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Draco is definitely not gay, part six.  (Except that he really, really is.)
  • Draco, sneering: Heard about your breakup, Potter. I guess the she-Weasel wasn't quite *man* enough for you.
  • Harry: ...Not really, no.
  • Draco: ...
  • Draco: ...
  • Draco: ...So what are you doing tomorrow night?
  • Coworker: Where did I leave-? Oh, there. I must be losing my mind.
  • Me: *waves a hand flippantly* Mine's already gone.
  • Coworker: ..... *bursts out laughing*
  • Coworker 2: ....did she just say her mind is gone?
  • Coworker: Yep.
  • Coworker 2: Oh no, you need to get that back. You too young for that.
  • Me: Too late, it left with the last bus.
  • Coworker: *valiantly trying to not laugh*
  • Coworker 2: We're gonna need to track that bus down.
  • Me: There's a reason my catchphrase is "I run on caffeine, bad ideas, and 70s music".


SO. We’re spending a lot of time lingering on the fact that Sakura is extremely worried about Syaoran. Which is notable enough because “being worried about Syaoran” is essentially the default anyway, but there were two pages about it in chapter 99, a whole page spread in this actual chapter here, and now two more pages where it’s the main focus of the action. Sakura is worried, and it feels like it’s building up to something that might be more than what it usually is.

Especially when paired with the fact that Sakura just used the “It’s nothing” line. The lie on its own? Nothing too out of the ordinary. But Syaoran already dropped this exact line in the previous chapter, and Fai took Special Notice™ of it, and now Sakura is saying it too.

These kids are distraught ok. They are so caught up in the sadness their family members are going through that all they can do is lie about it and silently brood from a distance, even though this is exactly what Sakura was 100% against several worlds ago. But it’s different now, because it’s not just general hardship, it’s suffering that Sakura herself caused.

She didn’t actually, and we know that, but Sakura sees how her feather DESTROYED Syaoran emotionally and all she can do is cling to the guilt of it as it tears her apart from the inside out. To Sakura, SHE did this to him. And she doesn’t know how to deal with that. Because Syaoran has done worse - Syaoran has stormed castles and punched giant flaming children all in the name of retrieving her feathers, and that only makes it all the more painful, because how much more of this is Syaoran going to put himself through? How much more suffering is SHE causing him? She can’t know, but any answer at all is more than what she’s happy with.

I’m not sure how this will erupt just yet, because I’m still not sure what Tsubasa is capable of doing to Sakura, but the narrative has been stacking up a lot of ideas about “What Sakura is willing to do for her family” and I feel like the answer might be slightly horrifying.



Me : Flint and Wood.. yeah, never really thought about it. Why not. Let’s check the tag.

*A few minutes later*

Me : aw my babies are so cute. Let them be happy and gay together. Come on guys, GET MARRIED AND HAVE MANY BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN TO PLAY QUIDDITCH WITH. THEY’RE MEANT FOR EACH OTHER. DON’T TELL ME OTHERWISE. I have to read all the fanfictions.

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So Cor lost a bet to Regis... I need more details...

“I bet you can’t make Clarus wear a dress to the masquerade ball,” Cor said flippantly, crossing his ankles as he leaned back into the sofa and sipped his beer.

Cid snorted into his own beer, turning to the king. “Where is Clarus anyway, Reggie?” he asked.

“Putting Gladio to bed,” Regis said, eyes on Cor. “You really think I can’t make him do it?”

Cor raised a sharp eyebrow. “If you do, I’ll take Noctis every Saturday for a month,” he said flatly, confidently.

Regis smirked. “Done. But not a word to him.”

When Clarus joined them an hour later, Regis plied him with his finest whisky.

“There’s nothing I’m afraid of doing,” Clarus slurred as midnight neared.

“Nothing, eh?” Regis said, cocking a sly eyebrow at Cor in return.


“So you’d, say, spar with Cor the Immortal?”

Clarus scoffed derisively.

“Alright, so… what about wearing a dress?”

As a thank you for reaching 150 followers (though I’m now somehow at over 300), I’m writing 150 word drabbles. Send me a person or a pairing plus a word or a sentence, and I’ll write you a 150 word drabble (or headcanon) in return! (note, drabble requests will close on Friday 23rd June)

Me, this morning: Oh boy! My new outsider prints are in!

