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Loosely based off of how often Lindsay posts about her vivid dreams/nightmares - I like to imagine that Ruby has the same issue. 

Given her wild imagination, Ruby probably has a lot of really intense dreams. Some of them good and some of them not. Yang is accustomed to it, she’s had many nights where she wakes Ruby up when she starts talking or yelling in her sleep. 

It was a harder adjustment for the dorm room though, when Blake first heard Ruby yelling “WHERE IS SHE?!” it was pretty scary. Especially since she only really knew Ruby as a bubbly and bouncy kid. 

Weiss hated it at first, if only because the one time she woke up and tried to help it was after Ruby had a really bad nightmare and started crying and talking about her mom and Weiss was completely unequipped to help. It made her feel bad, like failing a test. How could she be the best partner ever if she couldn’t make Ruby feel better?

So she eventually asked Yang for some advice and when she said she wanted to help deal with it, on the rare occasions it came up, Yang was surprised but grateful. Blake wanted in on it too, for team unity and all that. Not because she cared - she didn’t. Of course not…not Blake Belladonna….nahh.

Eventually, they worked out a system and if Ruby started talking in her sleep, first one to hear it was on Ruby Duty. 

Blake would usually hear it first, but if Weiss happened to as well it was Weiss’ turn. For the really bad ones, they’d bring in Yang and Yang would sit up on Ruby’s bunk until she calmed down and both Weiss and Blake would usually stay up, pretending to be asleep, waiting for Yang to come down meaning Ruby had fallen back asleep. 

It’s not anything any of them talked about, and it didn’t happen very often, but Ruby’s dreams were something all of them became very aware of and adjusted to.

When Beacon fell, Ruby didn’t have anyone there to help her through the bad ones. It took a toll on her for a while because she struggled to fall asleep. Once she hit the road with Jaune, Nora and Ren - it was something she knew would happen and hoped she could handle. She was trying to convince herself every day that she was old enough to take care of herself. She didn’t need a bed buddy to help her through a bad dream. 

Then a bad one hit her during a night camping in the forest. It wasn’t her mother or a Grimm attack - it was watching Penny be torn to pieces. It shook her, badly - to the point that she woke up screaming and scared the hell out of her new team. 

With no way to keep it to herself, Ruby told them all about her dreams and how they’ve always been something she’s dealt with. About how after Beacon fell, they were even worse and more like flashbacks than nightmares - tormenting her. 

That’s when Nora started sleeping a little closer and Ren started helping Ruby clear her mind before it was time to go to bed with breathing exercises and good stretching routines to help her relax. Jaune would make a note to tell dumb jokes he’d heard or tell Ruby about all the silly things he collected as a kid. 

The nightmares lessened and Ruby found herself sleeping better. Which made it all the easier to help Jaune when she found out he wasn’t sleeping well either 

  • Blake, having Weiss and Ruby gathered around her: Guys...I think Yang shouldn't be in charge of the team's finances anymore.
  • Weiss, nodding: I absolutely agree. We hardly make enough from the low level "freshman missions".
  • Ruby, shamefully agreeing: Yeah...I mean I love my sister, but...she's just not super responsible with mon-
  • RWB, all collectively hear a 'ding', and they all take their respective scrolls out, Blake speaks up: OH COME ON!!
  • Ruby, her hands trembling a little: Two...two hundred and eighty lien...
  • Yang, bursting through the door with a big box: GUYS GUESS WHAT I JUST GOT!!! A BRAND NEW COFFEE MACHINE!
  • RWB, all standing astonished at Yang's ability to waste money (and show up fast), as Yang stands there with a giant oblivious smile in the doorway, slowly speaking up: Soo....yay? Coffee?
  • Weiss, throwing her hands up in anger: YANG YOU DOLT!!!
  • Blake, throwing her voice into the fray: YANG! THE CAFÉ ON CAMPUS SERVES /FREE/ COFFEE!!!
  • Yang, awkwardly shifts: Well...yeah...
  • RWB, all seething in anger: ...
  • Yang: ....
  • Ruby, crossing her arms: Anything to say? Like, at all?
  • Yang, quietly: ...I don't like the walk though...
  • RWB, collectively: OH. MY. GOD.
random AU scene

Tom felt Ginny’s frowning stare and turned back with a smirk, “Jealous?”

