don't know who the original artist is

Finished up the second sketch of that cute moment between the Blue Boi Ethan(@crankgameplays) and Chica in the stream yesterday. 💕

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hey i hope you don't feel any pressure to put out content just because people love your fanart! i've seen other artists be stressed out about it to the point where they don't enjoy making art anymore, and i just wanted to make sure you don't feel like you have to make content even if you don't feel up to it sometimes! uh, i hope that doesn't come off as weird! don't forget to take care of yourself!

I’m actually kinda glad you brought this up.. Because lately I’ve been feeling the need to step out and take a breather. I mean- I’m totally okay! I don’t really feel pressured to make content. It’s just that I’m starting to feel like I need to veer away from fanart just for a moment so that I can focus on my OCs and my story! I haven’t been able to give them my full attention due to various reasons, and now I genuinely want to start dedicating time in developing them. So because of that I might be slow with fanart from here on out… Um… but yeah! No need to worry though; I’m a-okay! Thanks for your concern; I really do appreciate it!

I guess everyone isn’t gonna agree with this but. I strongly dislike these “how to support an artist” posts because I think they guilt trip people. What’s the point of someone sharing your artwork if they don’t feel like it? Doesn’t it feel better to have your art going around because people like it and not because they feel obligated  to retweet? If someone wants to buy your merch/art/commission you, they’ll do it, do not guilt trip them into giving you money. When someone really appreciates what you do, they’ll support you. Don’t force them to do so. And I think it’s more important to have people share and pay for your work because they feel moved by it rather than because “that’s how you have to do it or i’ll die of hunger!!!”. I know fellow artists out there are also poor but guilt tripping isn’t the right way.

Same goes with being mad at people for mainly liking fanarts. Artists who draw original art aren’t any superior. People who mainly enjoy fanart have the right to because they already know the characters. Also let’s not be hypocrites, we ALL scroll past art that doesn’t interest us. If someone sees art they like, they’ll like or/and reblog it. Original or not. Some artists really need to tone down on the salt.

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Hi there! I have a little problem... I'm trying to start my own art blog but no one goes by to see it and I'm about to give up... I don't know, what should I do? Thanks!

Alright, I’m gonna give you some tips on how to get your art noticed. I know it makes you feel bad when no one seems to see you, but you can’t give up! Because that’s how every artist who starts on tumblr goes through.

1.) Post every doodle you make: Especially the ones you aren’t working on anymore, they can be considered done. An art blog isn’t necessarily all finished drawings, doodles can look as good as a finished piece!

2.) Remember to tag it: If I remember correctly, the first 5 tags of an original tumblr posts are the ones that show up in searches (I could be wrong though, idk lol) But do give it lots of tags so it can show up in people’s searches!

3.) You might have to go a bit mainstream: If notes are what you’re aiming for, then you probably want to post stuff that are fandom-related or are just popular at this moment (Ex: Right now if you post star wars art, it’d probably get a lot of notes since the trailer for the next movie recently came out so people are definitely searching for it) But please don’t let that stop you from posting original content! A lot of people on tumblr will just reblog stuff cause it looks visually pleasing!

4.) Don’t stop posting art: Whether or not it gets notes, posting art is a good way to improve your skill and practice drawing I would recommend posting at least once or twice a week, or just post whatever drawing you make at your own pace

5.) Put a link to your art blog on your main: Maybe people who follow your main blog didn’t even know you had an art blog? There’s no shame in self-promotion!

(Bonus step) Post stuff at about 5-7pm: Idk if this will get you more notes, but tumblr is probably pretty active around this time lol

Aaaaand that’s all I got. Remember you can’t expect to get popular overnight, gaining followers takes time! And also remember try not to focus on followers too much. I know it’s really nice to have them and to be noticed, but art is something you do for fun! Don’t let anyone take away your fun, especially other people who want things that you don’t. You have something great to give to the world that only you can create! Good luck and don’t give up! I believe in you! ♥

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Hi I was just wondering who the artist is of the custom art you have on sims. It's the art piece that looks like a weird clown thing. I don't know if you know the artist or if you just found it randomly online.