Me, after opening them up and finding that they’re even worse than the first batch of proofs: Oh. 


Second Round:

And this is after I contacted catprint the first time to fix the files– which I did, on my end! The blue you see here is what I told them to use for the foil base. America, explain. 


About Yixing and This Year's Comeback

So it turns out Yixing can’t participate in this year’s comeback activities and I’m really bummed out.

Now before anyone starts any misunderstandings, there was only an article about how SM said Yixing can’t do comeback activities this year. Many fans will probably be confused about this, and some might misunderstand and say things out of frustration. Please understand that this whole thing is happening because of the THAAD issue this past year so far. South Korea employing THAAD caused huge discord between China and South Korea and it affected a lot of people, Yixing being one of them for example. During this time, Yixing and his workshop had agreed do to some activities in China because no one really knew how long China and South Korea was gonna fight about THAAD. Even if Yixing would be in China for a while, he still has his job and needs to promote himself and EXO (that’s just how it is). In fact, no one expected the issue to be resolved so quickly (it was only employed this past November I believe). THAAD really caused some problems with entertainment companies, like SM, since they make a lot of revenue in China from their idols. That’s why lately we’ve been seeing a lot of idols having debuts and mini albums in Japan, such as CBX for example. If the THAAD issue wasn’t gonna get resolved within this year, companies like SM were just gonna do Japan activities until everything settled.

Now this part is my assumption why SM gave in quickly about the whole comeback activities. Since it ended so quickly, SM can’t possibly make Yixing participate because one: prior engagements and two: how bad would it look for SM to overwork a Chinese member right when the political climate just eased up a bit? This is just my opinion but it’s probably best for SM to let Yixing stay in China instead of taking the risk of him getting overworked and the political climate changing again. The issue was only just resolved but who’s to say it’ll change again? Also, Yixing can’t possibly do everything he’s only human and we all know he’s sorry. But he’s also the type to follow through with his promises. Now, I assume that Yixing will be in the music video since filming does happen this week so it’s not that Yixing is completely left out of this year’s comeback.

I know that it sucks that there might not be OT9 for a while but please understand that these political matters have really strong influences in societies. Even in parts where you think it wouldn’t matter (like Kpop or music in general). Anyway, despite being bummed out about this whole ambiguous situation let’s support EXO as we’ve always have. We wanna make this comeback grand, right? Then we should keep going strong and show EXO we love them even if one or two members can’t participate.

Writing Tips - General - Pt.1

Disclaimer: I’m just a fandom writer and I write for fun and I realized that whenever I sit down and write I seem to learn something. That’s why I’m doing this series: I just want to collect what I learned so far so that it might help others. I never took writing courses so these tips won’t be very technical at all but just the result of my own experience so far.

Some (most) of these tips will only apply to fandom writers.

My biggest tip is:


Read                      r

READ                                       e

read                                                                    a


r e a d 



Obviously read books and read fics, because fics are a very specific kind of subgenre of literature that has its own rules. True, some fics could be read as novels or as short stories, but most of them rely on very specific tropes that are much easier (generally speaking) to explore if you’re just starting out.

For example, I was always an avid reader, but before I started being active in the world of fandom and actually started reading fanfiction, I had no idea about the different kinds of AUs and tropes.

Knowing and reading what’s already out there can be scary at first. You’ll read a perfect coffee shop AU that you wished you’d written yourself and you’ll wonder, “But why should I put myself out there? Why should I write something when other people are already doing it and doing it better than me?”

The thing to remember is that readers will always want to read something, no matter how many times they’ve read the same trope applied to the same fictional couple, so one coffee shop AU isn’t enough. Good thing you’re just now planning to write one, right?

And the thing is, you won’t actually know if your writing is good or not unless you try. Even if your first fic isn’t that good, writing is something that you get better at with time and with practice, so there really isn’t any reason not to write (unless you have no interest in trying it).

Let’s say you’re now convinced that you want to try writing something: you might still be wondering how you’re going to get ideas for a fic or a story.

I think we’ve all been there. So…


If you’re someone who doesn’t have a lot of imagination (like me), the thought of writing something is really scary. Of course, you can’t write a story without ideas, so I want to go over a few ways to actually start getting them.

