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Jumping in the Jashi debate

Instead of thinking about this from a Jack perspective (“Jack is still physically in his 20s, so it’s okay!”), think about it from Ashi’s. Her whole life has revolved around Jack. From the moment of conception, she knew who he was and was trained to kill him. Ashi was a child when Jack was an adult. She grew up hearing about this adult man. So regardless of the friendship they end up developing, regardless of whether or not Jack actually ages, to Ashi, Jack was that age when she was a girl. It’s inevitably going to feel like there’s an imbalance of power, no matter how many armies Ashi can kill. 

Ashi’s existence has always been about Jack. Even when she was on her own seeing the world, she was still looking for Jack. Many of us hoped for a relationship where Jack would help Ashi gain her own independence. Instead, Ashi is with Jack. Again. 

And honestly, this relationship could have worked. Plenty of cartoons have developed relationships from friends to lovers and done so well. It’s just that with the limited number of episodes, this show couldn’t and didn’t develop it right. 

This is especially the case since Ashi is still discovering the world. She doesn’t know a thing. A few episodes ago, she was confused by a deer showing affection for another deer for goodness sake! How is she supposed to understand any of this? How is she supposed to understand sex? 

That and the fact that it’s easy to mistake Ashi for a teen, and we’ve got a huge problem here. If such a large number of people were able to read Ashi as a teen, and if such a large number of people read their relationship as a teacher/pupil relationship, it’s a bit alarming that the show would take that and throw romance at us instead. 

Then there’s the simple fact that many of us are frustrated that a romantic relationship between a man and a woman can spring up over the course of less than ten episodes, but in other series, it takes multiple seasons before side characters can be shown in a same sex relationship. It’s not Samurai Jack’s fault obviously (I don’t think anyone is saying Jack had to be gay), but it’s contributing to people’s hatred for heteronormativity.

I’m only writing this because I’m sick of hearing people whine about “the SJWs!!!!” when honestly, it’s a lot more complicated than that. People critiquing Jashi aren’t wrong. Go ahead and like the ship, but if you honestly think that people hate it because its straight and crazy feminists love to complain about everything, maybe stop and think that there are some valid arguments. 

I love you more

It was quiet. So quiet. They didn’t need to look out to see that was late. Not a single noise. Even their breaths you couldn’t hear.

Remus was holding Sirius, so tight, like he was afraid, like he didn’t want the other to dissapear; like he could.

Sirius had his eyes closed, like if he opened the other would not exist anymore.

They were naked, to feel every single piece of skin they could, and even that wasn’t enough. Eskimo kisses. Lazy hands.

“I love you.” Said Remus, his voice so low that if it wasn’t that quiet Sirius wouldn’t ever listen.

“I Love you more.”

“Why must you turn everything into a competition?”

“It’s not a competition.”

They stayed in silence for a few seconds. Sirius opened his eyes to see a confused Remus.

“When I say I love you more, I don’t mean I love you more that you love me. I mean I love you more than the bad days ahead us. I love you more that any fight we will ever have. I love you more than the distance between us. I love you more than any obstacle that could ever try and come between us. I love you the most.”

Remus tried not to cry, but he couldn’t. And then he kissed Sirius, like never before. 

Ok since the whole tumblr is obsessed with Yuri!!! on Ice

I decided to give some advices especially to the artists who draw russian characters to make it less cringy for myself. I’m sure somebody might have already done something like this but I still want to bring up some points.

- to all shippers out there: russians wear wedding rings on the RIGHT HAND, not on the left;

- we also don’t have a tradition of the engagement rings;

- please, please, PLEASE don’t try to write/use russian phrases unless you actually know the language or can ask someone who knows it. Non-speakers won’t get them, latin transliteration is ugly as fuck, not to mention that the translator will 99.9% get it wrong somewhere. Use english, really;

- the same goes to writing in russian: please don’t do it unless you know how to. Redrawing russian printed letters looks weird at best. Russian cursive is a bitch but at least it’s a beautiful bitch;

- russians don’t celebrate Christmas on the December 25th. Orthodox Christmas is celebrated on the 7th of January and it’s not as global as western Christmas. It’s more of a religious tradition. But New Year celebration in Russia is HUGE. So if you want to draw a winter thematic art, new year theme would suit better;

- (also we don’t have Halloween);

- according to the rules of transliteration it’s ‘Viktor’. Not ‘Victor’;

- when drawing scenes of russian character with people they’re close to, use their short name forms. Especially with lovers. (So yeah use ‘Vitya’ and ‘Yura’ it’s really nice);

- there are more forms of russian names: some are tender, some are playful, some are cute, some even are weird. If you want to know a specific form just ask someone who’s native. But common short forms work almost always;

