don't lie you were thinking it too

The 16 Myers-Briggs Types As: Michael Scott Quotes
  • ISTJ: "I'm an early bird and I'm a night owl. So I'm wise and I have worms."
  • ISTP: "You don't know me. You've just seen my penis."
  • ISFJ: "It's never too early for ice cream."
  • ISFP: "And I knew exactly what to do. But, in a much more real sense, I had no idea what to do."
  • INTJ: "I am dead inside."
  • INTP: "Should have burned this place down while I had the chance."
  • INFJ: "When the son of the deposed king of Nigeria emails you directly, asking for help, you help! His father ran the freaking country! Okay?"
  • INFP: "If a baby were president, there would be no taxes. There would be no war."
  • ESTJ: "You wanna hear a lie? I think you're great. You're my best friend."
  • ESTP: "That's what she said!"
  • ESFJ: "Presents are the best way to show someone how much you care. It is like this tangible thing that you can point to and say, 'Hey, man, I love you this many dollars worth.'"
  • ESFP: "I am Beyoncé always."
  • ENTJ: "I don't hate it. I just don't like it at all, and it's terrible."
  • ENTP: "I am running away from my responsibilities. And it feels good."
  • ENFJ: "Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me."
  • ENFP: "Sometimes I'll start a sentence and I don't even know where it's going. I just hope I find it along the way."

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I applied for a summer job today and on the app there were questions like "do ur moods fluctuate often" "do unknown social situations give u anxiety" "do you often feel down/sad/depressed" "are u often stressed/stress easily" where you had to agree or disagree and obv they wanted you to DISagree. do you think that's sorta ableist or am I just reading too far into it?? it made me super uncomfy because I'm mentally ill and I don't think a job should ask those things?? idk ugh

yes it is ableist, with those screening tests basically you just need to lie and answer how you think their “ideal perfect employee” would behave/think

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How do you know if someone is actually a toxic person in your life and it isn't just your anxiety/low self-esteem acting up? I always overthink everything between this person and I so I'm unsure if they really aren't that great or if I'm just expecting/wanting too much and setting myself up for disappointment. At the same time, this person does things that I don't think someone who truly cares about me would do. Am I taking things too seriously or should I let this person go completely? -A

I often had trouble figuring out if the people around me were toxic, or if I was just ‘overreacting’. the easiest way for me to figure it out was to check the following:

do they lie to you? this doesn’t include small white lies but twisting information, misleading you, withholding information, and just plain lies are all red flags to watch out for.

are they selfish or self absorbed? toxic people are rarely concerned about the feelings of others and they lack compassion. this may involve taking up a lot of your time, and they will always meet their needs before yours. consider what they’re gaining vs what they are giving. 

how do they speak about others? this could involve trash talking anyone, even other friends from your circle. anyone who is happy bringing others down should be avoided. the chances are, they’ll say the same negative things about you behind your back. 

do you get a bad vibe from this person? trust your intuition. it’s usually right.

if you find yourself saying yes to most or all of these, then I would definitely suggest giving yourself personal space from this person for a while. they could be heavily affecting your self esteem, and honestly you deserve to be surrounded by people who respect and support you. concentrate on yourself for a while. hang out with friends who make you feel good.💕

Lourdes is more prone to strong friendships with romantic, non-sexual overtones than traditional romance. Serious bromance, that’s what I’m getting at.

She’s not religious, but has a deep respect for Joshua Graham and finds listening to him reading scripture very very chill.

(Show of hands, who thinks Courier helping Graham wash his burnt-ass back is perf.)