Interact with the fandom

You don’t have to participate actively and you can just reblog stuff, but in my experience, the more you interact (even just by commenting on someone else’s post or tweet), the more your brain starts working on ideas that are yours.

I basically see it as an exercise or workout: the more you do squats the more your muscles build themselves, right? The same way, the more you get your brain to think of even just small headcanons (like, what does a character like to eat? Are they a morning person or a night owl?), the more you’ll get used to thinking up new ideas that could potentially become a full story.

Oh, and when I say interact, I really do mean interact. I was really surprised when I first came to tumblr and found out that it’s perfectly normal for people to randomly start talking to you in your DMs, and the conversation usually starts with some headcanon or just general screaming about your favorite characters or something that just happened recently in the fandom. Sometimes that wraps up in a couple of lines, but others it can lead to wonderful virtual friendships. While that’s amazing on its own, it’s actually also a great support system for any content creators (especially writers), because so many ideas are born out of simple conversations.

Know your sources

The better you know your fandom, the more ideas you’ll get. You’ll start seeing details of a character’s personality that you didn’t see or read the first time, you’ll re-analyze a certain interaction, etc. It’s very difficult to write fanfiction if you’ve only watched/read canon once. 

Sometimes canon is not enough: find metas about characters and scenes and interactions. Metas aren’t canon, but they help a lot and you’ll not only understand things better, you’ll also get new ideas for content you want to write.

Know other sources

You and your ideas don’t and shouldn’t exist in a vacuum. A lot of great ideas come from knowing other works so you can make AUs and retellings.

Also try to remember the difference between the two and ask yourself which one fits better:

  • [fictional source] AU: the story should be more or less the same as your source and set in the same world, but the characters will be the ones from the fandom you’re writing for.
  • [fictional source] retelling: your plot is heavily inspired by [fictional source] but you add elements or take away what you don’t need if something from the original source doesn’t fit your characters. It can also be set somewhere different (for example modern retellings of fairy tales). 

Know your tropes

Knowing popular (and less popular) tropes helps you think about what kind of story you want to write. It also helps you categorize the different stories you read and start thinking about them in a more analytical way.

You need to see the mechanisms (enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, etc) behind a story to be able to analyze it and relate it to other stories, and understand which rules you want to follow once you understand what trope you’re using for your story.

Notice that I said which rules you want to follow, because I think it’s perfectly fine (and even admirable) to be more daring and break trope rules or mix them up. No matter what you want to do, you definitely need to know them first, and then you can start writing them and/or changing them and making them your own.


Okay, you have a few ideas now (you don’t need to have the full plot before you start writing, but at least an outline would be nice - I have another post planned about plot so look out for that). 

There are a few extra steps you might want to take. Most of these you will kind of just feel in your gut without really having to think about it, but in case that doesn’t happen, here’s a noncomprehensive list of a few of them.

Understand what your story needs in terms of POV:

A POV can make or break a story. There are some things that just don’t work well in a certain person, or they’re extremely difficult to pull off.

Learn what your favorite POV is when you read, and that will probably be the POV you’ll write best. 

Regardless of the type of POV, your story might need more than one (if it’s third person limited or first person). It’s difficult to describe how you can understand it, and I think it has a lot to do with plotting and characterization:

Do you want to keep a character’s motives mysterious until the Big Reveal of chapter 16? Then you should stick to only one character POV. Does your fic follow more than one storyline? Then you will almost definitely need more than one POV.

In case it needs more than one POV:

First of all, I can’t stress this enough: make it understandable when the POV switches. Be it with a completely different chapter or a visual separation, make sure your reader understands it.

With that said, you need to know your story and ask yourself, What POV works best for this scene?

A scene can be extremely powerful and memorable from one POV but completely dull and boring from another. It all comes down to the different characters’ personalities and I can’t possibly cover all the different examples and scenarios in this post, but if you’re familiar with your fictional world enough then you should be able to understand it yourself.

Understand what the best tense for your story is:

This is something that for me usually just happens by itself when I start writing the first few paragraphs. I’ve started fics deciding that they needed to be in a past tense, and then no matter how many verbs I wrote down, my mind would always make me write them in present tense unless I forced a past tense in there. But that’s the thing, whatever you write, it should never feel forced. That’s when I realized that present tense was what felt more natural to the story, and it didn’t matter that I don’t even like present tense. The story didn’t want to be written any other way.

