don't let them starve

“I’m absolutely incandescent with rage.” boomed the mighty voice of Mrs Bunty Twelvetrees, 87, when our reporter handed her a copy of this letter and ran back to a safe distance. “Who do these women think they are these days, anyway? Like they have some sort of a right to feed their children wherever they want to? Without even thinking about how uncomfortable they’re making people around them, some of whom are men who are SUFFERING? It’s yet another sign of our devil-may-care, I’m-alright-Jack, I-don’t-want-my-baby-to-starve Broken Britain, is what it is. Women walking around thinking they can feed their babies whenever they want. Honestly, is this what my Reg spent all them years in the war selling stockings and stolen chocolate for? A Britain where women can feed children with their breasts and not even be decent enough to feel shame for it? I’m absolutely incandescent with rage, I really am.”