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CARYL AU: where they leave after the war to live in peace
there wouldn’t be anything left of me after that…

the days are long and quiet. filled with the rustle of the leafs and the rush of the nearby shore. the scent of damp earth and salt.

she reads. loses herself in different worlds. tends to their small garden with care and skill. bakes and cooks and eats. learns to love the taste of food again. at night, she curls herself around him, allows herself to seek warmth and comfort.

he hunts. loses himself for hours in the woods. rests his tired feet in the cold water of the ocean. builds a fire for them. mends the small house they call home. at night, he makes love to her slowly, gently. kissing away phantom pains.

some nights, one of them wakes from old demons haunting their dreams.

some days, she doesn’t say a word. hardly eats a thing.

some nights, he sleeps on the sofa, afraid even of her touch.

some days, he feels anger coiling inside of him as it once used to.

but only some days.

shitty graphic is shitty !! so today I passed 300 followers and since I’ve been on this blog just less than a month I wanted to say THANK YOU to all of my beautiful followers for being here and giving me ideas and enjoying my spider son with me. you guys are the best. I don’t have anything original to say bc I’m just so overwhelmed and kind of surprised that people like my peter in the first place so just thanks. for everything. you’re awesome. tagged below are some of my favorite people in no particular order. whether you spam my notifications, stalk my blog, or chat me in my discord in the early hours of the morning, I love and appreciate you all.

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Philippa Georgiou wants to remind you that it’s good to stand up for what you believe is right, but don’t allow that to blind you to any alternative. Listen when someone you respect speaks. See what they have to say. You may find your position changes, or you may find a compromise between your two ideas.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @setthestarsxnfire! @hiniparlousblog and I teamed up to give you some sexy Mint Eye AU!Vsung upon your request. ;) I hope you enjoy!

“Your eyes. You’ve changed them.”

Yoosung could not suppress a shiver when V approached the bed he was sitting on. He couldn’t see him, but he could feel his presence, as strong as it was when he spoke to his loyal followers.

“I did it for you… Jihyun.” He loved the way the name rolled of his tongue. Only he was allowed to call the Savior that. No one else did. No one else dared.

The bed shifted as a weight moved on top of it and a warm hand brushed the collar of his uniform. “Only for me? Or to show how loyal you are to Mint Eye?” His voice was always gentle. Soothing. Just like his touch. Everything he did overwhelmed Yoosung’s senses and the blond only wanted more.

“You are Mint Eye. All I do is for you.” The color lenses made his vision a little blurry and took getting used to, but for V he would suffer greater pains.

V’s hand moved to unbutton his collar and Yoosung forced down a smile. The Savior always took his time to the point where it was agonizing - for V to already want to undress him means he must be very pleased.

“Well now… Such devotion cannot go unrewarded.”

(barely nsfw under the cut!)

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i was tagged by miss rimsha ( @swmfools 😙) for that bias selfie thing… so here is me and the husband 💞

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what are you suggestions to get someone to read a fic i feel like no one ever reads my stuff

Uhhh, I mean,,,, I never really intended for God Save to be big and the only thing that gives my one-shots any attention is my God Save notoriety and my habit of doing Karli’s exchanges. As much as I would love to say that there’s some rhyme or trick to it, most of it is honestly just luck.

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does anyone else feel this way?

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Could we see a bit more of Ignis and Gladio in the future or no, also do you accept headcannon ideas cause i love your whole KHFFXV universe you got going on ive thought up of some amd wanna share but i dont want to like annoy you with them

If I come up with any good ideas involving them, I’ll be sure to post them, Anon! Don’t want to force anything, though, so we’ll see!

And yes, feel free to share them with me!! I would love to hear your ideas, along with anyone else who has any!! :D :D :D

So, uh.

My sister and I started an RP in which Hibari Kyouya adopts young Geno, Error and Fresh.


It sounds ridiculous, but it’s actually pretty adorable so far. And angsty, because of course it is. I’m one of the writers.

Lydia and Jackson had a better reunion than Lydia and Stiles and I don’t want to be insensitive to all you Stidia shiper out there but I am screaming with laughter

Criminal Minds: *has an episode where Hotch’s Awful Childhood is once again hinted at*

Hotch’s voice: *wobbles or outright cracks due to emotion at any point during that episode*

Me: *pauses episode and waves arms around furiously for a few seconds while making distressed “gaaahhh” noises*

The IchiRuki fandom has always been so mean!!! No fandom is free from shitty people we all know but sometimes some of you talk like the IR fandom has killed people. So tired of this shit.

Dude I have seen tons of people being unconfortable to join most forums because people loved to trash Rukia and you were laughed at if you loved her; I recall IH joining the Ble/ach fandom after SS arc saying that IchiRuki was done for and that now it was their time and we could go home, if this doesn’t speak enough of this fandom I don’t know what will; I recall forums that had to make up rules on how to act because IH couldn’t stand people liking and talking about Ichi/go and Rukia because they were sensitive “but-but what about me!”; I have seen a whole FC the IchiRuki FC of course being closed up and most of the mods and people on it banned from the forum after years that most of them helped with translation, godies and infos when no one bothered to, just because they dared to say their opinion; I joined tumblr a little more than a year ago just to enjoy my ship and the first people that came to my blog and posts before any ichiruki even could, were IH looking for trouble just because I liked IchiRuki and didn’t like their ship; before Blea/ch ended, Ichiruki blogs and posts all over tumblr, closed forums and more were being stalked and screenshotted just to make fun of them after Ble/ach ended; it’s been more than a year since Ble/ach end and Ichiruki blogs active, less active, fanfic writers, fanartists, people that make edits, simply fans of the ship are still being harassed, stalked, getting hate, death treats, just because dun dun dun they like IchiRuki and they are trying to enjoy their ship.

You know the -IchiRuki fandom has always been mean- line, most of the time I think can be translated in the Ichiruki fandom never shuts the fuck up, they say what they think, they believe in the facts that were right before their eyes, they love what they do and they don’t get shit from anyone; most of the time (if not all the time) when someone say IR are mean, in reality is just them not being able to accept that some people have a different opinion from them and if attacked they will argue and back up their opinion, that’s what many times is seen as mean , us not bowing our heads down and accept to eat shit.

Like I said all fanodms have shitty people unfortunately, it’s just that after all this time and all the shit I have seen from the Ih fandom I don’t understand why I always have to see people say how the IR fandom is mean but never see the shits the Ih fandom does dayly to us being acknowledged, on the contrary is always being excused but-but-but the IR fandom is so mean!

Before you say the Ichiruki fandom has always been mean as use that as an excuse to all the hate and harassment going on, think and get that no one of the people that are being harassed and can’t enjoy a fake ship made of fake characters and get told to die because of these fake characters deserve this and you that excuse this behavior, are the real mean one, have always been and just use this excuse to try and hide behind some ghost that some day, some year did something mean to do whatever you want to people that never did anything wrong aside from loving something that you hate.