- there’s a difference between ‘nickname’ and 'short form of a name’. Russian names are very inclusive - all short forms of our name are also used as our name. Not in the official documents obviously but everywhere else. Like friends would never call each other by their full form names unless it’s a joke or 'their thing’;

- but things are different when it comes to a social hierarchy: for example a mentor can (and in most cases will) call their student by common short form of their name but student has to call their mentor by their full form and also add their 'otchestvo’ (father’s name, not the same as a second name), unless there is little or no age difference between them;

- this is more like a subjective opinion from me but being called by a full name by a close person (family/friend/lover) is somewhat mentally tiring for a russian. I mean it’s not like short form is an optional nickname that is used in specific situations by specific people. It’s a name that russian person hears for the most time. Being called by an 'official’ form all the time is quite exhausting. But maybe it’s just me;

- also this is totally off-topic but Yuri freaking out because there is another Yuuri with a name that is similar to his is so ridiculous. I mean russian names are common. Just while my school times I’ve met about 6 girls whose name was also 'Tatyana’. We didn’t shout at each other in the toilet.

Ok I think that’s it for now. Though I might have forgot something. Hm.
Somebody will probably disagree with me or will think that’s not important but I don’t care. It was worth a try.

Yeah, of course all of the above aren’t obligations but if you actually took them into consideration it would be really nice.

P.S. I also wrote one more piece of info.

anonymous asked:

So you got plagiarized! ! BOOHOO!! What's the big deal!! It's not like you poured yourself whole heartedly, wove your soul in your work, shed blood sweat and tears to make magic happen. It's just stuff. So people will send you hearts and hugs and smiles. Be happy , be greatful. You don't need to be outraged. That's wrong. It serves you right you got your work, ur style, ur similiea, metaphors stolen. Why did u share ur work without copy right in public? It's public property now.

Yo, I know you’re dicking around with me, because your sarcasm subverts the shit out of your comment rendering it ingenious in a way. But lemme tell you, I wrote that post when my ass was super sad. Super damn sad. I haven’t been that sad for the longest time when it comes to something unrelated to family/real life personal.

Now my ass is salty as fuck.

BOO-freaking-HOO, right? It’s not a big deal, YEAH? Man, I am so rarely angry here on Tumblr unless I’ve come online and seen some anon bullshit happening, so let me make it crystal clear for you:

Don’t plagiarise.

Don’t plagiarise.

Don’t fucking plagiarise. 

Don’t appropriate dishonestly. Credit when you are inspired by someone. Acknowledge your plot bunnies and specific writing styles if they’re lifted directly from someone else’s fic. Just fucking do it. Otherwise spend just as long as we all do labouring and pouring our hearts and souls into these creations, and come up with your own material. 

It’s that simple.  

I know my fics inside and out. Like the back of my hand. I can recite entire one shots to you off by heart because these fics are manifestations of my blood, sweat and tears. They contain everything I’ve managed to squeeze out of my body and brain. I spend literally all night, not sleeping until early hours in the morning, because I care that much about where I place my verbs and prepositions, and which sentences should be complex with subordinate clauses, and when I need to pull in for tension or pull out for exposition. I know my own writing so well it makes it that much easier to identify the many permutations I see of it when it starts cropping up in other works. 

Don’t be outraged, you say? I am livid. And sad as fuck. To the point that it’s not even about the actual theft anymore, but the fact that I’m now scared this has permanently soured my experience of a fandom I think is cool as hell.

So I’m taking the time to calm my ass down. So I don’t dig an even bigger hole and fill it with words I might regret later. So I can come back and at least express gratitude for the “hearts, hugs, and smiles” people have kindly shared, and figure this shit out.

As of right now though, I’m done.

Have a motherfucking great day, anon. Kiss my salty ass on the way out. 

And for god’s sake: don’t fucking plagiarise.

It really is that simple.

signs as catcher in the rye quotes
  • Aries: “All morons hate it when you call them a moron.”
  • Taurus: “Certain things, they should stay the way they are. You ought to be able to stick them in one of those big glass cases and just leave them alone.”
  • Gemini: “Don't ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody."
  • Cancer: "Mothers are all slightly insane."
  • Leo: "I like it when somebody gets excited about something. It's nice."
  • Virgo: "People never notice anything."
  • Libra: “I don't exactly know what I mean by that, but I mean it."
  • Scorpio: "I can be quite sarcastic when I'm in the mood."
  • Sagittarius: "People always clap for the wrong reasons."
  • Capricorn: "What really knocks me out is a book that, when you're all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it."
  • Aquarius: "I can't explain what I mean. And even if I could, I'm not sure I'd feel like it."
  • Pisces: “I don't even know what I was running for - I guess I just felt like it."

kittylove4ever246  asked:

Hi mama so... I'm so pissed honestly😑 I like writing Ereri/Riren AUs along with other SNK AUs, and three people just took my AU notebook and started reading it and judging it and I high-key wanna stop writing because it's humiliating. Like, i hate when people do that. And they judge me cause I ship gay ships. I don't know what to do Mama

Wow seriously, fuck those people! Don’t let them ruin your fun! Please keep writing! Don’t let these asshats get you down! There’S nothing wrong with shipping two dudes and creativity is such an important thing! I love you and I’d love to read something you wrote sometime! :)

Old Habits Die Hard

A (super super late i’m the worst) prompt from @killbunnyqueen

Thank you so much for your patience! I wrote this halfway through once and then my draft didn’t save, and I’ve never written something like this before, so I took my sweet time trying to get it right.

