don't let this tragedy happen again

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I feel betrayed by my best friend. I don't feel as if I can ever be happy again.

Usually best friends don’t ever do anything with the intention of hurting you. Sometimes people do things without even knowing or realizing. It’s up to you to hear their side of the story. I hope you do. It’s a shame to lose a friend over a mistake. If you know that person has been there through thick and thin, let go of what happened. Nobody can be the ideal friend all the time. People make mistakes, and many without knowing.

It’s a tragedy, really, to lose someone over something they did not mean. I know people say actions matter, but intentions matter even more. And intentions make a human being, while an action is merely an extension. Most times our actions, head and heart don’t match. So you see, it’s tough being here on Earth, especially when you have the heart of a human and the needs of an animal. But what someone hopes to do with their heart and your heart, that is sacred. If your friend loves you, forgive them. They plan to love you, don’t they?

Worse than being betrayed, lonely or unhappy is a human being who feels cheated. Don’t cheat both of you of something worthy. Let your ego fall. 

If this friend fights for you, they are worth more than the squeaky clean ones. The sterilized ones hold no passion nor true love for you.

I’m sorry this response got out of hand. I believe more people should love others exhaustedly. It doesn’t break you. It makes you hopeful. 

I guess I’m a little naive, but this way I have the world on my side.

I don’t know if we will ever be enough for our friends or loved ones, but I hope we love and forgive enough.

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FairySharkMother When I heard about Ferguson I cried through two classes I felt sick I skipped lunch I cried again at home my friends didn't understand my parents did but said I was being too emotional that I need to harden my heart and not let it ruin my vacation. everything seems shallow when tragedies are still happening I don't understand why no one around feels the way I do my Mom said it was ignorance but she knows and she's not reacting the way I am Is there something wrong with me

Damn what anyone says, never let your heart harden! One of our Core Goals is to spread a message of courage, love, empathy, and the willingness to stand true to your principles, even when the World is seemingly at your gates telling you to stop and be quiet.

The truth is, going forward, our species will need people with sharp minds and big hearts; hearts that are weathered and leathery enough to not wilt under duress or criticism, but still hopeful and open enough to yearn to do some Good in the World. Individually, the Sea Family might not be able to turn things around, but our followers can! This is why we teach!

You’re all young and malleable enough to tune your critical thinking skills, learn about world politics, why certain laws get passed —or ignored— and take the proper steps to be real agents of change! If some of you are able to glean enough from what we say to become politicians, teachers, or otherwise keep that message unbroken, the blog and all of us could disappear completely and we’ll be content knowing that we spent our time doing something meaningful!

There’s nothing wrong with caring, there’s nothing wrong with you, and there’s nothing wrong with crying right now; I can understand how that would be one’s reaction if they were too young to have any significant agency to act about it, but you have to remember too that talking about it IS acting!

Stay hopeful and don’t cry too much! The Winds of Change are blowing and there is still a federal case impending, too. Justice may still be served!

- Engineer Dave