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  • Ravenclaw: I feel trapped.
  • Hufflepuff: We're in the middle of an open field.
  • Ravenclaw: No, I feel trapped in this moment in my life. Where am I going? What am I doing? And how am I going to get to where I want to be?
  • Hufflepuff: We're going to charms class, we're going to be doing charms work, and usually hard work and dedication. Try to think in the now.
  • Ravenclaw: Well, in the now I'm contemplating an assault on you.
  • Hufflepuff: At least you're thinking about here and now!
Good Things to Research When You Don't Know What to Research

They don’t exactly teach this stuff in schools. This list is designed for the beginner witch, who keeps hearing the advice “Research!” but wants some better specifics on what exactly that means.

Now, you don’t have to be a complete expert on all of these or even most of these! You don’t even have to incorporate all of them into your practice. They’re just some stuff it’s good to have a basic working knowledge of in the Craft.

🌻Planetary Correspondences- Even if cosmic witchcraft isn’t your thing, a lot (and I mean a LOTTTT) of correspondences in any other category are going to eventually lead back to the planets. Having a basic understanding of what each planet governs is extremely helpful when learning the correspondences of basically anything else.

🌻Herb Correspondences- Herbs and spices are incredibly useful! They’re probably one of the most versatile of the “big categories” since they can be used in herbalism and kitchen witchery, as well as a great add-on to any other variation of witchcraft. It’s good to have a working knowledge of what herbs you can use in a pinch, especially the stuff you already have in your kitchen. When an emergency calls, it’s good to know how that chili powder can help you.

🌻Crystal Correspondences- This is another great add on! Crystals can often be used to enhance and focus the energy of a spell, as well as cleanse any ritual tools you have. Besides, who doesn’t like pretty rocks? Crystals can be particularly great for the witch who has a tactile mind, and likes to have things they can feel and roll around in their hand.

🌻Days of the Week- Knowing the right time to cast a spell can be very important! Casting a love spell on a Friday gives it an added boost, or at the very least creates a path of least resistance. Besides, there’s only seven of them, so it’s easy to learn quickly. You get a lot of bang for your buck!

🌻Phases of the Moon- We have a really big collective crush on the moon, it seems. And for good reason! The moon is a great source of power and mystery even in a completely mundane setting! Understanding the phases of the moon and how it can affect your craft is extremely important. (Hint: you can cast spells even when it isn’t the Full Moon.)

🌻Basic Mythology and Lore- This is an absolute must if you plan on going into any type of spirit work. Even if that isn’t your thing, it’s good to know a little bit. Firstly, because you may draw unwanted attention from spirits, and it’s good to know how to deal with them if it happens. Secondly, because if you draw from a path with any history behind it, it’s good to know how the rules go down on their turf.

🌻Basic Divination- Not everyone has the money or the time to pick up and learn how to read a 78-card Tarot deck, but things like scrying and pendulums are pretty easy to figure out quickly. What’s more, they can be done on little to no budget. Divination’s a useful tool to have on your utility belt, and who wants to pay someone to use a pendulum for them when you can learn it yourself?

🌻Anthropology of different cultures/religions- You don’t have to be a religious witch at all, but witchcraft still has its roots as a religious practice! Lot’s of practices have a cultural context as well, which can be important to know in order to fully understand the action you’re performing. A lot of correspondences, traditions, and rites come from cultural or religious roots. It’s good to know not only what people did, but why they did it! Does X tool have some symbolic meaning or was it just what was available at the time? What was simply a product of the culture around them?

🌻Science- It’s a HUGE category, and I left it that way on purpose. If something interests you, look at the mundane side of it as well! Do you like kitchen witchery? Read up on food chemistry and how different nutrients affect the brain. Into crystals? Learn about how they’re formed! Read about gardening or psychology, anything that can help enhance your path.

Happy researching!

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Anders + Looking at Hawke


I keep giggling at the thought of a villain mama trying to raise her daughter to be normal and placing her in a prestigious school but often have her villain side show up, and the teacher who is used to pompous parents totally don’t bat an eye to put her in her place

Guess what? Apparently, the Sansa vs Arya feud was real, and not just a fake-out. From The Huffington Post

Isaac Hempstead Wright (Bran) told HuffPost that a deleted finale scene would’ve explained things a little better. “Funny enough, we did actually shoot a scene that didn’t make it into that episode where Sansa knocks on Bran’s door, and I don’t know whether they actually want to change the story, but as I understand it, Sansa came to Bran and goes, ‘Can you just look some of this up before I kill my sister?’ That kind of sentiment. Sansa just checking that fact,” said the actor.

So Sansa was literally on the verge of murdering her sister before checking the truth with Bran. 

i was watching coraline and i felt guilty,,,

Questions for Magical or Elemental Muses

🔥 - What kind of magical powers or abilities do you have?
🌈 - What is your main element? If you don’t have one, what’s your main ability?
☀️ - Are your powers more active during the day or at night?
🌕  - Does a full moon impact your abilities?
🔮 - Is there an object you need to use in order to get your magic to work? (Like a wand, a tome, etc.)
🎤 - Is there something you have to do to get your magic to work? (Like singing, casting spells, etc.)
🍼 - Were you born with magic or did you have to do something to get it?
🎎 - Are there other people in your family that use magic?
🍪 - Is there a kind of food that enhances your magic?
🐶 - Do you have a familiar? If not, is there an animal that you feel a connection with?
💿 - Do you stick to tradition or do you like to explore modern ways of utilizing magic?
🎲 - Do you believe in lucky or cursed objects? Do you have any?
🍄 - Have you ever charmed or cursed an object?
🌱 - Do you grow plants for brewing potions or elixirs? If so, what kind of things do you make?
💪 - Are you a newbie or an experienced magic user?
🏆 - Is there something you can do that no one else can?
🎐 - Do you get tired after using your magic for a long period of time? Are there consequences to overusing it?
😥 - Have you ever been singled out for your magic? (Like being bullied, being disowned, etc.)
😃 - What is the best thing about having your magic?
😟 - What is the worst thing about having your magic?

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Do you know exactly what Liam said about Louis? I don't think I've seen the quote on my dash

I tried to catch it all, but forgive me if there are some mistakes:

“Louis’ been great. Bless him. He’s had a tough..a tough..go of things and the way things are happening for him, but he’s handling it. And he’s going down and settling his business and you know….like I say. It’s been really tough for him, but what, you know, what a great song he came out with.”