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Sterek AU - Hale Academy

Sleek ebony doors fall open under Derek’s hand to a stone hallway. Magnificent pillars have been carved into the walls here, permitting the heat and light of the sun to pour through. Perched preeminently at the end of the hall is a balcony. Derek’s balmoral’s echo faintly as he walks to it. The room he’d come from has an excessive amount of air-conditioning, as no one has had the chance to tweak it to Derek’s preference, yet. (No one has had the time, more like.) He won’t bother the staff with it. The succession has tripled everyone’s workloads, including his own. He can deal with chilly fingers. Still, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t relish spreading his fingers over the sun-warmed stone on the balcony edge. His fingers tingle and turn to butter, melting slowly into liquid. With the feeling back in his fingers he looks out onto the grounds. 

Hale Academy. (Yes, Hale academy, not to be mistaken for, ‘Hail, the academy!’ The second of which is a cheer in favor of the literal school, not the Hales, as it is widely accepted among the students that there can be one without the other.) 

Derek’s eyes are drawn to one student in particular. Stiles Stilinski is lounging luxuriously on the grass, hands perched behind him so that his long pale neck can tilt back, back, back. His eyes are closed and there’s the smallest of grins hinted at in the tug of his lips. He looks how Derek’s fingers feel; warm and malleable. 

It strikes Derek rather suddenly that he’s the only student not tucked into the corners and tables and benches surrounding the square. Hale Academy doesn’t see many sunny days, but while the rest of the students seem unbothered - knowing it won’t last - Stilinski basks in it. It must be because he’s from California, Derek’s mind supplies absently. 

“Who is he?” 

“Some kid from California.” Cora said, “S’been a while since we’ve had one of those, the majority of bigger packs run in the east.” 

“He’s human.”

Cora had shrugged. “The academy chose him.”

Derek’s fingers start to go cold again. Looking down, a shadow has begun to cross over them. He glances up and watches as the clouds start bleeding across the sky, blotting out the sun. Unthinkingly, his gaze flashes back down to the grass, to that long pale neck, and feels his heart smack against his ribs when he finds the eyes that neck belongs to watching him back. Derek tightens his hands on the balcony. Far below him the spilling shadow has reached Stilinski, and when Derek doesn’t look away from their met gaze, the human raises his eyebrow and grins.

With forced grace, Derek turns from the balcony, thinking, “He’s gonna be eaten alive.”

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 It hurt. It didn’t know where the pain came from but it was visceral. Something. something was there, who? What? Another? 

 The physical form pained and it shook through them. In this form, here and now, it could not see. Where? 

Why did it hurt? It made it feel. Feel alive, feel present and whole. It was good. 

 Play? Did they want to play?

gender is like…an orb. And some places on the orb may seem to have more people standing there than other places, but the fact of the matter is that people occupy all areas of the orb, many people travel the orb on a regular basis, and some people hover above the orb and never set foot on it.

anyways naughty & ignorant cishets must submit themselves for judgement before the  G E N D E R S P H E R E

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Could you possibly link me to an explanation of the galra keith thing I've been seeing mentioned everywhere my dude?? It sounds awesome and I'm a sucker for theories but I can't find any theory explanation post and I don't wanna be missing out my guy

Tbh I’m Too Lazy to link but I can give A Summary of where it came from. 

I think it’s p much univerally agreed that the scene that started the theory was in “Return to the Balmera” when Keith used the Galra handprint after breaking in with Lance.

As far as we know only galra can use their own systems, and the heroes often have to use the galra drones to use them.

That’s part of the reason Shiro went with Allura in “ Collection

External image
and Extraction”. His robo arm is galra tech and thus can access their systems, which we first saw in “Return of the Gladiator”.

Keith on the other hand has two normal arms so if he can use galra tech, well.

There’s also Zarkon’s line “You fight like a Galra soldier” which also seems to support

External image
the theory. Especially since as @nerdiekatie pointed out, he used explosives to distract the Garison guys in the first episode, similar to how Sendak and Haxus did to draw Team Voltron out of the castle in episode 4. So it seems he truly does fight like the galra. 

And of course there’s Thace. He’s a background

External image
character for most of season 1, until he helps them escape in the finale.

And that combined with this ominous shot of him in the season 2 trailer

has us thinking he has some relation to Keith (most of us are going with his dad) and is sabotaging the empire to protect his son.

Some also speculate Thace might be the original red paladin which, if it’s true, adds a whole ‘nother meaning to Keith fighting like a Galra soldier.

There’s also the whole scene with the quintessence getting on him which is just really hard to figure out tbh.

And the fact that his eyes seem to be a purple-ish color. 

Like, purple eyes do exist but they’re REALLY rare, and Keith’s asian so he’d most likely have brown eyes if he was fully human right?

Also as I myself have pointed out, the writers could’ve had any of the lions on the galra ship in the pilot and they chose the red one.

So yeah I think that pretty much covers everything.

  • Interviewer: If you're just walking down the hallway, do you ever brush up against Anna Friel and freak out?
  • Lee Pace: We actually bump into each other all the time — all the time! Anna will kind of run up and give me a big hug — earlier this week, she did it, and I kind of flinched a little bit, and she kind of jumped back and was like, "Did you just flinch when I gave you a hug?" I was like, "I'm sorry, I don't know where that came from!" It's just playing Ned. I shouldn't be flinching when a beautiful girl like Anna Friel gives me a hug, but I flinched! That's weird, that's odd, that's not normal.

so a snail appeared out of nowhere in my fish tank this weekend and I thought my mom put it in there but she just asked me if I put the snail in the fish tank and now we have a tiny snail that’s just gliding on the fishtank with my guppies and no one has any idea where it came from and I’m starting to question the reproductive system of fish