don't know why we were there

I’m such an emotional, nostalgic mess today. It’s only just hit me that, even if we do get a S7, this show will be ending soon and I’m really not ready.

son: mommy why is my cousin named loaf
mom: because your aunt loves loaf, son
son: what about my name

mom: enough questions, Cynthia, don’t even start with me. We all know that the cookies you “baked” for the PTA bake sale were actually store bought, and guess what? They tasted like trash. You’re always late to Yoga class on Tuesdays at 3:00-4:00 PM and you look like a flailing turtle when you go in Standing Tree position. You dress like a teen girl who just discovered Claire’s and your son is bad at soccer, so don’t even go there, Cynthia.

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Cynthia, don’t even start with me. We all know that the cookies you “baked” for the PTA bake sale were actually store bought, and guess what? They tasted like trash. You’re always late to Yoga class on Tuesdays at 3:00-4:00 PM and you look like a flailing turtle when you go in Standing Tree position. You dress like a teen girl who just discovered Claire’s and your son is bad at soccer, so don’t even go there, Cynthia.

Well EXCUSE me, Deborah, that I have a life outside of taking my kids to soccer practice and pilates on Thursdays. And yes, maybe I DO buy my cookies sometimes, but at least they are edible. Yes, EDIBLE, Deborah, not those two-bit hunks of charcoal you call “brownies”. And the reason I attend yoga is so I can learn the moves, not flirt with the instructor like you do. So if I flail around, at least I’m trying to stay balanced on something that is not what the instructor is hiding in his yoga pants. I don’t know why you are even bringing up my choice of fashion, when you walk around like you’ve been stuck in the 80’s for the past twenty years. News flash, Debby, that beehive hairstyle went out TWO DECADES AGO. And my son may be a little poor at soccer, but he’s eight, Deborah. EIGHT. At least I’m giving him a chance to test out his abilities and see if he likes the sport. I’ve seen the way you “train” Kaedan, and I’d just like to remind you that “sweat” comes from the face, not the eyes. So get out of my face and put it back into the book you were supposed to have read for last week’s book club meeting, Deborah.

  • Shiro: Take care of your father. Don't give up. We'll see each other again, even if it takes light years.
  • Matt: I love you but why are you like this.
  • Shiro: Excuse me?
  • Matt, being led away by Galra guards: Light years measures distance, not time!
  • Matt, fighting off the guards trying to restrain him: YOU WERE SENT ON AN IMPORTANT SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH MISSION, HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW THAT?!

so the other night I had a dream that some friends and my sister and I were all on a backpacking trip to hell. I have no idea why, I just know that we felt we had the weight of the world on our shoulders to complete this mission. I don’t even know what the mission was, but dammit we were going.

we were also keeping a cat in a cardboard box with us on this journey. This has nothing to do with the context of the dream, but I felt it was important for the mood.

so basically we’re all hiking down into the depths of the earth, (I think we got chased by some sort of massive beast that ate one of my friends, but frankly it wasn’t important enough to remember) and basically we finally get to the Foyer of Hell. And this place is essentially a food court filled with demons.

think the Mall of America on a Saturday afternoon but all the lights have a weird red tinge.

and we see a McDonald’s.

immediately I’m like “guys, listen. I really need to know if Hell McDonalds tastes the same as Minnesota McDonald’s.” So I bought a double cheeseburger meal and an egg mcmuffin meal and just fucking went to town at these shitty school-lunchroom style tables. We had the Cat Box on the table and were getting a lot of weird looks from the hellspawn around us

the verdict was that the egg mcmuffin was mediocre at best, the fries were all those really dry crunchy ones, the cheeseburgers were exactly the same, but the hashbrowns were fucking incredible. Never will I taste anything so ironically heavenly again in my entire life. Like. Fuck dude. The hashbrowns.

after that we went on our way to slay the demon king or whatever the fuck, I genuinely don’t remember.

