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  • Ravenclaw: *running* Oh no, I'm late!
  • Gryffindor: The class has already ended.
  • Ravenclaw: So... am I really late for this class, or really early for the next one?
  • Gryffindor: What?

i just made a background for my phone. Feel free to use it for yours if you’re interested. There isn’t a watermark on this one, so please don’t repost my work on tumblr or on other sites without credit.

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Thank you for sharing Pangur and your other kitties with us. They brighten my day whenever I see them, and I hope your blog has been a net positive for you. Please don't ever feel you need to apologize for taking care of yourself. I know it can suck to feel like you're disappointing people, but I admire you for standing up for yourself. I've seen a lot of generous people get burned out from Tumblr fame, and it's always a shame. All the best!

what a lovely message, thank you!

I’ve actually been surprised by how well folk respond to me setting boundaries -  it’s a huge relief that despite this blog’s growth, I can have as much fun posting photos of my dumb pets now as I did back with 200 followers

I can’t stop thinking about what must have happened in the fight between Hanzo and Genji. More specifically, I can’t stop thinking about how obscenely, totally one-sided it must have been.

Like, we know that Genji was at the brink of death afterwards and Hanzo walked away, but it’s more than that. 

Genji’s body was absolutely destroyed. His limbs are all prosthetic. His face is covered in scars. He mentions how he can no longer eat regular food in one of his voice lines. We only see his eyes when he removes his mask in the Dragons short, but even with the mask removed, there’s still metal visible on much of the lower half of his face, which might imply that he needed portions of his skull/jaw replaced as well. 

And then there’s Hanzo–who doesn’t have so much as a single visible scar. And if he does have scars, they’re certainly not anywhere on his body where you’d expect to see them if someone had tried to kill you, like his head, neck, and chest. I’m also working under the assumption that he doesn’t have prosthetic legs and just wears futuristic boots, based on the fact that his pants are tucked into them, they go over his knee but possess a normal, organic joint at the back, and his ‘ick’ reaction to finding out that so much of Genji’s body is now robotic. 

Like, Hanzo walked away from their fight completely unscathed, but Genji was mutilated. Mutilated, but not killed–which probably means Hanzo wasn’t just carrying it out like a normal assassination, quick and to the point. He was angry. It wasn’t enough just to kill himhe wanted to make Genji suffer for what (in Hanzo’s mind) he was making him do. He might have even deliberately made it so Genji’s death would be long and drawn out–something which ultimately allowed time to save him.

And Genji, in turn, barely fought back. In fact, he probably only made attempts to defend himself. The chipped sword is likely a direct result of that, since swords are not generally designed to block one another and are meant to simply cut through flesh. The aim is to kill your opponent fast, or at least hurt them enough to incapacitate them. As a trained assassin, Genji would have known that as well as anyone. But if you can’t (or won’t) do that, and you’re not fast enough to outright avoid a hit (Hanzo was a better swordsman, after all), then you block–and that’s what Genji did. He didn’t want to die–but more than that, he didn’t want to kill Hanzo. Didn’t want to hurt him at all. Was more content to let himself get chopped practically to pieces than to raise his sword against his brother.

That’s probably what motivated Hanzo’s guilt, as much as anything. If he’d given his brother an easy death–made it an honorable kill–he probably would have returned to his life as the heir feeling saddened but justified. But he fought Genji with the intent to crush him, to stomp him out like a cigarette butt, and Genji hardly did anything to stop it. He simply could not bring himself to fight back with everything he was capable of–not when he loved Hanzo so much. It’s no wonder Hanzo could barely live with himself afterwards. He had done such a monstrous, unforgivable thing to the only family he had left after the death of their father. And why? For what? 

So, realizing what the Shimada Clan was doing to him–what he would turn into if he stayed with them–he left. But, I’m sure he knows as well as any that that doesn’t quite erase what he did. Which may be part of why he reacts so angrily towards Genji when they reunite. 

