sorts of media, then… why not just respect them for that? If the answer is, it’s for young teens, then I don’t buy that excuse.

So, frankly, yeah, if some of you guys can have this brat, then we’re sure as heck gonna have our share of fun and treat him like a punching meme bag because it’s so much fun. So big deal, right?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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i'm not convinced margo is going to be her name. partly because i don't like the concept of peripheral media (like comics) in general, but also. if you could see the future, and knew someone was going to realise they're trans and change their name from x to y, would you really want to preemptively call them y? especially when there's a gender-affirmative name that's barely distinguishable (in speech) from their birth name, that you can use as a placeholder until they figure it out for themselves

I mean keep in mind Glossaryk operates on Blue and Orange morality. It may not make sense for us to do it, but it does for him.

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I liked this guy for the best part of 4 years, then when I figured that he didn't like me, I spent ages trying to stop liking him, which worked. Now I find out he liked me all along and was just too scared to say. I don't know what to do, we would be so perfect but I can't force these feelings, although deep down I still probably have feelings for him. What do I do?

If you think you like him, give him a chance. Giving someone a chance does not automatically mean a relationship, it means you’re willing to see if there’s something that clicks and the POSSIBILITY of a relationship