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Have you seen the new Otayuri/Victuuri artwork yet? I love how Yurio is /again/ looking at Yuuri and sporting a small blush (it's tiny but they never really draw Yurio blushing ever soooo). :')

I just saw it now! Thank you for letting me know. XD This official art is so precious, and it’s very true that Yurio is looking right at Yuuri and blushing. (With Yuuri’s cute smile, you can see why he’s blushing!~)

To all my followers, Anon is talking about this picture here:

And the closeup here:

Pics from of the preview for the new Spoon 2di

He is indoors so you can’t use the excuse that it’s just cold. YURIO IS BLUSHING. Let’s all celebrate~

how dare the les miserables finale make me feel sad and both so uplifted at the same time. no fair. musical finales are supposed to make feel either super sad or happy it’s not fair you can’t make me super sad and uplifted at the sometime what witchcraft is this

I know things are terrible right now but take a look at my cat. She’s fine. She’s content. She doesn’t even know what a President is. All she’s worried about is when I’ll give her breakfast and whether the bed or the sofa is the better sleeping option. No matter what happens all is well in the world of my cat. Even if the world goes to hell, she is happy.

The Seven Deadly Sins - Part 3

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Pairing: Reader x Jimin

Word Count: 7k

Genre: ?, (Future) Smut

Series: 1. Lust / 2. Gluttony / 3. Greed (1) / 4. Greed (2) / 5. Sloth / 6. Wrath / 7. Envy

Comment: I wanted to put Greed all into one post, but it started to get too long for my taste. I’ve broken it into two sections, and the smut will be mainly in the second one. Hope you like it!

Description: Seven men helped shape you into who you are. Whether they were friends, enemies, or lovers, they all left a long lasting mark on your life, for better or for worse.


           You had a bagged tux slung over your shoulder, your boss’s breakfast in your left hand, two coffees in your right and a phone jammed in between your shoulder and ear as you carefully climbed into the back of the taxi. You smiled at the familiar driver thankfully as he began to drive to your destination.

           “I’m sorry Mrs. Park, you know how he is,” you said into the phone. One of your tasks this morning was to phone his mother and cancel their dinner plans for the night, a call that you had made a dozen times before, both to his mother and others. He preferred to leave that kind of stuff to you.

           “Tell him I love him and I hope to see him soon,” she replied hopefully. From the times you had talked to her she seemed like a sweet woman, but you were sure she was tired of receiving your calls. They tended to come with disappointing news.

           “I will. I hope you stay healthy, Mrs. Park. The next time I call I’ll try to have something more positive to tell you,” you promised.

           “Thank you, Y/n. Take care of him for me,” she sighed.

           “I will.”

           Not like you had a choice at the moment. You have been working as Mr. Park’s assistant for the past two years, a position that paid well but ate up way too much time. The work that was done at the office wasn’t very difficult; it was all of the extra stuff he required you to do that made the job less enjoyable.

           You followed a strict schedule every week, one that you had grown accustom to and didn’t change often. You picked up his laundry on Sundays and Thursdays. You brought him his breakfast at seven, a second coffee at noon, his lunch at two, and dinner if he made you stay long enough. While he drank his morning coffee you would inform him on his appointments for the day, taking notes as he directed which to cancel and new ones he was interested in making. You set up his appointments, both work related and personal. He made his own dates and plans but you were the one that called to cancel them, whether it be a family dinner or a girl he was seeing.

           You were used to it by now, but hadn’t always been. When he had first asked you to begin doing all his personal errands, you brought it up to him in an attempt to bring an end to it.

           “Is it appropriate for me to be taking care of some of your personal matters when I’m only your assistant?” You had asked nervously, close to him as you rolled the lint roller over the suite he wore. He rose an eyebrow, surprised by your question.

           “Why would you think it wasn’t?” He asked.

           “They aren’t normal tasks that are given to assistants,” You replied. Can’t he take the lint off his clothes himself?

           “You know what else isn’t normal? Your salary. Do you think other assistants make what you do? Did you want to change that as well?” He snapped, the frustration clear in his voice. His eyes bore down into yours, his jaw locked in anger. I moved behind him to roll the roller over his back to avoid his gaze.

           “No, sir. I’m sorry.”

           You walked into his office as you saw the time, knowing he would be showing up any minute now. You placed his coffee and bagel down on his desk and laid his tux out on one of the chairs before taking your usual spot on the couch, placing your coffee on the small table next to it.

           Mr. Park walked in right as you sat down, nodding an acknowledgment as he strode in before sitting down at his desk. He wore a light grey button up shirt tucked in his slacks, his belt tight against his waist to leave his body on display. He sighed as he opened his computer, picking up his bagel and taking a small bite.

           “Did you finish everything I sent you?” He asked, not looking away from his screed as he typed away at his computer.

           “Like always,” I sighed, my shoulders slouching down a bit. For the past three months he’s been requiring you to come in before him in order to get whatever he wanted done. You thought that maybe you’d be able to go home earlier with the change in schedule, but he always seemed to find more work for you to do.