Follow your instinct on this.

Understand what the best format is:

Ask yourself: Is it going to be a long fic with 20 chapters or a one shot? Do you only have enough material for a drabble?

Every fic length is valid in my opinion, but you need to be clear about what you want.

If you do decide to make your fic chaptered, try to make each chapter its own little story, with a beginning, a plot/character arc and an end (which can absolutely be a small cliffhanger, but try to not abuse it).


So this is a point I wanted to include even though it’s not exactly about writing itself, BUT I think it’s important to talk about.

Should you tell someone, “Hey, I have this awesome fic in mind that I really want to write!”? 

I don’t think the answer to this is universal. I think generally speaking telling someone definitely helps you stick to your goal, especially if people get excited about your WIP. 

It can also backfire though, you can get anxious about other people expecting something from you when you’re at a point where you don’t even know whether you’ll actually write/finish your story or not. 

(A small addition on this: if you’re like me, you’ll never know whether you’re actually going to publish something until you’ve written all of it. You might have written more than half of your fic and then decide that you don’t want to continue it, for whatever reason. If nobody is expecting it anyway, you’ll feel less bad about abandoning your work because you won’t feel like you’re disappointing anyone.)

This is one of those things that require for you to know yourself because only you will know whether people’s expectations can be a motivation or a hindrance for you. 

My suggestion is not to tell anyone right away if you’ve never written anything in your entire life. Posting without anyone (not even my virtual friendships) knowing about it was what made it possible for me to actually write. I only began sharing and interacting with people as a writer here on tumblr after about three fics (two of which were chaptered ones) and getting enough positive feedback, but I still keep my real identity hidden because I don’t want anyone IRL to be able to find my stuff.

If you know you’re going to be very self conscious about your work, I encourage you to start a tumblr alias like I did, because it can be liberating to write what you want to write without being afraid of what people will think of you if they actually find your fics. 

Of course, this is what worked for me and it might not work for everybody, but try to take measures to protect yourself if that’s the only way you you think you can publish your writing without feeling scared.

This post is already too long so Pt.2 is coming soon!

Other writing tips: (coming soon!)

yuri on ice edition | general pt.2 | plot | dialogues | characterization

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do u have any voltron/klance allergy headcanons youd be willing to share :0

Oh boy do I!!!!! 

Pidge canonically talked about being allergic to everything outside. That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have a rough time in the spring when the flowers start to bloom and in the fall and summer when the pollen count is high. Typically, Pidge is very careful when it comes to their allergies. They check the pollen count everyday and refuse to go outside unless it’s necessary, because they think the symptoms are so annoying. Pidge also gets overcome really easily and really fast, and once they start rubbing their eyes or nose they can’t stop. Once this starts happening, Pidge calls it and straight up announces that they’re leaving. Hunk or Lance will go with them just to make sure they’re okay, and they’ll always suggest that Pidge not rub so much, because it’ll only make things worse. Having allergic reactions also makes Pidge super irritable. They’ll rub their eyes the whole way back anyways and get really snappy until they’re inside and their symptoms calm down. Then, puffy eyed and with an allergic flush blooming on their cheeks, they’ll apologize.

 ALSO. When Pidge rubs their eyes, they life their glasses up and use their whole fist.

Hunk is allergic to very certain, very specific flowers. He’s the kind of person who will walk into someone’s house and instantly be bothered if there’s something he’s allergic to in the centerpiece. Hunk is always very polite about it though, and never makes a big deal out of it. He just stifles all his sneezes and waves off concerns because he doesn’t think it’s worth imposing over. Hunk also has a heightened sensitivity to some spices he cooks with. He finds out right away, because he tests out new spices by tasting them and smelling them. Obviously, getting a noseful of any spice is a sneezing fit waiting to happen (mostly happens to Lance when he’s helping in the kitchen and Hunk asks him to smell something for him, because Lance doesn’t have the delicate practice of wafting spices down to a science like Hunk does. If it’s Keith it’ll happen without fail), but some spices are just too strong. Not wanting to miss out on (or make others miss out on) good flavors Hunk will cook with them anyways if they taste good. He’ll slip gloves on and pinch his nose shut as he adds the spices, and then try to hold his breath until it’s more tolerable.