Summary: At the Space Mall, Lance eats something that doesn’t quite agree with him. Later on, the team realizes that Space Allergies are a thing.

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writing vs brain
  • me: all right! time to get some writing done!
  • brain: we can't.
  • me: um?
  • brain: the stars are not in alignment for this chapter.
  • me: meaning..?
  • brain: something is wrong with the last thing you wrote that's going to matter down the line, and unless you fix it now, whatever you do next won't work.
  • me: right, okay, cool! what needs fixing?
  • brain: I don't know.
  • me: what
  • brain: look, my knowledge of the problem is a wave-and-particle dealie. I can know that there's an error or I can know what needs to happen, but I can't know both at once.
  • me: UM.
  • brain: we totes fucked up, tho
  • me: ...
  • brain: it's fine! just let it percolate, I'll figure it out.
  • me: have you ever heard of this thing
  • me: it's called a DEADLINE
  • me: and WE HAVE ONE
  • me: SOON
  • brain: ...
  • brain: new thought who dis

anxova  asked:

Do you know any good Wolfstar fic were something goes wrong, like with a potion? Sorry, I don't know how to explain myself (English is not my first language). I mean fic like "A Lie Gets Halfway Around the School Before the Truth Has a Chance to Get Its Pants On" by MidniteMarauder. Sorry again, and thanks!

Hello! I understand you perfectly, no worries. Thank you for sending the ask! :)

Here are a few I hope you like:

Assigning Blame- a mishap in Potions class makes Sirius and Remus allergic to each other.

Who Wrote The Book of Love?- Remus is acting odd, and each marauder has a different theory as to why. (love spell gone awry)

An Incident Worth Remembering- Sirius loses his memory in a potions explosion

From My Perspective- James and Sirius switch bodies after a pranking potion mishap (established wolfstar relationship)

Just a Bit of Luck- James and Sirius try out some felix felicis, and it sort of works, just … not the way they thought it would.

Dogs, Slytherins and Dissociative Denials- Sirius uses polyjuice potion to get closer to Remus, and although the potion itself works, Sirius’ plan does not … or does it? (from @mirgaxus)

These two are not potion mishaps, but rather accidental memory loss, and both will make you tear up. I assure you that they have fluffy endings, so hang in there!

Not Ever- Remus is hit with a memory loss spell during an attack and can’t remember that he and Sirius are together.

Adventures of a Forgetful Werewolf- Remus hits his head and gets complete amnesia; the marauders and Lily try to help him remember who he is.

(Note: There are quite a few botched love potion fics out there, but I find a lot of them problematic for various consent reasons, so I don’t really feel comfortable recommending many.)


I finally finished this, thank God. This is super self-indulgent and sappy, because yes, I am sappy. I don’t know whether or not I’m gonna write a part 2 yet, so I guess that depends on what you guys think. So let me know!
Tagging @strongenoughfoundation because we are both writing fics for this blizzard and you helped me get past a writer’s block c:
(Slight warning for language)
It was late evening, the snow was piling up outside, and you had nowhere to go. To some, you might’ve looked like a sad person all cooped up in your house, alone, with a sappy movie playing on the TV. To you, it was utter heaven. You’d been working hard, after all, taking extra shifts at work and helping your best friend with his newest project all the time. Hamilton had been a huge success and you couldn’t be prouder.

Oh right, you should probably call said best friend, Lin. You’d had to trudge back to your home in the bitter, stormy weather and you’d promised to call and let him know you hadn’t died. You fished your phone out of the blankets layered on top of you and unlocked it. The wallpaper was a hilarious picture of you and the rest of the Hamilton cast; you’d been smiling for a serious picture when Daveed muttered some ridiculous joke that had all of you laughing hysterically. You smiled at the memory as you thumbed through your contact list and found Lin’s number. Pressing CALL, you set the phone on speaker mode so you could continue eating your popcorn with your hands free.

It took a ring and a half for him to answer. “(Y/N), you better have a good excuse for waiting an hour to call me.”

You barked out a laugh. “I forgot, okay? It was snowy and windy, and I really just wanted to get inside. I wasn’t thinking.”