           “Great. Oh, and if you have any plans tonight I need you to cancel them,” he replied, disappointment washing over your body. It wouldn’t be the first time you had to cancel plans due to work. You closed your eyes and suppressed a groan, thinking about how you would tell Jin. It had been over a month since you had last seen him. When you were free, he was at work, and when you made plans, they fell through. You had planned to go over to his place tonight and spend the night watching movies and enjoy some much needed intimate time with him. None of that seemed like it was happening now.

           “Oh, don’t look too disappointed. I have fun work for you today!” He said excitedly, rubbing his hands together in anticipation.

           “Fun?” You questioned. What kind of work could he assign that would be fun?

           “My date fell through for the governor’s dinner party I’m attending tonight,” he explained. He stood up, walking over to examine his tux. You watched him carefully, not understanding where he was going with the conversation.

           “Okay, I’ll call some of your latest dates and see if they can go,” you nodded, taking out your phone to begin scrolling through the missed calls. Most of the time he gave your work number out to the women he dated in order to keep in contact but not have to deal with them if he chose not to.

           “No, it’s too short notice and the last couple girls I went out with were a little trashy,” he replied quickly, waving his hands towards your phone to get you to put it down. You obliged, eyeing him suspiciously.

           “What’s your plan then? Go alone?” you scoffed, letting a bit of your professionalism go as you spoke. You tried to keep your tone formal with him at work, but since you were alone in the office you knew he wasn’t likely to get upset over it.

           “What? Go without a date? No, never,” he laughed, looking at you like you were an idiot. He hated doing anything alone, so much so that you were sure you’d caught him taking his cat to the bathroom with him, to avoid being alone even then.

“I looked at the guest list last night and a couple of important investors are attending, along with owners from some of our rival companies. Can’t go in with a date that looks like a stripper,” he chuckled, shrugging his shoulders. You nodded, thinking back to the guest list you had read off to him. You straightened up as you picked up your coffee, about to ask him what it was he planning to do.

           “You’ll be my date.”

Your hand froze as your coffee cup reached your lips, grateful you hadn’t taken a sip or you were sure you’d be choking on it.

           “What? I can’t be your date, I have a boyfriend,” you scoffed, placing your coffee down and standing up.

           “Oh, not like that! I just need to go with someone,” he said quickly, surprised you were fighting him on it.

            “It’s not a favor. It’s for work. I’ll even pay you extra!” He bargained, watching as your face as you began to consider it.

           You thought for a moment, images of your bills spread over your table at home entering your mind. Money was tight this month after your car got towed and you were forced to pay the ticket along with the absurd price of retrieving the car. Extra money wouldn’t hurt. You always worked over time but preferred to save most of your money and more spending money sounded tempting.

           “Fine, fine, just give me a second to cancel my plans,” you sighed, making your way towards the door.

           “It will be fun, I promise!” he yelled after you as you made your way down the hall.

           Jin is gonna be so pissed.

           You went to sit at your desk, rummaging through your purse for your phone. Your heart sank in your chest as you read a text from Jin, expressing his excitement for the night we had planned. It’s not like you could say no to Jimin anyway, he was asking for your help with something that was work related, you thought as you attempted to reassure yourself.

You closed your eyes a grimaced and you pressed the call button, the ominous rings running through your ears. He doesn’t work until the afternoon so you knew he’d be able to pick up.

           “Y/n?” He answered, an edge present in his groggy voice. There weren’t many reasons you’d be calling during work unless it was to cancel plans or tell him you were staying later than planned. He already knew why you were calling.  

           “I’m sorry,” you whispered into the phone, his frustrated sigh leaving him before you could finish speaking.

           “Are you serious? What is it this time?” He demanded. Your mind raced, wondering whether or not it was smart to tell him the truth.

           “I’m not sure actually. I think he’s just having me do stupid errands all night,” you lied, unable to stop the words as they scrambled out of your mouth.

           What were you supposed to say? I’m canceling because I have to go to dinner party with my boss. Yeah, like that would end well.

           He stayed silent for half a minute before responding.

           “Did he know we had plans today?” He asked, accusations leaking into his voice.

           “No, of course I didn’t tell him. Stuff just came up,” you reassured him. He believed Jimin purposely made it so you couldn’t have a life outside of him. Jin always found it suspicious that you were pulled away from dates, being forced to cancel plans and always having to leave him hanging. It was one of the many reasons you had already started looking into getting another job.


           “Look, I’ll make sure I’m free all of tomorrow. I’ll leave my phone at home just in case he tries to interrupt, and if he really needs someone I am sure someone can fill in for me for a day. I can go over to your house in the morning and we can make breakfast together, and then go do something in the city—like go the movies! Didn’t you say there was some lame—

           “Not lame!” He interjected.

           “Sorry sorry, I meant some super cool movie that’s coming out today that you wanted to see? We can go watch that! Then we can grab dinner and I can spend the night at your place,” you continued excitedly as you could feel both of your moods shift.

           “Ahhgg, alright, alright,” he sighed, a victorious smile spreading across your face.  

           “Thank you Jin, love you” you cooed into the phone, lowering your voice as some of your coworkers passed by.

           “I love you too.”

           You said your goodbyes quickly before throwing your phone back into your bag, ignoring the voice in your head that was beginning to scold you for lying to Jin.

           It’s not like anything is gonna happen, you told yourself. There is just not point in worrying Jin over nothing.

