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Today’s episode wasn’t amazing for a couple reasons. Firstly because Lucoa continues to exist. Secondly because personally I can’t stand episodes that revolve around characters embarrassing themselves, even if things work out. And to head-off any arguments that they weren’t embarrassed, sure the audience loved it, but we the viewers were clearly meant to find the performance embarrassing, the crux of the entire gag was how much they’d managed to mess up. I’m not going to argue that those kind of gags are inherently bad; they just really don’t work for me.

But! On the other hand! Lots of cute. I said it before but let me repeat myself: Elma is such a cute dork and I’m glad it looks like she’s going to just be part of the gang from now on. Vitriolic best friends are one of my FAVORITE types of relationships, and I’m really hoping that’s how she and Tohru are going to work out. And of course, Kanna continues to be a perfect cinnamon roll. I swear she’s teasing Saikawa at this stage, but still.

Oh! And Kobayashi’s few appearances were actually very important!!! Because, I mean, come on, they’re just family now! She loves her dragon daughter and her dragon practically-girlfriend so much! Christmas gifts! Praising Kanna! Making time out of a busy work schedule to see their play! Indulging Tohru! She loves them both so much. We really do get to see her smile a lot more in these recent episodes. I like that they didn’t draw too much attention to it, because in my opinion it really drives home how natural these moments are becoming for her. Moments where she thinks about others first, tries to make them happy, is happy because they’re happy… *I’m* so happy with how they’ve handled her character, so even for what mostly boils down to a filler episode, we get that little bit of character development.

Posted on my Instagram months ago, but it never made it to my Tumblr. Proof that I do actually draw things occasionally with real pens and paper :)

on pidge’s role in klance fics

so i might be alone in this but like…. i’ve never really understood why in klance fics, pidge is always the one who (1) knows that lance and keith are interested in each other far before the boys themselves do and (2) is actively trying to get them together, or at least really wants them to be together??

this isn’t even to speak on how pidge (and hunk, and shiro, and basically everyone else) often seems to be written into a klance fic purely to add to the boys’ relationship and seldom has desires and motives of her own, which is a topic for another day. just like…. i don’t really get why she’s depicted this way SO OFTEN when i can’t really see much canonical evidence for this characterization of her tbh

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So I just tagged my uncle in a post on FaceBook because he and I are such One-Punch Man nerds.

And what he replies was actually really cute??

Like, I just love how Genos wants to know every little thing about Saitama and would records it and I never really thought about it before until my uncle replied to my post on FaceBook. Why the Hell is this so cute???

Look who’s late for the party (again)


2am, time to disappoint my parents

i’ve never really understood how a celebrity could save a fan’s life.

until now.

until jared padalecki.

- We’re TAEKOOK.


- The team name is TAEKOOK.

- We’ve never been a team before.
- It will be fun.

I tried to count and I think they said TAEKOOK 16 times 

Dr. Dean Winchester MD: Some Thoughts on Dean's Profession(s) If He Hadn't Become A Hunter...

I think I may have rambled about this before, but I am not sure. So forgive me if I have and cannot remember when exactly at 6am in the morning (God knows why I wake up at this time on a Saturday, sigh). ;)

That said, somehow this morning I had to think about Dean and what he may have grown up to become if the supernatural had never invaded his life, but if he would have gotten the chance to just go to school and college and had a normal family without him being forced to take on responsibility for things no child should need to feel responsible for and least from age 4 onwards.

And while I think Dean working as a mechanic as many fanfictions depict him based on his love for Baby on the show and his knowledge about fixing her (and with that also mending the broken pieces of himself as Baby is basically an extension/symbol of Dean’s psyche/soul) makes sense, I personally think that Dean may have gone a very different route when choosing his profession.

The show has given us small moments over eleven season in which Dean is out into different scenarios. In 4x17 “A Terrible Life” he’s a marketing manager and seems to be doing by all means very well in the field and of course we have seen him pretend to be a cop/FBI agent so much that even when he is just himself and asking for info people think he may be a cop (for example when Dean goes out to investigate and drink in 7x04 “Defending Your Life” he goes with the cop option and Mia, the barkeeper instantly believes him or in 9x03 “I’m No Angel” when him and Sam ask around a homeless camp for Castiel they both are being treated with suspicion at first as they come off as being cops to them and not just someone looking for them).

And while I think Dean may have felt it interesting to become a cop in a world without the supernatural as Dean is equipped with a very strong sense of justice and finding the bad guys and locking them up, it is still not the profession I personally think would be most fitting to Dean and his character and his strengths (which are unrelated to the life he had to lead after his mother died).

