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After watching R1, it quickly became my fav SW movie and I fell really deep into the SW fandom for the first time. But recently I've honestly kind of felt bad about myself because I loved the whole squad, including Jyn, and I absolutely love Jyn/Cassian, but the amount of vitriol surrounding both is unlike anything I've ever seen in any fandom. I know I shouldn't let antis get to me, and I don't want to give them the satisfaction. Do you have any advice on how to keep a positive head space?

First of all, nonny, I am so happy you love Rogue One so much! I know so many people have had it skyrocket to their favorite Star Wars movie and are finding themselves in fandom for the first time. It’s great to see and participate in all this Star Wars love. That is what fandom is all about.

Given that, I am so sorry that the antis are getting you down. People can be jerks, and antis feed off the way they upset people. I’ve come across this with many of my favorite characters and it’s really just same old, same old with these people. The structure of Tumblr makes it a little harder to get around them but here is my advice.

1) If you see antis when you go into the tag, go ahead and block them. I block freely and without reserve. People who don’t respect the tag or don’t try to keep their posts out of the search results are trying to rile you up and they don’t deserve the satisfaction.

2) Do not directly engage with a post. What I do and what I’ve seen others do is create a new post that mentions the claim and then debunks it. What you are interested in is not convincing the anti, who is out to destroy happiness, but to generate positive conversation with people who are casually reading things (and your friends). Keep the high ground at all times. Responding to the post directly only feeds the trolls. If by some bizarre unfortunate chance you get anon hate, delete it without publishing. Imagine the anti, refreshing your blog over and over waiting to see your outrage in vain.

3) If you have friends who are posting negative things about Jyn or Jyn/Cassian, ask them if they can use a tag so you can blacklist their posts. Friends don’t want to keep upsetting friends, after all. I use Tumblr Savior but XKit is also a good tool to filter out these posts.

4) Rewatch Rogue One! (Maybe stop right after they go through the shield gate so you don’t cry but up until that point it makes me purely happy.) Watch Jyn learn to trust again and find a home after being abandoned for so many years! Watch Cassian yell for her in concern and go back for her repeatedly, even when the mission does not require it! Watch them have no concept of personal space, even when they’re upset with each other! Watch the entire Rogue One team bond and become a found family! Watch the way Jyn and Cassian light up in the “welcome home” scene with bonus leaning! Watch the elevator scene! The good news is that canon is on our side.

5) Most importantly, focus on the joy in fandom :) There are so many more fans who love this movie and Jyn and Jyn/Cassian than people who hate her and the ship. There are many people who are not on Tumblr who love the whole team, including Jyn and this ship. You can follow positive blogs to stay inundated with positive fandom and I have to give a shout out to @therebelcaptainnetwork​ as a central location for happy Jyn/Cassian content.

(When in doubt, step away from Tumblr. Go for a walk, drink some tea, pet a fluffy animal. Fandom should be fun but it’s also important to take breaks when it’s not, as with anything.)

The antis are loud because they want attention but at the end of the day, these people are spending their time hating something instead of creating positive content about something they love. They are the equivalent of the bullies in the parking lot yelling mean things as you drive off with your friends to do something you love, and they should be treated as such - ignored in general and publicly, calmly, and factually refuted when they become a nuisance (like this weekend). In contrast, we get to spend our time being delighted and happy about these characters.

Above all,

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I know there's tons going on but I wanna thank you for the way you portrayed Nens struggle with his sexuality and stuff like, LGBT people don't get tons of representation and when we do it's usually "out and proud" characters.. I like that Nen got to wrestle with it.. I also wanted to ask (and I've probably asked before but) do you know of anymore good LGBT+ webtoons or comics in general? I'd like to start reading more comics, but I only really like your writing I've noticed...

Thank you, nonnie! 

Honestly, I never thought Nen’s situation would be a big thing? I mean, I felt like his and Gawain’s (and all the characters’ struggles) were just real things, and in my headspace it seemed very normal to have such feelings and reactions.

It wasn’t until I got messages on the subject that I realized how many readers were able to relate to Nen in particular.