She raised an eyebrow and scoffed, “What?  No.  While I like girls, Granger’s not my type at all.  I’m just wondering how could someone as soulless as you  have a soulmate.”  And met her earlier than I found mine, too, Ginny lamented to herself, tracing the letters ‘L.L.’ on her wrist longingly.

“Excuse me?“ he replied in mock indignation giving a wave at the trinkets and a huge snake behind them.  “Soulless?  I’ve got a collection of souls, thank you very much.”

The Signs Drunk Together
  • Capricorn: *is the designated driver* uh, Sagittarius, maybe you should stop...
  • Sagittarius: *on their like sixth beer* don't redlight me, cap *giggles*
  • Aquarius: *laughing and drinking too much too* HeY We sHOulD go gET KillEr TaTOos
  • Scorpio: *can actually handle alcohol* hey aries you should get virgo's name on your butt i'll give you $5
  • Aries: are you kidding me........ i'll do it for free
  • Leo: Oh this I have to see
  • -Aquarius, Aries, Leo, and Scorpio walk out together. Capricorn wonders vaguely if they should have gone with... oh well-
  • Cancer: *crying a corner* I just don't *hic* see how *hic* they can be so smol and fluffily *hic*
  • Taurus: Uh, Cancer, are you okay there?
  • Pisces: *lip trembles*
  • Virgo: oh no don't start...
  • Pisces: *bursts into tears with cancer*
  • -Virgo and Taurus look at each other and awkwardly shuffle away while Cancer and Pisces hold each other-
  • Gemini: *steals another of Libra's drinks while they're not looking* what were you saying about your childhood rock collection? it was such an interesting story
  • Libra: *giggling* *goes to take a swig of her drink but it's all gone for some odd reason* so... *continues to flirt with Gemini*
  • Capricorn: *stands on a table* okAY EVERYONE GET IN THE VAN WE'RE GOING THE FUCK HOME
  • -Aquarius, Aries, Scorpio, and Leo come back, Aries looks like they're in pain-
  • Aquarius: you have to see the tattoo Aries got *laughing maniacally*
  • Leo: *wide smirk* just wait
  • Scorpio: *evil grin*
  • Aries: *pulls their pants down so everyone can see their butt* *grins drunkenly*
  • Everyone: ... *cricket noises*
  • Virgo: Is that my name?

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More predictions for season 3. Hunk isn't comic relief, Pidge finds her dad and brother and they fight the Galra together, Lance tells us his full name, we see Keith's big Galra mom, Shiro comes back at like the end of the season all dramatically, Klance, Pidge being adorable and maybe revealing just what she's attracted to

And the anon has spoken. Let Season 3 water our crops and clear our collective faces.

  • Hela: And now, I will...what are you doing?
  • Thor: What?
  • Hela: This is my big villain moment and you all just look really eager.
  • Bruce: Well, uh, you're probably about to reveal the last infinity stone, right? Use it? I mean we've had people guessing for years and, well...
  • Loki: It's the Soul Stone, you're the goddess of the dead who collects SOULS, I mean it's not that hard to guess.
  • Thor: So please, carry on! I am sure the nerdier fans are very eager to see who was right and how you wield it and all that sort of thing! :D
  • Hela: ...You know what? I don't have to take this. *walks off* Acting like I'm just some filler villain before Thanos...honestly!
  • Everyone: *watches her leave*
  • Loki: Pfft. I can't believe that worked.
  • Bruce: I don't know. If that was all anyone was thinking about during my big scene I'd get angry.
  • Thor: This is no time for jokes, Dr. Banner! Come, let us save Asgard before she realizes we tricked her!

Why can Pearl summon a gem weapon? Pearls were made as servants, not fighters. Even if its just for protection, your average Pearl wouldn’t know how to use their weapon let alone fight with it. Plus, Crystal Gem Pearl collects swords, teaches Connie how to use one, fought alongside Rose with one, like… Why does she summon a spear of all things? She has all those swords and all that armor but doesn’t use them for some reason.