           You walked back into the office in a much better mood and told him you had already canceled your plans. You made arrangements for the night, surprised when he offered to buy you a dress and have someone help you get ready.

           “Yeah that would be great, thank you,” you smiled, the idea of being able to play dress up for a night exciting you.

           “Don’t sound too grateful, I just need to make sure you look good. Don’t want you to go get ready on your own and show up looking like a mess,” he jabbed, smiling at your playfully.

           You threw him a dirty look with a sigh, wishing he had just left it at your thank you.

           The rest of the day went by normally. You did research for his upcoming projects, helped some of your coworkers with any problems they came across and went along your normal routine. You had to admit that you were pretty excited now. Knowing you were going to be get your work done tonight and still be able see Jin tomorrow made the day fly by.

           Things had begun to get a little rough with Jin. The distance between us only grew the longer we spent apart but you were hoping some time together could make everything feel better again. If you were being honest with yourself, you knew that you had been avoiding Jin a little. Despite how great it was to be around him, his presence brought on its own sets of anxieties which wasn’t something you wanted to deal with after a long day at work. His problems had slowly begun to weigh down on you, but for the past couple weeks you had chosen to forget they existed, to leave him to take care of it instead of you. A person can only change if they want to, and you knew you alone couldn’t help an alcoholic.

           You shook your head, willing away thoughts of Jin.

You looked around your small office sadly, a private space you had thanks to Jimin. Most of the assistants didn’t get their own offices, but since you were his he made sure you did. You looked at the pictures you placed around the room and the colorful notes that were pinned against the wall, thinking back on the nights and mornings spent in this space as a small sadness filled you.

           It felt like a goodbye. You hadn’t gotten any job offers yet, and there was a chance you wouldn’t get any for some time, but it felt like the dinner was one of farewells. You had gotten to know Jimin pretty well, having spent evenings and nights in his office and house, helping him on anything he needed. Eventually you both began to share details about your lives and something like a friendship had begun to form between you two. Despite the slight friendship that existed, it didn’t feel worth the strain it was putting on all your other relationships. Jin and your mom hated him since the very beginning, ever since you shared with them how he treated other people and how he spent his money.

           You didn’t keep track of his finances (thankfully or you are sure you’d have a heart attack), but you didn’t have to to see how he spent it. He refused to donate any of it to charity, no matter how much excess money he had. He said he didn’t want to help people that would never help him. Instead, he spent his money on nights out, on women, on drinks and dinners, on houses and cars. He didn’t lend money to his brother when his medical bills had begun to pile up, saying he didn’t want to lend money out to someone who would never pay it back even though the amount of money his brother was asking for was minuscule, at least for him. He didn’t lend money to people he knew because he didn’t want people to use him.

           So basically, he had an excuse for every situation in which he wanted to keep his money to himself. His flirty and funny persona didn’t always reflect his selfishness, leaving people with a feeling of whiplash as they wet between his sweet laugh to his unwillingness to give.

           He let you out of work at four, the earliest you had left work in a long time, which didn’t mean much since he said he’d send a car to get you at five. You rushed home to shower, allowing yourself time to enjoy the hot water against your skin. You shaved and cleaned yourself up well, the smell of your soap coming off your skin as you stepped out of the shower. You threw on jeans and a t-shirt, leaving your face bare. You grabbed your make up bag and threw it in your purse as you heard the honk outside.

           Before you knew it you were in his house, a place you were familiar with at this point, looking through the dresses that had been hung up in one of the spare rooms. After trying on your favorites you settled on a royal blue dress that clung closely to your body, stopping half way down your thighs. It left your neck and chest exposed as it plunged downwards, attempting to make up for the skin it revealed by covering up your shoulders and arms in its long sleeves. You picked out a black clutch and black heels that were on the short side, making sure you wouldn’t be taller than Jimin.

           Jin was much taller than you, so you normally never had to worry about the size of heels you wore. You groaned at the direction your thoughts had taken, wishing he hadn’t come to mind. You pushed the guilt down, fixing the strap of the heel around your ankle.

           It wasn’t until Kami, one of the workers he hired for tonight, had finished your makeup and hair that he came in, sitting in the seat next to you.

           You wore your hair half up, the remaining of your hair styled in loose curls that fell down your back. She had left your eye makeup natural, an eye shadow only a shade or two darker than your skin dusted over your lids, thin fake lashes over your own to make them appear thicker. A coral blush laid against your cheeks, bringing a warmth to your face that wasn’t overwhelming. The subtleness of the rest of the makeup let the attention lay on your mouth, your lips painted a deep shape of red.

           He whistled in appreciation as you watched him through the mirror, his eyes making his way from your face to your body.

           “Oh shut up,” you hissed, slapping him on the shoulder, pretending you didn’t appreciate the compliment.

           When you both weren’t at work the air between you was lighter and you didn’t have to watch how you acted around him as much. Despite that you kept it professional at work most of the time, you had known him long enough and spent enough time with him that it was only natural.

