don't know that i agree with that christopher

The band on the choice of costumes for Seemann.

Schneider: “I remember well, how we used to have these disputes about everything. Especially when they dressed us up., and we hung around in leather and loincloths, we didn’t care for that much. It didn’t correspond to how we saw us, nor the outfits we had envisaged”

Director: “The guys totally hated it. They hated wearing this and that, or changing their hairstyles and all that. But in the end they did agree and accepted it. But I don’t think they were very happy about it. I can’t honestly say that.”

Paul: ‘I had a really big one(hairpiece) I hope you can’t see me with it!

I looked like one of those English guys in a busby!

Till: ‘"I thought it was pretty cool. Great outfit!“

What are you?
  • Interviewer: So.. I was wondering, guys. If someone come and asks you "what are you?", what would be your answer?
  • Victor: Ice daddy, of course!
  • Yuuri: A katsudon, I guess...
  • Yuri: Ice tiger of Russia. Or.. Russian fairy? I don't know. But I like Ice tiger the most.
  • Guang Hong: People tell me I'm a cinnamon roll, I suppose I will answer that...
  • Otabek: The hero of Kazakztan.
  • Phichit: A selfie lover! I love selfies!
  • JJ: A king! I'm the king!
  • Christophe: ....
  • Interviewer: Christophe?
  • Chritophe: A bless. I'm a bless.