don't laugh but when it comes to actual design (not my graphics)

anonymous asked:

Could you do an age difference hc, with jimin being the older one? With jungkook being a university student, and jimin being his older successful boyfriend? (age difference of over 7 years please) and jimin always making time for jungkook and comforting him? Something with fluff (and maybe hurt/comfort too) (oh, i don't know if i made it sound like one, but no sugar daddy stuff, please. just a big age difference and jimin being not filthy rich, but with a comfortable amout of money, not poor)

sure thingg!! i hope you don’t mind but i am using exactly 7 years difference. jimin is a successful graphic designer and jungkook is in uni for the same thing. there is a lot of implied smut in this but no actual smut. just warning everyone out there who might care. hope you all enjoy this! (i actually finished a hc before 5am can you believe this???)

+ jungkook was 20 when he first met jimin. he was a guest speaker in one of jungkook’s graphic design classes and jungkook is sure that he could not focus on the lecture when a mega attractive guy was standing at the front of the room. 

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