don't know if this has already been uploaded

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Hello Nini:) I know you're not the one who's translating it, but do you know if Hidamari ga Kikoeru is still being scanlated? Someone on mangago said in the comments that it has been dropped, and it feels like it has been forever since a chapter was uploaded:( I would be very sad if it's not being continued bc it's one of my favorites and there isn't an official english translation yet so I can't even buy it😢 It's fine if you don't know tho:)

Good news my sad little Anon-san!
It has been dropped because there wll be an english release ^^
I mean, for the people who can’t buy it, it’s sad that it has been dropped of course. But apparently you can, so follow this link CLICK :)
I already preordered it and I’m extremely excited and happy for Fumino Yuki-sensei <3