           “How do I look?” He asked, getting up to stand in front of you. He wore his usual black slacks, a royal blue button up shirt peeking out from under his suit jacket. His suit accentuated his waist, the slight padding in the shoulders making him look a little bigger than he was. The material of his slacks stretched over his thighs tightly, your eyes trying to move past that area quickly to keep some modesty. His light blonde hair was combed up and to the side, which would have left his eyes as the main focus on his face if it wasn’t for his lips.

           You looked away, your ears turning pink, your eyes darting back to his shirt as you realized you wore the same shade of blue.

           “Oh my gosh, are we matching? One of us has to change!” You laughed, pointing at his shirt.

           “If you insist,” he shrugged innocently, beginning to shake off his jacket.

           “No, Jimin! Never mind, leave it on,” you half shrieked in panic, knowing full well he would. He laughed loudly, throwing his head back as he effortlessly pulled his jacket back it place.

“I just didn’t realize you were the type that liked matching outfits. I’ll have to buy us matching sweaters for the Christmas party,” you joked; trying to make the conversation as light as you could in hopes he wouldn’t take notice of your reactions.

“A hundred bucks says I’ll wear it,” he bargained, reaching his hand out to initiate a bet. That’s another thing he liked to spend his money on, betting and gambling.

“I do not have a hundred dollars to bet,” you whined out dramatically, his hand falling back to his side in disappointment.

“Ugh, fine,” he grumbled, sitting down next to me.

“How did Jin react when you told him you were coming?” he asked casually, his innocent tone going against his half smirk.

“He didn’t think much of it,” you stated simply. He raised an eye brow, challenging your lie. You shrugged, trying to appear as convincing as possible.

“I told him you needed someone to accompany him to a dinner because you couldn’t go alone. He said he understood,” You continued, refusing of giving him the satisfaction of believing he made Jin jealous, something he managed to do day in and day out.

“He knows he has nothing to worry about,” you added, turning your attention to the mirror as you made sure your lip stick was perfect. You heard him chuckle, rising from his seat.

“I’ll be in the car, making sure to take a coat with you,” he reminded before disappearing.

You had been to a couple of these dinners before but never as a guest. Normally you came to drop something off to him, and once to collect him after he got in a drunken fight with one his brothers, but this time it was very different. You could feel eyes on you as you walked around and greeted people, your arms casually linked together for the sake of appearances. You refused the glasses of champagne and alcohol they offered you, sipping on a coke instead.

“You don’t drink?” he asked curiously, realizing he had never heard you accept any invites to drink with coworkers.

You stirred your straw in your soda, watching the tiny bubbles fizzle up.

“Sometimes,” you admitted, not meeting his gaze. You didn’t want to think about Jin, not right now, and you especially didn’t want to talk to Jimin about it. Lately, you didn’t want to drink, flashes of Jin drunk and emotional running through your mind whenever you tried. You knew you could control how much you drank, but you no longer felt like doing it at all.

He didn’t push it, ordering his drink and taking a sip.

“Let’s go dance a little,” he said suddenly, getting up and looking at you expectantly. You paused, staring at his outstretched hand.

“Come on, it will be fun. It will get your mind off whatever you are worrying about,” he added. Before you could reject his offer his grabbed your hand and pulled you towards the dancing crowd, making your way deep into the group of people before he stopped, turning to face you.

The music was loud in your ears, its notes low and energetic. He placed his hands on your hips as you began to dance to the music, making sure to keep some distance between your bodies as you placed your arms around his neck. As the time ticked by you began to relax more, enjoying yourself as you let your body move against him to the beat of the music. It wasn’t long before beads of sweat began to run down your neck as your body temperature rose, everyone’s body so close together that it made it impossible to keep cool. You looked up at him for the first time, realizing you had been avoiding his gaze, to find his eyes boring down into yours, a bead of sweat running down his jaw. You felt a heat begin to grow in the pit of your stomach, and you stalled your movements in panic. It wasn’t the first time you had felt this way around him, but this time it felt more intimate. You raised your lips to his ear to excuse yourself, weaving through the crowd and to the bathroom.

Once inside you went straight to the mirror, unsurprised when you were met with an excited look in your eye. Your hair had begun to stick to your back with sweat, heat emanating off of your skin. You grabbed paper towels to try to dab as much of it as you could off your body. Thankfully your make up was intact but you dabbed at it with a towel anyway, giving yourself time to calm the excitement that ran through your body.  

It was natural. Everyone was attracted to other people, even when they were in a relationship. You’re sure Jin has been attracted to his fair share of girls, so it’s not like this was any different, you thought, trying to convince yourself.

But it was different. Jin didn’t go out dancing with his female bosses; he didn’t lie about it and pretend everything was okay.

It wasn’t wrong though because nothing was happening, right? You are just here for work, you are here because your boss needs you here, and that’s all. But if that was true, then why couldn’t you shake the guilt that crept through your body?

You walked back out, searching the room for him, determined to go home. You had spent enough time here anyway, and maybe if you pretended to be sick he’d let you go without a fight. Just as you spotted him someone moved in front of you, blocking your view. You stared at him for a moment before you realized who he was.

“Y/n, isn’t it? I’m surprised to see you here,” Mr. Jung said, a friendly smile on his face. His dark brown hair laid perfectly against his forehead, covering his eyes in a shadow. He had a sweet and cheeky smile, his eyes friendly and welcoming. Despite his friendliness, he was one of the last people you wanted to run into. You wanted to smack yourself as you thought back to the guest list, watching in your mind’s eye as his name popped out at you on the list you had read out to Jimin earlier.