Is it something like this? The artist is Michael Hussar :) His stuff is amazing. (The actual piece of custom content was made by me so you likely won’t find it for your game but yeah the original artist is Michael Hussar).

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To day I saw someone of instagram say "Credit to artist If you don't want your art to be reposted tell me and I'll take it down." Like bitch, first you have to ask if you can repost their art. I hate when people that don't draw don't appreciate or even bother to ask artists for their art. They work so hard for it and then you shit heads come and take advantage of it. What I hate the most is when people in the comments don't even mention it and they ignore it. Anyway, what do you thing about it?

i really don’t like those accounts honestly cause i’ll often see really nice art and when i click on it to see who the artist is its 1) a repost 2) “credit to artist” aka no actual credit. even though they’re not claiming to have drawn it, its still hurting the original artist because theres going to be people who’ll see the art and potentially want to know who the artist is so they can go follow and support them. its taking that away from them, and it sucks. 

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u know, i relly love u, don't hate me, pls. This time, other sad BTS reaction, sorry. BTS are in an awards program (like MAMA, one invented) Then, suddenly, the MC announces that it has prepared a reminder to all artists who died that year and it turns out that his girlfriend died that year. Then, they see many images and videos of his girlfriend and some others with them. I AM SORRY FOR THIS.

Oh, my precious muffin, I will never hate you but… omfg, gurl, your requests are so-so… original? ʘ‿ʘ Thank you for your creativity, I appreciate it, like really, I do ><


*he didn’t want to lift his eyes up, because he knew, that he wouldn’t be able to hold his tears, but the chance to see her face made him to do it and experience the pain again after such a long time, when he thought, that he’s already alright*


*somehow sadness and pain changed into stupid immature hate, he was mad, that they made him experience all those feelings one more time, but he knew, that he acts kind of silly at such moments, so he just tried to not look at all those screens, while knowing, that after this ends, it won’t be good*


*was immediately emotional, since the first picture, since the first moments, surrounded by her voice felt, like if she was still there by his side, his body by itself was showing, that he still wasn’t and for a long time won’t be able to forget about her*


*wasn’t not ready to see her face, didn’t want to show everyone, how weak he actually was, tried to not to cry, but just after a long time, when he was sure, that he won’t see her face or hear her voice, when he realized, that he will never ever see her again, he began to cry*


*since the first second his eyes became red and hot, he didn’t even realized, that he’s crying or how weak his body became, he just watched the screen like if he finally got a dose of a drug he was deprived for a long time*


*he was never showing his weaknesses, he was never crying, but seeing her was like being faced to illusion, that she’s still with him, it was so hard to stand there with frozened face, he knew, that he will begin to cry right after coming off of this stage*


*his heart was beating like mad even before something began, just after hearing what are people around him talking, he had enough, he wasn’t ready to be there with everyone like if he didn’t feel anything, one quick look on the screen made him go away right away, run from everything and everyone*

Master list 

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I'm just...urgh right now. I saw an anti deadass make a post literally ripping off somebody's theory (they legit said that they didn't want to reblog the original post because op was a dirty, dirty shaladin) and they just explained it poorer than, you know, the actual poster did and like? C'mon, man. I follow op and they're a great person who works hard on their metas and to just rip off their work because you don't like what they ship is disgusting. They didn't even credit or anything.

Antis are just pathetic honestly they’re the sort of people who repost art without crediting and who think adding a caption of ‘credit to the artist’ counts

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Hi I really like to draw and ya know art but I don't want to post my stuff and Im in awe that you can. Aren't you scared you will get hate or that someone will steal your art and not credit you?

Hi there!

This is all part about being an artist on the internet, you can never escape the many hate and people who steal your art and not credit you! You just need to fight them back!! 

I have had many people steal my AU ideas/art and never credit me as the original creator.