Anyway the moral of the story kids is that if you’re in hell and you see a McDonald’s, order them out of hashbrowns you won’t fuckin regret it

  • Lance, walking up, eyes downcast: ...
  • Keith: Babe, what's wrong?
  • Lance, still not meeting his eye: You were red
  • Keith: ... Are we seriously doing this again
  • Lance: And you liked me cause I was blue
  • Keith: Lance for the last time
  • Lance: And you touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky
  • Keith: Why am I with you
  • Lance, looking away, a tear in his eye: And you decided purple, just wasn't for you
  • Keith: I am literally galra!
The only call you are going to get from me is a couple months from now. I’ll be sitting on the floor in a bar bathroom at 2 am, drunk, and someone will have just got done butchering a Fall Out Boy song. In that second I’ll miss being in love with you but that will be it.
—  I’m sorry you hurt me so much
Good Morning!

You’re brought slowly to consciousness by the feeling of light kisses on your shoulder blade and an arm grasping tightly around your middle. The lips make their way up to the top of your shoulder slowly, nipping lightly as they go. His hand busy drawing light circles against your hip with his thumb. You moan softly into your pillow, enjoying the attention. Then the lips move to your neck, peppering the crook under your ear, making you squirm. The lips then kiss your jaw gently before moving to your ears, nibbling at your lobe.

“Mornin darlin” a husky voice says softly in your ear, before continuing its assault of kisses.

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The real question we need answered next episode is

when did Maggie meet Eliza? We all know Alex wouldn’t shut up about her crush, but when did Eliza get the confirmation that they’re dating? Because this a WAY too familiar greeting for them to have never met before

“They think we hate each other.”


“Good,” Baz breathed. His lips were centimeters from Simon’s. “I want the world to think we hate each other.”



“It’ll make more of an impression with they find us snogging against the wall.”



heterosexual pandering? in my danganronpa?? it’s more likely than you think

It was all you. Because for once, you believed in yourself. You believed you were beautiful and so did the rest of the world. It’s like the hidden secret that no one tells you. We can all be beautiful girls. It’s so easy. It’s like Dorothy clicking her heels to go home. You could do it all along.
—  Sarah Dessen, Keeping the Moon
Silly nonsense.

I recently started a new game in Inquisition, and my friend (who had been curious about the game) was watching me via PS4 shareplay. We were having an entirely unrelated conversation while I played and after visiting with Dorian, I proceeded to fling my Inquisitor over the railing and land (as I always aim to) on Solas’s desk. This dialogue abruptly ensued:

Him: *interrupts conversation* WOW, you just literally jumped on his desk from like two stories above.

Me: Yes, I–

Him: … Just jumped right on top of him. Right onto the paper that he was probably reading.

Me: Well, anyway–

Him: Like how is he okay with that? How is he so chill about you just falling from the ceiling onto his stuff?

Me: …

Him: You probably broke his pen.

Jenissi is a best case scenaro

I don’t know why everyone is so sad about jenissi leaving topp dogg the way he did. Honestly would people have been happier with him going on Hiatus or doing military service? Topp dogg is basically hunus’ only idol group and jenissi was easily one of their more popular members and definitely the star of the rap line when they were ten. Jenissi will get promoted highly when his album comes out. He didn’t leave hunus so we’ll see him with the boys and with any hunus family postings. Jenissi is also a producer and he said 9+1 meaning we may see his handiwork on tracks. Jenissi might also open for topp dogg in their concerts and hunus is clearly fans of social media and the internet so we may see him more now than as a 1 of 10.

To recap:
1. Staying in hunus means the boys can talk to him and they can collab in the future.
2. Hunus is a small company and topp dogg (jenissi) was clearly their front runner and jenissi going solo is a clearly good idea for them marketing wise, especially with topp doggs comeback being a ballad and jenissi being a rapper.
3. Jenissi isn’t active on social media but hunus likes internet marketing meaning that when he debuts we’ll see more of him than normal.
4. If he was your bias you can bet you’ll get even more of those cheekbones
5. He left the group on good terms and is still friends with the members and that is so freakin rare!

In conclusion.
This. Is. as. Good. As. You. Could. Ever. Have. An. Idol. Go. Solo.

