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please please please help me. my boyfriend has a friend who is a girl and they have snapchatted a lot but i kept getting sad and jealous so he deleted her for me but i saw his friend post a picture of him and her sitting together and i'm just so sad and jealous and i don't know what to do bc i feel like he'd much rather talk to her than me and i feel like breaking up with him bc i'm staying sad over it but at the same time i don't know if i'm just being crazy and overly jealous. what do i do?

I know it’s not what you want to hear but maybe you should break up with him. Not because he’s doing anything wrong, but because it sounds like you need some time to get more comfortable with yourself and maybe try to heal some insecurities? Jealousy is a natural human emotion but it can have a very damaging effect on relationships if it’s not kept at bay. Try to rationalise with it. Talk it out with your partner calmly and maybe you can work out a way to relieve your jealousy without affecting his friendships. If he’s insensitive about it then perhaps it’s time to move on
Best wishes darling 💘

What a good day to remember Leader of the Dragon Cavalry, with a name worthy of being a manager of a Red Robin, and all around “hot dad”*: Craig Laden. Shame there’s pretty much zero content for him.

*I have literally no proof that he is a father. He’s just got the soul of a hot dad.

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do you have any posts/ can you explain how you think Draco and Harry were able to move past the fact that they " hated" each other (or at least pretended too)? Like I 100% ship drarry so much but I can't see how/why Harry tried/used the cure on Draco (sectumsepra I think, idk if that's right. The one in the bathrooms??). Thank you!!!

Hi! So I’m a bit unsure what you mean- are you asking how Harry and Draco would be able to set all their baggage aside and find it in themselves to forgive, trust, and love each other?

It would certainly be a gradual process! The reason I like Drarry is because it would take a lot of work for Harry and Draco to end up together- they’d have to develop and change and grow. They’d need to heal and move on from the horrors of the war, and would find pieces of themselves in each other that would inspire them in new and unexpected ways. Drarry isn’t an easy, fluffy ship, and they wouldn’t forgive each other overnight and suddenly be completely at peace with everything that happened. Draco and Harry did strongly dislike each other; there was fascination, of course, mixed in with a lot of resentment and misunderstanding, but still, their animosity ran deep. And personally, I really dislike when fics gloss over or ignore their history- it’s bloody and angry and flawed and real. It’s what makes them them. And as much shit as they went through together, I still think they can find it in themselves to mature and learn to see each other as actual people and not just The Chosen One and a Death Eater.

And once they’ve worked through the majority of their issues and have settled into some sort of relationship (which, again, would take awhile and would involve a lot of fighting and some backslides), I think they’d actually be pretty perfect together. They both love so completely and need an anchor, something to cling onto whenever the nightmares reappear and the world seems bleak. Their love would consume them, would make them hungry and fevered and wild. And yet despite all of this ferocity, there would also be a sense of peace when they’re together. They’d find a home in each other, something real and steady that they can count on, something to give them hope. Together, they would explore new facets of themselves and learn to see the world in less absolute terms. They would learn to forgive- both the boy they once considered an enemy and themselves. And by doing so, a new world would open up to them, one they’d never even thought to consider, one that’s so much richer and more vibrant than anything they’ve imagined. They’d still fight- they’re both passionate and explosive, and that’s just part of their dynamic- but they’d always forgive too. And over time, they would become more than their names, more than their houses, more than their roles in the war. Together, they’d just be more.

Drarry is fucking and fighting and forgiveness. It’s healing, growth, and absolution. It’s chaos and peace and everything in between.