do you think that anyone wants to kill people?!! 
what kind of person would do this for fun?! 
who would want to do this?! with what we did of course you despise us and want to kill us! we can never take any of it back... but we could not come to terms with our sins... when we were pretending to be soldiers, it was a little bit
easier. it's not a lie, connie! jean!!
it's true that we deceived you but it wasn't all lies! we really did think of you as friends!!
i know we don't have the right to apologize.. but someone.. please i'm begging you.. someone find us..
Happy Birthday Bertolt [ 30.12 ]
Mumford & Sons sentence starters
  • "I never meant you any harm."
  • "If only I had an enemy bigger than my apathy I could have won."
  • "You rip out all I had just to say that you've won."
  • "I gave you all."
  • "This is not the end."
  • "My heart was never pure."
  • "Love; it will not betray you, dismay or enslave you, it will set you free."
  • "Be more like the man you were made to be."
  • "You hold your truth so purely."
  • "I'm worried that I blew my only chance."
  • "Steal a kiss and you'll break your heart."
  • "Lead me home."
  • "My heart was colder when you'd gone."
  • "I lost my head, but found the one that I love."
  • "Let's live while we are young."
  • "I don't even know if I believe everything you're trying to say to me."
  • "This is never gonna go our way if I'm gonna have to guess what's on your mind."
  • "Say something, something like you love me."
  • "I will wait for you."
  • "Well, you forgave and I won't forget."
  • "Now I'll be bold as well as strong and use my head alongside my heart."
  • "Spare me your judgements and spare me your dreams."
  • "It's getting dark, darling, too dark to see."
  • "Just give me a second, darling, to clear my head."
  • "You have blood on your hands and I know it's mine."
  • "I just need more time."
  • "Let's kiss like we used to."
  • "I've got unfinished business."
  • "My head told my heart "let love grow", but my heart told my head "this time no.""
  • "Were we too young?"
  • "Do you ever think of me in the quiet, in the crowd?"
  • "I was desperate, I was weak, I could not put up a fight."
  • "You said no one would ever know the love that we had shared."
  • "As I took my leave to go, it was clear you didn't care."
  • "Well I guess I'll just go home."
  • "I struggle to find any truth in your lies."
  • "Lend me your hand and we'll conquer them all."
  • "You are not alone in this."
  • "As brothers we will stand and we'll hold your hand."
  • "You'll never be what is in your heart."
  • "You're not as brave as you were at the start."
  • "Take all the courage you have left and waste it on fixing all the problems that you made in your own head."
  • "But it was not your fault but mine, and it was your heart on the line."
  • "I really fucked it up this time. Didn't I, my dear?"
  • "Darkness is a harsh term don't you think?"
  • "It seems that all my bridges have been burnt."
  • "But you, you've gone too far this time."
  • "Can you lie next to her and give her your heart, as well as your body?"
  • "Tell me now, where was my fault in loving you with my whole heart?"
  • "You desired my attention but denied my affections."
  • "It's empty in the valley of your heart."
  • *Some random arcobaleno meeting*
  • Fon: So, Colonello, maybe a couple of years ago when we were first getting to know each other
  • Fon: It takes a little while before you know where someone's boundaries lie--
  • Colonello: *nervously* oh god.
  • Fon: -- In terms of like what you can say and what you can't say
  • Fon: We were talking about like, hanging out and I wanted to say "man I'm so fucking pumped up, I can't wait to see you"
  • Fon: But I was like, it's too early, I don't know if he'd be like OK or whatever
  • Fon: so I was just like "I'm so excited to see you man" and I Think you responded with like "Dude I cannot WAIT to get inside your asshole!"
  • Colonello: *extreme hysterical laughter*
  • Fon: and I was like well, we're friends now I guess it's official!
sense8 help each other in distress wolfgang edition:
  • wolfgang: i can't lie to save my life
  • lito: lol, k
  • wolfgang: i think i made strategical mistake
  • will: your evil uncle wears kevlar, watch out dude
  • wolfgang: i'm gonna die in the kitchen
  • kala: not on my watch *assembles homemade explosive*
  • lito: i made a mistake but i have to save my friend
  • wolfie: lol k
  • kala: i don't wanna marry this man
  • wolfie: *steps out naked* you were saying????
  • kala: *conviniently faints*
  • will: i am too just and too american to drive into this hellicopter
  • wolfie: lol, k.

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imo you shouldnt lie about being a trans man irl. lesbians dont belong in trans men's spaces and trans men don't belong in lesbian's spaces. i know far too many trans men whose dysphoria centers around being mistaken for a butch lesbian and it makes me really sad to think about how theyd feel if they knew you were pretending to be a trans man when you dont have dysphoria about being called a lesbian :(

it’s not actually something i’ve begun doing, just something i’ve contemplated doing. and by no means am i entitling myself to the spaces of trans men.

the thing is, there really ain’t many options for what i can come out as in a society that recognizes only two genders? either i come out as nonbinary, or i come out as a trans guy. and i don’t want to do the former, because, well, just coming out as trans is hard enough.

it’s only the bare minimum explanation for my family, and people who vaguely know me will make an assumption of my identity. saying i’m a trans man makes logical sense to the people who aren’t as educated about gender, because i want to use he/him pronouns, i want to go on T, i want to top surgery, etc., etc.

i absolutely understand where you’re coming from and i don’t really want to do it, but, eh?? there isn’t much else i can do. which is part of the reason i’ve just consider not. identifying as a lesbian. makes shit a lot easier. in any case, coming out is a hypothetical that. is. about six years in the future for me, at the bare minimum, so.