Even one of my favourite artists, who made fanart for one of my AUs did not credit me at all and just mentioned “bc that AU is just too precious”. We used to talk and they would always reply to my tweets but after I let them know it was me who made that AU. They stopped replying to me ever since. We have many mutuals who told me they drew that fanart. Other say, “oh just be happy someone famous recognized you and drew your AU”…. well no! They are ignorant for not helping me as a fellow artist with the simple credit of my idea. Just because they drew fanart for my AU without acknowledging my existence dose not make me happy one bit!

Sure you can draw fanart for my AU by all means but not crediting the person who made that AU and helping me out alot by getting my name out there, is just plain selfish of them. It disappoints me to this day that they choose to not reply to me for a simple credit of THAT ARTIST who drew THAT AU.

It broke my willpower to continue drawing that AU for awhile but it actually also made me stronger. It is still hard to talk about but I do want to make a post about this unfair issue that I face last year. I do not care for the backlash I get, I just want my voice to be heard and for people like you to know you can fight your insecurities and post what you love without the fear! 

What I want to say is FIGHT THE HATERS, STEALERS AND REPOSTERS cuz you have the right to defend what is yours! GO GET EM <33 Enjoy posting your art~

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I have so many art ideas and challenges I want to do for videos, but they aren't fan art related so I feel like no one is going to watch them since I'm a small channel. The amount of views shouldn't matter, I know, but I don't want to put so much effort into a video to have it just sit in my uploads lol

i feel you, original art definitely does get less noticed than fanart unfortunately but thats the same for any artist. there’s still people who will watch it though!! don’t let it stop you from not creating something original. do it anyways for you own enjoyment, people will still appreciate it!

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Blade of Marmora, for the voltron ask meme :B

Voltron Ask Meme

Who has the best character design?

I feel a little nervous answering this question to a talented visual artist. ;)

It’s hard for me to pick, because I appreciate many things about so many of the designs, but I think that for now I’ll say Keith Akira Kogane. His reboot design has always enchanted me the most conceptually, I must say.

The Space Explorers from DotU are updated to a more modern art style and appearance in VLD. I’ve always been intrigued by the design similarities and changes from the 1980s versions to their 2017 counterparts.

Of all the characters to update, I would think Keith would be the hardest to do stylishly. Keith’s red jumper and notable mullet aren’t considered the most fashionable things by today’s standards, yet they’re notable parts of his design and appearance. He’s meant to be a good-looking character with those visual traits. Voltron Force Keith looks fine with his short hair and black costume, but it evokes a very different flavor than the character we first met in Defender of the Universe.

I love that we can take one look at VLD Keith and see the vibes of DotU Keith. We’ve got the black mullet. We’ve got the fancy red jacket with white accents and collar. We’ve got the same basic face shape and large eyes and thick, serious eyebrows. Yeah, VLD Keith evokes more sense of youth, but it’s totally obvious that he’s the contemporary counterpart to our 1980s leader. And yet SOMEHOW, despite all his bizarre fashion choices, he looks amazing in both the 1980s version and the current reboot! It’s magic!

So it’s not necessarily that Keith has the best-best-best design of EVERYONE in VLD… that’d be harder to vote… but he’s one I hugely respect how they updated and drew him!

The signs as band members
  • Aries: Mikey Way (has the best poker face as in they can look ready to kill but secretly is a movie nerd)
  • Taurus: Patrick Stump (Cinnamon roll who looks good in hats. Can't sports. Precious plz protect)
  • Gemini: Pete Wentz (has a great smile, probably a meme. Will have loads of adventures)
  • Cancer: Ray Toro (looks tough, loves food, cool hair. Basically a princess underneath)
  • Leo: Ryan Ross (fabulous and they know it, good leader, original style)
  • Virgo: Andy Hurley (doesn't look like it but is an angel and is very caring. Works out.)
  • Libra: Gerard Way (Most likely Emo. Overthinking artist, who is living sass. Don't mess)
  • Scorpio: Brendon Urie (sometimes partying, sometimes soulful but there until the end. Could be Satan.)
  • Sagittarius: Tyler Joseph (quiet but has a lot to say. Even though they are pretty unique they have low self esteem)
  • Capricorn: Frank Iero (excitable most of the time but can be serious when they need to. Big, big love of animals)
  • Aquarius: Josh Dun (smol, happy and hyper once you get to know them. Likes experimenting with looks)
  • Pisces: Joe Trohman (silly and likes to chill. High maintenance sometimes but deserves it)

Some beautiful spn fan art that I’ve picked up from Tumblr, google images, and various other places around the internet. I have no idea who the original artists are, but they are complete geniuses and absolutely all of the credit goes to them. If you know who the original is, please write it in a reblog, because I’d love to give direct credit to their talent.