I mean, I’m sure I’m not the first to have such a character, but right now I’m just really glad he exists because he’s made me learn a lot of things about so many wonderful people <3

As for comic recs, I’m on mobile so forgive me for not including links! Here are some I enjoy quite a lot:

- Starfighter by Hamletmachine (adult content)

- It’s Always Raining Here by Hazel and Bell

- Knights Errant by Jennifer Doyle (16+yrs)

- Sfeer Theory by Chira

- Check, Please! by Ngozi Ukazu

- Always Human by Walkingnorth

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Hello! I just wanted to ask how significant you think it is that, after Sherlock works out the code, in ASiB Irene says,'I'm flattered', as Sherlock deduced the code from her measurements, to which he responds, 'Don't be', beacuse it kind of implies that he doesn't actually fnd her attractive (insinuating an attraction to men) and merely deduced what he could from her naked body rather than admiring her beauty. PS youR blog is AMAZING, annd that's why I wanted you thoughts, thanks :)

Hey Nonny!

You’ve read it absolutely correctly. Sherlock has no interest in women, ergo he only knows her measurements because she was standing buttfuck naked for the whole world to see. I’m sure he knows she is *supposed* to be attractive, but he doesn’t see her that way at all. I mean… When Sherlock “examines her” he only looks at her face, and then her as a whole. To check to see if his deductions are working, he fucking checks out John and ZOOMS THE FUCK INTO his eyes and lips and dear lord could this boy be any more besotted with John. They were there together to show the side by side of Sherlock’s interest; he’d rather check out a man closely than a woman, is all I’m saying. And this wasn’t the only time. He spent the entire wedding reception checking out men for Janine. Like, I don’t know how much more blatant you can get.


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How about some parent HCs for Guzma and Hau? Like how do they react to the news they're gonna be a parent? Would they let their S/O sleep while they take care of the newborn or make the S/O do it? Do they spoil their kid when they're older or not? Stuff like that (sorry if its random or of I spoke to much I don't do this often)

I’m sorry it took me so long to reply nonnie. I really love this request


-When you tell Guzma that he is going to be a father he nearly faints. He nervous about his kid ending up like him and he defiantly doesn’t want to treat his kid the way his father treated him

-You know that line from The Lion King “before sunrise, he’s your son”? That’s Guzma all day. If you wake him up to go get the baby he’ll turn over and go right back to sleep.

-Guzma is going to spoil your kid rotten. He wants them to have everything he didn’t. If they see a toy they want in the window of a store he goes in and gets it. If they see a nice shirt they want he gets that and a pair of shoes to go with it.


-When Hau finds out you’re pregnant he is the happiest man on earth. He’s calling everyone he know to tell them the good new.

-The minute Hau hears your baby crying in the middle of the night he is sprinting to the baby’s room. He tries to keep them quite so that they don’t wake you up. He wants you to get as much sleep as possible

-Hau isn’t too big on spoiling his kid. He wants his kid to appreciate everything in life. He wants them to know that life isn’t all about materialistic things. 

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I was rewatching the last episode and you know how everyone is like "They must have only fed Shiro steroids when he was a Galran prisoner"? Well the Witch Haggar actually says something along the lines of "I made you strong" when Shiro is fighting her 1-v-1. So we can assume the Galrans made him the way he is on purpose, maybe so he would be better in fights. Also the thing where she mentions "You could have been our greatest weapon". The Galrans wanted Shiro to be powerful. Why? We don't know.

All I could think of nonny while reading this is Shiro basically getting a Galra super soldier serum a la Bucky Barnes style. That’s why he’s a walking muscle.

Maybe Haggar just wanted to appreciate the human physique. It can really only mean bad things down the road if Haggar is invested in something and it didn’t turn out the way she wanted it to.

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i know you love kaidan a lot so i want to know why? i don't want to make this a character hate post but after ME2 and the way he spoke to shepard, i didn't like him again. he didn't trust shepard and wouldn't listen to reason. why forgive him? i want to like him because he's sweet.

Well, let me ask you this then, Nonny. What’s there to trust? Nothing.

I know a lot of butthurt about Kaidan comes from the Horizon encounter in ME2, but here’s the thing. Kaidan shouldn’t trust Shepard. At. All. That’s the whole point. I know that you, like most players, love Shepard and know their motivations and why they’re doing what they do, but a self-centered reaction to the encounter not only leaves you, as the player, with the wrong take-away from the scene, but also less love for Kaidan - and Ashley - in general. 