“Oh Hell” PART TWO

A/N: Yes. Yes. i made a part two. Read at your own risk. 

It had been about two months since that night. That night Bucky and you had hooked up, drunk, ending with him breaking your heart. And your trust.

You’d avoided him, despite his feeble attempts to interact with you, and the others had began to pick up on it. “What happened while we were gone, Buck? And don't lie.” Steve asked one day, after you’d abruptly left after Bucky sat next to you. 

“I fucked up, Steve. Really bad.” He groaned, running a hand through his hair in distress. “I broke (Y/N)’s trust in me. And i knew i was doing it too.” he groaned, and Steve straightened up. “What did you do?” he asked, cautiously. 

“I had sex with her.” He admitted and Steve’s fists clenched. “Thats not all. What else did you do?” he demanded and Bucky laughed humorlessly. “What do you think i did? I told her she was nothing special. I told her that it didn’t mean anything.” he admitted, and Steve’s fist connected with his jaw, rocking his head back. He gripped his throbbing jaw and Steve gripped his shirt. 

“Why would you say that to her? It’s obvious you’re in love with that girl. What the hell went through your head that made you think that was acceptable?” he growled, blue eyes ignited by anger. “Because its what i do best, Steve. I fuck things up.” Bucky responded, tears pooling in his eyes, a defeated expression on his face. “Its what i was used for when Hydra had me. Hurting people. I haven’t changed at all. No matter how much we all pretend.” he whispered, standing and leaving Steve to stare after him. 

“We’re going on a mission again. You need to fix this.” Steve warned Bucky, standing in the kitchen, arms crossed as Bucky opened yet another beer. he laughed bitterly. “Yeah, okay, Steve. Whatever you say.” Steve gripped the counter. “I’m not kidding, Bucky. If its not fixed by the time we get back, I’m getting involved.” he threatened and Bucky shook his head. 

“Steve, its too late. Any chance i had to fix it, i let slip away. I cant win her back.” he hung his head, setting the bottle down. Steve shook his head. “You’re right. You cant win (Y/N) back. Its too late for that, but you can fix her. She’s broken, Buck, and its getting worse. She hardly came out to interact at all this week. We’re all worried about her. But she won’t talk to any of us. You messed up, you fix it. I mean it.” Steve told him seriously, leaving without a reply.

You did not want to be in this tower. Everything was a reminder of what had happened. The worst part was going back to your room. Your pillows still smelled like him, and you wanted nothing more than to wash them, but couldn’t force yourself to do it. You missed him.

You hadn’t realized how close you two were until he was gone. He had been your shoulder to cry on, your best friend. But you were nothing to him. He seemed ashamed, and tried to talk to you, but you meant what you had told him. You would not pretend it never happened. 

You snuck downstairs late at night, halfway through the week of the team being gone. You steered clear of him and it was almost like you were alone. But you knew you weren’t. He stopped by your room every day, passed at the door, and you laid in bed, stifling your crying, half praying he’d knock, but he never did. 

You rounded the corner to the kitchen and were met with a surprising sight. Bucky sat at the island, empty beer bottles on the counter, and a scotch bottle in his hand, his face covered with facial hair and stains dotting his shirt. 

“(Y/N)!” Bucky’s face brightened and your heart sunk. He was drunk. “I..” he paused to take a drink “Have been meaning to talk to you.” he stood, but stumbled and sat back down at the stool. “But maybe i should stay put.” he laughed, and you backed up. 

“Sorry, James, but I’m getting deja vu, and id rather not go through all this again.” you mumbled, and pain crossed his face. 

“(Y/N), please. Just hear me out,” he begged and you shook your head. “I don’t wanna hear it. You made your point perfectly clear. I’m not special, i know.” you reminded him and he tore at his hair. “I didn’t mean that. God, you’re special. You’re the most special girl I’ve ever met, and fuck, i miss you. I miss being able to talk to you, i miss the late night movie marathons, i miss having someone i can trust other than Steve. I fucking love you, (Y/N), and I’m not good for you, but I’m tired of fighting it.” he blurted and your heart clenched painfully. You want to believe him so badly.

“You’re drunk, Bucky. Go to bed.” you whispered, voice cracking as you turned away. “(Y/N)!” he called and you hurried away, hearing a crash followed by the sound of glass breaking and him cursing through a sob.

