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Can we all stop following and supporting blogs that exclusively re-upload with zero credits now or


When you have a bad day, AU! Alec Lightwood always saves your life. (dedicated to @temperancesmoak )

Oh and btw don’t know why didn’t upload before but

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i'm fairly new to the phandom (like literally only became a fan in august) and i heard that they don't make content all that often, and noticed that it wasn't crazy often either, judging by upload dates (and i remember september and october before spooky week there was little to nothing). but like, it's midway through feb and we have several videos? like, it's been one a week. is this normal for them?

this is actually the oddest time ever because there used to be months without any uploads and now it’s once or twice a week. i feel bombarded with content i don’t know how to function


Speedpaint video of this! i’m still really bad at making videos orz

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Onion Boy uploaded a video to his new channel called "Is identifying as the opposite gender OK?" where he attempts to be a trans advocate. Except, because he's awful, he uses a pic of Leelah Alcorn and says "You know, I wanna say you look good in that dress, but you don't." (If anyone's out of the loop: Leelah was a trans teen who committed suicide in 2014). Seems to be a reupload from 2016 so idk if it's been spoken about before.

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Do you think it's a coincidence that the same day Daisy and Josh decides to mention Reylo in a video, the Star Wars databank is gets uploaded with new information? Or do you think it's part of a bigger scheme to try to get the public on board with the idea of a Reylo romance? It's so interesting that they decided to use the term REYLO. They could have just said Rey and Kylo in the video, but Judi Dench said the ship name. I just don't think Daisy would troll people like that considering she

knows first hand just how many people Iove it.

I expect the Databank information had been up for at least a few days before anyone picked up on it, but I do think that Reylo being brought up on social media and the strength of the connection between Rey and Kylo are probably both part of a concerted effort to make Reylo more media friendly and rehabilitate its image somewhat. Shippers have always seen the evidence for Reylo in the film itself but many others have denied it, so I think we’re starting to see a marketing pushback against that (false) interpretation. 

super tiny asanoya doodle

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hi i'm so sorry if this is annoying or if you've been asked this before but i've been dying to know and too scared to ask people, but how do you get your screenshots to look so clear? mine are so tiny and grainy. i've tried googling to no avail. you don't have to answer this if it's a bother i have just been trying forever and i can't get it to look good. thank u so much

omg it’s no problem!! so i use the website upload my picture and pick these options: style: artwork, noise reduction: highest, and upscaling: 2x and then convert

and that’s it! it’s super easy. a lot of other people also use photoshop but i don’t have that so….i dont lmao

i originally got this info from cedarsprout’s guide to editing photos which also has info on how to edit in photoshop if you have that

hope this helps!


One of these Irma’s are not like the other


Started this picture about 5 weeks ago and just today, in the middle of my winter holidays, got to finish it. 

Ash and Serena are about 18 years old and are going on their first official date (they had a few ‘non-official’ dates before). A Flabebe decided to bless them.


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it’s not weird if you’re his #1 priest

(sorry it’s kinda hard to read, tumblr uploaded it too small and linking from imgur didn’t help either, i don’t really know what to do about that)

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In honor of upcoming Mother’s Day: ALL ABOUT YOUR (SOON TO BE!) FIRST BORN 👶🏼💙

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1. Epidural? From what I heard and how much it hurts, please and thank you. Don’t make me beg for it. It could get ugly.
2. Father in the room? I don’t think Paul would miss it for anything so I’d like to think he will be there with me.
3. Induced? I wouldn’t be opposed. Sex before baby @greathairdontcare?
4. Know the sex beforehand? I do and I’m very happy with what it is.
5. Due Date? Hey Baby, when you coming out??
6. Birth Date? Baby’s gotta come out first. Again, I ask… Baby when are you coming out??
7. Morning sickness? Yes, but I’ve been lucky in that it hasn’t been too terrible and that it only happens on some mornings.
8. Cravings? FOOD, GIVE ME FOOD. ANY KIND. I JUST WANNA BE FED. I don’t want to discriminate. I’m wondering if someone will give me a pizza right now. A chocolate pizza!
9. Kilos gained? A lot. But who’s keeping track?
10. Sex of the baby? It’s a girl!!!!!
12. Place you gave birth? Hopefully in a hospital.
13. Hours in labor? Zero. If only it were that effortless.
14. Time of birth? I keep checking. No baby yet.
15. Baby’s weight? She keeps growing every day.
16. Baby’s Name? Paul and I have it narrowed down to a few names. You’ll hear about it soon. Don’t worry it won’t be like my birth name. I’m saving you all the trouble.
17. How old is your baby today? I’m posting an eviction notice. Seriously Baby, what are you waiting for? Your mommy and daddy are eager to meet you.
18. Any plans for another child? Let me have this one first, then get back to me.

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