Imma need y'all to lay off Kate. She’s really NOT as bad as everyone is trying to insist that she is. She’s a lovely, complex character and doesn’t deserve all of this hate being thrown at her. I saw someone saying how they’re tired of her making David out to be a bad guy and someone else complaining about how “shady” she is towards David. HE IS VERBALLY ABUSIVE TOWARDS HER! Like???? Are y'all just blind to this or??? Sure, when they’re reunited he’s loving towards her, but there’s no way that’ll last and just bc he’s being nice to her now doesn’t excuse his past actions.

She sliced her hand open and all he was concerned about was the fact that his army glass was broken??? He didn’t let it go until Kate submitted and apologized, and he STILL didn’t show any concern about her injured hand.

Kate isn’t innocent either, and she has a crush on Javi when she knows she shouldn’t. She’s married to David and she knows this. She’s stuck and knows that she can’t just divorce him bc where is she supposed to go if she can’t support herself on her own as she has no money? David doesn’t treat her as well as he should (regardless of what you want to believe) so ofc he’s gonna shove her into the arms of a guy who is genuinely nice and friendly and someone she appears to have stuff in common with. You might like platonic Javi/Kate, but it doesn’t change the fact that they get along better and that Kate would like him more.

Everyone likes to take Kate and David’s marriage (vows) so seriously, too. Like, they all think he’s been dead up until the end of ep 2, so naturally, she isn’t gonna consider herself necessarily married to David anymore (she even starts wearing her wedding ring on her right hand). According to some people she’s still married apparently? But wtf is supposed to do? Find some marriage papers to sign in the middle of the apocalypse? Sure, DAVID might still call her his wife when they reunite, but it’s pretty obvious that Kate checked out of that marriage a long ass time ago.

Ofc Kate is gonna talk about David when he’s not around bc she’s SCARED OF HIM! She can’t very well tell him this stuff to his face bc could you imagine the hell THAT would unleash? I’m not saying that she should NEVER bring her feelings up to him, but there’s a time and place. Regardless of whether or not you ship Javi and Kate, you should at least NOT want her in that unhealthy marriage. She even talks about how “fucked up” it was and I highly doubt she’s pulling it all out of her ass, especially since we’ve actually seen a glimpse of it.

Some might say that it’s messed up for Javi and Kate to be together, but the beauty of it is that you don’t have to romance Kate if you don’t want to. Ofc, it doesn’t help that Telltale is trying to force Javi/Kate (which irks me too, ngl) you can still pick the most platonic choices available if you so choose.

I’d also like to add that I like David as a character, and I can see his good AND his bad traits. He has good intentions must times, but he is not perfect by any means. I wish people would stop making him out to be some amazing guy who’s done no wrong while demonizing Kate. Whether you want to admit it or not, Kate and David are NOT good together and their relationship has proven to be quite toxic.

If you don’t like Kate, that’s fine, but don’t treat her like she’s the spawn of satan just bc she’s unhappy in her marriage and ended up developing feelings for Javi.

Sorry that this was probably all over the place. I might make another post with better collected thoughts later, but until then this’ll do.

under the cut, you’ll find 109 small/medium gifs of lily collins as marla mabrey in the 2016 film rules don’t aaply. please note that right now this is not a comprehensive collection of gifs of lily as marla- it’s a collection of gifs of her in the scenes available online. once it is out on dvd, it will be updated. all of these were made by me, so please do not claim them as your own. furthermore, if you’re going to include them in other gif hunts, i ask that you like and/or reblog this gif hunt first. please also like/reblog this gif hunt if you found it useful. thanks!