But let’s look at the reality from Kaidan’s pov. First of all, Shepard’s been dead for 2 years and shows up out of the blue in a Cerberus ship with a Cerberus crew. And since ME1, you have known that Cerberus does horrific things. They torture, experiment on humans and aliens alike, kill lots of people, and generally do A Lot of Bad Shit. How would you react to that? Probably exactly like Kaidan did. You’d remember the experiments Cerberus did and think that they’d either cloned Shepard, which they DO in ME3, or that it’s some sort of ploy to take down people in the Alliance. And those are valid concerns. Cerberus is a certified terrorist organization, and Kaidan’s supposed to take it on faith that Shepard says something lame like, “oh, right, I’m not working for them, they’re working for me.” No thank you.

There is no reason for Kaidan, or anyone who knew Shepard, to believe what they say and trust that it’s real. If someone has no proof of their 2 year gap, no real explanation, and in bed with the Illusive Man, the smart people would run the hell away. Like Kaidan. Like Ashley. Sure, at the beginning of the encounter, Kaidan is surprised and relieved more than anything to see the Commander again, but then reality sets in and he realizes, “this could be a big, fat, cruel trap.” Which is the best and most natural reaction, given all the other factors he’s presented with.

And look, as the player of Shepard, you are supposed to feel a bit betrayed that Kaidan doesn’t trust you, but later on when the commander is talking to squad mates about it, they admit it’s a bit much to swallow after what they know about Cerberus. And Shepard doesn’t trust Cerberus or the missions, either. So, basically you and Kaidan are on the same page as far as Cerberus is concerned. It’s just that Kaidan can’t always sell his soul to the devil to justify the means to the end. He says, “the way a thing goes down matters. Later, when you have to live with yourself.” Integrity is so important to him. And it should be. He’s the voice of steady reason throughout the trilogy, and there is no reason to hate Kaidan because he won’t sacrifice his honor and integrity for anything. Because he believes there’s a better way. And so does Shepard. That’s why the commander leaves Cerberus after getting screwed over constantly by the Illusive Man. Shepard agrees with Kaidan in the end. Turns themself into the Alliance and goes to jail to make amends.

So, no, I don’t agree with people who dislike Kaidan because of Horizon. But as a gamer, I don’t need every other character to agree with and stand behind sketchy decisions completely on faith. It would have been nice for Kaidan to give the benefit of the doubt, but it also would have been a foolish move. And Kaidan’s smart and cautious. He doesn’t know what you know about what’s going on, and if you think about his situation for a minute, you really do come to understand that what he did was right and smart. 

Don’t expect everyone to always have your back in games like these. You’ve become a terrorist and unknown entity until Kaidan can suss out the details in ME3. Once Shepard proves they can be trusted. And the fact that he doesn’t take anything on blind faith is a good thing. It means his commitment is there when you earn it back. There’s a reason that once he’s with the commander, he’s loyal and you never have to do anything to keep that loyalty like all the other loyalty missions for other characters. That speaks volumes to his awesome character.  

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(Part 1) Do you really hate Sterek or do you just hate the people that ship it? And if you hate the shippers, do you realize that we're all not the same. We don't hate Braeden(?) for "getting in the way of our OTP". We know that ppl can ship ppl for any reason they want, but we just wanted to know how the rest of the fandom is ok with the ship when Braeden saved Derek once while we get hate for mentioning how Stiles&Derek have saved each other multiple times.

Hi nonny, 
The short answer is that yes, I despise Sterek and everything fandom has turned it into. To me, it represents the gross abuse apologism/justification and erasure that constantly happens in the TW Sterek fandom.

Look, I’m fully aware that not every Sterek shipper contributes to this but the reason I get so angry, nonny, is because intense Sterek stans have the tendency to bully people out of tags built around having a safe place to rant. 

I once thought Teen Wolf Fandom Problems was a safe place to post about concerns I had surrounding Sterek. Instead of being respectful and asking me to remove the tag (replacing it instead with anti Sterek and/or lol Sterek), I got my feelings on the matter compared to a damaged car, and was told that I had no place voicing my opinion on the subject because my family’s PERSONAL EXPERIENCE with predators like Derek discredited the issue all together. 

Here’s the thing. You guys have shown your true colors time and time again. Erica, who was one of Derek’s first victims, was called a slut for kissing Derek. Jennifer got SO MUCH BACKLASH just for having a romance with Derek, before we even realized she was evil. People seriously wished her dead the moment they realized she was going to be his romantic interest.

