don't know if he'd like me posting this


Doodle that got out of hand. I just wanted to draw Illu’s face but then I did’t stop. But I have to now because my computer can’t handle the file anymore!!!
I really like unnecessary amounts of gold accessories, as you can see

And while I was gone some stunning developments!!! I found out that I received my IB diploma which I thought I wouldn’t get so!!!!!! :D and I visited my school that I’m starting in Sept. I’m super excited because I didn’t think that would actually be happening either!!!
 I’m going on a cruise later this week which is fun but also scary because I have a fear/worry of drowning and oceans and the like. However, if I’m close to the water I can finally catch more water type Pokemon so I gotta be brave. 
That’s it!! I hope you all are doing well too!!!

Re: RDJ, Spidey.

Bob joining Spider-Man: Home-coming is not really super-surprising in that it’s been hinted at the moment Marvel Studios got Spider-Man back.

Logically-speaking as well, his schedule post-Civil War has been shockingly empty (from our knowledge until today).  And he knows, at age 51, his time as a superhero is numbered so might as well.  It keeps his pop culture relevance up, popularity up, and his bank account flushed.

As an RDJ fan (god knows there are only a handful of people out there who is as big a fan as I am, and I’m really sorry if that comes off as arrogant)– I’m honestly fine with it as long as the films that continues to be produced are good (e.g., Civil War is kicking so much ass with the critics, it’s ridiculous).  

Like, I would much, much rather this than, say, another film like The Judge.

Plus, he enjoys Marvel soooo much.  He really does.  He’s so happy with them, Feige/et al. love him.  Can’t deny the man his happiness.

And post-Civil War, there seems to be a new angle of MCU Tony Stark to be explored– that of the dad figure, elder statesman, mentor to the younger ones.  Also, from all the reviews coming from Civil War, that I’ve read, his Stark’s interaction with Peter Parker is one of the main highlights of the film.

So … 

(Also: the longer he stays as Stark, the more difficult it’d be to recast the role well during my lifetime, which I want.)

PS– For the record, I do think acting-wise he can do so much better and it’s a travesty/disservice to his talent that he’s not straying past these types of films. Having said that, I think he needs help with picking roles since he hasn’t picked a good non-Marvel project since 2008.