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Fanon Lotor be like

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One day i will manage to draw Madison in a consistent style…that day is not today

Bright lights that won’t kill me now

I’ve been studying immunity all day and feeling kind of sick of it to be honest…heh what a pun

because not even the smoke from 1000 cigars infused into my lungs or various drugs messing with my head could influence me the way she did, and man, was I addicted.
—  she’s my addiction // D.P

anonymous asked:

What are your preferred pronouns, for those like me who for some reason assumed 'he'?

Take your pick! I am just a chick who likes to draw, write, and do all sorts of creative stuff. So call me whatever, just don’t call me late for lunch.

For me, the ultimate compliment is when people don’t actually know off the bat whether I’m a dude or a chick. I absolutely don’t mind disclosing my female status when asked, but seeing as it doesn’t really have any bearing on my creative works, I don’t see the need to bring it up that often.

I’d much rather be known as a “great writer” or “cool artist” than “great girl writer” or “cool lady artist”. Even better, I’d just like to be known as a rad human being. So when people don’t actually know, don’t really care, and are just assuming based off of whatever they want to assume about me from my works alone, I absolutely love it! 

With the massive variety of stuff I love to do, life’s too short to worry about what people call me:

So this is bc my lil bro ask me to put makeup on him time ago and he was so cute that I need to relate with Damian and Cass. Actually I tend to relate everything what my baby brother do with Damian ‘cause they are same 

And I don’t think I want to finish this(?) but I want to post it anyway. 

dummy rival

Ethan/Gold set
Kris set

Internet Witches: Look at all my pretty crystals, I collect crystals, I know the names of all crystals and their properties and chakras and *yada yada yada*



:D Oooo nonny, i’ve never done a maya and jack one before :3 How’d I do? :3

Thank you! I hope you like it! <3

Request meme

ONE OK ROCK as Cinnamon Rolls

Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: TAKA

Looks like it could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: RYOTA

Looks like a cinnamon roll but is actually a cinnamon roll: TOMOYA

Looks like it could kill you but actually could kill you: TORU

Once upon a time: A story of how a Shadow fell in love with Sunshine.

For the Gajevy Week 2016 Bonus Prompt. Here’s my response to “Differences”. Enjoy :)

Everyday he watched her grace the green valley from under the protection of  it’s only tree, a large oak. From sunrise until sunset he sat there and watched, for he is confined when she roams around. You see, darkness cannot cover the world when there is light and he resented her for that. Shadow hated how the birds sang of her arrival. He was jealous of how happy the squirrels of the forest dashed into her warm embrace come morning. He despised her happy mess of sky blue curls and her eyes that shone like polished gold. He wished more than anything to not need her.

One day, when the darkness began to plot against the light, he volunteered to make an example of his Sunshine. He would force her to experience the clinging cold of the Shade just as life forced him. So he waited and waited until she unwittingly prances close enough to the border between light and dark. A dark, scarred hand reaches out and grabs onto the flowing yellow fabric of her skirts, yanking her from the valley and breeze into something she’s never known. Her delicate giggle transforming into a horrified gasp. A cry erupts from the forest. Every creature and plant shrieked in confusion for the Sunshine had left, yet her pained scream breaks through them all. The darkness burned against her freckled skin and left its mark.

Shadow completed his mission, yet he did not rejoice. The applause from his fellow night dwellers fell on deaf ears for he knew that this victory meant nothing. Rough fingers glided over pale, freckled skin. Never in his life had he experienced that texture…that softness… nor the warmth that continued to cling to her despite the situation. He knew light would come for her then she would return stronger than ever. If anything at all, hopefully she would return less beautiful because the Shadow secretly thought her so. His heart was cold and tired, yet it was because of her that he knew it had yet to totally succumb. Every time she laughed with the stream or danced among the daisies or even sighed he felt it twinge- he felt it ache at what he could not have. In that moment with her in the shade especially he grew to adore Sunshine even more. A strip of silk was wrapped across her chest solely for modesty- he knew. Oh god, how he knew! How many days has she taunted him with her bare shoulders and the delicate curves of her back all because she wants to soak in every kiss of the breeze. If her nature allowed her to run naked through the valley then she probably would have, yet her cheeks flush every mating season at the twitterpated animals. Yes, he was jealous of her happiness, love, and freedom, but beauty tipped him over the edge. How dare a creature possess all of these things while he had none! How dare she be so far above him! It wasn’t fair!

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Worth Much More (Rafe Adler x Reader)

Requested by Anon.

A/N: Okay guys, so here’s a Rafe fic coming your way. Tbh I have no clue of what I’m doing lately so I’m sorry if this fic is just meh. I think I need to sort my life out lol. Anyways, I hope you guys like it!

Closing the front door behind you, you stepped outside; feeling alone again. You couldn’t stay indoors anymore; it was one too many time that you parents were having a go at you. Constantly being blamed for everything bad that’s happened, you were made to feel worthless like some dirt on the ground. Usually, you would pick yourself up and get through with this, but this time it was too much; even for you.

With your head hung low, you practically dragged your feet across the pavement feeling the tiny raindrops lightly tapping your head. You just wanted to run and hide yourself away from these bad feelings, but it was never so simple. Somehow these corrupt thoughts always found a way into your mind, tainting all the good things with the bad. You felt worthless.