“You weren’t thinking about the ONE phone call you were supposed to make to your ONE friend?”

“You are not my ‘one friend,’ you jerk. I have other people to talk to.”

“Name two. And they can’t be in the cast.”


“Right, so you were saying?”

You rolled your eyes, even though he couldn’t see you, and popped another piece of popcorn into your mouth. “I hate you.”

You heard him laugh, a single, disbelieving “HA!” that made you want to reach through the phone and punch him. “Go ahead and laugh,” you added sarcastically. “One day, I’ll have my revenge.”

“Your REVENGE?” he repeated. “What’re you gonna do?”

“Maybe beat you up. I’ve been wanting to lately.”

“You can’t beat me up, you’re like a foot shorter than me.”

“Oh, you’re making fun of my height now?” you asked in feigned outrage, leaning closer to the phone.

His voice responded, high-pitched and mocking: “'oh, you’re making fun of my height now?’”

You shook your head, unable to stop the smile threatening your lips. You’d missed him, you always missed him when you left, but today, it was worse. You wanted to see that stupid, silly smile he got when he teased you. You pushed your hair out of your face, trying to mask the sudden ache in your heart. “You’re in for it, now, Miranda.”

“Usted no me asusta niña bonita.”

“That’s not fair, I don’t know what you just said! How am I supposed to know how to insult you back?”

“Learn Spanish.”

“Wow, your advice is legendary. You should make T-shirts with your inspiring phrases on them.”

“Aw, thanks, I try.”

“You’re trying to make me hate you, aren’t you?”

“It’s surprisingly easy.”

“I can’t believe that you're—”

“I love you.”

You froze. The TV hummed in the background, throwing a pale glow over the room. Outside the window, it was a blur of white snow and sky. Inside your chest, your heart was about to break out of your ribcage. Slowly, you swallowed and cleared your throat. “…what?”

You heard a shaky breath from the other end and a shift of movement. Then, again, “I love you. I know it’s really sudden and you’re probably confused, and shit, I wanted to do this differently. But I can’t help it.” He paused and you stared wide-eyed into the silence. Your mind was a mess of static, you couldn’t speak, you could only wait for his voice. “(Y/N), you’re my best friend, you know that, and God, you’re amazing too. You’re so amazing, and all I want is for you to be happy. It’s just so damn hard sometimes, to see you alone and know that I could make you happy, I wanna make you happy. I needed you to know that, even if it screws up our friendship.” His voice nearly broke then, and your heart clenched. In that moment, all you wanted was him here with you, to hold him close and tell him no, this didn’t ruin anything, this was wonderful. But you were getting choked up and it was hard to get words past the lump in your throat.

He took your silence as something else entirely and your breath hitched when you heard a quiet, “(Y/N)? …I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have…Fuck. I shouldn’t have said that.”

Sitting bolt upright, you snatched your phone off the arm of the couch. “Lin, I love you too,” you blurted out. There was a heart-stopping silence and you were terrified that he might’ve hung up already. “I think I—I’ve felt like this for a long time, but I didn’t know if you did. Please, tell me you didn’t hang up. I was scared, and stupid, and Lin, I love you,” you whimpered, a stray tear slipping down your cheek. “This won’t ruin anything, I promise. Just please let me know you hear me.”

For a moment, you were sure that you’d missed your chance and you were ready to call him again until he answered. But then—

“I hear you.” There was a sound that was like a laugh and a sob all tangled together and you wished with all of your heart that he was here with you. “God, I just—You weren’t answering and I was sure that I just made the biggest fucking mistake of my life.”

You smiled through your tears, wiping a hand under your eyes. “No,” you managed. “No, you didn’t. Lin…” You trailed off to yank the sleeve of your sweater down over your hand so you could use it to rub away another tear. “Sorry, I’m a mess over here. I’m crying like a freaking girl from a rom com,” you added bitterly and there was a sympathetic chuckle from your phone.

“It’s okay to cry, (Y/N), but it’s killing me. I wish I was with you, cariña,” Lin cooed and you leaned your forehead against your phone’s screen, closing your eyes at the soft lull of his voice.

“Do you think you can maybe come over?” you tried. “I know the snow’s bad, but um.” You broke off, biting your lip. You couldn’t be selfish and make him walk over here in the cold. You’d see him again eventually. But you felt so full of emotion, it was going to burst out at the seams if you didn’t see him soon.

When he answered, you could tell that he was smiling. “I’m on my way.”

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Kind of a weird question that I don't know if you can answer, but I'm writing a book with an aroace protagonist. She's basically an assassin, and as such, she's, at best, morally grey, and at worst, bordering on morally black/sociopathic. I'm ace and demiro, so I'm not worried at writing her as acearo, but worried that people will get the wrong idea - that I'm trying to say that acearo people are broken or emotionless or something like that (which I absolutely do not think.) What do you think?

