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  • Tadashi: *accepting an award* I brought my little brother, Hiro, as my plus-one, and when I told him I was nominated for this award, he told me that if under any circumstances I won, I had to say the following things: You guys are idiots. I am neither hot nor smart. And Hiro Hamada- God, do I have to say this?... Hiro Hamada is the freaking coolest. He is fly as hell... Do people even say "fly" anymore?... And he could have a professional rap career... if he wanted to. But he's too chill and wants to lay low... Also, if Moana Waialiki is here, he will be backstage for the next forty-five minutes.
  • Random Person: nice Superman shirt I've never seen one like that before
  • Tim: thanks but it's not superman
  • Person: ...Supergirl doesn't wear black and red-
  • Tim: it's Superboy okay oh my god why doesn't anyone know that

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i'm sorry it why do you ship junkrat with mei?? if you haven't noticed or actually played overwatch, you'd know that mei hates junkrat, they despise each other and they're total opposites. and no, opposites don't always attract.

Ladies and Gentleman, we have a first!

In the two or so years I’ve had this blog, I’ve never had an antagonistic anon before. Then again, I only ever started branching out into non-Soul Eater things in September, so maybe this is just what happens when you start to create content for bigger fandoms? 

First things first: If you don’t like the content I post, I suggest that you either unfollow my blog or use blacklist to block the tags for content you don’t like. Your Tumblr experience is curated by you. I’ll tag my content to help you blacklist topics you wish to avoid, but it’s ultimately up to each user to take the necessary steps to tailor their dashboard.

Secondly, in sending me a rude ask, you have given me an excuse to talk about a favorite ship of mine. So buckle up, we’ve got a long post incoming!

Why ship Junkrat and Mei? Why ship any two characters?

Take a gander at this post by @chaoticlivi. It’s a pretty exhaustive list of reasons people get invested in the relationship between any two characters. They span from aesthetic and visual tastes (these two look great together!) to more in depth, thematic ones (their relationship embodies a theme I care about). Basically, there are many many reasons to love a ship, and canon rarely has much to do with it.  

In general, canon is a box of scraps. This is especially true for Overwatch, which despite its exhaustive lore leaves many holes in character stories and relationships. Nothing in the game itself (which I do play often, btw) is ‘canon.’ The voicelines you hear haven’t actually happened. They are meant to give us insight into the characters, their histories, and their relationships, but you can’t quote them as something Mei or Junkrat have actually said.  

In-game content is also in flux. As more shorts and comics come out, as the actual Overwatch lore grows, the game evolves too. It’s possible what’s canon within the game now will change later on. 

What I’m saying is, you can point at two voicelines and wave around words like ‘hate’ until you are blue in the face, but that won’t 1) make it canon that Junkrat and Mei will be at odds forever or 2) make me any less likely to ship them.

Now that I’ve got the “shipping doesn’t need a canon basis and Overwatch shipping is a crapshoot built on nearly nothing anyway” part done, I can actually talk about Mei and Junkrat.

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Hey Jerm I don't know if you've been asked this before, but are the tides connected to your emotions? Or do you just have them flow as you see fit?

Jeremy: Well, I can affect the tides, but I can’t really control it.

Jeremy: Whenever I go down to Earth to visit Jake or walk on some beach with Michael, or, heck, walk by any body of water, I kinda…pull it towards me. It’s an unconscious ‘ability’ of mine, and I can’t shut it off. But the pull does vary in strength sometimes, but I can never figure out why. So…sort of?

- We’re TAEKOOK.


- The team name is TAEKOOK.

- We’ve never been a team before.
- It will be fun.

I tried to count and I think they said TAEKOOK 16 times 


I wanted to do this months ago but never finished it so here we are! It’s nothing much but I know some people wanted a reference sheet for him long ago, so I got a simple one for you, plus a few different face angles. It’s enough to give you guys a bit of help with drawing him. Anyways have fun with him!

Posted on my Instagram months ago, but it never made it to my Tumblr. Proof that I do actually draw things occasionally with real pens and paper :)

So I just tagged my uncle in a post on FaceBook because he and I are such One-Punch Man nerds.

And what he replies was actually really cute??

Like, I just love how Genos wants to know every little thing about Saitama and would records it and I never really thought about it before until my uncle replied to my post on FaceBook. Why the Hell is this so cute???

me: *starts to get in her feelings about being alone on thanksgiving*

me: time to chug another starbucks doubleshot!!!!!!!!!!!

Depression is the worst.
Overthinking things or just being depressed for no apparent reason. It happens to me on a daily basis, usually lasts around an hour. And 9 times out of 10 it happens for no real reason.
I remember when I was over at my friends’ for a week, everything was okay. We were talking, laughing, joking, etc.
Then one evening, we were getting ready to go to sleep and suddenly this feeling came over me. Everything was fine. I wasn’t thinking about anything depressing. It was one of the most fun weeks I had this year.
And I still felt this way..

I am always so glad when it is finally over.

The one thing that always helped is talking to someone or watching a Let’s Play/stream.
But sometimes I just.. can’t bring myself to do these things..

It’s hard.. I wish I didn’t have this..
Regardless.. there is one thing that helped me immensely.

Normally, if my depressive phases did have a reason, it was one thing: thinking too much about the future.
I mean, yeah, thinking about your future is important. But usually when I thought about it, all I could think of were bad outcomes.
“What if this happens?” or “What if this doesn’t happen?”
It’s the worst and I know that a lot of people have struggled with these kind of thoughts at least once. Even people who don’t have any kind of mental illness at all.
But there is one thing I realized.. These are only outcomes. I shouldn’t be stressing about things that are most likely not going to happen. It’s easier said than done, I realize. And it’s not like it worked for me immediately.

