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Watching Runaways made me both feel old and blessed at the same time.

I still haven’t fully wrapped my head around the fact that we’re finally living in a time where representation of non-straight characters is a regular, casual thing that happens and can be treated as just a normal thing instead of having to be wildly outstanding or stereotypical.

I love the fact that when I look at female character A and think “Girl, you hella gay for that chick” when she looks at female character B… It isn’t solemnly my gay goggles and me reading into subtext. No. We finally live in a time where girl A gets called out by character C that “Girl, you hella gay for that chick”. In canon. Just in a… “Being gay is A Thing That Exists and her being interested in a female character does not have to be blown out of proportions or portrayed in any special way, nope, it just happens like straights, only, ya know, in gay”.

I feel like this is pretty incoherent, but as a girl who only had Tara/Willow as the only lesbian representation on TV back when I was growing up and unsure about my sexuality, it just really makes me fucking happy that essentially all the shows have some form of representation nowadays and some of them actually manage to treat it as a normal part of reality instead of having to force it into “this is special plot”-kind of scenarios.

It makes me feel warm and fuzzy knowing there are young people who get to face gays and lesbians as something that exists from a young age on, contrary to my 90s generation that got gays only as comedic relief and lesbians basically… non-existent. Where it took until you’re a teen to even realize that being gay is a thing and an option.

I know it’s still a work in progress and there’s still a shit-ton of representation missing in modern pop-culture, but that being gay, lesbian or bisexual is something that now just… happens in TV, in shows that younger people view too, that you get to casually see that being straight is not the only thing in existence really makes me fucking happy right now.

Also, all of this really makes me sound old. And that also kind of makes me happy, because the 90s and early 2000s are not that distant of a past, so the fact that it improved so much over the past 15 to 20 years, that the flamboyant, non-sexualized (aka: non-threatening for straigh men) comic relief gay is a relic from long-forgotten times… Yeah. Makes me feel good.

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Thoughts on the recent Arc V controversy going down?

If by “controversy” you mean the whole thing with Arc V’s ending then-

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That’s practically me right now. I was okay with the ending and have moved on, I don’t associate myself with pointless discourse like that. End of discussion~

Don’t let it fester.

You’re angry, and hurt, and depressed, and you hate. You hate the people who won’t look at you, you hate the friends that don’t catch your hints that something is wrong, you hate your family who laughs like it’s some grand joke you’re telling, and you hate yourself so much for not being better because you should, right? You should be better than this.

Don’t let it fester.

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my 2017 wishlist tagged by my wonderful @sirenoirs <3 thank uu!! x

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Hi I’m Brooke and I like to draw cute anime girls with flowery backgrounds uwu ! I also love drawing D&D groups!! I would like to draw some art for you~!

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Heyo!!! I’m a new follower but I’m reading ur thoughts on OOC shiro in klance fics and I’m writing bullet points for a klance fic with shiro as a support for lance (his actions are based off of what I’ve seen him do and what I know of his character) and honestly all the things u said bothered u popped into my head as things to not do, so I was wondering if you’d ever like to read what I have ? Bc OOC Shiro makes my heart ache as well rip


Selfie Sunday from Friday when I felt all festive and the sun gave my basement apartment studio lighting ❤️🎅❤️