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I live in Sweden and one mother just put out a notice on our equivalent to craigslist and asked for people to send her commercial pens that people don't want anymore. They are her 10-year old's special interest and he wants to collect as many as possible. I have some pens from the UK that I am going to send them and she said he loves international pens. Was thinking tumblr is probably the best way to get him loads of pens from all over the world. Would you put this on your blog and tell anyone >

> who’d like to donate a pen to send me a message and they can get my address so I can pass them on to this child? I’m sure it would make his day! ✨

like women are truly so wonderful like it’s my friend’s birthday today and she organized a party where all of her friends are coming together to collect donations of new clothing for children in foster care. Like in lieu of gifts she had everyone bring bags of new children’s clothes or money to purchase new clothes with

And everyone is just chilling and drinking wine and writing cards for kids and the whole event is Wonder Woman themed and she’s playing beyonce

Like when will men ever ???

-As much as I love the idea of Andrew and Neil with a kid who’s snarky and fits in to their little world of apathy and sarcasm, I can’t stop thinking about them with a kid who is just an absolute ray of sunshine.

-Like imagine them with a little girl. They got her when she was a baby, still in the system, but before she could be given to someone who would put her through what Andrew, for instance, was put through.

-So she’s had a (fairly) normal childhood.

-Now that they’ve retired, they have more time on their hands, so they’ll sometimes go help Dan with practices at Palmetto State.

-Read: Neil will help with practices and Andrew will sit on the sidelines glaring in disapproval unless some goalkeeper does something so abysmal even he can’t watch it happen.

-But their little girl is just so enthusiastic about the whole thing and turns into a little mascot for the team, sitting on Andrew’s shoulders on the sidelines so she can see everything.

-Neil gets really enthusiastic about dressing her up in the Fox colors and Andrew even lets her paint a messy fox paw on his cheek for extra special games.

-Despite all the stories Dan has told, none of the other old foxes (except maybe Renee) can believe that Andrew lets this little girl walk all over him. (Because they apparently didn’t learn from Neil’s existence?)

-But one day they’re all together for some reason (Christmas? Anniversary of their big win? Idk just go with it)

-And she’s been in the kitchen with Matt and Neil while the rest of them catch up in the living room.

-Andrew’s sitting cross legged on the floor, not really joining the conversation, but just kind of listening to everything.

-And she walks in with a piece of paper and goes right up to Andrew and goes “Daddy look! I drew you this!”

-And it’s just a little page of scribbles and everyone’s just kind of watching this whole scene unfold.

-But he takes the drawing and looks at it and pulls her into his lap.

-“Do you like it?” He nods and she laughs and hugs him and he doesn’t smile, but he looks about as happy as they’ve ever seen him and everyone stands there in a state because they always figured Neil would be the affectionate one and yeah she’s a kid but he just let her???

-Dan is too busy collecting all of her money and laughing to care.

-And Neil just watches this whole scene from the doorframe and smiles because his family’s together and happy and he’s just so content.

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what abt jason x annabeth

  • workout buddies
  • they actually look bomb together, jason with his slightly menacing face (lol), scar and all, and giving off the big three kid vibe, and annabeth with her ponytail and grey eyes like i dare u to mess with me
  • they love golden retrievers and will pet them forever - annabeth melts around dogs (i like to think she has a soft spot for them. not sure why. it just feels like that in my head)
  • annabeth’s calmer and more collected than usual around jason, because the guy’s so chill and it tones down the intensity
  • they love going to cafés to relax and lounge - annabeth gets an espresso, jason gets a latte
  • they’re such dorks though like they’ll go to the library to study but end up laughing uncontrollably over some book jason found in a weird section of the library and the librarian would side-eye them and glare
  • always get ice cream together, whenever possible

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In ref to the prev question's answer: Could you tell us some of your favorite comics? I've discovered a few series from your various purchase photos and mentions. You seem to like some lesser-known ones which I don't think I would have seen otherwise. ( Like Ran to Haiiro No Sekai ).

