don't let haters get you down

Not a Robo-Dog

My dog is not a robot. It is because she is not a robot that I push her to do things that are exciting and new. 

My dog loves a challenge. It is because I love to see the concentration on her face when she seeks to unlock a new task that I raise the bar. 

My dog is intelligent. I push her boundaries and test her intelligence because otherwise she would be bored. It is because I love her that I get creative, and we avoid the mundane. 

My dog is a living and creative being. I keep teaching her new things and pushing her to do more because I love her and appreciate her individuality, not because I am trying to push her down. 

I’m not suppressing her charisma, I’m encouraging it.
I’m not shutting her down. I’m activating her. 

My dog is not a robo-dog. She was born to learn. She was born to do. She was born to live hard and go strong. That doesn’t make her a robot. It makes her an individual. 

She was born to do great things, and that is what she is doing. 

I’m getting very sick seeing all the hate towards J-Hope on twitter. I mean, why do people trying to bring him down?

I joined to ARMYs like a few months ago and I wasn’t going to say anything because I though it was unnecessary, but this pissed me off so much…Seriously, he doesn’t deserve to be in bts? Are you fucking kidding me? Bangtan wouldn’t be bangtan without him or any other members. He is an incredible rapper, dancer, singer….He works so hard to do what he loves, always with a smile in his face, making laugh everybody and he really loves ARMYs with his whole heart. So, I don’t really understand why do people keep saying stupid and unnecessary things and keep hating all the time. If you don’t like him or bts, it’s ok, but don’t go spreading hate.

I really hope he doesn’t see this kind of bullshit because he doesn’t deserve any of it. And I know he won’t be reading this, but Hoseok, there are a lot of people who love you, so don’t let this make you feel bad because you didn’t do anything wrong, you are an amazing person and artist.

Just keep smiling Hobi! You deserve a lot!

UPDATE: I know that the hastag #weneedyouhoseok was just an appreciation tag to say how much people love J-Hope, and that there were a lot of confussion with that. Maybe because of that confussion people started to say lots of things (good things and bad things). I actually saw a few comments on my own language talking about shit of him, that’s why I decided to do this.
my thoughts, on the eve of 4B

it used to be “they hate each other” and “they’re not even friends” and “all they have in common is Henry”

now that all those arguments are irrelevant, people wanna convince us (or themselves?) that Emma and Regina becoming friends and realizing how unexpectedly close they’ve grown is somehow detrimental to Swan Queen

they act like it’s a step backwards, as though this ship hasn’t weathered much worse, as though this friendship hasn’t been an inevitability since the beginning (something I bet a lot of them hate seeing come to fruition)

they’re laughing at us because we’re told Emma and Regina are “like family” now, as though the person you fall in love with could never be a friend, never feel like family (as though we haven’t suffered much worse accusations of the “they’re related” variety)

and yet, what they claim is a death sentence for our ship, they’ve always wanted. remember ‘captain cobra’? remember Henry’s 'step-fathers’? I remember, I see them pretending 'Jones Swan’ and 'Hood Mills’ families can in any way compete with the Swan Mills family, one of the main driving forces of this show since the pilot

(which, btw, is a family dynamic that got its name due to its unique nature of being a family helmed by two women, something those other 'families’ unapologetically, probably unintentionally, 'borrowed’ from, but never mind never mind, god forbid we get into that)

of course not every love story goes this way, not all friendship turns into romance, but I’ll gladly take a slow, natural, genuine progression (regardless of how romantic it gets) over some hollow 180 from enemies to lovers, or from literal non-existence in each other’s lives to inexplicable predestined soul mates

because ours is always going to be a believable basis for love, there’s real lasting substance in friendship, in growing close enough to feel like family, in sharing a son, and it’s something those other ships have only ever played at

that’s canon, and that’s always going to feel more natural and more interesting to me than romances that exist almost entirely because we’ve been 'told’ they do, rather than 'shown’ how and why those people supposedly fell in love

the Emma and Regina relationship continues to be one of the most carefully tended to, most important, and most appreciated relationships on this show, and there’s no way anyone is ever going to make me feel like that’s something to be sad about. others may have canon romance, but our canon, even if it never becomes romantic, is still better written, more believable and more sustainable than theirs has ever been or likely ever will be

writing bullshit

hey anon from 2010, remember me??? 

your message has been so helpful to me. i mean, i animated it immediately back then. but i thought it would be nice to check back in with you on my career goals 5 years later. 

pls see atached flyer for a big fun launch party about all the bullshit i’ve been writing on things:

ok cool seeya in 5 more years

*waves goodbye*

P.S.A. About anon hate mail

Hi, all. I am aware that there are a couple of users who are attempting to bully people in the Rune Factory fandom through hateful messages sent anonymously to ask boxes. I have also received these cowardly personal attacks occasionally and I want to tell all the wonderful, kind, and talented people of this great fandom something reassuring and encouraging in the face of this kind of b.s.:

You are so great for putting yourself out there and sharing what you create. You are growing stronger and braver and more skilled every time you keep expressing yourself through your art and writing etc. And I feel so fortunate to be able to participate in this fandom alongside you.

If you receive any anon asks that are there to discourage, insult, harrass, or otherwise attack you, the best thing you can do is immediately delete the message, block the anon user (blocks their IP address), take a moment to feel sorry for the sad lonely person who has nothing better to do than rail at others from behind a mask, and then keep doing the amazing things you do! Don’t reply or post anon hate because it just rewards their crap behavior and encourages them to do it again because now they know you’ll post their garbage talk. Also, if possible, go ahead and indulge in a good laugh about it. Some of the things I’ve gotten are so hilariously petty and pointless I can’t help but chuckle and shake my head when I think of them.

Remember: I am so proud of you for sharing your creations (even just your thoughts and comments on the games and characters) and participating in the fandom. You are amazing and worthy and valued and loved and no anon can erase that! Keep your chin up and continue making our community great! I love you all!


What the hell?

There’s a lot of hate going on the people I follow tonight.

Jesus Christ guys. Chill the fuck out.

Don’t hate on people for such trivial things.

They say one thing as a joke but people take it too fucking far and make it the most serious thing EVAR and attack them like

Okay, maybe not in so many words like that but you get the picture.

Everybody just needs to take a chill pill tonight and go to bed before I have to go back these people up like


I mean literally, I hope Taylor realises that if I ever get a picture with her its going to be my picture for absolutely everything that you can have a picture for. Drivers licence, passport, profile picture on every possible app, caller ID on everyones phones, printed off and handed out to my haters, the list is endless… AINT NOTHING GONNA STOP ME 

(unless I never get a pic of course lol)