Mr. Jung interviewed you two days prior, an interview that had gone unforgotten until now. It’s not like the interview went badly, that wasn’t the reason you didn’t want to see him. It had actually gone pretty well. You had made it through the first round of general interviews before getting your second one with him directly. He seemed like a good person and he had said he liked you, so you were hopeful that you would be able to get it.

The reason you didn’t want to run into him tonight was because you were here with Jimin. Jimin, your boss, who had zero idea you were looking into quitting your job as his assistant. It’s not like you owed him anything besides the two weeks’ notice you were required to give, but it still felt like a betrayal.

“Mr. Jung, it’s nice to see you,” you replied, your voice smooth and sweet, the one you saved for work. You took in the sight of him, his burgundy suit tailored to his body perfectly, showing off his lean figure.

Maybe if you excuse yourself quickly it will all be fine. You can find Jimin and leave, and he wouldn’t be the wiser. He might not have even noticed this interaction and you can go without having to explain anything.

“Who did you come here with?” He asked curiously, eyeing the area around you to see if anyone had been hovering near you. Before you could answer, Jimin appeared at your side, sliding his arm around your waist.

Panic bubbled in your chest.

“Hello, Hoseok,” Jimin snarled as he pulled you closer to him. You looked at him wide eyed, shocked at his sudden appearance. He didn’t meet your eyes, his eyes trained on Mr. Jung. You continued to stare at him, confused for a moment until his words and tone clicked in your head.

He knows him. And he doesn’t like him.

Your eyes bounced in between them, watching as the friendly aura of Mr. Jung shifted, annoyance painted across his face and he stood up straighter, his eyes guarded.

“Jimin,” he greeted, looking from you, to Jimin, to his arm around your waist. As he took in the sight of Jimin pressed close to you his face relaxed, a smirk playing on his features.

“You came with Jimin?” He asked, pulling his glare away from Jimin to look at you questionably, cocking his head. During the interview you had spoken of your work history so you knew he was aware that Jimin was your current boss. You wanted to say something, to stop the conversation from continuing or pull Jimin away, but your words stayed trapped in your throat and your feet were cemented to the ground. You composed yourself, smiling up at Mr. Jung as you shifted away from Jimin’s arm, not wanting Mr. Jung to take it the wrong way. Before you could reply and explain that you were only here as company and not a date, Jimin began to speak.

“Yes, why do you want to know?” He asked, his grip tightening around your waist as you tried to move away. Mr. Jung nodded his head, his eye brows lifting in the air in feigned surprise, already having assumed an answer from our proximity.

“I thought you weren’t allowed to date your assistants?” Mr. Jung inquired, keeping his eyes on Jimin’s as he swirled the drink in his glass. Jimin chuckled, rolling his eyes.

“How did you know she was my assistant? Keeping tabs on me?” he questioned with amusement. Your eyes stayed locked on Mr. Jung, hoping to catch his gaze and let your expression relay the prayer you were making in your head.

Please don’t mention the interview, please don’t mention the interview, please don’t men—

“God no, I don’t care enough about you to do that. I know because I interviewed her earlier this week,” he stated simply with a shrug. You watched as his mouth continued moving, wishing something would strike him down and stop the words that were flying out of his mouth.

“Is that why you’re interested in working under someone else, Y/n? So you don’t have to work for your boyfriend?” he asked, a question that you would have believed to be in good  nature and not a deliberate jab if it wasn’t for the threatening glint present in his eyes. In your peripheral you could see Jimin’s confidence waver, no longer understanding the situation. You swear you could feel your heart stop for a moment before it began to thump dangerously in your chest, the anxiety burning in your stomach.

Jimin looked over at your now, looking to you for answers. He searched your panicked face, your mouth opening and closing as it attempted to let out words. You watched as his features twisted, the way you had watched many times, as we switched from Jimin to Mr. Park, grasping Mr. Jung’s question.

“She’s not interested in working for someone else,” he replied flatly, his hand sliding down to your hip, his fingers wrapping around you painfully.

Mr. Jung chuckled, taking a moment to take a sip of his drink. He sighed dramatically as he shook his head.

“You should have told me that earlier Y/n so I didn’t have to waste time interviewing you. I was actually going to call you tomorrow and offer you the job, but now that—

His words broke you out of your trance, your voice finally making its way out of your body to object.

“No! I do want—

Jimin’s hand came up to grab onto your arm, jolting you harshly to the side to pull you towards the exit. You stumbled, your legs betraying you as they let you fall towards to floor. You smacked forward into someone’s arms, wrapping around your to keep you up. You stood up quickly, thankful for the save, and looked up to find Mr. Jung’s eyes looking down at you worriedly, the menacing look in his eyes no longer present. His hands lingered on your arms to make sure you stayed up and you could feel Jimin’s stare boring into both of you.

Your mind raced as you tried to understand everything that was happening. You felt a fear grow in your chest, realizing how Jimin had just handled you. He was normally more calm and collected when he got upset but there were times when he let his anger get the best of him. If you had known he would get so upset at finding out you wanted to stop working for him you would have ran away at the first sight of Mr. Jung or just never come at all.