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I know a lot of fan artists on tumblr who talk about what a danny phantom reboot would be like and what changes they would make from the original and I'm curious to hear what you would do different about the show if it were all in your hands (btw it's totally chill if you don't feel like answering this, I know a lot of people love the show how it is and you don't want to start a tumblr war)

well you are in absolute luck bc this is totally a thing i have written down

so here’s what i got

-make sam canonically a lesbian

-make sam and paulina gay

-make valerie and ember gay

-give all the ghost villains backstory

-either write vlad to be more of a sad old man or more of an irredeemable asswipe. i don’t like this weird grey area he’s in

-sam is a vegetarian but pretends to be vegan specifically to annoy people

-just make tucker….better. do more with his jealousy complex of danny and explore their history as lifelong friends.

-develop paulina as a character, why she’s so obsessed with looks and popularity and why she looks down on people. make her learn something.

-develop dash as a character, turn his feminine interests into more than just a punchline, but a deep-seated fear and insecurity that comes from living in a world that demands he be the perfect example of manhood.

-fucking point out that jack is a bad parent and give him a redemption arc about it. for gods sake

-analyze how danny’s neglect by just about every authority figure in his life affects him, maybe even play around with the fact that vlad pays more attention to him than anyone else and the temptation he might feel to actually ditch his family.

-the hazmat suits include headgear or at the very least gas masks because what the fuck

-danny’s ghost suit includes either a full hood or just a gas mask, which he can take off. this can also serve to disguise his identity.

-maybe bring up how if danny sided with the ghosts he would become powerful and respected, while fighting for humans earns him nothing but constant rejection.

-a version of the retcon episode where an alternate timeline exists where danny never had the accident, and the town is overrun by hostile ghosts. in one incident, sam is killed and becomes a ghost. using some….time travel bullshit, probably thanks to clockwork, she’s able to travel back in time and overshadows her past self so she can convince danny to enter the portal. her ghost spends the next several months altering little things in alive-sam’s life to help the trio along, although she tries not to get too close to danny in case he senses her. when the day finally comes that sam died in the alternate timeline, she’s finally discovered by the trio, everyone survives, and in the end she’s able to move on.

-valerie captures ember and decides to interrogate her for more information on ghosts and their agenda. this is their beginning of their rival-romance relationship, as well as ember’s redemption arc.

-“how’d you die?” “oh my god, at least take me out to dinner first.”

(ember/valerie is my femslash crackship of choice, lol)

but yeah ive actually had a ton of conversations about this with my bud @antlor and this isnt even all the details we came up with. kinda makes me want to start watching dp again, tbh! i never did finish it

So I messaged the reposter to kindly delete my artwork and to not steal peoples artworks and just reblog my original artwork on tumblr instead.

The reply I got:

Hello! To begin, that I saved the picture is not a Tumblr. I pointed out to you by the author of this picture, so you need not say that I stole something. Please do not forget that the Internet is a worldwide network. And if I want to save myself this picture, then no one can stop me, because no one actually me and this is not prohibited. And now good enough to be found in his blog (because your blog a lot of things) exactly this picture and give me a link, then I’ll do reblogged.

Maybe there is a language barrier, but of course I’m not saying people aren’t allowed to save pictures and yes I do know the Internet is Worldwide :( but it does not mean everyone has suddenly gained rights to take anyones work online and just repost it! You are taking someones work so you can get hits instead of the original artist who worked hard & spent alot time creating these artworks. Things like this do make artists delete their work/account and discourages them to post new work online 😭