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Perhaps an unpopular opinion but I'm getting a bit put off by Harry's lack of engagement on social media. I know he doesn't owe us anything nor are we entitled to anything. I don't expect him to document his every move or go crazy on Snapchat like some people. However, I do wish he'd post and engage more. I want to know how he's doing, how he's feeling. Did he have a good day? Even a simple tweet of "so excited for the album" would be nice. Am I wrong in this opinion?

and people in hell want ice water, i don’t know what to tell you. it sounds pretty entitled to me. im an old, so i don’t get all this social media interaction shit people seem to crave from someone who hasn’t done a lot of it in literal years. it’s not his style and if it’s a dealbreaker, then move on i guess. the music and the promo will be plenty for me. an opinion is an opinion and that sort of thing is neither right nor wrong, but i disagree with it. 

deleted scene from v: the final frontier
  • kirk: *grasps spock's shoulders with obvious intentions*
  • spock: "please captain. not in front of the klingons"
  • kirk: ...
  • spock: ...
  • kirk: ...
  • spock: "but i better see you at 0100 in my quarters tonight because it may not be pon farr but if i don't have you soon i'll surely die

Anders had a notebook in Kinloch Hold. In it, he made list after list of places he wanted to see and things he wanted to do when he was finally free. Whenever he was supposed to be studying, he’d instead search through books in the library (preferably ones with pictures) for new things and places to add. He even wrote it in code so if the Templars found it, they’d think it legitimate notes rather than the tiny rebellion it really was.

Over the course of his escapes, he even managed to see and do a few. Stand in the rain, see the ocean, climb a tree, get a sunburn; little things like that. Many were larger and further away, of course, but each and every one he achieved, no matter how small, was a victory to him.

When his second-to-last attempt landed him in solitary, it was thinking of these things that kept him strong at first. After all, he’d read it so many times he basically had the book memorized. But eventually, when the confinement had worn on him for long enough, he completely forgot about it and the dreams he’d kept within.

Until one day hurried footsteps arrived outside his door, only pausing to slip a small, leather-bound book into the cell before starting up again. It was that notebook, and the mage who’d risked himself to deliver it, that brought Anders back from the brink and reminded him what hope felt like. Well, that notebook and the small note written inside it:

Stay strong. - Karl

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I see you went with the "he don't have to know, why are you still dressed?" pic for the avi. Nice! But my real question is where do the writers go from here with Rick. In the comics Rick is angry & defiant - he vows to kill Negan & starts to plot revenge immediately. TV!Rick was hollowed out & looked like he'd need hospice care after their encounter. I get they wanted to show him humbled, but do you think they went too far? I don't want 4 eps of extra strength post-Lori Rick. @mylifeasafangirl

First of all, thank you for making me laugh like three different times in the span of this one ask. 😄  Secondly, I totally agree, the last thing I want to watch is a half season of Rick withdrawing and/or devolving, just so he can inevitably recover. Like damn, we just got sane Rick back, we got happy Rick. And I know the point of this half season was to fix him up so Negan could break him, but goddamn, I hope we’re not back at square one.

And hey, maybe we’re not. I haven’t read this part of the comics in a long time, so correct me if this is wrong, but I think this is the point where Rick seems as though he’s defeated, but really, he’s preparing a counterattack on the low. He’s biding his time, and for a while, only Jesus knows, and he eventually tells Andrea what he’s up to, right? So I wonder if they’re going to play with the audience a bit, have us think that Rick is surrendering, and then at the end of some episode (hopefully 7x01), they’ll hit us with the reveal. I hope that’s the case, anyway, because I’m kind of looking forward to it. Especially the idea of Rick only trusting Michonne with that information, because I’m a sucker for the ride-or-die-ness of their relationship.    

I don’t know if it’s gonna go that way, since we know Gimple likes to remix certain plot lines, usually to their detriment. But they do tend to stick to Rick’s comic arcs pretty closely, so I think it’s too soon to tell whether they went too far. They might’ve even played it perfectly, because I think this anguish we’re seeing now could easily transform into anger. And one way or another, war is coming.

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I'm on the larger side and I ran at Phil, stepped on him, and collided into his body. He hug me tighter than any person before me. Dan was laughing saying it was the biggest hug he'd seen all day. They don't discriminate. I don't think they know how.

awww I agree!!! You should send me your meet and greet story!! I’d love to post it!  Sounds like you had an awesome time :)