I personally could have seen Dean become these three options most:

1) Firefighter: Granted, this is slightly based in what Dean says in 1x21 “Salvation” when they look for John and is of course tied to a wish he probably had harbored from 4 years of age onwards (as firefighter is a very popular profession when being a kid, or maybe it just was in my childhood, I don’t know) as this directly connects to preventing the death of his mother and with that also preventing much of the life he and his family were forced to live after the tragic event. What to me is most relevant about this though is that Dean’s wish to help and save people I think is inherent to his character. Dean cares no matter in which AU in which life he is put, imo that is a constant. Dean cares. Cares about people. Cares about helping them. Cares about saving them. On the show I’d say this aspect is sadly twisted together with Dean thinking that for him it is too late anyway and that nothing could ever save him (he expresses it more than once in 11 seasons and probably most memorable in 11x07 “Girls Girls Girls” in his talk with Cole) but that therefore he wants to try twice as hard to have someone else experience the same. As a firefighter Dean would work on protecting not just people’s homes (something he lost so early himself but something he considers something almost “sacred” - and I think the importance of home and family wouldn’t change for Dean either if he never once had to salt and burn someone’s bones), but of course mainly people too. And that just goes very well with “the saving things” of the family business-mantra.

2) Doctor/Paramedic: A similar field of profession I can see Dean working in is the medical field. In the show he’s being ridiculed for watching and loving “Dr. Sexy MD”. But I truly think Dean would make an excellent doctor. Over the course of the life he lead he proved more than once that he has knowledge of the human body and can stitch someone back together - not pretty but enough so it would get the person better until in professional care. And in general I personally think as a doctor Dean would be able to also work on what is obviously something very important to him: helping people/saving people. Without a doubt losing a patient would weigh heavy on Dean, but ultimately I think Dean would be an amazing doctor who’d give his all for his patients.

3) Psychological Therapist: This profession also in a similar field as the two above. Of course the show likes to tell that Dean doesn’t like talking about his own feelings a whole lot or doesn’t like to hear about someone else’s a whole lot, which stands in complete opposition to what is shown on screen. Dean constantly makes sure that people are okay and urges people to open up and unload on him. And while him carrying not just in own sorrows with him but those of others too is something weighing heavy on Dean, in an alternate life I can see Dean work as a therapist and helping people through hard times, but with the difference that he would have learnt strategies to be able to leave these things behind at the end of the day and in his office (mostly). In this case again, Dean would be able to still work on “the saving people” of the family business-mantra. And I think Dean could be a good listener as he is quite selfless. He is able to analyze and get an idea of people fast and rather well. He has a good gut feeling he can trust and I think all these character traits could come in handy in this line of work.

What’s in any case important in this regard is that all of these jobs the focus would never be in himself but on helping others get better (something I wish Dean did more for himself too on the show, focus on himself and letting himself heal and take time for himself and not just not thinking he is worth caring about anyway - ugh this will forever make me sad and angry, because Dean deserves so so much!). What I think would be an important difference in these scenarios however would be that I’d imagine Dean to be in amore emotionally stable place himself. Aside from that particularly doctor/paramedic and therapist would require long and demanding studying. Something Dean imo would be more than capable of and would enjoy and success in. The show and sometimes the fandom too puts Dean in the “brawn” category, see him as the more practical one. Frankly, I think that’s bullshit. Dean’s plenty smart, he’s so quick to pick up on things and is a very natural learner and observer. It’s just that on the show Dean himself think of himself as less and not as intelligent (*shakes Dean to make him see himself for the amazing person he is*) though he constantly proves he is.

So if there ever was an episode again played as an AU I would love it to show Dean working in any of the fields above and with that making Dean maybe see that he is one hell of an amazing, smart and all around wonderful person.

Fenders doodle before work on some other stuff.

I believe they would always fight and fight. And they would never apologize to each other unless something happens.

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It’s been 84 years...

But finally I got my RinHaru Mook!

And maybe I’m a little late to the party but I really want to share how perfect this mook is:

I’d never bought an official item like this one before, and I wish everyone could have gotten hold of one, because now that I have it in my hands I can say that IT’S NOT THE SAME just seeing scans here on tumblr, it’s just… not the same.

There’re a lot of details I haven’t noticed like the little scales Harus has in his face and shoulder (maybe I was just blind):

Or that the frames, the dolphin, the shark, and other details on the cover and the back are made with metallic tape (or smth similar) which makes it look more elegant:

And Haru’s face in the bite scene is more lewd now that I see it closely lol (I still can’t get over it not sorry):

And of course I can’t forget the beautiful bracelet, it’s so well made, delicate and detailed, like the dolphin and shark have stars for eyes:

So basically I’m just really happy to have it and I need to thank fencer-x for giving us the chance to buy it through her, and her hard work at ordering and shipping so many xD

I’ll let more pictures under the cut because it’s never enough:

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I’ve had at least half a dozen people ask why I don’t like Hey Violet and while I did make a brief post a while ago, I figured I might as well fully explain myself so I can just get it over with. Before I start, here’s a quick disclaimer: I’ve never met the band, I don’t know them personally, so everything I’m about to say is based on videos, tweets, fan stories, etc.

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