Genji’s been alive all this time, and yet he never came for Hanzo. He could have settled the score, but instead he went after the Shimada clan itself, the ones who put him and his brother at odds to begin with, who made it so they had to fight. And there’s Hanzo, realizing all this and being so upset about it. Because after everything Hanzo has done to atone on his own, it’s Genji once again who forgives him. It’s Genji once again who loves him more–would probably have loved him just the same even if he hadn’t spent the last 10 years trying to make things right. And that must have been so frustrating for Hanzo to know that he’d abandoned everything, done so much to make things up to someone who never, ever even blamed him. All this time, he’s been carrying a burden which he inflicted upon himself. And once again, he has to ask himself, why? For what?

But by the end of Dragons, when he lays down his bow and returns to pray at the little shrine he’s made, he finally figures it out: for Genji.

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You know it might be a good idea to lit some time go between target tales posts so that you don't have to worry about the comedic value of every single interaction and can just wait for something to happen on its own. Or maybe that's what makes your shifts fun? Or maybe it is that crazy? If The latter is true and please disregard, it just seems like you're digging at the bottom of the barrel.

Wow congrats on being the second biggest asshole to ever send me a message your feedback is appreciated and has been promptly disregarded

  • me: *takes a deep breath*
  • me: i lo-
  • anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you love Bokuto Koutarou, we know, you love Bokuto so much, he's the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love Bokuto Koutarou, we KNOW, you love Bokuto, you fricking love Bokuto, okay we know, we get it, YOU LOVE BOKUTO KOUTAROU. WE GET IT.

Hi! I was busy working on a school project all weekend ( maybe a mouth), and tired the whole year.. and I had no time to draw–I know, I’m supposed to drawings…
I’m happy with myself. However, I don’t sell my all days for drawings…
I don’t feel (I don’t think anyone should feel)…
I’m sorry I haven’t been able to post much art lately! Life has mostly very Important. I’ll have new art to post hopefully soon.

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You know, idk if you'd be interested but if you ever wanted to do a more complete write up of your campaign I'd be super interested in reading that.

FUNNY U SAY THAT BECAUSE!! our dm has been writing up session summaries over here :D they’re not up to our current session yet but

  • Arthur: Merlin?
  • Merlin: What?
  • Arthur: Where is my sword?
  • Merlin: What?
  • Arthur: Where. Is. My. Sword?
  • Merlin: I, uh, put it away.
  • Arthur: Where?!
  • Merlin: Why do you need to know?!
  • Arthur: I need it!
  • Merlin: Oh no! Don't even think about doing any of your knight crap! We've been planning this evening for two months!

It would be hard for me to say that this has not been the best year of my life so far.

i meant to post this in time for new year’s and never got around to it but whatever it’s still relevant 

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Yeah not a lot of bad posts on the tag lol so that's a relief. Also age isn't a big deal so I don't know why it's causing such a problem. I always thought the cadets were around the age of 18-21. Anyways, has there ever been a model or actor who you see Keith and shiro as?

ur lucky you missed majority of the war lol but that aside INTERESTING QUESTION! can’t think of anyone for keith rn but I can totally see hideo muraoka as shiro…..he’s illegally beautiful just look at him 

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Am guessing the SGT video will be released this weekend just in time to co-incide with Gigith's birthday and a plethora of tactful social media posts. And you know what I don't care- just give me SOMETHING! And you can bring back those endless pap pics walking out of her apartment- it's ALL GOOD!!

At this point, I have accepted, I am resigned to it, and I am the most ready anyone has ever been to get this SGT video this weekend, even if I have to endure Zayn and Gigith riding around in a car with a photo from their Vogue shoot shrink wrapped on it to get it. 

People always like to tell me what to do to pick my life back up. They point at everything that has been there for a long time. All I have to do to get better, is fit in.

