don't know that i agree with that christopher

What are you?
  • Interviewer: So.. I was wondering, guys. If someone come and asks you "what are you?", what would be your answer?
  • Victor: Ice daddy, of course!
  • Yuuri: A katsudon, I guess...
  • Yuri: Ice tiger of Russia. Or.. Russian fairy? I don't know. But I like Ice tiger the most.
  • Guang Hong: People tell me I'm a cinnamon roll, I suppose I will answer that...
  • Otabek: The hero of Kazakztan.
  • Phichit: A selfie lover! I love selfies!
  • JJ: A king! I'm the king!
  • Christophe: ....
  • Interviewer: Christophe?
  • Chritophe: A bless. I'm a bless.