“What the hell was that? Is that how you treat people?” Mr. Jung cursed over to Jimin, moving your body behind him as Jimin began to stalk closer.

“How to fuck is it any of your business? Worry about yourself,” Jimin growled, his lips pulled back tightly, stepping closer to Mr. Jung until his face was inches from his. His chest moved harshly under his jacket, his breath erratic as he let the anger he was feeling consume him.

You realized now that people had begun to stare, a small circle forming as people moved away to give you space but stayed to watch. You took a small step back, considering leaving the situation as fast as you could. Jimin’s eyes flashed over to you, the look in his eyes forcing you to stay in place.

You watched Mr. Jung’s shoulders jerk as he chuckled in his face, his hands coming up to his hips.

“You’re still like this Jimin? Trying to keep everything and everyone to yourself?” He asked, his voice calm and controlled. Jimin continued to stare at him down, but Mr. Jung kept his ground.

“Do you treat all your girlfriends like that? Like toys you don’t want to share? Is that how you see them?” He spat, moving even closer to Jimin as a challenge.

And just like that Jimin was shoving past him, knocking him away and pushing you out of the door. His hand held onto your wrist tightly as he lead you to his car, your feet screaming in pain as his pace began to mimic that of a run. You called his name, trying to get his attention and get him to stop and talk, but he kept his pace until we reached the car. He opened the door and stood silently, looking forward and refusing to meet your gaze.

“Jimin, what—

“Just get in car,” he said flatly.

You stared at him carefully, weighing the situation in your head before you stepped inside the warmth of the car. He closed the door loudly, walking over to the other side to sit on the seat next to you.

Despite that you hated awkward silences you begged the universe to let you have it. You looked forward, hoping that he would just let you keep quiet and drive you home.

He was most definitely going to fire you now. You knew you had embarrassed him, not only in front of a crowd but directly in front of someone he seemed to despise. Your head shot up in panic as you heard the partition begin to rise, separating you from the driver and leaving you two alone.

Without letting him begin you began to shoot out apologies, wanting to communicate how guilty you felt.

“Jimin, I’m so sorry, I had no idea he would be there or that you guys even knew each other! I didn’t mean for…” you stopped speaking as he shook his head, running his hands through his hair in frustration.

“What is it you want?” he asked quietly, slumping against the back of the seat. You finally looked at him, your eyes met with his profile. He had unbuttoned a few buttons off his shirt and untucked his dress shirt a bit in order to make him feel less constrained. He had his head back against the back of the seat, looking up at the roof of the car. His fingers rubbed at his temples while the other was gripping his thigh tightly.

“What do you mean?” You asked quietly, moving your eyes away from him as he let out a long sigh. You looked out the dark window, watching the trees and houses that flashed past your view. He no longer looked as angry as he had back at the party, instead looking more tired and frustrated.

“What do I need to give you for you to stay?” He whispered, his deep voice echoing inside your mind. Wait, he isn’t firing you? There is hope for change?

You thought through the question as he met your eyes, trying to think of what exactly you needed changed for you to stay at the job. As the answer came to mind your face dropped, knowing your request wasn’t one he could grant.

“There’s nothing I want that you can give me,” You answered, your voice small.

“Tell me what it is,” he said slowly, dragging out his request. You took a deep breath, letting the words form in your mind before speaking them out loud.

“I need to have enough time to have a life. I work all day and never have a chance to do anything outside of it. I’ll stay if I can get my hours cut,” you bargained, but you knew there was no point. If there was one thing he didn’t want it was for you to be around less.

“Is this because of Jin?” he accused, traces of venom leaking into his voice. You preferred not to talk about Jin with him but you were sure he knew Jin didn’t like him. They had met on a couple of occasions and Jin wasn’t one to hide his distaste. Jimin was polite about it but you knew he returned his feelings.

“Partly. I also have other people I want to spend time with, or even just relax,” you said honestly, trying to move the conversation away from Jin. His name sounded like a curse when Jimin spoke it and it wasn’t the way you liked to hear his name.

Jimin paused, looking away from you to the blackness of the partition in front of him. The mood in the car was tense as the silence began to fill the car, the only sound audible to your ears being your heart beat and his breathing.

“You’re right, I can’t give it to you,” he murmured, confirming your thoughts. You didn’t feel disappointed. You couldn’t. You knew Jimin well enough to know what he was willing to give, or more likely than not, not to give.

“I know,” you replied softly, relaxing your body against the seat. Your back had begun to hurt with the effort you were making in staying in a straight and stiff position. It felt like you were talking to Jimin again and you began to feel less threatened.

“Think of something else. I can buy you something. I can raise your pay, I can—

“There is nothing else I want Jimin,” you interrupted quickly, not wanting to drag it on. What was there to do now? Where you just going to go back to work with him knowing you were just waiting for an opportunity to leave? If he fired you, did you have enough money saved to live off of before you found another job? Maybe you could move in with Jin and split bills. He had brought up moving in together on more than one occasion, and although the situation wasn’t ideal you knew everything would still be okay.