And lets take a moment to talk about Scott, okay. Because every Sterek fic I’ve ever read takes Scott and turns him into this dumbed down puppy. They give all of his qualities to Stiles, they praise Stiles for things Scott is ruthlessly crucified for.

Stiles essentially tries to date rape Lydia? Oh your poor bb, look at his angst and how much he cares. Scott saves Allison from being raped? Gross, look at how he’s taking away her agency. Derek slams Stiles’ head into the steering wheel? aww, look at these two bbs. You know Stiles wanted it. Scott doesn’t answer the phone because he’s with his girlfriend? God, he’s such a terrible friend. He should just die. Stiles deserves so much better. Stiles asks Scott to focus on something other than the fact that two of their classmates are on the road to get killed, all because he wants to use Scott’s new found cool-kid status to get an in with Lydia? Aww, Stiles. Look how neglected you are. You need Derek to slam you into another wall. 

I could seriously list pages of this kind of behavior and it’s not right because this is Scott’s show and y'all have a habit of erasing him for your ship. Not only do you erase him, you shame him for the very things you praise your white boys for. 

The thing is. I totally get it. The kind of violence Derek represents can be exciting and fun for people who haven’t experienced the damage that can do first hand. I admit, I do like abusing characters and making them hurt. It’s the only reason I used to write fanfiction. But. And this is a really big but.

We, as writers and shippers have a responsibility to be respectful of other people’s boundaries. We have a responsibility to hold show-writers responsible for faulty narration. Go ahead, ship Sterek. But do not justify Derek’s abusive behavior because you can’t handle the fact that you are in love with a villain. Do not shame victims for being targeted by their abuser. And for the love of god, PLEASE don’t turn abuse into a joke. It’s not, and the fact that anybody in this fandom would accept it as one is really, really bad.

In the end, we’re not mad at you for liking Sterek. We’re angry because in the wake of your shipping, any tact you once had has disappeared. You’re stomping all over victims both fictional and real. You are silencing survivors when they try to speak out about why it’s wrong. No ship is worth that, and more importantly, no ship should have the power to empower abusers like that.

So when you tell Draeden shippers that they shouldn’t ship their ship because it’s got the same problems that Sterek does (unfounded chemistry, “they’ve only had one scene, why is nobody calling them out on that? Why do we get all the shit”)  you are wrong. Because while Sterek is founded on abuse, Draeden is founded on a badass female saving your precious woobie Derek. Also, Draeden is an adult. Who can and will defend herself if Derek ever got rough with her the way he does with Stiles. 

…. this got really passionate. 

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I ship destiel but I don't want them to be together. Is that weird?? I mean, I want them to be happy but I don't think they CAN be happy together (and not just in a romantic way, as friends also). They make each other more sad than happy(more like destroyed on Cas's part). And I hate that Cas doesn't have anybody else because it gives me feeling that he is with them because he doesn't have anywhere else to go (I know he loves Dean and bla bla). It's TOXIC AF. Do you think they can be happy?

Hi, Nonnie! Actually, I have writen some meta on Castiel about something similar. (The meta is titled “I’ll stay with you because I want to, not because I have to”). That’s why I appreciated the fact that Cas was kicked out of the Bunker in season 9. Cas’ personal arc includes to make his own decisions (but that’s a subplot, so it’s still gonna take some time to get any kind of resolution).

In another post I’ve said this about Cas:

“Cas’ endgame is still a work in progress, but a very clear one. He had to be reset the same as Dean. Cas loved Heaven and his brothers and sisters. Despite everything, he thought Heaven was home. It isn’t like that anymore. Cas has slowly begun to learn that home is where the heart is. Where is Cas’ home? What does he want? He’s been asked twice now about his endgame. In 9x06, when Cas said he wanted to live, Ephraim asked him: “But as what, Castiel? As an angel? or a man?” Even though it couldn’t be clearer than that, Metatron became more obvious in 10x18 when he asked Cas:

“Who are you now? Like, you’re obviously not an angel of the lord. And what about all of this ‘walking the earth like Kane from Kung Fu’ crap? Cleaning up heaven’s messes. How many more rogue angels are there out there? And what are you gonna do once you’re done with all that? Go back to heaven? Please. The angel formerly known as Hannah has restored order up top. Smoothest it’s run since God cut the ribbon on the pearly gates. So tell me, Castiel, truly, what is your mission now?”