You ran to your room, and huddle din your bathroom, finding it hard to breathe. You turned on all the faucets and screamed as you cried. It wasn’t fair. Why did this happen? How did this happen? You didn’t have a plan, and this pain was only going to get worse with each day that you kept your secret. You opened up the cabinet under the sink and stare down at the pristine white object, the two red lines openly mocking your pain. 

You’d known for two weeks and the fear kept growing. You didn’t know how to tell him, or even if you were going to. Nobody knew but you and paranoia that someone would guess even though it was too early for you to show, consumed you. 

How were you supposed to tell the man that had broke your heart and brushed you aside that you were having his baby? 

The answer: You didn’t.

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5SOS Preference #8: Packing (Requested)
  • Ashton Irwin: "You got enough underwear?" I ask, quickly while checking things off of my big list. Ashton laughs but I don't get what's funny. We both are leaving in two days for the big tour and I'm a wreck. "What's so funny?" I ask as I shake my head, confused. "You," He says, his Cheshire smile growing. "You keep asking if I have everything even though I told you like seven times that I'm all set to go." I sigh. "I just want to make sure." I mumble. Ashton chuckles and pulls me into him for a hug. I close my eyes and then breathe in his scent. "You gotta relax, babe." He coos while rubbing my back with his hand. "I know but this is big for me, Ash. I've never done this before." I say into his chest. "I understand completely. But you don't have to stress over it, (Y/N). Take it one step at a time." He says. "What if our luggage gets lost, huh?" I ask before pulling away from him. "What are we gonna do then?" Ashton laughs. "That's impossible babe." I bite on the inside of my cheek. "It's been done before." I mumble. He takes my hands in his. "Everything's gonna be alright, okay?" I nod my head before he kisses my forehead. "I love you." He whispers and I smile. "I love you too, Ashton." He breathes out. "Now come," Ashton says with a smirk while pulling me towards the stairs. "I know a great way to help you relax, trust me."
  • Luke Hemmings: "Luke, cut it out." I say, getting a little pissed, after he takes my shirt out of my suit case again, for the third time. He lays on our bed on his side and watches me pack for the tour. "It's not funny anymore." I admit. "Oh lighten up, baby," He says with a big smile. "It's not my fault that you waited until the last minute to pack." I flip him off before going to my drawer to grab my underwear and bras. "What did I do to deserve the finger?" He asks. I can hear the smile in his voice. "You're being you, that's what." He chuckles as I close the drawer. I walk back to my case and sit down beside it. After placing my stuff in the suit case, Luke decides to close my the top of it, even though I'm not even close to being done. "Really Luke?" I ask, turning my head to him. He nods and then kisses my lips. I try to pull away but his lips are so addicting. Luke's hands find my waist and pulls me closer to him, our lips never leaving each other's. He places me on top of him. "L-Luke, not right n-now." I say between the kiss. "Yes, right now." I sigh. "I have to pack." I pull away with a giggle. "It can wait." He says with a quick nod. I shake my head as he begins to rub circles onto my hips with his thumbs. I breathe out and meet back with his lips. I guess it can wait.
  • Calum Hood: "Where is it?" I mutter while searching the top shelf of the closet. "You okay?" Calum asks while walking into the closet. I stop searching and look over to him. "Uh...I'm great." I lie with a smile. His smile grows. "Are you getting really excited like me?" He asks while wrapping his arms around my waist, still looking down at me. I nod and kiss his lips. "What were you looking for?" Calum asks after he pulls away. "Nothing." I say a little too quickly. He nods his head slowly. "I think I'm packing way too much." I say, trying to change the subject, as I walk out of the closet. I walk towards my suit case. "Don't you think?" I ask him. He shakes his head. "No, I think I actually packed more than you." I laugh. "Well good." I say before checking my suit case one last time. "I can't believe you're coming with me." Calum whispers into my neck while standing behind me. I breathe in once his warm breath meets my neck. He starts to kiss my neck. "Babe?" I whisper. "Hmmm?" He hums. "I gotta get one more thing." He pulls away. "I'll get it. What is it?" I turn to him and see that he's walking towards the closet already. "My purple sweatshirt, please." He nods and starts searching. I look down at my luggage again to see, checking what I have or what I need to get. "Uh...sweetheart?" Calum stutters. "Yeah?" I turn my head towards the closet. "What's this?" He asks while holding up the pink Victoria Secret bag. My face turns beet red. That's what I've been looking for. "I's um-" Calum opens the bag and then immediately smirks. "Is this for me, baby?" He says slowly while pulling up the red lingerie bra. I look down at my feet. "Well, this is defiantly coming with us." He says, staring at the bra.