I hate teachers

its story time fellas

so some of you might already know this but i work as a supply teacher/helper teacher i guess in a secondary school (high school, for all you Americans out there). a few months back, years 7-9 had a school trip to germany for a few days. its only a flight of a few hours and we didnt do too much while we were there, so it was mostly hassle-free
that is, until we went to the airport on the last day. all the teachers were tired and stressed af and the kids just wanted to go home too (mind you, some of these kids are as young as 11). upon getting there, we found that our return flight had been canceled.

shock-horror moment, as you can imagine. half of these 96 kids start bawling (a few fellow teachers were close to tears), and the older ones are having the time of their goddamn lives running around like freakin spider monkeys knocking shit over and im pretty sure mr jones the physics teacher had a mental breakdown.

long story short, we stayed on the floor outside gate 14 berlin airport for a few hours before being told by one of the airport staff that the next set of flights available with the amount of seats we needed was in 3 days. in the meantime, we were offered a stay at a youth hostel near the airport.

so we get to this hostel and half of the kids are still crying and theres no signal so the parents are freaking out by now too. the teachers were assigned sorta shifts to go between the kids bunks and make sure they werent talking (dont ask me why this was important, teacher logic is weird).

after my shift ms beale the music teacher turns up to take her turn, but as i was used to running on barely any sleep i offered to take here shift too
big. fucking. mistake.

the next one asks if i can take over, and the one after that. before i know it im stuck peering into bunks at kids in a youth hostel in berlin till 3am every night for three days, cause apparently taking over one shift means im fucking invincible and now none of them want to turn up to do thEIR SHITTY JOBS

so yeah thats why i dont like teachers

Robron fandom ramble

I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed with the Robron / Emmerdale fandom lately. It’s like I’m actually overwhelmed by how many talented people we have in this fandom (not necessarily in a bad way - it’s a good problem to have, really) - it’s like nothing I’ve ever really seen before.

My previous fandom was a lot smaller, and while there were many great people within it once upon a time, there weren’t many “voices”. There were probably only a handful of people who actually spoke about stuff (myself included), and everyone who did speak had pretty specific styles and voices and each of us seemed to have a role, which balanced things out. There was something for everyone, really, and the fact that there were so few of us who actually had things to say made it all so manageable, if that makes sense.

With this fandom it’s different. There are SO MANY people here, and so many who are just…..amazing. I don’t feel like there are any “big names”, or fandom “celebs” - I feel like there are too many amazingly talented people for those kinds of labels.

There are the people that make insane gifs and edits and artwork, there are the people that write beautiful fanfic and headcanons and meta and some wonderful freaks of nature who can do all of those things. There are those that theorise and can look back over episodes with such care and attention, there are those that speculate and are positive and level-headed and those who, even when having a total fangirl moment writing all in capital letters freaking the fuck out, can still write so wonderfully, can put a point across so beautifully, without even trying.

Whether it’s just a small text post with just one little paragraph (or even one sentence!) or a huge essay about Aaron or Robert or their relationship or the show in general, the level of talent displayed in this fandom literally blows my fucking mind.

It is a privilege to be a part of, but at the same time it makes me question my place here, it makes me feel like a drop in the ocean, it makes me a little insecure, because in my old fandom I was one of a few, my voice was loud because nobody was really shouting with me, but now I don’t really have a role, there are people far more talented than me, and sometimes I think of something to say but I see someone has said the same thing, albeit in a much briefer, purer, simpler yet wonderful way, or someone has said it with far more depth and beauty than I feel I could ever convey, and it makes me feel a little insignificant, which is hard when coming from a fandom where, for some time, I was considered quite significant.

And I know these are my own insecurities, my own paranoia, and it’s not a competition, and nobody has ever done anything to make me feel this way; if anything, people have been nothing but lovely, kind and encouraging towards me, people have been supportive or things I have written (actually, I have also been totally overwhelmed by how well-received some things I have written have been), and I feel like I’ve made some pretty great fandom-pals here, on all kinds of levels; I adore that one minute someone can be having a silly little “war” over a ship name, and the next they can be writing something serious and beautifully poetic, that we can all go from daft and fun and fangirly one minute to serious and mature essay-writers the next.

It’s amazing. I adore how versatile everyone is. I love how talented everyone is. Sometimes I can only sit back in awe, scroll through my dash and reblog the living crap out of all of these epic posts, whether they’re a funny little text/gif post or a mammoth essay about where a storyline is going, or a beautifully put together gif-set or an amazing piece of art.

Sometimes it actually BLOWS MY MIND. And as I said before, it’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced in any fandom I have ever been in.