But what they don’t understand is that I was meant to not fit in. I was meant to do a part in changing this world. And change cannot be brought from a place of doing what has already been done, from “fitting in”.

But unless humans can stop pretending they’re all good while pointing at the flaws of others with bright markers, I don’t think any change that can be made in a lifetime will be enough to make up for the pain I’ve already been put through.

We are so obsessed with keeping things the way they are, we will fight for things to stay familiar rather than risk taking a step into the unknown to save ourselves.
Humanity as it is now is quite well under way to it’s own annihilation. Be it by each other’s hand or the environment we corrupted.

And truth be told, I can’t consider that a bad thing. Humanity as it is now does not feel worth saving.

There are so many among us, especially the young people, who each hold a piece of the puzzle that is a utopia for humanity.

But our entire society is build to make people numb and blind to their inner strength.
If we want to stop knocking those puzzle pieces out of other’s -and our own- hands, we must be brave.
We must be brave enough to see the darkness within ourselves rather than within others. Pointing fingers only leads to pain and nothing gets resolved.

We love the thought of fighting evil, putting it into so many movies.
We try to fight the ‘evil’ in the world, but refuse to look at our own darker parts, or even believe we have them.

The best movie I ever saw on this was a child doing something kind for the darkness, and then everyone saw it wasn’t evil, but desperately trying to be not alone.

And that is what we need to realize. The dark, bad, wrong and evil we see is but a reflection of the pain of not being accepted.

So turn to yourself and start accepting those parts you have been told were wrong or bad. Then turn to your loved ones and accept those parts they have been told were wrong or bad. Then turn to the rest of the world and do the same.

If you can do that, if you even are just willing to try, maybe humanity might be worth saving after all.

We all hold a piece of the puzzle that can bring humanity to a better place.

The question is, are you willing to do what it takes to get there?

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Just wanted to say I appreciate you reblogging that post just now. What you mentioned you saw is not a new development, this has been going on for months. I don't think it was this bad during s1 but it has definitely been getting progressively worse ever since the hiatus between s1 and s2. It's nice to see that there's still SOME decent people left in this fandom after all (even though the fact that the most hateful nasty posts get lots and lots of notes usually paints a different picture). Thx!

You’re welcome.
I know it’s been going on for a long time, but it’s gotten out of hand in my opinion. The internet has never been a bully free zone, this part of the internet is no exception. 
I have so many people blocked on twitter, it’s not even funny anymore.
The sad thing is a large part of this fandom are sheep. And you have two types of shepherds. The “You cannot drink any other tea than Earl Grey, if you do you are evil. Why? Cause I say so.” and the “Look, you want to drink Earl Grey drink Earl Grey, you want Coffee have a cup, just don’t force me to drink it, I prefer Jasmine. But to each their own and we can still go to starbucks.”
The difference between these two is enormous. One is disrespectful, rude and sounds a lot like the president of the United States, the other is accepting and understanding, sounding like someone you’d like to have as a president.
For some reason beyond me, a lot of people chose to follow the first one. Maybe because they are louder, but I fear it’s because it allows them to not have to think about why either. And if you don’t have to think about it, isn’t life much easier? 
The second person is asking you to understand where the other persons are coming from, to let them be to not make them into the enemy. Which requires some actual thinking work.
Posts shitting on the books or a ship easily get 6K notes with very few people calling out the problems, where posts asking for peace in this fandom get 1K tops and you lose followers, though in opinion good riddance to those.
Good people are deactivating their account, putting them on silent or have successfully been bullied to the point that they are afraid of saying what they think, so they tell you in DM their thoughts, while like sheep retweet the “Donald Trump” shepherd tweets and thought. Fear has rooted itself into our fandom along with allowing hatred to exists because too few dare to speak up. And that is problematic.
This can only go two ways really, 1. Everyone at some point will have 90% of the fandom blocked or muted. Or 2. People finally learn to stick to their own lane and each other be.
The last one is not impossible. The 1D fandom after the hell that was 2012; filled with people relapsing into cutting, mental issues and suicide, changed. Finally in 2017 is a relatively good oiled machined fandom. They stay in their own lanes for the most part of it, at least on tumblr. But it took 5 years and people actually dying for that to happen.
I hope it doesn’t take this fandom as long and nobody is pushed into break downs, but it’s not impossible. You just have to want it. But for now all you can do is speak up. Use your voice when people are bullying others. Use your voice when you see people hating on a ship without actual reasons. We have all been given a voice and it’s time more people than me,  and maybe 100 other accounts started using them to defend good judgement and respect among each other.
Some people will see this message and think I’m trying to dictated how this fandom should work, but in all honesty there is never a good reason for hatred, there is never a good reason to go into someone askbox and tell the to kill themselves over a ship or preference of favourite character or over a headcanon. You should never ever justify hate.
The only thing i will say is that education is key. If you find a post problematic educate the person posting it. Just saying ‘You’re wrong’ isn’t going to help. Now yes, sometimes talking to a brick wall would have the same end results, not every person wants to become a better human being, because that means they’d have to admit they were in need of this education. But a fandom changes one person at a time and for every person you educate and win over, this will become a better place to be.