Sure sure!! My top 3 favs are Dorohedoro, One Piece, and Ran to Haiiro no Sekai, but there’s a looooong list of favorites I have to look at/find super inspirational. I’ll just list the ones on or near my desk!:

  • Any work by Panpanya (all her books are short story collections)
  • Knights of Sidonia by Tsutomu Nihei
  • Hellboy by Mike Mignola
  • The Shoemaker or anything else by Ikuko Hatoyama
  • Houseki no Kuni by Haruko Ichikawa
  • Onepunchman by Yuusuke Murata
  • Eniale & Dewiela by Kamome Shirahama
  • The Merchant from Babelheim by Shoichi Furumi
  • Gankutsuou (Count of Monte Cristo) by Mahiro Maeda
  • My Hero Academia by Kohei Horikoshi
  • Lindberg by Ahn Dong Shik
  • Battling Boy by Paul Pope
  • Beast of East by Akihiro Yamada
  • Noragami by Toka Adachi
  • Ikokumeiro no Croisée by Hinata Takeda
  • Blacksad by Díaz Canales

…the list goes on but I’ll stop there…

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I LOVE YOUR JOKER/HARLEY HEADCANONS! Can I have some more please? Don't care how NSFW they are. Just want all the headcanons, they are fantastic!

Thank you so much! I’m so flattered OMG ❤️❤️❤️

More headcanons :D

Joker has a collection of expensive jewelry that he takes from his victims and some of that stolen jewelry is given to Harley ❤️

• Harley likes to customize her weapons and sometimes has paint/glitter throwing fights with Joker (that turns into sex on the floor lol)

• Harley will lie between Joker’s legs and kiss the tattoos on his stomach 

• Joker occasionally bites Harley’s neck during sex to assert dominance (which Harley enjoys)

• Harley knows that Joker secretly likes Harley being dominant sometimes but won’t dare admit it (she totally knows tho lol)

• Tease/denial is a common practice Joker uses ;)

• Harley knows the most vulnerable and best time to get Joker to tell her he loves her is after orgasm (which surprised her the first time but made her really really happy)

• Joker is really heavy but doesn’t realize it and frequently ends up laying on Harley until she can barely move XD 

So ya, more headcanons! Yay! I hope you like them ❤️

A Purely Intellectual Attraction (Bumbleby)

Reading Yang should have been easy. The girl was, to borrow a colloquialism, an open book.

Written in a language Blake had never seen in her entire life.

The clues were all there, as plain to see and personal to interpret as the shape of a cloud, but the conclusion they all lead to was … absolutely nonsensical. Silly. Ridiculous. Foolish, even.

And yet Blake could almost swear that Yang was …

The most obvious thing was the way Yang held herself around her when they were all alone. It was the same way she held herself in battle. Not “tightly.” Not that, so much as “coiled”, ready to spring into action at any moment. Like she’d already planned out her next move, and the only thing left to decide was where to put the wink and the smile for maximum effect. Like she was already organizing the victory celebration.

But the trick of it was, that didn’t necessarily mean anything significant. It could just mean that Yang was being overcautious in the wake of certain revelations about Blake’s past. It could mean any number of other things. It didn’t have to mean Yang was really, truly, up to anything in that golden-apple head of hers. Probably didn’t, in fact.

Even if “Yang Xiao Long” and “overcautious” were concepts so far removed from each other they required astronomical terms to define their relationship.

Which was what was so puzzling, as sometimes, when Yang looked at Blake, she licked her lips. Really quickly. Usually when she thought Blake wasn’t looking. Glances down at Blake’s mouth weren’t uncommon, either, and Blake didn’t think Yang was aware of them. Restraint. Caution. Like Yang was rattling the bars of the cage she’d built for herself.

But that didn’t necessarily mean anything, either. Just dry lips and blowing things out of proportion. Surely that was so. Yet …

Yet Yang’s touches lingered. Like they were admiring the scenery, and Blake was the kind of sunset artists made masterpieces of. Knuckles brushed along the seam of Blake’s wrist. Palms rested upon the small of her back. Friendly hugs stopped being friendly about one and a half seconds before Yang almost let go, fingers gliding along Blake’s shoulders in a way that made her feel silken and beautiful.

But Yang was a touchy person in general. She hugged everyone. Even flirted with most of them, waggles of the brow and turns of the phrase going hand in hand, appropriately, like lovers. She was naturally physical, in many ways, with many touches. Some people were just like that. That didn’t make Blake … special to her.

