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I don't suppose there could be a part2 to that Noctis' jealous s/o of the arranged marriage? Like after Insomnia falls? Injured and limping away from the city? Cause, I mean, who would honestly expect the arranged marriage to continue after that, ay?

Alright, taking a short break from my “s/o is Niflheim heir” series to post this part 2 for ya! (And because I already really really missed writing for tragic Noctis, okay) 

Just keep in mind, even though it’s part 2— I never said it’ll end happily. Muwahaha.

(Let me know if there’s any other Noctis requests out there, because I will always write them heheheh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

{2,143 words}

Check out Part 1: HERE


That’s all you can see. That’s all you know.

Fire everywhere. And smoke. So much smoke. It gets in your eyes, your nose, your mouth. It burns in your lungs like the vestiges of death itching so close to the thin line of reality.

You missed the evacuation crowd; the last route to safety.

You search through bleary eyes, looking for something, anything to hold on to. To ground yourself and re-establish the fact that somehow, miraculously— you aren’t dead.

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Real talk and I hope you don't find me rude for asking, but why do you ship Cloti more than Clerith? I know you ship both but I wanted to know why you like Cloti so much more.

Hahaha nice usage of “real talk” and I guess when talking about FFVII’s ltd we are getting down to the juicy bits.

Everyone has vibrant opinions and “perspectives” as they put it. I have no idea what side of the fence (the overlapping dimensional fence) you’re coming from but I- for the first time on tumblr publicly, will give you my 100% honest and critical reasons as to why I prefer Cloti as a ship.

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