  • Michael Clifford: "Babe, thats not how you fold a shirt." I say, chuckling while watching Michael try to fold his shirt. "Well how the hell do you do it then miss picky?" He asks before throwing his shirt at me. "There is no need to be an ass, Michael." I say, trying not to laugh. He shakes his head with his arms folded, a scowl on his face. "Just watch me, okay?" Michael breathes out and nods his head quickly. I fold the shirt slowly, making sure he can memorize it. "Now," I say after folding the shirt and putting in into his suit case. "You try." He grabs a shirt from the laundry basket and then begins to fold it. "This is ridiculous," He says while bringing the sleeves together. "Why can't you do this?" I shake my head and sigh. "I already packed my things babe, all by myself. And I'm pretty sure you're capable of packing on your own, too." Michael watches me with his lip out. "But babe." He whines cutely. I smile and lean in to peck his lips. "No Michael, you're on your own." I say before getting up from our bed. "(Y/N)." He whines. "Michael." I whine back as I walk into the closet. "Can you just help me for a little bit?" He asks, politely.
  • I laugh. I know he's perfectly fine at folding his clothes, I've seen it before. "Michael, if you do not start packing now, there will be no sex tonight. Got it?" I say, firmly. "That is not fair!" Mikey says, emphasizing the 'not.' "Do it bub, or you'll get nothing." I get a loud groan from my childish boyfriend which causes me to smirk.
Akashi's case.
  • Kuroko: Akashi-kun, Aomine-kun skipped practice again.
  • Akashi: Even I couldn't stop that dark man.
  • Aomine: Oi! I'm right here, you know!
  • Kise: Dark man-ssu!! Hahaha!
  • Aomine: Oi, Kisee, don't laugh like that!
  • Midorima: How about you shows up in the practice starting tomorrow-nodayo?
  • Aomine: Don't care, don't wanna-nanodayo.
  • Midorima: Stop copying me!
  • Murasakibara: Hey, hey, guys~ I was thinking about Aka-chin last night.
  • Aomine: So? Everyone does. We all couldn't stop thinking about that devil man.
  • Midorima: Even I think about Akashi. Wondering what kind of punishment he would do us the following day-nanodayo.
  • Kuroko: Me too.
  • Kise: Murasakibaracchi, why were you thinking about Akashicchi?
  • Murasakibara: When Mido-chin and Kuro-chin changed their honorifics... I was imagining Aka-chin doing the same thing.
  • Everyone: ....
  • Kise: Uwaa, I wanna hear Akashicchi calling me Ryouta-kun!!
  • Aomine: Me too! Me too!! It's been a while since someone called me Daiki-kun or Dai-chan!
  • Midorima:'s not that I want Akashi to call me like that too. I feel like joining-nodayo.
  • Kuroko: Me too.
  • Murasakibara: Shall we~
  • ----
  • Kise: Ready, Kurokocchi? Remember, don't tell him your purpose.
  • Aomine: You know that Tetsu cannot lie.
  • Midorima: He doesn't have a choice, does he?
  • Murasakibara: Just go on with it.
  • Kuroko: Alright.... Akashi-kun!
  • Akashi: Hm? Tetsuya, what's wrong?
  • Kuroko: I... I was... uh... you know... um...
  • Aomine: See?! See?! Tetsu couldn't lie!
  • Midorima: He's way too honest-nodayo!
  • Kise: I guess we don't have a choice... Akashicchi! Akashicchi!
  • Aomine: What is that stupid doing?!
  • Midorima: Leave him be. He will be the only one who'll be punished by Akashi.
  • Aomine: I guess you are right.
  • Kise: Akashicchi, I dare you to call us with honorifics-ssu!
  • Akashi: ....
  • Kise: Please don't kill me!!
  • Kuroko: ... don't kill me either.
  • Akashi: Honorifics, huh? Even those three as well?
  • Aomine, Midorima & Murasakibara: !!!
  • Kise: Yes-ssu!
  • Aomine: Oi!!
  • Midorima: D-don't involve us!
  • Akashi: ....
  • Everyone: ....
  • Akashi: Alright, Daiki-kun, Ryouta-kun, Tetsuya-chan, Atsushi-kun, and Shintarou-kun, your training methods had increased 5 times. Thanks Ryouta-kun for this.
  • Everyone: ....
  • Kuroko: T-Tetsuya....-chan?
  • Midorima: W-what the hell-nanodayo...
  • Aomine: That devil can be adorable...
  • Kise: I'm dying-ssu!!
  • Aomine: Then die!
  • Murasakibara: My heart throbs even though he increased our methods...
  • Everyone: ... yeah.
  • Aomine: It was worth it though.
Operation Swan Queen
  • (Regina sits alone in her office deep in thought)