You were too lost in thought to notice that Jimin had begun to move closer to you, shifting in his seat to close the distance, close enough that you could feel his breath on your cheek. You turned your head to find his face inches from yours, causing you to flinch back against the door.

His eyes bore down into yours with determination, his face serious and alluring. You felt something begin to form in your body, a twitch of a hot feeling waking up inside you. Your heart began to race against your chest, your hands beginning to shake on your lap. He moved his eyes from your eyes to your mouth, letting his intentions out in the open. He moved his hand to your knee, his fingertips barely brushing against your skin as he moved his way upwards. He took it slow, giving you the opportunity to reject him if you wanted to.

He smirked as he reached the hem of your dress, cocking his head to the side as his fingers continued to slide past it. Your mind went blank, focusing on the feeling of his hand on your thigh and the way we was looking at you.

Your breath hitched in your throat as he leaned in, moving his lips to your ear.

“I know what I can give you,” he whispered.

Imagine Hinata and Yamaguchi owning a coffee shop together and Tsukishima coming in every morning for a cup of coffee. Without fail Tsukishima and Hinata get in to an argument. One day, the new, young barista nervously asks Yamaguchi whether it’s okay for Hinata to be arguing with customers like that and Yamaguchi just laughs it off, gestures to where Tsukishima is pressing a kiss to Hinata’s pouting face, and says:

“I think it’s okay considering that’s his husband.”

Please please everyone listen! Stop pushing your ship to Exo members. Don’t leave sexual comments in their ig. Don’t tag them with your post whether it’s a fanart or just an edit pic. I am a big Kaisoo, Hunhan and Chanbaek shipper. But we shouldn’t try to push these stuff into them. Specially some firelight, I know how you guys are so dedicated with Chanbaek but could please tone it down with the comments on their ig or with someone’s ig with CB related post.
Some things must be kept inside the fandom. Just enjoy each member post. Please respect them.

Why Belle is awesome

I’ve been wanting to make a post about this for a long time, but the recent fandom discussions about whether Belle is a good role model (or whether she’s better than the princesses that came before her) has finally persuaded me to sit down and type out my feelings. 

None of this is intended as criticism of the previous Disney princesses–I know that Cinderella, for example, is inspiring to people for totally different reasons, and that’s wonderful–but I do just want to articulate why Belle means so much to me personally.

I was born in 1993, which means I was pretty much raised on Beauty and the Beast. It was the movie I watched until the vhs tape broke. Belle might be fictional, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t a strong influence during my formative years.

  • Belle taught me to judge a person’s worth on their actions and intentions, not surface level virtues like charisma, charm, or beauty.

  • Belle taught me to trust my intuition about people. Sure, everyone else fawned all over Gaston, and people couldn’t understand why she would let him slip through her fingers, but it turns out her uneasiness was totally justified.

  • Belle taught me that it’s good to be passionate and geek out about what makes you happy, even if everyone around you thinks you’re weird–one day, you will find someone who will listen and will admire your enthusiasm.

  • Belle taught me that being kind and standing up for yourself (and others) are not mutually exclusive. She is sweet, gentle, and forgiving, but that doesn’t mean she allows others to treat her badly. She expect basic human respect, and speaks up when she isn’t getting it. She stands up to the Beast when he’s being a brat; she stands up to Gaston and his mob to protect the two people she loves most. It’s not that she isn’t afraid, but she doesn’t let her fear get in the way.

  • Belle taught me that sometimes it’s okay to be angry. Doesn’t make her any less “feminine” or any less good. The narrative even validates her moments of righteous anger.

  • Belle taught me that you have a right to say “no.” You don’t have to tiptoe around trying to placate assholes like Gaston. If you don’t want to marry someone–or have dinner with someone–regardless of the reason, you’re not obligated to say yes just to spare their feelings.

  • Belle taught me that it’s good to give second chances, if a person is making a sincere effort to do better.

  • Belle taught me that you don’t have to be physically strong to be self-reliant and badass in your own way. (As a rather small young woman myself, this is very important to me.) I mean no disrespect to the warrior princesses, but you don’t have to swing a sword or a bow and arrow to be a competent, independent individual with a will of your own. The fact that she’s actually physically small and dainty, and yet she stands up to such imposing figures like Gaston and the Beast, demanding to be seen as an equal, makes me admire her all the more.

  • Belle taught me that it’s okay to change your mind about someone or something, especially if circumstances have changed or your have new information. First impressions aren’t always accurate.

  • Belle taught me that it’s okay to not quite know what you want yet. Her aspirations are kind of vague, because she’s young and still figuring out her life–mostly she’s just certain of what she doesn’t want, and there’s nothing wrong with that either. Sometimes you don’t know what you’re really yearning for until you’re confronted with it.

Basically, I think lots of us see parts of ourselves in Belle–the imaginative daydreamer, the devoted daughter, the nerd, the outsider–and yet she’s what we strive to be. That balance of compassion and self-respect. She was inspiring to me as a child, but maybe even more so now that I’m a young adult. 

I’m still awake because I scrolled through comments on a post and got irritated by the nonsensical way some people who hate Destiel try to argue.