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that 'I won't make you hot chocolate' post makes me think of student juuse accidentally getting hit with a puck at an open practice and pekka gets super worried once the bruise forms but juuse has been telling everyone he knows he got in a fight and while that's endearing pekka laughs because who honestly would believe that

“I can’t believe you’re telling everyone you got in a fight,” Pekka says as Juuse climbs into the passenger seat.

Juuse freezes, looking over at Pekka with wide eyes - well, wide eye. The bruising on his temple from where the puck had hit still twinged if he pushed it too much. “What? It’s almost the truth.”

“Juuse, look at you. Who would you even be fighting?”

The younger Finn wrinkles his nose as he frowns. “You don’t know my life, you don’t know the things I’ve seen, the things I’ve done.”

Pekka rolls his eyes and backs out of the parking lot. “That may be true, but I do know how that bruise got there. PK and Fidds say they’re sorry, by the way.” 

“Eh, it’s not their fault. Puck had a weird bounce to it,” Juuse admits, shrugging. “It’s not like I’m concussed.” 

Pekka grimaces at that, wondering what would become of Juuse if he were to get concussed midway through his senior year of college. Poor kid would get set back, minimum. Then again, Pekka didn’t know how American schools worked, other than that they were expensive and were bad at their jobs.

“But hey, I do know one way you could make it up to me.” 

Pekka knows he shouldn’t look over, not if he values getting back home safely, but he does. And even though he’s got a bruise that looks like a squished PB&J sandwich, Juuse’s looking at him like a begging child.

Which, is kind of what he is.

“Make me a hot chocolate?” 

“Juuse, I don’t have the right stuff for it, and I have a game tomorrow, I need sleep.” It’s not his fault that, through a series of unfortunate events, they were only able to get to a doctor later that afternoon, and then with media (and Pekka talking in circles to keep from answering probing questions about the young Finn from Vanderbilt), and getting food that it was now 9pm and they were only just heading back home.


“I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I’m not making you a hot chocolate.”

“Pekka! I have a bruise!” 

“How is hot chocolate supposed to help heal that?”

“Because, Daddy, it just does.” 

Pekka slams on the brakes to avoid going through a red light. “Juuse, wha-”

“Please, Daddy? I just want one, it’s not going to keep me up all night - unless that’s what you want,” Juuse purrs, reaching over the console. His fingers brush Pekka’s thigh, and the goaltender breathes a shaky sigh.

“You’re not going to stop until I make you one, are you.”

The look on Juuse’s face says it all. Pekka sighs and turns his blinker from right to left. 

Hot chocolate it is, then.

I’ve never understood when people say that a fictional thing (a book, a show, etc.) has changed their lives.