I was on the fringes of the Robron/Emmerdale fandom from the very start, as I’ve been on tumblr since 2010 (I DON’T KNOW HOW EITHER) and would search #Emmerdale now and then to see if there was anything (answer: there was always literally nothing until Robron was born). It took a while for me to properly throw myself into the fandom myself and use my own voice; for so long I was just a reblogger, who contributed nothing of my own (and there is nothing wrong with that, fans/fandom members like that are just as valid) - I’m someone who has never liked to spread myself too thin and at the time I was clinging to my old fandom and still trying to make an effort within that, even though it was dying and I wasn’t particularly happy there, but I’m loyal to a fault and it took me a while to let go.

And honestly, falling deeply into this fandom, just becoming brave enough to use my voice and say what I wanted to say about characters and a show I have loved for more than a decade, was the best thing I have done in recent years. At first I felt out of place; all the fans seemed really new (which I thought was amazing but also a little intimidating) and I was genuinely insecure that people wouldn’t like me because I’d been around the show long before Robron (in hindsight I could see that was totally stupid of me to think that, but paranoia/insecurity is a fun thing lmao) but I was amazed at how quickly people welcomed me and even reached out to me and made an effort with me - and how there were plenty of older fans, just like me, too.

And it’s been quite some time now since I’ve been in deep, and I feel like I know so many of you even though not all of us have spoken about too much outside of our amazing show and ship.

What I’m trying to say is, you’re all fucking amazing, and I appreciate every one of you. Whether you’ve been watching the show for 48248 years or 3 months, you’re fucking awesome.

I get overwhelmed because I want to follow everyone, but I’ve always been scared of following too many people and then missing stuff because my dash is too busy. I’ve been on tumblr almost 7 years and I still only follow 394 people (and tbh, I reckon at least a hundred of those are since the Robron fandom was born) - and yet every day it seems like a new name pops up, having written something amazing, and I’m like “where did you spring from?!”, and I have to give them a follow, and it’s like…..WOW.

I could tag a whole bunch of people who I find ridiculously amazingly talented but I’d be here all fucking day, and I couldn’t possibly list everyone, and then I’d feel bad for everyone who I’d missed so….I won’t.

So as arse-kissy as this post might sound, I just want to say a giant THANK YOU to everyone who contributes to this fandom, on any scale, in any capacity….thank you. And thank you to those that follow me too; it makes me feel genuinely proud and I know it’s something I really need to hang on to when I’m feeling down on myself. All your kind words mean more to me than I could ever properly express and I need to hold onto that forever because sometimes I really, really need it.

So…..there were are. Keep doing what you’re all doing. Know that even if I give your post a reblog without saying anything too profound in response, whether in a reply or a message or even a tag (writing stuff in tags on reblogs to someone’s post is so important!!), just know it’s because I’m probably just feeling overwhelmed by how fucking awesome I think you are.

I have no idea where this has come from really, apart from this is just how I’ve been feeling lately, but in a nutshell….I love you. I love all of you. Even if I haven’t agreed with everything you’ve said, I still probably love you. I respect all of you. I’m overwhelmed and intimidated by all of your talents. Thank you for being amazing. KEEP DOING WHAT YOU’RE DOING. Keep this fandom the best fucking fandom I’ve ever been in. Keep spreading the love and the positivity and the excitement, because by god, the next month or so of life in this fandom is going to be WILD and I’m so happy to be here going on this ride with you.

As always with my long posts; if you get to the end, thank you. This only makes me love you all the more.


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now the thing i have feels about is that ben and bea were only dating for like three months before they realized ben was going away to school and bea was (eventually) going to travel the world, and their reaction to realizing they would have to contend with distance was NOT “we’re young teenagers at a tumultuous time of life and long-distance is unrealistic, let’s break up.” Oh no. They are WAY too stubborn for that, so instead they both went “wow we’re in love and there’s no way I’m breaking up with you now, long distance is clearly the only option” and proceeded to actually STAY TOGETHER for almost a whole year while living in different cities. They never ever lose touch, they literally Skype every single day, and when they’re not on Skype they still never shut up about each other. They make it through the rules and a near-breakup and still decide to travel the world together, because that’s just how serious they are about working on this relationship. At like 19 years old. And then they stay together for the entire rest of their lives, according to the headcanons of tcw, the actors, and also shakespeare himself. THAT is how committed to each other my otp are. they completely adore each other. they are so in love. incredible.