I think it’s hard. My book has this problem too since I wrote a morally grey character who breaks a law every 5 pages or so, yet I also wanted the protag to be a bi ace like me. 

And I think it comes down two things. The first, you need to know who you are writing this for. I normally write for me, so I didn’t need to write an introductory level ace for the straight audience. Other stories need a more gentle hand because you are writing about aces, not with aces. Second, you need to make sure you aren’t saying anything about all aces. Go with I statements over and above. In my story, I talk about depression too. And I had to really make sure the elements I wanted like depression, asexuality, and running around like an assassin weren’t tied together. 

It absolutely comes down to how it’s written and how it’s edited. I think its so important to think how will this be read by other people, as well as, do I still hand behind this statement. You can’t control what other people will think, especially if they are bigoted to some degree, but you can critically read your own work to see if you could help avoid such things.

Haha, once I started I can’t be stopped :D You unleashed something here, sweet anon.

Iwaoi Headcanons:
- Iwaizumi gets all flustered and fussy when Oikawa gives him little kisses on the tip of his nose. But he loves it.
- And Oikawa loves giving them. He sometimes even nibbles a little bit on Iwa’s nose. When he gets all asdfghjkjkAHHHH Iwa-chan, I could bite you!! Because stupid Iwa-chan is too perfect and too good.
- Oikawa loves it when Iwaizumi gives him soft kisses on the forehead.
- Iwaizumi isn’t so good with showing affection in public. He likes to keep things private.
- But once there are home alone he gets sweet and tender.
- He also likes to cuddle and Oikawa loves to take advantage of it.
- I like the idea that they have a terrible sleeping arrangment, lying all over each other, kicking, drooling..etc..
But I also love to think that they actual sleep very peaceful. It’s like making up for all the fighting and banter. They always sleep close, always touching or hugging in some place. No one is always the big or little spoon they always change. It’s like a well known choreography. When Oikawa turns over so does Iwa and takes him in his arm and the other way around. If they move around during night they move together.
- Iwaizumi has difficults to communicate his feelings. For the longest time he lived with the secret that he is in love with his best friend. He couldn’t stand seeing Oikawa talking, flirting and even dating girls.
- Once he got so frustated that he punched a wall and couldn’t play volleyball for almost 4 weeks. Oikawa was furious.
- Against all believes Oikawa doesn’t do much about his hair. It’s fluffy and just flops this way. Of course he uses shampoo and sometimes hair conditioner and he brushes his hair, but he doesn’t really make an efford to style it.
- Iwaizumi doesn’t care about his hair at all. As long as it is healthy and clean it’s all good. He doesn’t care if he uses shampoo or even just shower gel. Sometimes even just soap.
- For his 7th birthday Oikawa invited Iwaizumi to his party and he made his own invitation cards for this. He drew something on it and sticked a little feather he thought was beautiful to the right corner. He wrote Iwaizumi names wrong. It’s cute. Iwaizumi still has this card.
- They had their first volleyball tournanemt when they were about 8. They got terrible defeated. Oikawa couldn’t stop crying.
- This was the first time Iwaizumi didn’t know what do to. He already had seen Oikawa crying but not like this. This day he swore to get better, stronger and be able to win.

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I'm struggling with being ace or not, like I've been feeling that I am because everyone around me says that having sex is great and all but I don't feel so excited about the thing, I'm virgin and I had the chance but I never feel so interested in having sex or being with someone in a sexually way. Sometimes I feel like I want to have sex but I know that in the moment I wouldn't want to. thank you for reading me <3 (sorry if I wrote something wrong)

That sounds like a pretty common ace experience to me! I’ve experienced pretty much all of this and I’ve read countless stories by other aces, in which they describe the same/similar experiences. In the end, you’re the only one who can decide if the ace-label fits you, but, yeah, you’re describing typical ace experiences.

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Wasn't that question of keigo where he was asking ichigo 'Don't You miss her?' a wrong translation? I thought the quote was something about keigo wanting to if ichigo missed his days as a shinigami.

The most accurate fan translations I know of are by cnet (since they come out a week later and the translator can take their time), and this is what they wrote about 424 (relevant parts bolded):

Keigo: Hey, have you decided what you’re gonna do? // Like, in the future?
Ichigo: You mean, like careers and stuff?
Keigo: “Careers and stuff”, he says! / What else d'you think I mean?!
Ichigo: I dunno, does it really matter?
Keigo: We have careers sessions at the end of term, you know! / You gotta start thinking about these things soon. // I mean, your grades were pretty good back when you started here, but they’ve got worse ever since the second half of first year…
Ichigo: Ah, shaddup. You know I was busy back then, so what was I meant to do? / Besides, I’m still above-average.
Keigo: …I wonder what Rukia-chan’s doing now.