When the next antagonist (the Darkness) is finally defeated, when the show finally reaches its final season and its final episodes, we’re going to be given an answer. Castiel will have to choose. Right now he’s indecisive. He calls himself people, but he’s not, as Rowena pointed out when she said in 10x22: “That’s like a fish that wants to fly or a dog that thinks he’s people.” When Cas said that he, in fact, is a lot like people, Rowena’s reply was “Keep telling yourself that, dear.” Meaning? Cas is not human! He acts like he is, but he isn’t. That’s why I firmly believe that Castiel’s endgame will be to choose humanity.That’s been his weakness all along, anyway.”

In season 11, we have been given continuity. The angels have told Cas again that he’s NOT their brother because he always chooses the Winchesters. Despite things being spelled out clearly, in 11x06, we were clearly told that Castiel is still indecisive. How?

The woman on the news

 She said, “Ha ha! Ah… the dog thinks he’s people.” 

That was such a clever line. It’s exactly the same thing Rowena told Cas in 10x22. Cas continues to think that he’s a lot like people. Look at him! He’s even watching Netflix and junk TV, for god’s sake! But the truth is that Cas is NOT people. He’s an angel. A broken one. A scarred one. But an angel anyway. An angel that has rejected Heaven so many times that now Heaven rejects HIM.  

Right now Cas doesn’t have anywhere else to go, but he’s in that situation because he’s made his own decisions all the time. It’s the first time that he confidently says about the Bunker, “Why would I leave? I’ve got everything I need right here.” The Bunker means home to Cas (as I’ve already said in other meta). Do I think Cas can be happy there? Do I think Dean and Cas can be happy once the series ends? Yes, I totally do. (Really… you should read this post). 

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Hi Bri :) Despite amazing Olicity chemistry, do you think producers and writers will be insistent about idea of Laurel-Canary and Arrow because of comics? I know Felicity will be in the comics and there will be an Olicity date and Palmer and jealousy but on the other hand Katie's begun training and with Oliver's records about women so I am not sure about these three in a romantic way. I want Olicity BADLY and their endgame but with a Canary-Laurel on the way.. I don't know. What do you think? Xo

Anonymous #2 (combining 2 separate asks because my answer is the same): “After I see all these fucking AMAZING Olicity moments and their potential perfect love life and smirks and happiness, I can’t handle if writers decide going with Canary-Arrow romance again. I just can’t Bri. Cause Olicity is the name of PERFECTION right know. Just saying. I am not OK as you see.”

May I present to you Oliver Queen’s heartiest heart eyes when looking at Felicity Smoak (not my gifs):

The End(game).

Post that I wrote a few days ago on the topic of revisiting the romantic relationship between Oliver and Laurel. [x]

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don't know if you got my previous ask but ok here i go again... i needed to talk about evansson to someone, searched the tag and i found your blog. i've been watching videos of them recently and i'm such a huge evansson trash now. idk if i love the way chris looks at scarlett more or scarlett looks at chris. you can see that they adore each other so much after being friends for so long. i need help

Come talk to me about evansson and romanogers anytime you want, nonny! I’m more than gladly to talk to you about this! LOL

I mean the way they looked at each other just one word….LOVE

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I will just leave you with all of this. 

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Grant retweeted something about Malese's photoshoot. I have never seen him support Candice in that way. I honestly think they don't get along or something. I unfollowed him because I don't particularly like some of the things he does. Yes, I know he is entitled to do what he wants, but I don't see the so called support for Candice others talk about. He doesn't support her at all. I'm glad she has Rick.

Nonnie, what are you talking about? The real life shipping has gone to your head, my sweet, sweet darling. Grant was bigging up Malese because she’s new, and a guest star and the producers clearly wanted the Balinda thing to go well. Grant, completely of his own free will tweeted and favourited tweets that specifically had ‘Westallen’ on them, and liveblogged Barry’s lines towards Iris during an episode. 

Of the stuff I can find that has happened in the last three weeks:

Also, if we pair that with the fact that when they were starting out, in 2014 Grant was even more involved in promoting Candice, despite the fact that he wasn’t being asked to by producers:

I think they’re absolutely fine and very good friends.

Seriously, please don’t read too much into social media as proof of whether two people like each other.

I mean, Rick Cosnett’s level of no-chill about Candice is nearing Barry Allen’s but not everyone has that little chill. 