Shiro is really allergic to cats, but as soon as one walks up to him, he has to pet it. He draws the line at picking them up, but he’ll let them sit in his lap, and he’ll smile if they rub against him. Once he starts sniffling, Shiro will mentally remind himself that he needs to stop soon. After the first sneeze (or sometimes the second or the fifth, depending on how affectionate the cat is) he’ll gently usher them away, usually saying something like ‘Sorry, little guy, but I think that’s enough for me.’ for the cat’s sake, and his own. He’ll wash his hands soon after, but the cat hair on his clothes will bother him for a few hours after. A few sneezes here and there, the lingering feelings of irritation behind his eyes. It’s annoying, but not enough for him to prioritize getting rid of.  If he forgets to change out of them before he goes to bed, he’ll wake himself up sneezing.

Keith has dust allergies (house kind, not desert kind), and he’s sensitive to certain, perfumy scents. He prefers not to experience any allergy symptoms at all, so he cleans meticulously and frequently so that dust doesn’t have a chance to build up. When he is exposed to it, he feels it in his eyes first. They start to water, then they start to burn and the itch travels down to his nose. Keith will swipe at his eyes and nose very slightly when he’s alone, or not at all around other people. Either way, it eventually becomes unbearable, and then he itches them non-stop until he’s miserable, self control completely gone. The sneezing gradually gets worse and harder to control, until he’s completely overcome, a total mess. Everyone found out about Keith’s dust allergies because he was, A. Too proud to admit he had them and B. Sure he could handle it, and ended up making a huge scene while helping someone clean a dusty room.

Lance has had terrible hayfever all his life, and he’s experienced when it comes to dealing with them. He carries eyedrops, tissues, and extra antihistamines on him at all times, and always checks the pollen counts so he can prepare accordingly. If Lance forgets his antihistamines, he gets overcome fast and hard. Eyes so itchy and watery he can’t leave them alone for more than a few seconds, and a tingly feeling constantly settled in the bridge of his nose, always making him feel like he’s on the edge of a sneeze. His fall allergies are worse than his spring allergies, and it varies in the summer. Lance also takes sunglasses with him on high pollen count days to hide how puffy his eyes will get. No matter what Lance does, he can’t stop his allergies from affecting him in some way, but he doesn’t let that stop him from going outside. Everyone is well aware of Lance’s allergies because he sneezes at least once any time they’re outdoors. Lance typically likes to whine and joke about his allergies if he’s puffy or sneezy, but the worse it gets the more self conscious he gets and if he stops talking about it lightly, it means he’s getting tired and miserable. He’s also the kind of person who’s prone to really ticklish, rapid fire allergic fits. In the fall, he spends a lot of days exhausted from his allergies keeping him awake at night.

Klance specifically:

- Lance will dust for Keith if he notices it needs to be done. Because of this, Keith relaxes a little on cleaning once Lance moves in.

- Lance had to teach Keith how to care for him on really bad allergy days. If it’s a bad day for Lance, Keith knows to close all the windows. He prepares warm compresses for Lance to set on his eyes once he’s out of the shower, and if he’s got time, and sometimes even if he doesn’t, he’ll run his fingers through Lance’s hair to help him feel better.

- The first time Lance figured out Keith had dust allergies, he thought it would be really funny to tease him about it until he figured out how bad they were. Then he just felt like a dick :/

- If Lance wakes up in the middle of the night because of his allergies, chances are, Keith will wake up too. At first, Lance was a little ashamed of it, but Keith never minded. It’s not routine, but it happens enough so that Keith only half wakes up if he hears Lance shifting around at 2 in the morning. Keith will let Lance decide how he wants to be held (usually it’s curled into Keith’s chest) and he’ll rub his back, half asleep, while Lance muffles tired sniffles and sneezes into his shirt until he falls asleep again.

- Lance will gladly suffer through his allergies to go on outdoor dates with Keith.

Hey so I’m seeing some people lashing out at other people for being upset about the recent news about Stefan Karl

And like what is wrong with you?? Like of course people are upset why are you being assholes to them ???