  • Regina: Emma I have something to ask you, no, that's no good. Miss Swan I - no, no that's no good.
  • (Henry enters)
  • Henry: Mom what are you doing?
  • Regina: Nothing
  • Henry: You were saying Emma's name. What do you want to do to her?
  • (Regina blushes before looking at her son)
  • Regina: Nothing
  • Henry: Mom. Don't lie to me.
  • Regina (sighs): Fine, I want to ask her out
  • Henry: Like on a date?
  • Regina: Yes, what do you think?
  • Henry: Don't be so formal about it. Just ask her.
  • Regina: Oh I meant about me asking her out.
  • Henry: Mom you're not as subtle as you think you are and Ma likes you too. Besides do you think I would stand in the way of true love?
  • Regina: Henry, I like her but
  • Henry: It's cool if you can't admit it yet Mom, so Operation Swan Queen.
  • Regina: Operation Swan Queen.
  • Henry: Yep so how are you going to ask her?
  • (Unbeknownst to them Emma is just outside the door to deliver some paperwork to Regina)
  • Regina: I don't know Henry. What if she says no?
  • Henry: Well you don't know until you ask her.
  • Regina: I suppose so Henry. Okay how's this, Emma would you like to come over to dinner sometime?
  • Henry: As a date
  • Regina: Fine, Emma would you like to come over to dinner sometime as a date?
  • (Emma smiles before she walks in dropping the files onto the desk in front of a shocked and blushing Regina and a grinning Henry)
  • Emma: I'd love to. I'll come round tomorrow night
  • Regina: Eight?
  • Emma: Eight's great. Good job kid.
  • Regina: You planned this Henry?
  • Henry: Told you Operation Swan Queen.
OneRepublic Sentence Meme
  • "It's too late to apologize."
  • "All this time I was waiting for you."
  • "There's someone I've been missing."
  • "Come home."
  • "The world ain't half as bad as they paint it to be."
  • "All I see is you and me."
  • "The fight for you is all I've ever known."
  • "I woke up with the sun."
  • "What a peculiar state we're in."
  • "Let's play a game."
  • "Today I'm not myself."
  • "I would teach you for a fee."
  • "We'll keep moving on."
  • "There's so many wars we fought."
  • "There's so many things we're not."
  • "I'd sink us to swim."
  • "I couldn't be there."
  • "We're not what we've seen."
  • "I promise you that."
  • "We'll have the scars to prove it."
  • "I'll put your poison in my veins."
  • "They say the best love is insane."
  • "I'll run out of this town."
  • "I would kill for you."
  • "With you I feel again."
  • "I was a lonely soul."
  • "That's the old me."
  • "My heart is numb."
  • "You and I were meant to be."
  • "I don't want to live without you."
  • "I never get used to silence."
  • "Everything is gone."
  • "Everybody wants you to make it."
  • "Don't tell me lies."
  • "I had the week that came from hell."
  • "Last night I think I drank too much."
  • "Don't you be afraid."
  • "I know that we're not the same."
  • "I did it all."
  • "I swear I lived."
  • "I feel something so right by doing the wrong thing."
  • "I could lie."
  • "Everything that kills me makes me feel alive."
  • "This could really be a good life."
  • "Tell me what you want to hear."
Every HS AU I read (doesn't matter the fandom/bandom)
  • Main character (popular athlete/rich kid): I act like I'm fine but I'm really not (blah blah blah "i'm more of a writer than a football player" blah blah blah "i wear a mask" blah blah blah)
  • Love interest (who tends to be a dork/geek/nerd/nobody for some reason but has also been friends with the main character for 5+ years): Hi let me help you, you don't look happy
  • MC: NO
  • LI: BUT
  • MC: NO
  • *about three-five chapters in*
  • *kiss*
  • LI: I should probably mention that I have an evil ex who's kind of messed up and may want to kill you once he finds out
  • MC: We'll work through it omg ilysm (insert name here)
  • LI: Ilyt (insert name here)
  • MC: I'm just so happy to be with you, (insert name here)
  • Evil Ex: That not right
  • LI: I'm happy to be with you too (insert name here)
  • *about six-??? chapters in*
  • MC: I'm really not as perfect as you think I am (blah blah blah "I've been living a lie" this is where the author inserts some confession along the lines of suicidal thoughts/self-harm/anxiety/depression/paranoia of the sort)
  • LI: I've loved you since I was twelve years old and we were best friends forever and ever and for some reason my feelings started to change for you...
  • *really awkward sex scene that makes you pray that no one is looking over your shoulder jfc*
  • Evil Ex: Don't go near (insert name here) or else I'll hunt you down
  • MC: *does anyways*
  • MC: *ends in hospital in a coma (can I take a moment to ask why some character is always in a coma?)*
  • MC: *wakes up*
  • Correct me if I'm wrong.