A little over a year ago I wasn’t feeling great. I’d just finished a three year writing course at university, and a combination of essay writing about books I’m mostly not interested in (and ruining the ones that I am) and teachers saying that you have to get your work published in literary journals and apply for competitions because publishers won’t even want to touch your work if they can’t recognise your name. I loathe essays, and I don’t write literary fiction, the only kind of fiction this country seems to be interested in. I was losing the passion for the only thing I’d ever been passionate about, and the one thing I’d ever been half decent at.

Almost ten months ago I was becoming depressed. I couldn’t find a job - in editing, in writing, or even in hospitality or retail - and the government decided that if you want to be getting money for them you either had to be studying full time or applying for 20 jobs a fortnight. I’d only finished studying and there was nothing else that caught my interest, and there’s barely 20 jobs to apply for every two weeks, and that’s with me living in a well populated, urban area (I’d hate to imagine what it’s like for people living out in the country, where there’s five stores and nothing else unless you want to drive for half an hour). And of course coming into this depression was making the heaping amount of anxiety I already have much, much worse.

I was just losing the will to go on as I was, and I was mostly doing it for my friends and family.

At the end of my course I started reading Skulduggery Pleasant and my god, it was the best thing I’d read in three years. It made me smile, it made me laugh, it made me cry, and it made me went to throw the book against the wall (but I’d paid like $20 for that book, so I couldn’t). It made me remember all the reasons I love reading and writing; to illicit such emotion is an amazing skill to have.

This made me feel great about writing, and I began my own novel as part of nanowrimo 2015. As of today I’m in the rewriting process (second draft), and the first draft had approximately 40,000 words; the most I’ve ever written for any project.

But of course we still need to fast forward a bit. There’s this whole, like, six months filled with some kind of depression and some awful anxiety and that one time I had a job for like a month but it made the whole thing worse and let’s skip over that part.

Let’s skip to now. Because of Skulduggery Pleasant I remembered my passion for my life’s craft. And if I’d never started reading that book and writing my novel, I’d never have applied for a screenwriting course at another uni, which we’ve been told is extremely difficult to get into; there’s countless applications every year, and there’s probably about fifty people in the (first year) class; I was part of the mid-year intake, and there’s ten of us, maximum.

Without Skulduggery Pleasant I wouldn’t be writing a novel I adore, or planning another one for this coming nanowrimo. I wouldn’t be planning my own show and slowly tapping away at the pilot, and I wouldn’t be planning two more with a friend I’ve made in this course that I’m enjoying so much more than my other one. I don’t know where I’d be.

I’ve never understood when people say that a fictional work has changed their life but now I do, because Skulduggery Pleasant has legitimately changed mine for the better.


My Bendy art has been getting…quite a few notes lately. (Probably thanks to a few cool people I follow.)

More notes than I think any art I’ve ever posted on this site has ever gotten.

Which is NICE. Nicer than nice. The fact people actually think stuff I make is cool (especially since all three posts that got tons of notes are LITERALLY SCRIBBLES) utterly thrills me.

But now I wonder…

I’ve had this…fake cartoon in mind. A probably fanfiction-format fake cartoon a la Calvin and Hobbes: The Series about Bendy if, by some chance, he was brought to life before Henry left.

It stemmed from an attempt to write a bunch of random fake “episode titles”. I don’t even know if it’ll be good or whatever. But I’ve been privately working on the lore for it for a good two weeks.

And now, I’m starting to wonder if I should actually make it a thing.

Should I make this a thing???

okay but gabe expressing his love for jack and it’s just so soft, it’s so affectionate and pure and he thinks jack is the most beautiful thing on this planet. it’s clear he just adores this man with all his heart and would go to hell and back for him, has been to hell and back. you know that every smile jack gives him is a blessing, that brightness in the golden boy’s eyes lights up his soul in a way no one else can.

and he says all of this with only a small touch and a loving smile