The interpretation that Dean and Castiel love each other romantically (whether that ever amounts to anything or not) comes from analysis and paying attention to subtext in the show. (Plus no small amount of just WANTING it because we get something out of this pairing.) You don’t have to subscribe to our reading, but that’s simply how interpretation of media works. Very few people just watch a show without making connections and finding meaning in what they’re seeing. Whether that meaning clicks with you or it doesn’t is unimportant.

What I don’t understand is why one of the most frequent arguments to disavow Destiel is based on what actors say at convention? What kind of empty argument is this eternal “this and that actor said this and that. And this and that actor is friends with this and that actor and can therefore not support this and that terrible delusion. Take your waste of screentime angel and face the truth you poor delusional bastards”? Is this meant to make me see the light or something? Does it change what I’m seeing on screen? It does not. What actors say on stage during conventions does not come out of a character’s mouth on the show, therefore it is totally irrelevant to my interpretation of what I’m seeing.

And NOW to bed.

A sort-of sequel to this

“That character can’t be trans, because ____”

“They have a higher/lower pitched voice!”
Voice pitch doesn’t indicate gender. Some boys/men have higher pitched voices and some women have lower pitched voices, whether or not they’re trans. Trans people, usually adults, can also go through vocal training to make their voices higher/lower. Another thing to consider is that for younger characters, all voices are pretty high pitched. Young boys can often sing soprano in choirs and there’s a reason young cartoon boys are often voiced by teenage girls.

“We’ve seen them shirtless/in a bra!”
Shirtless trans boys: If they are younger, puberty might not have kicked in yet, so they have a flat chest. For older boys who would have gone through/are going through puberty, they could just have small breasts, took/are taking puberty blockers, or are taking T. Any boy who is 18+ may have gotten top surgery.
Trans girls with bras: This mostly applies to teenage/adult characters. They could be wearing a water bra/stuffed a bra/bra with padding. Again, they could also be taking hormones or have had top surgery done.

“They’re too young/too old to be trans!”
You are never the wrong age to realize you’re trans. Young kids can know as soon as they are developed enough to actually think/process things. For older people, they might have not realized what they were feeling was something significant/not just a random thought or that it is okay to be trans until recently. It could also be that they transitioned some time before, maybe when they were young, maybe not. This is a really weak argument.

“The creator said they weren’t trans!”
It really doesn’t matter. If the creator of a show says they’re not trans then they aren’t trans in canon, but that won’t stop us from imagining these characters as trans. Part of being in a fandom is recreating the characters and showing them to others in a new light, that might not be canon, but honestly who cares? A lot of artists and writers can show our favorite characters as trans in a good/cool way while not making that the whole idea of the work. As long as the original traits of the character aren’t lost, it’s fantastic. Getting upset for this reason is like getting upset because someone colored a person’s hair the wrong shade of brown.

“I don’t want my favorite characters to be trans!”
Congrats, you’re transphobic. 
I’d also like to point out that just because you don’t really agree with/can’t see a character being trans doesn’t really make you transphobic. In fact, I even have trouble seeing some characters as trans. But if it makes you cry cis tears/makes you mad to see trans people have fun/don’t like the idea of rubbing our little trans hands all over it, you are transphobic.

Any other bullshit reason
I don’t give a shit, any character can be trans and we don’t need reasoning to think that.

Also take into consideration characters who haven’t realized their trans/haven’t come out yet and don’t present as their actual gender 

Interlude 1

Alrighty then! *wipes off some coffin dust* Let’s see whether we’ve got a new arc or not…

Interlude? Interesting. That manages to be neither of the things I was expecting. Will we be following a different character for a moment? And are we going back to Gestation 1.7 or moving on to 2.1 when the interlude is over?

Let’s find out!

…well, okay, one of those things I won’t find out until next chapter, but you know what I mean.

anonymous asked:

You guys really, REALLY need to hire someone with basic technical skills. Compressed JPEG assets for a flash animation is just all negatives, no positives, and there are a lot of minor fuckups all throughout.

Yeah, this flash had its fair share of errors. Considering stuff was getting passed between four programs and two file sharing services on three different computers, it’s honestly a miracle there weren’t more. We were aware of the issues but made the decision to just get this one workable and then bench it so we could devote all our time and effort to CBC, because that’s the only way that’ll get done in a reasonable time frame. Trust me, when they’re both out you’ll be able to see where the time and effort went. 

We’ve got a long running list of things that need to be fixed in this project - busted gifs, wonky animation and timing, messed up assets, Dave’s mysteriously vanishing and reappearing black eye, etc. But we’ve decided to push to the end and then backtrack to clean everything up (the “director’s cut” we keep referring to, name lovingly cribbed from a joke Hussie made a while back). This is because I’m the one hitting the workforce first, and I’m only needed for text and narrative stuff. Gill has some extra time before full adulthood strikes and can work on the art and animation fixes with me gone. Also, that way we don’t have to worry about trickling the story out inbetween lengthy pauses to fix stuff - the story will be done; we’ll just be polishing it.

As for hiring people… people are working on this project on a volunteer basis. (Except my brother. I’ve paid him a bit for his tracks because paid commissions look better on a composer’s resume and it’s mostly part of my family’s cycling chores-cash economy anyway.) If someone would like to volunteer to help clean up our animation we would love the assistance, but we can’t really afford to pay someone for those services.