Your feet kept moving forward, without a clue to where you were going or if you’re ever going to come back here. With the never ending raindrops wetting your hair and clothes, you felt the cold air surround you. It seemed that this was the only comfort you had today, but maybe you deserved it; that’s what they said would have said. You let your feet carry you into the distance of the familiar roads, feeling like a complete stranger to the surroundings but it’s not like you were welcomed in the first place. After all you were the disappointment. Feeling the tears well up in your eyes, you let yourself cry as you hold yourself. Not even realising that you walked all the way to his house.

Standing outside his front door, you debated whether to knock or just leave. He was the only friend you had, or at least that’s what you thought. You spend a short moment just staring at the door, not even sure of what to do or say, maybe he wasn’t even at home.

Slowly moving your hand away from yourself, you lightly knock on the door and quietly wait for a reply. It wasn’t long before you heard the front door unlock, soon greeted by the familiar face of Rafe Adler. As your eyes trail up to meet his gaze, he wasn’t sporting his usual smile upon seeing you but he wore a more serious expression instead. “(Y/N)… What are you doing here?” It was hard for you to speak without beginning to cry again, you thought you must look so pathetic standing right there in front of him. Knowing that you made a mistake, you shouldn’t have come here in the first place.

“I-I’m sorry to bother you, I’ll just leave.” You spoke quickly, as you tried to hold the tears in before turning to go, but you were stopped by his hand instead. “Wait, you don’t have to leave.” He still held onto you. It was hard for you to keep yourself together in front of him, so you just stayed quiet hoping he would let go, but Rafe had no intentions of doing so. Knowing that something was wrong, he wasn’t just about to let you walk away on your own.

Stepping outside and into the rain, he traced his steps around you to meet your face. Still refusing to look at him, you watched his feet as he stood in front of you. Rafe didn’t ask any questions, instead removing one of his layers he placed it around your shoulders keeping you warm. “Come on, let’s get you inside before you catch a cold.” He spoke gently, as he placed his arm around you and helped you inside his house.

Finding a comfortable spot for you to sit, you watched Rafe disappear to the kitchen before returning with a hot drink in his hand. Taking a seat next to you, he hands the hot drink over to you. “Drink this, it will help.” Feeling the instant warmth of the cup, your hands adjust to the new temperature; no longer being cold. Thanking Rafe, your eyes wander from his to the drink in your hand. A moment of silence passes before you decide to speak, “Rafe.” “Hmm?” “Do you…do you think I’m worthless?” You felt a hint of sadness taint your heart as you spoke those words, reminding you of your parents.

Continuing to keep your eyes focused on the drink in front of you, you were too afraid to look at him; maybe he thought the same about you too. Instead of confirming your fears, he moved his hand to cup your face, and caressed your cheek, “(Y/N) look at me.”

You followed his command, as your eyes slowly trailed back to his finally noting the shocked expression on his face from the choice of your words earlier. “Listen to me, don’t you ever think of yourself as such and screw the others because they don’t deserve you.” Rafe couldn’t even keep his voice down half way through, he was angry at the people who made you feel like this. You could see how serious he was about every word he said.

Feeling all sorts of mixed emotions crossing your mind, you felt the warm tears rolling down your face as you began to cry. It’s been so long that you’ve been made to feel like complete dirt, but here was a person who says otherwise and you almost couldn’t believe his words.

Leaning his face closer to yours, you felt his lips brushing up against your skin down the trail of your tears. His arms find a way wrapping around your body, as he pulls you in closer to his chest letting you cry away your sadness.

The whispers of his sweet words into your ear let you know you were worth much more than that.

terrifiesthem  asked:

what all do you think frank carries around with him besides guns/knives/etc? like mementos?

this has been in my inbox for so long lol i’m sorry, but i’ve been thinking so much on this. and i’ll be honest i don’t know, but i know i want him to. 

frank’s life now as the punisher is one of necessity - meaning he only does things that are required. he eats to live, not lives to eat. he sleeps because he has to etc etc. 

so i wonder if he would want to carry things with him that he doesn’t actually need as a weapon. but that brings me too my point, what he if carries things with him that he needs, to keep him going? 

we saw frank blow up his house, but we don’t know what all (if he did) he took from his home. was he still wearing his dog tags? does he have his wedding ring? did he destroy ALL of his families mementos? like in the punisher war zone movie, frank had a box of his families things. so i’m wondering if netflix frank has something similar. maybe he carries his wedding ring with him, on the chain the dog tags are on. 

maybe feeling the dog tags and the ring press into his skin are a reminder of why he’s doing what he’s doing. frank has to live for NOW to avenge his family and punish those responsible and others doing terrible things. but it’s the past that made him who he is. now while he doesn’t NEED a wedding ring or a toy in his pocket, what if those little reminders keep him going for them? his family? and just like in punisher war zone, frank comforted the little girl by showing her some of lisa’s old toys. so what if, that little dinosaur toy that frank might have in his pocket is something to make an upset little girl smile? 

the first time i saw the scene of frank blowing up his house i remember getting tears in my eyes because i knew, that was it. frank is dead, the punisher has come. but i still think there are parts of frank still inside and maybe just maybe he’s got something small to remind him his war is not over. 



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Breaking the Rules

100 Theme Drabble Challenge featuring HopeLight

previous themes

breaking the rules; au. after having writer’s block for approximately a million years, here’s the highly-requested teacher AU! also inspired by hehaihohum‘s awesome doodles :D

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