Ichigo: What’s Rukia got to do with anything?
Keigo: Well, you know…! She could at least stop by and say hi once in a while, couldn’t she?! / She hasn’t come back even once since you-know-when! Isn’t that kinda cold?
Ichigo: ‘Course it isn’t. // She’s not responsible for Karakura Town any more, remember? There’s no reason why she should come back here.
Keigo: …Don’t you get lonely?
Ichigo: Why the hell would I be lonely?

Ichigo: It took me 16 long years to finally find myself an ordinary life! // I just wanna live it out peacefully ‘til the day I die.
Keigo: …Well, I guess. / It’s not like I want to go through any scary stuff like that again, either.

[Text: That’s right. // It’s not like I ever felt superior to anyone else because I could see ghosts. / And I never planned to take it up as a profession. // Hell, I never even felt the need to use my ability to help others. // All I ever wanted… / …was the normal life I couldn’t have. // I’ve finally achieved what I always wanted.]

Japanese is a context-heavy language, which is one of the reasons why there are often mistranslations.  I think this makes it clear Keigo is still talking about Rukia when he asks if Ichigo gets lonely.  Ichigo spends plenty of time with his friends as shown in the next few chapters; there’s no reason for Keigo to ask this question unless he’s referring to Ichigo missing someone in particular, which makes the “Don’t you miss her?” translation as accurate as this.

ok so all this happened after i wrote the slightly cryptic post last night

  • I won in beer pong. Each team had one cup left and it was my turn to throw the ball. I swear to god it happened in slow motion; the ball flew across the table like a shooting start and went right into the cup. I drank a lot of beer. I don’t like beer.
  • There was a cat there. We bonded.
  • I tried to put on Careless Whisper like 5 times, but someone skipped it every time
  • I and five other people had an intellectual conversation about coffee and communism
  • Somehow, I managed to bring someone’s phone home instead of my flask. The phone belongs to my friend’s friend, who also happens to be the birthday girl’s boyfriend and the dude I’m going to watch “Yuri!!! on Ice” with tonight
  • I helped like three people getting up after falling down the stairs

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um hi hello, bday tomorrow anon, uh could I suggest anything with Laf trying to comfort Laurens, maybe after he thinks he did something wrong with Alex ?? haha you don't have to if you don't want to

WE HAVE A BIRTHDAY TO CELEBRATE, KIDDOS!!!!!!!! Happy birthday, Anon! I hope you have a fantastic day and that you enjoy this SUPER ANGSTY lil fic I wrote based on your prompt. Have fun today, bby! <333 (Want me to write you a lil fic, too? Choose a prompt from the old list or new one and just let me know which list you used!)

The night had been going so well. So well. Until Laurens screwed everything up.

He and Alexander had been cuddling, snuggled under a fleece blanket on the smaller boy’s bed, a Ghibli movie playing in the background. The character’s voices were lost on the two boys who were giggling and kissing and swimming in each other’s eyes.

Everything had been fine until it suddenly and absolutely wasn’t.

Laurens kept replaying that moment over and over in his head. One second, Alexander is smiling and kissing Laurens at the same time, the next he’s hiding under the covers shaking.

Laurens had taken inventory of anything that could have upset the other boy at least five times by now. He hadn’t moved his hands from where they’d been resting on Alex’s shoulders. All he’d been doing was smiling into the kiss, same as Alex. The movie was at a happy part, so it couldn’t have been that. What was it? What had Laurens done so wrong that his boyfriend wouldn’t even let him comfort him?

Instead of being where he wanted to be, next to his boyfriend, Laurens was huddled up in Lafayette’s room, a blanket wrapped around his shoulders, though he didn’t feel deserving of such comfort. He’d hurt Alex and he didn’t even know how. Tears began to well up in his eyes, a few slipping down his freckled face. He’d hurt the person he cared most about in the world. How could he ever make it up to him?

Just as Laurens was about to break down sobbing, he felt a hand gently rest on his shoulder.

“Mon ami,” his French friend said. “What is wrong?”

“What’s wrong?” Laurens asked, shocked Laf was even asking. “I hurt Alex, Laf! That’s what’s wrong. I hurt the one person I love most in this world and I don’t even know what I did.” Laurens bolted up off of Laf’s bed, letting the blanket drop to the floor. He began to pace around the room.

“How can I ever make it up to him? How can I ever make him feel safe with me when I didn’t even realize I was unsafe!”

“Mon ami, please, listen––” Lafayette tried to interject, but Laurens was frantically rambling, caught up in the abundance of guilt that was drowning him.