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okay i don't know about the song but the lyrics to taylor swift's "i'd lie" just screams mckirk


“You’re asking me if just loving someone is enough?” Jim picked absently at his thumb nail as he stared at the ceiling thoughtfully. He saw Uhura nod from the corner of his eye. “I don’t know. I think you probably need to know them too.”

“Well, it’d be hard to love someone without knowing them wouldn’t it?”

“No, I mean really know them. Everything about them. Not just favorite colors and birthdays.”

Uhura hummed thoughtfully. They were sprawled out on the floor of the captain’s quarters, legs propped up on the bed. Uhura had come to inform the captain of a electrical surge that knocked out communications when the ship’s computers had decided to put them in lock down. So here they were, waiting for Gaila to reverse the lock down and talking about relationships.

“So, the kind of thing where if someone asked you, you could answer it without a second thought?”

“Yeah. Like, what’s his favorite color and why?”

“I have no idea.”

“Oh come on. That’s the easiest one!” Jim dropped his feet to the ground and swung up to a sitting position. “Favorite color’s are the copout question, everyone asks.”

With a roll of her eyes Uhura pulled herself up as well.

“Alright, then what’s McCoy’s favorite color.”

“Easy. Green.”

She snorted.

“So I should know my boyfriend at least as well as you know our CMO?”

“Seeing as he’s my best friend, yes.”

Uhura tapped her chin thoughtfully for a moment before a grin lit up her face.

“Okay. I bet you I can come up with something that you don’t know about him.”

This time Jim snorted.

“I’m not dating the guy, Uhura.”

“Well, if you don’t think you can do it…”

He narrowed his eyes at the woman and pursed his lips.

“Fine. Shoot.”

Jim had learned a lot about Leonard McCoy over the years. They had known each other longer than anyone else on the ship and Jim had a feeling he probably knew the man better than anyone else on the ship too. Uhura rubbed her hands together gleefully and Jim could barely keep from laughing.

“Okay,” she said thoughtfully, “we covered color. Birthday?”

“17th of July.”

“Top three favorite songs.”

Jim ticked the songs off on his fingers.

“Moonlight Sonata, Hallelujah, Back in Black.” Uhura stared at the captain, raising a skeptical eyebrow at the last song. Jim just shrugged. “He listens to it when he’s angry.”

“Plays an instrument?”

Jim grinned.

“Don’t you ever tell him I told you, but he plays guitar. Really well too.”

They both snickered for a little bit before Uhura moved on.

“First thing he’ll do after a bad day?”

“He’ll take a shower and then get a huge piece of pie with vanilla ice cream. He’ll also complain about eating it the entire time, but I think that’s mostly because he’s hoping I’ll say something so he can argue. He loves to argue.” Jim tried and failed to keep back a fond grin and laughter.

Uhura stared at Jim for a long moment before a sly smile spread across her face.


He eyed her warily.


“Are you in love with Leonard?”

Jim’s eyebrows flew up and he started to laugh.

“Bones? In love with Bones?!” He slapped his hand against the floor hard as he tried to rein in the gasps of laughter. “Oh my god! No!”

“Really? You seem to know an awful lot about him.” Jim was tempted to call up Bones just to see his reaction, but the outright smug look on Uhura’s face made him pull up short.

He did know a lot about Bones. He knew a hell of a lot about Bones. Years of friendship and working together would do that. Yet, Jim started to think about exactly how much he knew about his CMO.

There were the things any of them could know. Like Bones’ ability to see through any damned lie you told him. Or the fact that he would defend someone’s right to live with his own dying breath. Even just the fact that he took his coffee black with three sugars could be picked up in day to day interactions.