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Moffat is callous now. Ruthless, I don't think so. Everyone dies but never doesn't truly dies. And its annoying as hell. River died-nope she is coming back. Clara died-nope she is going back. Like gah! He just keeps going for the shock factor but right now it doesn't even do that. I didn't feel any ounce of emotion when I watched the series premier

The problem with Moffat is that he doesn’t have a good writing range. He writes actions and explosions and B-Rated sci-fi storylines perfectly fine, but emotions and consequences are way out of his reach.

And we saw that right in the beginning, honestly. The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances were good episodes, but there were absolutely no consequences. The Doctor just hit a reset button and all the gas mask people were magically cured and everybody lived. And you know what? Back in series one, that was fine. It was new and different, not something we’d ever experienced before in New Who. And it was nice to see Nine, who was so weighed down by the consequences of his actions during the Time War, so happy and joyous and celebrating.

But now we’re going into our fifth season (dear god) of Moffat as the head writer, and he’s reused all of his silly little tropes (reset button, meeting the Doctor as a child and becoming obsessed with him, bringing everyone back from the dead) over and over and over and it’s boring. Those tropes are good as once offs (and even then not always – I thought the Doctor meeting Reinette as a child and her falling in love with him was creepy right from the get go so the fact that it keeps happening is just disturbing), but when they’re the only thing keeping your show going it gets old fast.

And there is absolutely no emotion in Moffat’s writing. It’s like he’s telling us we’re supposed to be sad, this is how we should feel about this scene, but we never do, because the writing lacks the depth to make us feel that way. Moffat is the ultimate example of telling rather than showing – he tells us we’re supposed to be sad about certain scenes rather than showing us why we should feel sad.

And that’s in part because we know his tropes. River’s introduction was her dying, but then we got two and a half seasons with her, an episode with her ghost, and now she’s coming back somehow in series 9 (and also she’s going to meet the Eighth Doctor which fuck that). So…yeah this character died but so what? First of all she died before we had any emotional connection to her anyways, and second Moffat’s just bringing her back from the dead so whatever.

I was suspicious when I heard Clara was going to die – because honestly, Moffat wouldn’t kill his precious snowflake companion. So that right there made it predictable – he was going to pretend to kill Clara and then bring her back. Which is honestly a stale move. I’ll admit I fell for that in series one when RTD “killed” Rose, but he’d spent an entire season killing off side characters (Jabe (among others in that episode), Gwyneth, multiple people in Dalek, Pete Tyler, Katrina (? I think that was her name?) in The Long Game), so yeah, of course I thought RTD was ruthless enough to kill Rose.

But we know Moffat won’t kill Clara because he won’t kill anyone. So his shock factor falls flat. And also that’s a horrible rip off of Rose “dying” in Bad Wolf, but at this point I’m used to that. He wants so desperately to make Clara his Rose, he can’t be bothered to write anything original for her that isn’t totally insulting. But that’s a story for another time.

Wow I went way off the rail. My apologies Nonnie.

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It's not true that the book blog community is open to everybody. You (well known book blogs) are so lovely with some people while ignoring others... I really want to be part of this family, but I don't feel it and this makes me sad. So, I'm going to read instead of tumblring. It's better.

Hey Nonnie,

I’m so so sorry you feel this way :( I know how it feels to feel lonely and left out and it’s something I would never wish for anyone. And I am so sorry if you feel like this towards me, because I try to never ignore anyone, not intentionally. Even if it takes me a while, I try to respond to everyone and try to be as kind and as open to people, regardless if I’ve known them for a long time or not, or if we’ve spoken before or not. 

Book brought us together. I’d hate to think that book lovers would deny someone the opportunity to talk about books. I’m very young in Tumblr terms, I’ve only had this blog for three months (and I’m far from considering myself a popular blog, there are people here with way more experience and a way bigger follower base), but I’ve been met with nothing but open arms and kind words. Sure, it’s impossible for all of us to be on the best terms or to have the same close relationships with everyone else, but bonds are made. Friendships are started here and they prevail. The key is to get involved. Say hi to people, tag them, comment on the books they’re reading. Things won’t happen over night, but they will happen eventually :)

I am so sorry if I have made you feel this way. It really pains me to think that something I may or may not have done has caused sadness to someone. I’ll try harder. I never want someone to feel that they can’t come to me with anything :(

Lots of hugs <3