Yang played with her hair, though, like counting the riches she’d amassed, every time she spoke with Blake. And no one else. Fingers made loop-de-loops, hands smoothed out the amassed armies her dreams gathered, bangs were brushed from eyesight, and Blake’s own eyes noted every single strand falling into its proper place. Pure gold.

But that didn’t have to mean anything either. Yang looked at Blake’s hair a lot, Blake noticed – she could just be envious, or more conscious of her own hair, somehow, whenever they talked. Or maybe the smell of Blake’s shampoo did something on a subconscious level, reminding Yang to give her own hair its proper attention.

But, but, but. Her pupils dilated when she looked at Blake, sometimes. And everyone knew what that meant: love.

Or hate.

Or simply lust. Or a trick of the light, or the placebo effect, or maybe Yang’s eyes just did that with everyone. Blake wouldn’t know. It certainly wasn’t as though she looked at Yang’s eyes constantly, like they were milky pools with lavender edges, and Blake just couldn’t keep herself from taking a dip. Wasn’t like she was enraptured whenever Yang looked at her, and only her.

(She totally was.)

But that didn’t mean anything either. So Yang’s eyes were a little fascinating. And so her hair shone in the sunlight. And so she had, quite obviously, some curves, and a way of … existing …that made Blake feel like she might actually exist, too. So what? So what if Blake couldn’t keep herself from looking? That could just be because Blake had never met a creature like Yang before. Smiles and kept promises and the kind of optimism that cynicism simply couldn’t explain, because there was so much pain behind the smile. Adventure made manifest, with drive and purpose but not a shred of guilt.

Yang was a, a novelty. That was it. A purely … intellectual attraction. Didn’t have to mean anything.

Nothing had to mean anything.

The way Yang cornered Blake in the hallway one day, pushed her up against the wall, pinned her arms above her head, and kissed her, like the world was collapsing around them, didn’t have to mean anything at all.

WTNV characters summed with random quotes from my brother
  • Cecil: "He looks like a NASCAR driver. A vampire NASCAR driver."
  • Carlos: "Awwww! He's a squid! A happy squid! Squid, squid, squid! Squid noises!"
  • Kevin: "The happy ones are always evil. I can accept that. I'm considering becoming evil so I can always be happy too."
  • Dana: "You're a whale shark because they're awesome. You'd be awesome as an amoeba too. You'd be awesome as a lot of things. Run for president."
  • Earl: "He's that guy in school everyone thought was gonna be a famous actor or something, but then became a ninja because a bad guy killed his girlfriend or something."
  • Michelle Nyguyen: "Screw the status quo. No seriously, screw it. Have sex with the status quo."
  • Hiram McDaniels: "He's annoying, and likes to think he's badass, and is full of himself, and practices cool poses in the mirror while screaming inspirational quotes at himself. He reminds me a lot of myself."
  • Faceless Old Woman: "Whenever I'm alone, I'll narrate my actions because I feel like someone's always watching me, but whoever they are they don't have good eyesight."
  • Tamika Flynn: "I just saw a cute and precious little puppy that was freaking badass and wouldn't hesitant to take your head off."
  • Steve Carlsberg: "You tell me enough about all this weird shit in the world. I'm not freaking out. This, currently happening, weird shit that the past me would freak out about, is normal."
  • The Erikas: "You've just ruined all of Christianity for me."

Summer in Naples by Tara Estino

Gina and Zac had history. Lots of history. It figures that the guy Gina secretly dated in high school would end up engaged to her older sister Hanna. It also figures that dark, mysterious Zac would leave her sister crying and alone just days before their wedding. 

So what better way to cheer her sister up than to take their honeymoon vouchers to Naples and go on a girls holiday. Only Hanna won’t leave the resort (or her bed really) and there is only so much Gina can do to lift her spirits. Alone in this beautiful city, Gina runs into the last person she expected to see, Zac. Why did he break off the engagement? Can she bring him and her sister back together? Or will old feelings resurface and she find out that she was the real reason behind all this heartbreak?