don't know where that p came from

Okay, just had a thought: what if Clarke and Marcus talked about the list and he asked not to be put on it? 

Some of her lines last ep make it seem like he knew about the list - she says something like, “Kane agreed we should keep this quiet” - and it would be just like Marcus Kane to tell Clarke not to use one of those spaces for him, since he’s a self-sacrificing dork and would see it as a redemptive measure: saving an innocent life. 

Anybody have thoughts on this they wanna add?


W E L P I remembered I had this comic lying around and it’s lawlight week so I decided to clean it up a shit ton so I could post it… ;u; it was based on something from otpprompts which went something like ‘x tries to secretly kiss y on the cheek when they’re asleep, but y wakes up and moves, and they kiss properly by accident’

(I have a few other comics lying around so I might clean those up too… brb returning to the trash pile where I came from)