“He’s been so trusting of me and I just shattered it, Laf!” he exclaimed. “He must hate me. I hate me. I hate myself so much right now I could just––”

“Mon ami!” Lafayette yelled, grabbing Laurens by his shoulders and spinning him around so he could look him in the eye. “Stop, mon ami. It wasn’t you. It wasn’t you at all. Be silent for one moment, come here.” Lafayette motioned for Laurens to sit on the bed again, this time next to him. He pulled the freckled boy close and ran a hand through his brown curls of hair.

“Listen, mon ami. Tell me what you hear.”

The two boys were silent for a moment, and just when Laurens was about to ask Lafayette what in the world he was trying to listen for, he heard it. The pops, shrieks, and bangs of fireworks.

“Oh no,” Laurens said softly. He’d entirely forgotten that it was the Fourth of July weekend. He’d forgotten that Alexander hated bangs, hated any loud noises that reminded him of storms even in the slightest.

“Oh shit, we need to be with him, Laf!” Laurens said, trying to escape the other boy’s grasp, but, much to his surprise, Laf held him down.

“He sent me here to check on you, mon ami. He felt horrible about how he reacted.”

Laurens stopped struggling to get away. “It’s not his fault at all,” he said weakly, feeling awful that Alexander would feel that way over something he couldn’t control.

“And neither is it yours,” Lafayette said with a sigh. “Mon ami, you worry me.”

“Me? Worry you?” Laurens looked Lafayette in the eye, thinking he’d heard the other boy wrong, but when Laf nodded his head, confirming what Laurens had just said, all he could do was stare at him, his mouth slightly agape.

“Oui, mon ami. You do not love yourself. Sometimes I worry you don’t even like yourself,” Lafayette said seriously.

Lauerns deflated a bit, shocked that Lafayette had picked up on such a thing. Lafayette pulled him close and began rubbing tiny circles on his back.

“You worry so much about our Alexander, but never yourself. Mon ami, please, don’t you see how much we love you? Me and Alexander and Hercules and Eliza?”

“Yes,” Laurens said softly.

“I wish you loved yourself even just a fraction of how much we love you, or how much you clearly love us.”

Laurens was silent. What could he say? He was nowhere near loving himself. But he loved Alex. And he loved his friends. Wasn’t that enough?

Lafayette leaned down and kissed the back of the smaller boy’s head. “Some day you will, mon ami. You will because me and Alexander and our other wonderful friends will make sure of it. And until then, we’ll keep reminding you just of how loved you are.”

  • AU: Steve/Bucky - Her(ish)

S.H.I.E.L.D. recovered classified experiments from KGB and found the Winter Soldier project: fragments of Bucky’s mind saved by the soviets to somehow help exterminate Captain America.
Once in the right hands, these memories were used to create an exclusive operational system for Steve, who earned a new and unexpected chance to be with his lover again.

The Boy Next Door (Michael One Shot)

A/N: This is my first time writing in a while, also my first time writing smut. Somewhat inspired by this post.

Rating: R


Pairing: Michael Clifford/You


“Y/N! Come downstairs!” Your mom called from the kitchen.

“Why?” You shouted in return. It really wasn’t on your agenda to go out for a ‘family bonding day.’

“A new family just moved into the house next door. We’re going to go welcome them to the neighborhood.” You could now hear her footsteps coming up the stairs and toward your room.

You sighed and rolled of your bed. “Okay, Mom. I’m coming.” You opened the door to see her standing, hand poised above the doorknob. “Can we make it quick though?”

“Just come say hi, okay? Then you can leave.”

You agreed and threw on You favorite flannel shirt, following you mother down the stairs. It was a short walk over. The house was literally right next door to yours. In fact, if you wanted to, you could almost reach the house from your bedroom window. It was a little close for comfort, but since there hadn’t been anyone living there for the past 4 months, you nearly forgot it was there.

When you stepped onto the front porch it creaked under your weight. Your mom ignored it and went ahead to ring the doorbell. It was a moment before anyone came to the door. You had to stop and wonder if these were the kind of people that liked to be bothered. Lord knows they’ll have to get used to it with your mother living right next door. She’s the kind of neighbor to bring over cookies for no particular reason.

You realized when the door opened that you were wrong. The lady that opened the door had a bright smile on here face and answered with a sing-song voice. “Hello! Can I help you?”

“Oh, no. No, we’re just here to welcome you to the neighborhood and all. We brought you cookies. I hope no one is allergic to chocolate chip?”

“Well, that is very kind of you. Thank you.” She smiled as she took the tray of cookies my mother offered.

My mother then proceeded to introduce herself. “And this is my daughter, Y/N.”

“Hi.” You managed to say, just hoping you would be allowed to go home soon.

“It’s very nice to meet you. How old are you? You must be nearly the same age as my son. He’s eighteen.”

“Yeah, I’m eighteen too.”

“How wonderful! It’s a great age, isn’t it?”

“Um, yeah. Sure.” Now she’s talking to you like she knows me. Like you’re long time family friends or something. You needed to get out of there before something weird happened.

