don't label yourself

If you don’t know what gender you are or who you are attracted to, thats ok. 

If you change, thats ok.  Gender isn’t always set in stone, sexuality isnt always set it stone, Human life is fluid, things change, people change, and thats ok.

You are human.  You don’t need to label yourself.  Labels are for boxes, not humans.  Be yourself.  Always be true to who you are no matter what anyone else says.

bisexuals who are questioning their identity shouldn’t feel pressured to stick with the bisexual label because they don’t want to perpetuate the stereotype that bisexuals are just experimenting or just using bisexuality as a “bridge sexuality” to coming out as gay/lesbian. your label is your label and if bisexuality doesn’t fit you, don’t be afraid to change it!

Sexuality can be a phase. Things change.

Okay guys, listen, I know some people are upset when they’re told sexuality is a phase but it honestly was for me (and my girlfriend.)
From 5th grade to 8th grade I was bisexual.
Then before freshman year started I had a genderfluid phase and a Transgender phase. (I was still bisexual.)
Then all of freshman year I was pansexual and for a little while asexual.
And now I’m a lesbian and demisexual and I’m staying that way.

As for my girlfriend she was literally straight up to 8th grade year. Then she had a year of bisexuality then realized she was a lesbian and demisexual. (Im the reason she’s gay.)

So bascially don’t let people make you feel like a fake or an attention seeker for changing your sexuality. It’s okay to wonder and change. You’re growing up. It takes a while.

My entire life I was attracted to girls. I had crushes on princesses when I was 5 and 6. I would kiss my Cinderella doll because I wanted to be the prince. I always had an attraction. I just felt like if I didn’t have boys somewhere in the mix that I wouldn’t be accepted. But I was wrong and I was accepted. (I had like 10 boyfriends and only had romantic attraction to like 1 or 2. All the others were forced bc they liked me so I thought I had to like them back.)
As for my girlfriend she never thought of dating girls until she met me. I’m the only girl she’s ever dated and it helped her find herself.

This post wasn’t made to knock bisexuality or anything else. Everyone’s valid. But it’s okay to change your label or not have a label at all. You do you.

something I need to say: I keep seeing posts about how it’s okay to not label yourself if you haven’t found the right label yet. that’s awesome and totally right, if that’s how you’re most comfortable, do that!! but I also feel like it’s important to know that if you (like me) feel like labels ground you and make you feel safer, you can use one even if you’re not entirely sure that it’s the perfect one for you! you’re allowed to change it later or stick to it, whatever feels best. you do you lovely

I thought about this, and I think I don’t wanna label myself as anything. Cause I’m like super straight, I really like dick. But I also like girls, but more romantic than sexual I think, I don’t know, because I’m also somewhat demisexual, and I haven’t had much experience with girls and I’m not that into sex if I don’t like the other person, but saying I’m biromantic heterosexual/demisexual sounds ridiculous. So I guess I could say, I just like people for who they are and looks don’t matter that much to me, which I guess would make me pansexual? But I’m not comfortable with that term either, because I don’t think I actually really understand it, but also looks do matter, just not that much? So yeah, sexuality and gender and this whole thing is just confusing.

Neurotypical Favorites #2
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b></b> "Ha so you're gonna sit and tell me, someone majoring in psychology doesn't know about mental illness?"<p/><b></b> "I knew someone manic depressive, you don't have it!<p/>You may be bipolar though=P.."<p/><b></b> "Just do it.. you can, I believe in you."<p/><b></b> "Don't label yourself."<p/><b></b> "Stop blaming everything on your illness"<p/><b></b> "Ablesm? Lol!"<p/><b></b> "Self diagnosis isn't healthy because I'm pretentious and say so."<p/> "My great aunt was a psychiatrist I know my stuff..."
  • <p/> <b></b> "Are you insane?"<p/> "Inhale for 10 seconds and count to 100!"<p/><b></b> "Yoga/Veganism/Religion/ is the best therapy to be honest."<p/><b></b> "I was depressed I still went to school! I am still productive."<p/><b></b> "You're acting crazy! Stop!"<p/></p><p/></p>
Neurotypical Favourites
  • "The children in Africa-"
  • "Well maybe if you just changed that old diet of yours"
  • "In through the nose for 5 seconds, out through the mouth. Use this when you're feeling impulsive."
  • "Don't label yourself a diagnosis...."
  • <b> *when angry*</b>
  • "Crazy, insane, psychotic, lunatic, stupid-"
  • "Well you are crazy aren't you?"
  • "I don't care how many times you've tried it Tylenol can kill you and I'm not taking any chances."
  • "Have you read that poem about the lover who kisses scars? Maybe that's what you need,.."
  • "People come and go!"
  • "It will get better."
  • "That's just life!"

Please Watch it

People still don't get it

Don’t label yourself with “Liberal” or “Conservative” Those are terms that they created for you. The power elite still have you in those terms. If there’s one thing I’ll always preach it is that when someone asks you about your social/political beliefs, your answer should start a long enduring conversation, not a one word answer. Remember that the greatest weapon of those in power is their ability to make everything comfortable, easy, and lazy. The terms liberal, conservative, democrat, Republican, etc. make intellectual reform based conversation easy, but usually inaccurate. Not until you get your ideas specific and individualized can you properly apply them. If you don’t figure it out for yourself entirely and just jump on the liberal band wagon cause you seem to agree with most of what they say on surface level, when the moment arises when you’re unsure of your own opinion, you’re likely to just go with the crowd instead of giving it true personal consideration. Liberal is probably the best major label out there today for a group of people, but it is a label none the less.

On top of that, labels create a “us vs them” sort of mentality and that’s missing the point. We are not fighting those who disagree with us. It is righteous to fight oppression. It is wrong to fight the oppressor. The movements involving bringing humanity to a socially equal standpoint are not battles in which we mean to defeat our enemy, rather they are negotiations in an attempt to have those who disagree willingly see logic and reason so that we may all come to be equal. We can’t agree on everything, but as long as we try, good will come of it.

People who fully commit themselves to any one subculture make me both impressed and suspicious. How do all of your interests (visual style, music, movies, hobbies, etc.) just happen to perfectly line up with this pre-existing label? How do you stay so committed to this one persona? What parts of yourself are you hiding from the world because they “don’t fit” with said persona?