Living with the man during the academy had given Jim knowledge of his favorite foods and living habits. A trip to Georgia after knowing each other for a few years let Jim in on the fact that Bones was very protective of his little sister, or at least he was around Jim. (She was one of the most beautiful women Jim had ever seen, so it wasn’t exactly unfounded.) But he had also learned that Bones had his father’s eyes, that he grew up riding horses, and there was nothing that the man loved more than the smell of leather and wet dirt.

There were also the more complicated things that Jim was almost sure no one but him and Bones knew. Like how much the doctor struggled with this black and white view of the world, or how he had vowed to never love anyone again.

And those didn’t even touch on all the little things Jim had memorized about the other man. He seriously doubted anyone else would recognize the twitch of Bones’ mouth when he didn’t want to admit he was wrong. He knew no one else would be able to tell anyone the number of colors in Bones’ eyes.

Jim swallowed hard. He barely recognized his own voice as he breathed out “Holy shit.”

“So.” Uhura was watching him with deep interest, smug look still set on her face. “If I were to ask you if you were in love with Leonard again?”

Jim narrowed his eyes at her.

“I’d lie.”

The doors unlocked just a few moments later and Uhura all, but pranced out of the room, only stopping for half a moment to look back at Jim.

“Do you love Leonard, Jim?”

With a deep, long suffering sigh Jim covered his face.

“No, Uhura. I don’t.”

“Liar.” She shot him a grin when he scowled. “It’s okay though. If you asked Len he’d lie too.”

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tbh fanboy!joshua is literally the best idea i've ever heard? god bless

AAAHH REALLY? ACK THANK YOU! I already have some ideas for Fanboy!Joshua lmao

  • Has a really nice Tumblr blog dedicated to you that’s just super amazing
  • His blog is full of high-quality photos of you, super amazing edits with your face in it, etc.
  • Makes really long and meaningful text posts about you where he talks about what a great person you are, how hard you worked to get where you are, how kind you are to your fans, etc.
  • Has never been able to go to one of your concerts before (he’s just never had the chance to) so instead he just watches the fancams taken of you
  • Gets really embarrassed when he hears something about you because just the mention of your name makes him think about you and how cute you are, how talented you are, how amazing you are, and how big of a fan he is and oh no he’s turning red again
  • Doesn’t buy big posters with your face on it because he always gets so embarrassed because YOUR FACE IS IN HIS ROOM LOOKING AT HIM WHILE HE WORKS, SLEEPS, CHANGES, IT’S JUST TOO MUCH!!!
  • Does really great covers of some of your songs (he sings with his angel voice and plays the guitar)
  • YOU!! NOW!! KNOW!! HE!! EXISTS!!
  • After he gets over the initial shock he has to lie down on the floor and collect himself because it’s just…wow…you retweeted his cover…which means you liked it…and you know he exists….
  • Isn’t able to stop smiling for months afterwards
  • Tbh Fanboy!Joshua is just the cutest fanboy of them all


If you don't support underage littles

Think about this for a while! It isn’t right to tell them they can’t have that identity yet. No, don’t encourage them to go kink with adults, or even kids. But, support them, help them stay safe. I was a little when I was a teen too. Most of us were, don’t lie. So stop being such a hypocrite. I cannot pick on underage littles because I was one. But what I can do is help keep them safe, since I know what happens when you don’t stay safe. I have first hand experience in the bad. Even if you tell them they aren’t ok, aren’t valid and that they shouldn’t be supported, they are going to do their own without someone experienced to help keep them safe. At the very least, support them to help keep them safe. Take one under your wing. Keep them safe, Dammit!!!!

So, underage littles, message me if you want to talk or want advice. I am very willing to help you stay safe.

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I hope you don't mind me asking but I was wondering if you're a multi-shipper for Free!? I think (from your mot recent art piece) you ship RIn and Haru, but do you ship them with anyone else too?

yeah, actually when it comes to free! I ship basically EVERYTHING

which once got me a very vivid nsfw dream involving basically everyone from the main characters with everyone and it was hella gorgeous not gonna lie; you should have seen what rei and nagisa were doing….hahaha..ha…hentaaaaaaaaaai

sorry I got carried, but seriously, I think every Free! ship is a cute ship:D my personal favourites are rinharu and nagirei and captaingou but once I think about makorin or makoharu or reirin or nitorin…agh, I love everything.