But please, try and live in the moment. Prepare for the future but don’t think too hard about all the possible negative outcomes.
I assure you, if you do your best in the present, they will most likely never happen. I believe in you. ♥

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Aaaaand... Reacting to the other one crying about something for Shallura (I don't know why I'm asking for angst but here we are)

i’ve never posted any shallura before so this should be interesting. also i’m sorry this is so late, but I hope you like it!!

i took some inspiration from this post by @justpidgance i reblogged a few days ago, and also if you’re confused about Keith’s role in this here’s my bizarre and unfounded theory (or Opinion) about how Sam Holt should get rescued

Shiro had never seen Matt and Pidge happier.

Even in the excitement of takeoff from Earth and their eventual arrival to Kerberos (how long ago that now seemed), Matt Holt never smiled so widely as when he and his father reunited.

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LOL the video Naomi and Becky (I really want them to hang out again and the rest of the cast) anyway the video of Naomi burning the toast LOL. See I had never seen the video before now and in my fic Kim can't cook either. I don't know it just seems like Kim can't cook and I'm not sure why.

Lol yeah they’re such dorks.

I remember when Becky posted that video and everyone basically agreed that Kimberly would be a horrible cook lmao

I’ve said this a thousand times, but I’m really glad the writers decided not to make X a villain in MM0 because I feel like doing so would’ve undermined a really vital part of his character. Like yeah, I can definitely see X getting tired and maybe bitter after a while (and we sorta saw some of that in X7), but for X to completely give up? That just doesn’t feel like him. And while I can see X getting frustrated and angry because sometimes it feels like nothing’s ever going to change, it’s precisely because X cares so much that he’d never give up. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean I can’t see X getting pushed to his limits in the MM0 series. I’m not as well-versed in those games as I am the MMX ones, but it makes sense; he had even more garbage on his plate as the leader of Neo Arcadia, and just when things seemed like they were finally going to get better with the Mother Elf program, X was forced back into the same cycle of war and violence. On top of all that, he was fighting by himself because his idiot best friend Zero thought he’d make things better by taking a 100 year nap. It’s enough to make anyone exhausted (and there’s no doubt he was exhausted, I mean heck, he straight up asked Zero to let him rest once X knew Zero remembered stuff / could take over where he left off). But no matter what happened, X never let the world break him. I feel like that makes for a better story than any “hero turned villain” plotline.

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hey navya! i was wondering if you'd be willing to write a post in simple terms abt comp het and how it affects bi women? i'm a lesbian who who wants to help my friend who recently discovered she's bi. i can't find any posts/articles that don't sound extremely, incomprehensibly academic. Thank you for your time, and have a very nice day! :)

I don’t know if I can simplify the effects of compulsory heterosexuality on any group of women, because this is affected not only by sexual orientation but also by race and class. And every woman is different. I’ll try my best though. 

Bi women can be affected by compulsory heterosexuality in specific ways that lead them to date mediocre heterosexual men to fulfill a desire for companionship. This is why there are bi women who have never dated women before or who have mostly dated men, and why there are some bi women who will go their entire lives without dating women. They’re compelled to prioritize men and date mostly men because they don’t have access to women, and because they think pursuing their attraction to women is a futile endeavor that will only end in heartbreak or rejection. 

Bi women who believe that they have a “preference” for men or that they will “end up being married to men” are clearly impacted by this. Of course individual bi women genuinely fall in love with men and marry them, but to discount that you could be married to a woman is a product of a system that reduces you to men and objectifies you as an object of their desire. That a woman can explicitly identify as bisexual and still preemptively declare that she will “end up” with a man proves this. Also, the fact that bi women with negative experiences in first relationships with women feel that they can only date men after that are also impacted by this. 

And there are situations in which bi women physically cannot date other women - if being gay is criminalized, or if she lives in a homophobic environment, or if there are no other LBPQ women geographically proximate to her. But again, discounting the option of dating women despite identifying as bi is a clear sign of compulsory heterosexuality. 

So let her know that if she’s feeling that she’ll “end up with a man anyway” or that it makes no sense to identify as bi, she’s being affected by a system that socializes women to be exclusively straight. That is, compulsory heterosexuality is a patriarchal economic condition that coerces women into complying with it through rewards and punishments. Women who comply are rewarded, and women who don’t are punished. Further, even women who comply with it are still psychologically impacted by it and don’t usually understand that they’re impacted by it, leading them to claim things like “I will end up with a man”. Women are told from childhood that a “real” woman loves men and only loves men, and that “real” women will be loved by men someday, and that “real” women exist to please men and make them desire and lust over them. Thus, patriarchy naturalizes - or makes dominant - heterosexuality as an innate “characteristic” of being a woman, and that anything a woman does around a man is a sign of “attraction” (even blushing or laughing or feeling nervous/afraid). These are all coercive signs, not signs of genuine attraction. 

Do tell her that she shouldn’t be afraid to identify as bi, and that being bi is what gives her the option to date women, love them, and eventually cohabit with or marry them, and that she doesn’t /have/ to end up with men. Ending up with a man isn’t her destiny. 

Some additional resources: 


I hope this helps! You sound like a great friend, sweetheart! This is the kind of thing LBPQ women should be doing for each other. Good luck, and best wishes to you and your friend.