“Michael! Michael come down from your room and say hi to our new neighbors.”

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anonymous asked:

Okay so basically I'm in year 11 at school and my friends are just not into the same things as me. Like I like them and all but all they wanna do is get drunk every weekend and hook up with new guys and really I just don't know what to do. They always judge me for not doing what they're doing and I know I shouldn't care but when it keeps happening it really just makes me feel like there's something wrong with me

I just wrote out like a 10000 word answer to this and then tumblr crashed so I apologise if this response isn’t as good, bare with me.

There is NOTHINGGGGGGG at all wrong with you. I promise, from the bottom of my heart. When I was in Year 11 I felt the EXACT same way. I still did all those things but I wasn’t actually interested in them, and hadn’t realised yet that that was totally fine. Everyone at that age has an idea of what teenagers are ‘supposed’ to do, so they do it, even if they don’t want to. My friend Ari and I call ourselves nanas because we love spending our time in ways that most women over the age of 80 would, but in reality there is absolutely no prerequisites for any age or gender.

The truth is, once high school finishes, people (hopefully) stop trying to be cool, and realise they should focus on doing what they love. Now, every single one of my friends would rather stay in, cook a meal and watch movies over going to some random club, spending money on entry or alcohol and hooking up with strangers. I did all of those things at my birthday a few years ago but the highlight of the night for me was when we all came home at 2am and watched The School of Rock and ate snacks. Once you leave that school environment, people don’t care as much what their peers think, because the whole world becomes your peers and you realise how much better it is to be different and stand out than to blend in with the crowd.

The biggest help for me was having an incredibly wide variety of friends. Not only were there the girls and boys I sat with at school, but everyone else from outside it too. The people I was closest with wasn’t the ones from recess and lunch, but rather the ones I met when we were 15 taking acting classes, making complete fools of ourselves together. I’ve also played hockey since I was five so that community is a bunch of people I know too (although most of them do love to drink hahaha), there’s people from primary school, my neighbourhood, Instagram and even on here. My advice is to put yourself out there, expand your horizons and follow your passions. For me it was acting and hockey, for you it might be writing and tennis, sculpture and swimming, dancing and gaming or anything at all. Take up spaces in this world that make you happy, and you’ll find other people doing the same. That’s how you meet like-minded people and find the friends who help you realise you really aren’t alone at all.

When I was in Years 7 and 8 I completely hid a good majority of my interests and personality because they weren’t considered ‘cool’ at all. I joined in with other people’s music interests, hobbies and lingo, but in reality it wasn’t me. Not until I started talking to a girl in another class (via msn) and realising how much we had in common, did I realise that there was nothing wrong with loving the things I loved. In those following years we continued doing our favourite activities together, listening to music we loved, talking about things that interested us (shoutout @stolenhour couldn’t have done it without you) and I felt comfortable. By the end of high school, I would go so far as to say I was one of the happiest and most confident people there. I embraced the things that made me happy whole-heartedly, and while everyone else may not have shared those interests, I think they really respected that I respected them myself. I began gaining ‘popularity’ online and the things I had once thought were too daggy (my love of lizzie mcguire and jojo, my preference to stay home on a friday night watching harry potter over partying, my love of 90s fashion/culture etc) were now some of the things others most loved about me, because they thought they were alone in that appreciation too. Some of the girls who made fun of me for bringing (and loving) really healthy foods in high school are now the ones hashtagging #cleaneats and striving for their #summerbods. People thought I was crazy to line up outside a little bar all day to see some country singer perform (and end up meeting her, just sayin), now Taylor Swift tickets cost hundreds of dollars and everyone would love to see her live. My point is, do what you love! Life is too short to try and be like everyone else, especially if it means being miserable. Don’t dim your own light just so you won’t shine brighter than anyone else. As Oliver James once said, “Why are you trying so hard to fit in, when you were born to stand out?” EMBRACE YOUR UNIQUENESS, IT IS WHAT MAKES YOU YOU!

Most likely, you have never voiced these thoughts that you just told me to the friends at your school. Therefore, they have never had the chance to reveal they might feel the same way. Nobody wants to be the outsider, so they keep quiet too. Why not open up to someone, or invite them to a slumber party instead of drinking one weekend? You might be pleasantly surprised (and they may be thankful for the change too).

To finish, I’ll share with you a poem I love. I’s called Masks by Shel Silverstein:

“She had blue skin,
And so did he.
He kept it hid
And so did she.
They searched for blue
Their whole life through,
Then passed right by-
And never knew.”

ALSO: To show you that you aren’t alone, I have created a Facebook group for all of you to join (if you’d like). It’s going to be a positive and safe space where you can talk about your interests, hobbies, thoughts and anything at all. You can make like minded friends all across the world and realise that everyone else is just like you :)